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1308 Old Friends Reunite

The two ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe were creatures that had been living the longest lives in the world. Their levels and powers had a close relationship with their age.

The monster body grew daily.

To the warriors from other races, living longer didn't mean that they were stronger. However, to Heavenly Monster Tribe, their longevity was the key to their power.

If the two one-hundred-thousand-year-old monsters could fuse with each other using the secret technique of Heavenly Monster Tribe, how powerful could they be?

What the President had said made Ling Xiang, Caesar and Lorraine sink into their thoughts. They could feel the lightning rumble in their heads and make them baffled.

"What kind of Heavenly Monster Tribe's secret technique can fuse creatures together? How could they have such a wonderful technique?" Lorraine was surprised.

"Tian Xie, does your Chamber of Commerce's secret records have anything about the fusion, if any, of Heavenly Monster Tribe's two ancestors?" Ling Xiang frowned.

Tian Xie was the name of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's President. In this vast universe, not many people knew his name. The experts who knew this name were all ones with important roles and extremely profound power Upanishads.

"The record only says that they can fuse with each other, but it doesn't say how. I think these two ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe have never fused before. Because if they had had, there would have been some rumors." Tian Xia, the President, shook his head. "Only when Heavenly Monster Tribe is in danger will they join hands to counter the enemy."

He turned to Caesar, "According to your sensibility, Lei Di should reach Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Qing Xiao is at the same realm. Heavenly Monster Tribe now has two monster ancestors at Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Heavenly Monster Tribe will stand on Shi Yan's side. The God Clan will be more pressured."

"It's good then," Ling Xiang looked happy. "That's how we can preserve our force. It's really tough when we count on only the Bloodthirsty Force when the God Clan's Four Great Heavenly Kings are at Second Sky of Immortal Realm in addition to the God Lord who is recovering. It will be easier when Heavenly Monster Tribe joins the team."

"Tian Xie, DeCarlos... is an uncertain factor. Only you know him in our group. You ask, will he stand on the same side as us?" Lorraine's face became stern.

Ling Xiang and Caesar also looked at the President.

DeCarlos was the most known expert with the highest attainment in cultivating Space power Upanishad. According to Tian Xie, he had entered Second Sky of Immortal Realm. It was a marvelous yet terrifying level of an expert cultivating Space power Upanishad. It had the same meaning as the undying condition.

An expert at Second Sky of Immoral Realm cultivating Space power Upanishad was stronger than two experts at the same realm but with different power Upanishads. With this expert on their side, they didn't need to worry about the barriers in this vast sea of stars. It would be much more convenient.

If DeCarlos was with them, their force would be greatly enhanced, which would give them more advantages in the future.

It was the reason why Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine cared about DeCarlos's attitude a lot.

"... I can't understand DeCarlos." Tian Xie's eyes shot out a strange light as he said calmly. "But I'm sure he won't be on the God Clan's side or join hands with the Bloodthirsty Force. The relationship between DeCarlos and Ming Hao is something we should consider too. It's between a friend and enemy. I'm not really certain."

Listening to him, Ling Xiang and the others were surprised and guessed the relationship between DeCarlos and Ming Hao.

Tian Xie hadn't explained it to them yet. He only said, "Back to the topic. You guys need to take action now. Go to Prosaic Star Area, Hollow Fearsome Star Area, and Dry Bone Star Area to persuade them to stay on our side."

"Got it," the other three nodded.


Thunder Firmament Star Area.

Shi Yan got up. The scorching lightning beam winding around him released a fierce electric current.

When he opened his eyes, he saw an imposing man like a mountain standing upright in front of him. That man wore silver clothes, but his arms were exposed. Lightning beams were crawling on his arms like snakes. His eyes were like two lightning balls that would shake someone's soul hard like getting hit by a lightning strike after one look at them.

Ouyang Luo Shuang stood by the man, her face respectful but cold. She didn't say anything, but she looked like she was bullied.

"See? He wakes up now! He's fine, right? Little girl, you're annoying. Why were you persistent in stopping me? Why didn't you believe in this Old Lei?" His voice was like grumbling thunder pounding on people's eardrums. However, he seemed to not notice that he was spraying his saliva while talking.

Ouyang Luo Shuang didn't know how to put up with him. She just quietly avoided him as she was afraid that his saliva would reach her.

After Lei Di revived, he had caught up with the situation pretty well. He turned into his humanoid form and then came to look at Shi Yan. Ouyang Luo Shuang had stopped him from bothering Shi Yan.

At that moment, Shi Yan was burning by the heaven flames and he was in a magical comprehending circumstance. She was afraid that Lei Di would disturb Shi Yan and make him fall into bedevilment.

Lei Di thought that she was so annoyed so he used a beam of lightning to tie her up. When Shi Yan woke up, he untied her and yelled, "His marvelous change is done. It's not gonna hurt him if we wake him up now. This kind of body development happens really quickly. You don't need to worry a lot."

"You are IT?" Shi Yan frowned, looking at Lei Di. "You've broken through to the new realm?"

