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1318 Crazily Spread Out!

The battleships of the God Clan were patrolling around the SouthEast corner of Hexagonal Star Land like a school of hungry sharks.

Each battleship carried many experts of the God Clan. Those experts had calm and ancient auras with some tinge of harsh and bloody makings. Evidently, they were experts who had experienced many bloody wars.

The family flag of the Breckelfeld family was floating above one of those battleships. Their flag had the drawings of majestic mountains and rivers that represented the family's ambitions and principle: merging the vast lands into their territory and increasing their power.

Thornton was the current Chief of the Breckelfelds. He was in his prime time of life. His shawled hair looked like a flame on his sturdy body, his eyes hiding magical light.

He cultivated Metal power at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. With his gold armor, Thornton was addressed as the Gold God of War in the God Clan.

At this moment, Thornton squinted and one of his knees touched the ground inside the secret chamber of the battleship, his face serious.

In front of him was a palm-sized shining gold leaf. The veins in the leaf looked like strange snakeskin. They were thin and sharp like silky golden fibers. However, they all looked powerful. All of a sudden, the snakeskin on the gold leaf moved and radiated gold light that could even pierce through a star area.

A terrifying magnetic force like billions of erupting volcanoes shot out from that small leaf.

It seemed like the gold leaf had just received energy that would never be exhausted.

A shadow suddenly appeared in the chamber. It was Pargo, Chief of the Austin family. He cultivated Earth power Upanishad and was at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. It seemed like Pargo had kept an eye on this area. As soon as he found something marvelous happening, he immediately crossed the space to get here.

Pargo's light brown eyes focused on the gold leaf as he spoke excitedly, "With the power to destroy the barrier from the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf, it's as easy as flipping a hand to take down Hexagonal Star Land. This time, the Elder Committee has poured the energy into this leaf. This kind of strong support has never happened before!"

The Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf was a secret treasure of the God Clan that only the heads of the twelve families could keep. While conquering the star areas, if they encountered a barrier they couldn't break with their own power, they could use this leaf.

However, the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf was a sort of consumable item that they could use only one time. Every time, they had to pour terrifying energy into it to use it one more time. Also, they had to ask for that amount of energy from the Elder Committee. If the Elder Committee considered it reasonable, they would pour energy into the leaf.

People rumored that the energy in the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf came from a magical source in Ancient God Continent that directly connected to the Origin of the God Clan's ancestral star.

Thus, the Elder Committee was very strict in considering whether or not to pour energy to the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf. Usually, they wouldn't bestow the energy to a star area war that wasn't really important to them.

Thornton carefully put away the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf. He looked relaxed after that. "This battle is the first official battle between Bloodthirsty Force and us. Of course, the Elder Committee has to consider it as important. We got advantages in Fiery Rain Star Area. With this Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf, we will win quickly."

Pausing for a while, Thornton said seriously, "We need to win this battle to raise our warriors' spirits!"

Pargo nodded, his face stern. "Let's play the introduction of the victory song through this battle!"

Each of the warriors of the God Clan knew that they had to overcome this kalpa if they wanted to continue to be the Kings of this cosmos for the next ten thousand years.

In this war, the members of the God Clan were more united than ever before!

Each of the God members understood the critical level of this battle to the future of their race deeply. Previously, the twelve families often competed illicitly but today, they were united to fight for the big plan of their race.

There was no barrier between them now.

The God Clan today was in their prime after ten thousand years of accumulation. They had invaded dozens of star areas to rob the best cultivating materials in this universe!

If they lost this war, the God Clan would fall off the divine altar. Their ten thousand years of glory would vanish. To every member of the God Clan, this war was so important that they couldn't make mistakes.

"Fire from our side to push the God Clan's future to another height!" Thornton bellowed, his eyes resolute. "Move! Launch this last strike. We're going to break the defense of Fiery Rain Star Area and hunt the damn Bloodthirsty Force to the last member!"

Thornton and Pargo flashed and then disappeared from the secret chamber. They reappeared in the control center of their own battleships.

Thornton held the Brutal Extinguishing God Leaf with full energy. He was so confident when he looked at the crowd of his warriors. He wore a stern face and was ready to spread out the order to attack massively.

However, right at this moment, ear-piercing voices came out from the jade voice transmitting devices installed in the control center. The cries and screams had shocked everybody.

This kind of voice transmitting device was made of many Sound Stones. As long as they were in the same star area, they could use the Sound Stone to call to the center in emergency cases.

"Sir! A mysterious, domineering enemy appeared! Oh my God! Our members were killed unknowingly. They disappeared massively!"

