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1307 Lei Di and Qing Xiao Bright Lightning and Azure Firmamen

The Primal Chaos Sacred Flame ranked the first among the ten heaven flames of Grace Mainland. It was also the toughest one to get.

Previously, when Shi Yan found the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame, it was trying to take the Origin of the continent. Besides the fact that Lao Luo and the Ring Spirit had used the Origin's energy to bring Shi Yan from another universe, the other reason why Grace Mainland's energy was massively reduced was that the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame had absorbed the Origin's energy.

If Shi Yan hadn't discovered it earlier, the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame could have evolved to an incredible level that would have helped it swallow all the other heaven flames.

And then, it could have replaced Shi Yan to become the fountainhead or the soul of the ancient continent.

No one knew how it was formed. In legends, it was there at the dawn of the ancient continent. It was a wisp of the ancient continent's spirit. It had a magical power that could ignite the flame of life one more time...

Today, Shi Yan knew that the legends were true. The wisps of the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's separated soul were gathered in the mysterious flame of the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame.

A flow of clear Soul Consciousness arose with the power of thunder and lightning. It was drawn by a flexible and lively flame.

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon's skeleton now had vigorous life energy as flesh and skin were growing.

The Immemorial Thunder Dragon was reviving itself.

After the soul flame was ignited, he instinctively gathered the torrential energy of Thunder Firmament Star Area and it congregated in the monster body to gather the soul. Lightning and electric beams shot out while the dragon's soul was processing which scared Shi Yan.

The clusters of the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame were like Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness that suddenly condensed and turned into a crystal clear flame like a lotus flying into his head.

The co-soul flew out and generated a relaxing and serene feeling. Shi Yan was startled. He quietly retreated and no longer cared about the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's resurrection anymore. For the time being, he let his body and soul sink into that wonderful feeling.

Now, the magical power that could ignite the soul flame of the Primal Chaos Sacred Flame became clear to Shi Yan. It appeared inexplicably in his inner world and it sublimated his soul. The co-soul seemed to understand something magical, indeed.

At this moment, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's scattered soul was gathering and creating a dazzling lightning and electric halo that people didn't dare to watch. This kind of halo had the power to threaten even souls.

Ouyang Luo Shuang had to retreat further away.

She couldn't help but look at Shi Yan. Her clear and bright eyes showed her astonishment. She could see many flames multiply on Shi Yan's body. Those flames had the Life Seal that was pretty similar to Shi Yan's. While they were generating and burning, they were doing some amendment to Shi Yan's soul and body.

Countless flames were like exquisite knives in the hands of skillful craftsman that were fixing and quenching Shi Yan's body and some natural seals in his body. It was an incredible method that the ordinary people could never explain that was filling the flaws in his body and life and making him approach the perfect condition.

Looking at Shi Yan at this moment, she suddenly remembered what her teacher Carefree had told her.

There were millions of races with different features, but none of them was called perfect. Even the God Clan.

In the flow of countless years in history, there were the four strongest races, which were the God Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe. They were acknowledged as the races with the highest living forms. The members of these four clans could understand the truth of power easily. They could use their abilities of the body and the soul to the utmost level.

However, they still had flaws, which were innate.

Imperial Dark Tribe had feeble bodies. Heavenly Monster Tribe wasn't good at training the soul. The God Clan and the Immortal Demon Clan were balanced, but their souls weren't as exquisite as Imperial Dark Tribe's and their bodies weren't as tough as Heavenly Monster Tribe's. The four great races still had flaws.

Throughout the endless time, there was only one person with the closest-to-perfect living form. That was Bloodthirsty.

Any creature could evolve to the perfect condition. With the supernatural and fortunate encounter, the God Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe could eliminate the inborn flaws to become perfect. In fact, the foundation of the cultivation was to cultivate the body and quench the soul.

In other words, it was a self-development process to eliminate or overcome innate flaws.

The life form and the body structure could improve endlessly and it could even be imparted to the next generations. The offspring of the two experts would have better advantages compared to the offspring of the ordinary people.

What Carefree had told her arose in Ouyang Luo Shuang's head. Her eyes twinkled when she looked at Shi Yan. She suddenly understood it: Shi Yan's current condition showed that he was walking on a magical self-developing path.

Those incredible flames were the drugs that helped him evolve, filling and overcoming the flaws in his body and making him approach perfection.


The Sea Territory, Ancient God Star Area.

Carefree and Light were sitting cross-legged in the void, their faces stern.

Not far from them was the crowd of God Clan experts. They bowed slightly and watched the other two with respectful faces.

The terrifying energy that could even crush an entire planet emitted from the two Heavenly Kings' bodies. Just like two rapid, fierce rivers, they ran directly to a blocked space passage.

This passage was the door to Thunder Firmament Star Area that DeCarlos had used his supernatural power to seal.

At this moment, the space passage looked like an over-stretched balloon that could explode at any minute. The energy fluctuating from Carefree and Light seeped into the space passage and ran directly to the barrier of Thunder Firmament Star Area.

If someone sent the Soul Consciousness to check, he could see that the entire Thunder Firmament Star Area was separated and the orange waves of lights were protecting it.