The lightning beams wound around his body like many snakes. It was lightning energy that overflowed. At his level, Lei Di's lightning energy shouldn't act that way unless he had just broken through to the new realm.

"Kiddo, you got keen eyes. You're worthy of the one with our ancestral land's Origin. Thanks to you, I've entered Second Sky of Immortal Realm. Haha, I can fight against Qing Xiao now. Last time, he defeated me. I lost the battle for the Chief position. This time, I will have it back," Lei Di grinned.

"Qing Xiao?!" screamed Shi Yan.

"He's Azure Dragon. Qing Xiao is his name. Where is he now?" asked Lei Di.

"On Heavenly Monster Tribe's ancestral star," Shi Yan observed him and sneered. "Currently, your Heavenly Monster Tribe isn't a strong force. Because of Azure Dragon, Imperial Dark Tribe can't obliterate your tribe. And now, you want to fight with him? Without him, Heavenly Monster Tribe couldn't have existed. You should thank him. Thank him for defeating you that year. I can tell if you were the chief of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Heavenly Monster Tribe might not exist by now."

Shi Yan didn't mean to stab Lei Di like that. At first glance, he knew this man had typical characteristics of Heavenly Monster Tribe. He was rough, brutal, and not really slick and sly. Most of all, he didn't have plans or patience.

Lei Di might be an innate warrior with endless power on the battlefield. But if he was the Chief of the Tribe, he would have brought a deadly disaster to his tribe.

As Shi Yan had fused with the Grace Mainland's Origin, he considered Heavenly Monster Tribe as his subjects. When he thought about them, he did it with the position of a superior. If he could choose, he would still choose Azure Dragon to be the Chief. Lei Di could fight for Heavenly Monster Tribe, but he was just a pure warrior. He wasn't good chief material.

"Hey, kid, your speaking isn't pleasant to my ears. If you didn't awaken me, I would have thought you how to speak for sure. But now, seize the time and get out of this Thunder Firmament Star Area. Carefree and Light are about to get here. You can make no difference even if you stay. Also, DeCarlos and I have to take care of you if you stay."

Lei Di grinned and said, "DeCarlos has lifted the seal. You can feel something, I'm sure. You cultivate Space power Upanishad, so you should feel the change. With the relationship between you and the ancestral star, you can run away in any minute. I advise you to leave as soon as possible. Don't let Carefree and Light kill you in just a blink of an eye."

Listening to him, Shi Yan spun his soul altar and activated his Space power Upanishad in the tier of powers Upanishads.

Layers of space energy like ripples on a water surface expanded from his body. His God power circulated and was sent through his veins, releasing an aura of space blades. A marvelous energy seeped out from his bone and functioned as a space barrier to protect his body. It helped him adapt to strict conditions in any space cracks.

From Shi Yan, the space energy rippled and connected to Thunder Firmament Star Area instantly. The star map of the entire star area appeared in his head like a three-dimension picture.

His Soul Consciousness had expanded endlessly. Thunder Firmament Star Area in his head seemed to shrink billions of times and become a nebula as big as a palm of a hand in his Sea of Consciousness. He could see everything happening in this star area...

That nebula of Thunder Firmament Star Area had an outmost orange light layer. That light layer was attacked fiercely. Cracks appeared.

He was shaken, his eyes strange. He was really touched.

Thunder Firmament Star Area was now a sand table that was billions of times smaller than the original. Although he couldn't check the small stars or use his Soul Consciousness to visit the life stars in this star area, he could see everything as if he had a bird's view.

"You've just reached Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. After this time, your body has sublimated, which has stabilized your realm." Lei Di snorted and then pouted his lips, shaking his head. "Weak. Too weak. You can't even endure a blow from Carefree and Light. So, get lost!"

While he was talking, a space slit appeared. White-headed DeCarlos walked out from it.

DeCarlos didn't look at Shi Yan but at Lei Di. He looked so thrilled. "It's good to see you again..."

Lei Di laughed happily. "Hey, buddy! You look much older though. I still remember your innocent look that year. Haha, you've reached the Immortal Realm too. Time flies so fast."

The old friends reunited. They didn't even look at Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang or recognize the fact that Carefree and Light were about to come. The two friends immersed in their old stories and their old world.

Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang exchanged the surprised looks. They looked at Lei Di and DeCarlos who were like two talkative old women recalling their old junk. They didn't know what to do.

After a while, DeCarlos finally reacted. He threw Shi Yan a glance without turning his head and asked skeptically, "Why haven't you left yet?"

"I think I should stay and watch the battle between Carefree, Light, and you guys," said Shi Yan.

"You're just at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. You can't bear the shockwaves of our attacks. I advise you to leave and save us from more trouble," DeCarlos lowered his voice.

"If you're here, I can leave in any minute. I want to stay and watch. Even if I can't, I'll still stay," Shi Yan was persistent.

DeCarlos frowned and didn't talking more. "Suit yourself. If you die, it's your bad luck. Perhaps Ming Hao will find it amusing, though."

Shi Yan was astounded.