"We can't stand it anymore! Wederson is crazy. We can't spot that mysterious attacker. We're dying!"

"We've lost ten thousand members!"

". . ."

The call for help from the sound-transmitting device was pathetic and filled with screaming and crying. Thornton and the other members of the God Clan became cold and stern, listening to the others' hopeless screams.

"Wederson burst out crazily again! It's all because of him! Da-ge, we should have killed him earlier! See, it's happening again!" shrieked Souter, Thornton's younger brother.

The members at the high echelon of the family wore a dark face. They seemed to have guessed something.

"It's not normal this time. When his madness burst out in the past, he had killed several hundred or thousand of warriors. But now, I think something unexpected had happened!" Thornton was still calm. He didn't change his complexion much. Pondering for a while, he said all of a sudden. "In the past, Wederson used to lose his mind while carrying out his mission, which led to the deaths of his warriors. But we haven't figured out why. We didn't know what had happened. This time we are here. Perhaps we could know what secret Wederson has."

Thornton looked at the others and took a deep breath. "You don't know why I've kept Wederson in our team until now and I even let him hold a high position. It's not because he has half of our family's blood in his body. It's because Wederson has something powerful I can't explain. I know he has some hidden energy. Sometimes I can feel it, but most of the time I can't. I'm keeping him to see if I can decode that mystery one day."

Pausing for a while, he shouted. "Today, it's the time to see what kind of earth-shaking secret Wederson has!"

Then, he continuously gave orders and sent messages to Pargo of the Austin family.

Pargo immediately talked to the experts in his family.

Shortly after, Thornton and Pargo led a group of experts from their family gathering them and heading to the deathtrap in the abyss.

However, after they had moved a short distance, Thornton and Pargo discolored as they looked at the area ahead of them.

In front of them were the warriors of the God Clan who should have stayed hidden in the deathtrap running helter-skelter like stray dogs. They were running toward them. Those people had a lot of deep wounds on their bodies. However, it was obvious that those wounds were created by a special escape method of the God Clan.

In other words, those people had run away before they had engaged in the battle.

Thornton understood well how bold and evil the warriors of his family on the Hidden God Vessels were. He knew that they would never harm themselves like that to run away unless they encountered something they couldn't parry.

It meant that the situation ahead of them had come to the most dangerous moment.

Thornton was hesitant. He then used his Soul Consciousness to send a message. "Elder Spark, please come to see this. The Bloodthirsty Force may mobilize some expert like you."

His message was sent not long when they saw a starlight shot out from the sea of stars behind them. Elder Spark appeared, his face cold and dark. "Nonsense! I've always used my Soul to check around. Where the heck did that False Immortal Realm expert come from?"

But Spark had to change his complexion even before he finished. He looked astounded.

Spark saw warriors from the Hidden God Vessels dissolve one after another right in front of him. Everything happened inexplicably. Their bodies suddenly turned into a light wisp of smoke and vanished.

It was extremely bizarre!

Thornton, Pargo, and even Spark felt chilled and scared.

They only saw their family warriors put on faces of finally seeing the exit in the deadly situation when they saw them and Spark at the False Immortal Realm right before they evaporated. The gleam of a thrill was still on their faces at the last moment of their lives.

It was like a massive thing hammered on Thornton's and Pargo's chests.

They had the ache of someone using a knife to stab and twist it in their stomachs.

"No! It's not true! Not the False Immortal Realm expert!" Suddenly, Spark looked panicked. His body shook as he finally got a hold of himself and shouted, "It's Gado! It's Gado's aura! My God! What's going on? Gado was dead! He exploded to death! I saw that with my own eyes!"

"Gado? Chief of the Corrosion Force, one of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight?" Souter screamed.

Thornton and Pargo discolored in fright. Thornton was baffled for a while before screaming, "No, it's not Gado! It's Wederson! It's Wederson's aura! It can't be wrong!"

While he was shrieking in fear, Wederson's special deadly field had approached massively like a flooding sea.

The invisible acid toxin in that magnetic field didn't cease. However, only the Incipient God Realm experts could recognize the terrifying features of that corrosive acid toxin.

The extreme poison was now a malignant tumor that was about to burn down this world. It was still spreading out crazily, massively and unceasingly!

"My gosh! Such a terrifying toxin!" whined an Incipient God Realm expert.

People went numb in a deep fear because they saw a scene that they would never forget for the rest of their entire lives...

Wederson slowly emerged. A level-6 life star nearby was covered in Wederson's field. Under their gazing eyes, the entire planet was slowly disappearing!

His poison could even melt down the entire life star! How formidably terrifying was it?