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1314 Bite and Nibble!

Shi Yan's words surprised people a lot.

How magical was he when he could draw the entire star area map in his head and recognize all the big commotions there right when he took the first step and entered this place?

Shi Yan was also amazed by his divine ability. As his realm was increasing, his Star and Space power Upanishads tended to merge. The vague cooperation between two powers Upanishads had given him a new cognition and gifted him a new divine ability.

If the warriors cultivated many power Upanishads at the same time, it would be pretty hard to break through the profound realm and increase their powers quickly.

It happened like that to every warrior.

If the Incipient God Realm expert wanted to break through to the new realm, all of his power Upanishads had to improve all together. Moreover, the energy required to break through was several times larger than when an expert cultivated only one power Upanishad!

At this realm, an Incipient God Realm expert needed hundreds of years or even thousands of years to break to the next level, even if he cultivated only one power Upanishad. Those with many different power Upanishads needed to put a lot of effort, much more than others. How tough was it?

Directly, it led to the fact that the experts cultivating many power Upanishads at the same time could hardly break through again after they had reached Incipient God Realm.

The majority of experts understood this big flaw; thus, they had chosen to cultivate only one type of power Upanishad. They rather immersed themselves in only one power to increase their realms during this eternal time.

The sort of warrior like Shi Yan who had cultivated Space, Star, Death and Life, and Devouring power Upanishads, and could break through quickly was the most marvelous kind of mutant in this world! It was absolutely a miracle!

There was a rumor in this vast cosmos saying that the warrior who had fused with the ancient continent's Origin could understand the meanings of power Upanishads to the ultimate level. They could even move freely in the fountainhead of power Upanishads.

Only four of them existed in each era because there were only four ancient continents.

The four warriors with the Origin of the ancient continents could advance faster than ordinary warriors in understanding the power Upanishads. They could decode the secrets of their power Upanishads easily.

This sort of warriors was so lucky if they cultivated many power Upanishads at the same time because they wouldn't meet the obstacles of comprehending their powers.

The only thing they needed to worry about was to accumulate God power!

With many power Upanishads, it required more God power for each breakthrough, much more than that of ordinary warriors! After they reached Incipient God Realm, even though they could use divine crystals and precious earth and heaven products to fill up their God power, they still needed a long, long time. There was almost no shortcut in this.

However, the Devouring power Upanishad was the official shortcut that the experts in this vast sea of stars acknowledged.

The Devouring power Upanishad was worshipped as the First Evil Technique because it helped warriors swallow power from others to benefit its user. That way, the warrior could accumulate his God power rapidly and reach the limit to breakthrough quickly!

The Devouring power Upanishad could use all kinds of energy. Whether it was the power of the flesh body, God power, or soul power, as long as it was energy, this power Upanishad could take it all. It could even gather and devour the abilities of other power Upanishads! It could turn abilities from others into the user's abilities and they could keep them in their inner world or soul altar.

This kind of devouring technique was a violation of Nature's principles!

Bloodthirsty had used this technique to make his bloody debut to become the overbearing lord of the universe.

It showed the intimidation of this dark technique.

As he had the evil technique of Devouring, he could break through faster than the warriors cultivating only one power Upanishad even if he had the Star, Space, Death and Life power Upanishads altogether!

All the merits went for the Devouring power Upanishad!

The warriors cultivating many power Upanishads at the same time could break through slowly, but they always gained the upper hand in the battle with the warriors at the same realm.

This situation became clearer with more profound realms!

The warriors with many powers Upanishads could make their different powers fuse together to create incredible abilities!

Normal warriors couldn't understand such magnificent abilities when different power Upanishads fused together, so they couldn't improvise sufficiently. Today, as soon as Shi Yan had entered this star area, he immediately had an incredible feeling as if he was the owner of this star area. His Soul Consciousness could extend like massive, long tentacles to check even the farthest corners of this place.

It was the first miracle he had when he first fused the Star and Space power Upanishads. As his realm increased, this ability was going to become more astounding.

Although DeCarlos was at Second Sky of Immortal Realm, since he had cultivated only Space power Upanishad, he couldn't get a clearer vision than Shi Yan did to the general situation of a galaxy.

This kind of magical ability only happened to the warriors cultivating different power Upanishads at the same time. Since they had chosen a rough path, they had to pay with more efforts.

It was how the Heavenly Might treated them fairly. They had to pay more than the others so they could earn more. They would receive more abilities after their power Upanishads had fused with each other. However, this marvelous ability was different at varying levels of compatibility.

Space and Star power Upanishads were the top magical power Upanishads in this vast universe. Originally, these two power Upanishads could fuse with each other subtly and once they combined with each other, the abilities generated could shake the entire cosmos!

"There are around five hundred Hidden God Vessels and twenty thousand warriors at King God Realm and above. The Hidden God Vessels scattered around and between them are the natural stormy magnetic fields that are pretty fierce..."

Squinting, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness extended to survey the area like invisible tentacles. He could tell the others the situation clearly.