It looked like a light bulb with a massive orange lampshade. The twinkling stars inside the lampshade were life stars inside Thunder Firmament Star Area. The farthest layer was the first crystal-clear protection of the star area where countless lightning beams were crawling.

It was DeCarlos' power.

At this moment, that defensive protection like an orange lampshade went under attack. A formidable force had applied on it and deformed it. At some spots, this protection looked like there was a hand pressing on an air balloon. It could pierce through the layer and explode the balloon soon.

Once that protection was pierced through, the consequence was going to be terrifyingly unimaginable. The barrier around Thunder Firmament Star Area would be affected first. The twinkling life stars would shatter and turn into dust. Billions of creatures living on those planets would perish immediately.

An entire life star could be erased and never be recovered.

Carefree and Light were outraged when they knew that the Bradley family members were killed in this star area. They didn't regret destroying the entire star area to take revenge. They wanted to damage DeCarlos and destroy Shi Yan.

If they succeeded, all the creatures living in Thunder Firmament Star Area would be buried altogether with Shi Yan.

Carefree had a way to protect Ouyang Luo Shuang when this star area got obliterated.

"Something is wrong."

Suddenly, Carefree opened his eyes. His tender, handsome face was restless and anxious.

Heavenly King Light stopped his action. He instinctively opened the wine bottle and took a swig. "The seal is loosened. I can feel the feeble commotions of the outer layer. A formidable soul is doing something there and gathering the energy of Thunder Firmament Star Area to recover its power. That person might be dormant because of serious damages. I guess he's about to wake up."

"Do you remember the old friend of DeCarlos from Heavenly Monster Tribe?" Carefree's face changed instantly.

Light's sturdy body slightly quivered and said resolutely. "We should try harder! Finally, I know why DeCarlos had sent that kid to Thunder Firmament Star Area. That kid has the Origin of Grace Mainland. And Grace Mainland is the cradle of that one!"

"I should have thought about it!" Carefree's eyes became cold and dark.

They then became restless and didn't retain any bit of energy. They tried to attack the orange protection harder. Instantly, the energy gushing from them doubled!


On a light band outside the star area that no one could detect, DeCarlos' senile face reddened. He spurted out blood, which was as beautiful as precious gemstones.

His ten fingers shivered. Ten space light bands shot out and poured on the barrier outside Thunder Firmament Star Area.

DeCarlos looked worried. His sight had crossed layers of spaces to see Shi Yan. He muttered to himself, "There is not much time left. I have to break the barrier before the seal is broken. Otherwise, Thunder Firmament Star Area will be erased. We can't let them obliterate the star area you used to rule."

Afterward, DeCarlos was shaken. He laughed happily then. "Haha, you're worth your reputation, Lei Di!"

He guessed that the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's body was generating billions of lightning beams that were moving to every corner of Thunder Firmament Star Area like rivers flowing to a big sea.

After less than a minute, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon's body had sufficient blood and flesh. All of a sudden, a massive lightning bolt fell on the Thunder Dragon's head. Its body slightly twitched.

All of a sudden, a lightning strike with the power that could shatter the world expanded everywhere.

At the same time, the heart of each of the warriors cultivating Lightning power Upanishad suddenly convulsed while their souls had strange vibes.

It was like the mark of the birth of a creature who had formed the principles of thunder and electric power and became the representative for the true meaning of Lightning and Thunder.

At the same time in Tsunami Star Area, Caesar, the Master of the Broken Hall, a warrior who had dedicated his whole life to cultivate Lightning power, looked shocked. His soul altar moved.

He pondered for a while and thundered, "Some creature cultivating Lightning power Upanishad is about to reach Second Sky of Immortal Realm and has triggered the utmost power of this Upanishad. As far as I know, besides the Holy Beast Azure Dragon, this individual is the second one to reach this level."

"No need to guess. That's the Immemorial Thunder Dragon of Heavenly Monster Tribe. When DeCarlos has visited Thunder Firmament Star Area, I knew it would happen."

The President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce smiled. "Lei Di, the Immemorial Thunder Dragon, and Qing Xiao, the Azure Dragon, are the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe. They both cultivate thunder and lightning power Upanishad. However, Lei Di has mastered the Lightning power and Qing Xiao has mastered Electric power. They used to fight against each other for the Chief position of Heavenly Monster Tribe. After Lei Di was defeated, he disappeared. Then, he accompanied DeCarlos and helped him cultivate his power.

"Lei Di and Qing Xiao have mastered Lightning and Electric powers respectively. In fact, they came from the same bloodline. They are brothers. Unfortunately, the two have been fighting their whole lives. They have never united. I read one thing in the secret records of the previous President. It has impressed me deeply."

"What's that?" Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine asked in unison.

"Thunder Dragon and Azure Dragon were born from one zygote. One for lightning and the other for electric powers. They could fuse into one body using the secret technique of Heavenly Monster Tribe. If they fused, they would control the ultimate power of Lightning and Electric. They would be unrivaled!" said the President of the Chamber of Commerce

Listening to him, the leaders of the other three forces discolored in fright. Fear devoured them instantly.