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1315 Tough Encounter!

Wederson was a tall and handsome expert wearing a set of shining gold armor while standing on the bowsprit of a Hidden God Vessel.

He wasn't a pure God warrior. He was the offspring of a warrior of the Breckefeld family and a woman from a primitive tribe. That year, his father was banished to a rural, isolated star area. The Man tribe (Man: uncivilized – TL) there only cultivated the body and they didn't know how to use higher forms of energy.

The expert of the God Clan was wounded while being banished. A woman of that rural tribe had saved him.

No one knew why and how he had a romantic relationship with that woman. After the expert had recovered, he conquered that galaxy and returned to the Breckelfeld family.

Years after he had left, the woman gave birth to Wederson. As he had the God Clan's bloodline, he had thrived fast in that star area. His power and realm had advanced rapidly.

His mother saw his supernatural power, so she told him to go to Ancient God Star Area to find his father. Wederson followed his mother's advice to go to the Breckelfeld family in Ancient God Star Area. Unfortunately, his father was wounded severely in a war in another star area. He was held in the God Perishing Land to recover, but he hadn't woken up yet.

Since Wederson wasn't a pure-blood, the Breckelfeld didn't acknowledge him and they denied to put his name in the family records.

However, Wederson's competence wasn't bad. The Breckelfeld family didn't want to waste such a talent like him, so they made him a fighting slave to do dangerous things. The fighting slaves like him were just sacrificing pawns of the God Clan.

However, Wederson had been tough enough to survive each of the bloody battles. People thought he would die, but his power continued to increase. After one thousand years, he had reached Second Sky of Incipient God Realm.

When this expert urged the divine blood of the God Clan and the blood of his Man Tribe, he had become terrifyingly savage.

Finally, the current Chief of the Breckelfeld Thornton had to look at this mix-blood warrior. Still, his name wasn't written in their family records, the Chief had given him the power to command the Hidden God Vessels of the family. In the past several years, Wederson had made a lot of merits, which made Thornton appreciate him more.

This time, the heavy responsibility of crushing Fiery Rain Star Area win one strike was placed on Wederson's shoulders.

"Sir, after nine days, we can level this abyss deathtrap. It'll become our crucial base. If they rashly storm over, they will be crushed!" A warrior of the God Clan came to Wederson and reported respectfully.

Although his voice was respectful, his eyes concealed extreme disdain.

Because he was a pureblood God warrior, he had this natural arrogance. Although Wederson's realm was higher than his and he was the Commander of the Hidden God Vessels, just like many other warriors here, he had always scorned his leader.

A mixblood from the Man Tribe was dirty to them. If Wederson's realm wasn't high and he didn't have value on the battlefields, the God warriors here believed that Thornton would have ditched him earlier.

Wederson had a beefy body and a pair of white-gray eyes that were the vestige of his Man blood. He coldly looked at the reporter, snorted inwardly and then said, "Watch carefully. It's the most crucial moment. If someone barges in now before we finish our settings here, we'll be the ones bearing a loss!"

He wasn't a fool. From the eyes of those God troopers, he could see the concealed, deep disdain they had for him.

This kind of look was like an ambushing arrow that had irritated him a lot. He couldn't do anything. He knew that the entire star area where he was born belonged to the Breckelfeld family. If he dared to rebel, not only would he be killed but his home planet, his mother, and the Man warriors who had worshipped him as their King were also going to be killed.

His life and his everything was bound by the Breckelfeld family. He didn't have the power to struggle and he couldn't struggle.

"Sir! Something happened! We're under attack!"

Suddenly, a sharp scream came to him from afar. Instantly, all the God warriors on the Hidden God Vessels got shocked.

Recently, they were using a special technique of the God Clan to change the storm energy and make them one flow of the most fearful magnetic field flood. They were in the most critical moment. If they stopped to counter the attack, they would receive backfire from the natural force. If they didn't stop their work, they would still face fatal consequences when the opponents attacked them.

The others had found the opportunity when the God Clan was most vulnerable to attack them. The God warriors discolored in fright.

When Wederson heard the screams, his blood boiled up. The brute nature of his Man Tribe arose. It was like a thirst for fighting as if only an endless fight could ease his turbulent, anxious heart.

"Prepare to engage in the battle!" Wederson shouted. His voice was like a ferocious beast roaring, echoing through the dark abyss.

He was suddenly doubtful: Why did the others know they were here? How could they recognize the Hidden God Vessels?

With his roar, the God warriors hopped on the war chariots and moved forward through the deathtraps.

Facing them was Ghost Hunter. The bloody corps formed by the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan led by Ghost Hunter had stormed forward in its "Bite and nibble" position like a gigantic serpent that could swallow everything. The troopers' auras were combined into one flow and they shot up to the sky.