"The dark void ahead of us is the natural border outside Hexagonal Star Land. It's an abyss filled with dangers of the sea of stars. It has shattered, rapid meteors, cosmic dust, strong storms, and icicles. Even our Fiery Rain Star Area's warriors don't come here often to survey the area."

Yu Shan walked to the front. She was wearing a tight, long green robe that revealed her snow-white shoulders and her deep cleavage. She didn't look like she came to engage in a battle. She looked like she prepared to be in a ball. However, she wore a grave complexion and looked at the dark area ahead of them.

"It's beyond my estimation that the God Clan dares to choose that area to ambush. The one who made this decision should be rough and tough. I dare say that without your reminder, when the God Clan uses their super weapon to break the barriers of Hexagonal Star Land, we will choose this area to break their siege. We know this place is a natural deathtrap, but it will make the God Clan pay a bloody price if they come after us. We thought so and we will do so..."

Yu Shan's crescent moon-like eyes showed fear. "We could never estimate that the Hidden God Vessels would ambush there. If it happens, we will all be killed!"

Xiao En and Xuan Fei arrived with Fiery Rain Star Area's warriors led by Benny. Listening to Yu Shan, they felt shivers sent down their spines as if they were seeing that vision where the Hidden God Vessels showed their fangs and tore them apart.

"As they haven't prepared well, we will attack them right now. Of course, we're not the ones who have to pay a bloody price," said Shi Yan coldly.

Blood Devil and the warriors from Agate Star Area believed Shi Yan without any condition. They immediately ordered their troopers into positions and prepared for the coming raid. They were warriors of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan whom Leona used to train. They were all calm and cold, brutal lights sparkling in their eyes.

Their bearings and their intimidation were even scarier than the warriors Benny had trained. While the other troops were still arranging their positions, they had finished. Their divine weapons and armor had fused with their fierce auras.

Using the Soul Consciousness to sense, the others would find that their savage auras could combine into one flow in their position like a massive mouth of a ferocious beast that was ready to swallow all things.

It was the fighting spirit of the battle!

All of a sudden, a cold figure like an icicle appeared on the front of the position Leona had trained like a sharp spear.

That was Ghost Hunter!

He used to be the leader of a Monster Clan's troop. Leona had taught him military tactics. Today, as he had reached the immediate phase of level 13, he was more savage!

"Bite and nibble!"

Ghost Hunter bellowed. Just like a sharp weapon that could break anything, he was the vanguard attacking the dark void ahead.

The troop behind him was guided by his ruthless aura. They became stirred up immediately and they followed him like the body of a massive serpent with an open mouth that could squeeze and swallow all creatures in this world!

"Horn of Destruction!" 

At the same time, Benny thundered and the troops he had trained had positioned into a dragon horn formation. The sharp aura coming out from their heads gathered into a massive flow that was the top of the dragon horn and thrust forward.

Ghost Hunter and Benny led two troops and stormed forward. Instantaneously, Blood Devil, Feng Han, Lin Xin, Yan Chi, and Bing Jie also commanded their warriors. Xiao En, Yu Shan, and the others also released their marvelous abilities that rolled like a fierce, turbulent flood current aimed at the dark abyss in front of them fearlessly.


The dark void.

A Hidden God Vessel was hovering between the clusters of white clouds. Many warriors of the God Clan on the ship were releasing their Ethereal Extent to pull those clouds.

Those clusters of white-gray clouds were called Puzzled Spirit Lead Clouds and they were a very dangerous sort of cloud in this universe. The Puzzled Spirit Lead Clouds had a terrifying effect: It could dissolve the Soul Consciousness.

When the warriors engaged in a battle, they needed to use their Soul Consciousness to target and lock the enemies' soul altars and locations. The Soul Consciousness would vanish as soon as it touched this kind of cloud.

When a warrior accidentally fell into the clusters of Puzzled Spirit Lead Cloud, his immense Sea of Consciousness soon lost al wisps of Soul Consciousness left.

It led to the fracture of the soul altar, even if the warrior was a profound expert.

The Sea of Consciousness was the basic foundation of the soul altar that nurtured the soul. When the Sea of Consciousness dried, the soul altar shattered altogether.

Thus, the Puzzled Spirit Lead Cloud was really terrifying. At this moment, the members of the God Clan didn't use their Soul Consciousness. They had used the God power to move the clusters of clouds and put them to locations that they had set up beforehand.

They were preparing a surprising gift to the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area. Since this area was the deathtrap of Fiery Rain Star Area, the warriors of this star area rarely came here. Anyway, the God Clan was different. While invading many star areas, they had a unique understanding of the perilous abyss.

They were good at turning deathtraps to their good lands and turning them into deadly challenges they could control.

Today, they did the same. They were quietly changing this abyss by adding more terrifying items like Puzzled Spirit Lead Clouds. They were going to use these things to attack the warriors of Fiery Rain Star Area who were lured to this area.

However, something unexpected was about to happen this time...