Leona had trained this corps personally. When she was in Raging Flame Star Area, Leona's Blood Legion was really infamous. And now, the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan had terrifying fighting competencies that were much more powerful than her former legion. This new Blood Legion was like a bloodthirsty beast, indeed.

Right when they came, their combined auras above their heads had turned into a savage, massive serpent with an earth-shaking murderous aura.

"Court death!"

A God expert at First Sky of Incipient God Realm shouted with a stern face. "Positions! God Splits the Whole World!"

Instantly, the war chariots split up like sharp sabers, their Ethereal Extents cooperating well with each other. Some specialized in releasing wind blades, icicles, and waves of fire. The experts specialized in defending had set up restrictions and barriers like water currents or an earth wall. They cooperated well in defending and attacking. They didn't fall into a disadvantageous situation while encountering Ghost Hunter's corps.

As soon as they barged into each other, many divine weapons flew around and released radiant halos. Different energy attacks and pressing intent domains came with the shaking thunder and dragon lightning.

Although the God Clan was hurried, their power of position was like two wings of the devil that weren't weaker than the new Blood Legion commanded by Ghost Hunter.

While engaging in this battle, the advantages of divine weapons, armors, and power Upanishads of the God Clan were revealed. As time ticked by, they were going to eventually gain the upper hand.

However, the Blood Legion had a new commander this time. It was Ghost Hunter, the future successor of Heavenly Monster Tribe. This creature was a mutant that had the blood of Heavenly Monster Tribe, Immortal Demon Blood, and Imperial Dark Tribe. Ghost Hunter was like a spear that could break anything. He didn't even care about the bombarding from the divine weapons, energy attacks and the God warriors, storming right to the leader of this God Clan's troop.

Many ice swords, daggers, shields, waves of fire, and scorching lights hit his body. However, they immediately shattered and sent sparks everywhere.

Ghost Hunter's monster body was so tough. He looked cold and rigid like ice and as agile as deadly lightning. He brutally marched to that God expert.


Ghost Hunter roared. The sound waves he created could even stab through people's eardrums. He was like an ancient beast thundering at his fate.

The excellent armor on that expert exploded and shattered as Ghost Hunter had shouted.

Then, Ghost Hunter thrust through his body like an arrow!

After Ghost Hunter had pierced through that expert, the internal organs in the poor God warrior's body disappeared strangely. His body shattered. He perished at his spot in the middle of hovering red blood.

"Scatter and attack. Listen to my Soul Consciousness message. There are some spots we can't rush." Shi Yan suddenly appeared by Ghost Hunter. He squinted while doing a lot of tasks at the same time. His wisps of Soul Consciousness turned into soul messages that were sent to Blood Devil, Feng Han, Lin Xin, Yan Chi, and Bing Jie, telling them the directions to attack.

Originally, he didn't know how to command a battle. However, today, he could see every slightest commotion of this battle so he could help them fin precise directions to avoid the dangers of the abyss.

Blood Devil, Feng Han, Lin Xin directed their subordinates to avoid the deathtraps that the God Clan had set up beforehand easily. They now approached the areas that the God Clan didn't want them to touch the most.

Those areas were the place they hadn't set up traps like the Puzzled Spirit Lead Cloud. At the same time, the God warriors were still there to install traps, so they were too distracted to defend themselves!

They came and made those God warriors discolor in fear. They had to get their heads out of the traps to defend themselves.


Benny shouted ear-piercingly. He had commanded the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area. Together with Ghost Hunter, they forcefully attacked the God Clan's corps in the front.

At the same time, his thought flickered and Shi Yan turned into many shadows moving through the areas where the battle was most fierce. Every area he glided by, the battle changed incredibly.

The energy from the dead God warriors or the warriors the God Clan had killed was all absorbed before it vanished.

The deaths of the God warriors and the warriors on Shi Yan's side weren't wasted. He had silently taken it in, pouring into the blood mark and converting it.

He hadn't joined the battle yet. He just absorbed the energy like fish in the water. His acupuncture points were filled, which rippled the energy out of his body.

"You're the commander!"

Suddenly, Wederson's harsh voice came. He had located Shi Yan by Shi Yan's own Soul Consciousness. Then, he broke the void to approach him.

At Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, Wederson screamed like a beast jumping into the sheep pasture. His aura was brutal and domineering as if he feared nothing.

The Man blood had turned him into a bloodthirsty beast in the battle as if he had fallen into bedevilment.

Shi Yan turned his head to check Wederson. Suddenly, he was startled, his face astounded.

He recognized a magical energy fluctuation from Wederson; he felt familiar with Wederson's aura.