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1301 Self-Freezing

The Ring Spirit's voice echoed in Shi Yan's brain like big stones that fell into a tranquil lake and raised ripples and big waves.

It was a critical time to break through, but the Ring Spirit's call had distracted Shi Yan. He couldn't focus on breaking through the bottleneck of his realm.

Ji Feng, Lei Dong, and Hermon looked at Shi Yan, their faces grave. However, they didn't know how to deal with it.

"What should we do now?" Ji Feng sounded worried. "He got distracted, but it's in his mind. We can't help him. Otherwise, it will become worse. What should we do?"

"If he dies in our Thunder Firmament Star Area, the Bloodthirsty Force's flame of rage will burn us down. I'm afraid we won't live better than when the God Clan ruled us," Hermon forced a smile. He had thought further and deeper.

Shi Yan was the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force and the brightest star in the vast sea of stars. He was the icon of the forces against the God Clan.

If he died in Thunder Firmament Star Area, the warriors of Thunder Firmament Star Area would be drowned in the rage of Xuan He, Ming Hao, and Frederick. Thunder Firmament Star Area couldn't bear any shockwave. Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon had given up everything to come here to find hope for Thunder Firmament Star Area. They will never want to see desperation falling on Thunder Firmament Star Area because of their impulsive acts.

"Calm down!"

"Lei Dong looked at Ji Feng and Hermon and shouted, "He's the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force and the successor of that legendary warrior. If he dies because of bedevilment while breaking through to the new realm, I think... he will never take the risk to break through here."

Listening to him, Ji Feng and Hermon were touched. They thought that it was logical, so they could relax their minds a bit.

Right, if Shi Yan wasn't so sure, why would he break through right after he had just killed Wright's team? He didn't even notice them before he did that though!

If he wasn't so sure, how could he act impetuously like that?

After considering that point, Ji Feng and Hermon took a deep breath to tranquilize their minds. They continued to observe and protect Shi Yan.

They didn't know that Shi Yan was standing in the Ring Spirit's Sea of Consciousness while letting his God power Ancient Tree transform. They didn't know that Shi Yan couldn't estimate the Ring Spirit and break Ming Hao's seal to bother him at a critical time.

He could hear the Ring Spirit calling clearly, but he tried his best not to mind it.

He knew that if the Ring Spirit came with a goodwill, it would never disturb him in such a moment.

The Ring Spirit was like what Ming Hao had said. It had different thoughts. Shi Yan was sure that the Ring Spirit wanted to seize this opportunity to possess his soul and his body.

If Shi Yan was the Ring Spirit, he would choose this moment to take action too because there would be no chance better than now.

While breaking through, the warrior had to concentrate wholeheartedly. A little distraction could result in a big change of the soul or even the soul fracture.

Although Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Hermon were standing by him, they couldn't help him. They didn't know about the existence of the Ring Spirit, so they thought that the strange condition of his body was because of his breakthrough.

In their eyes, Shi Yan's problems could only be solved by Shi Yan himself.

"Master, help me break this seal. I will treat you wholeheartedly. I will help you kill him!"

The Ring Spirit screamed unceasingly and tried to guide his soul. Its voice ran directly into his mind and made him doubtful...

If he was distracted, which would affect his body's transformation, he would be backfired by his own power. His body would explode tragically.

Shi Yan panted, his body convulsed, and the God power in his body was stimulated. He was at a critical moment.

At this moment, the Ring Spirit became more urgent and restless as if it had just seen hope...


At the critical moment, Shi Yan's host soul sent a message through the space barriers to Grace Mainland.

The crystal burying deep inside Grace Mainland suddenly radiated beautifully. A cold flame flew out and flickered. Many glaciers on Grace Mainland melted down instantly as if their cold energy was all drawn.

The cold flame had crossed spaces and emerged in Shi Yan's brains. The cold that was chilly to the bone expanded massively!

Crack! Crack!

Instantly, Shi Yan's body was confined in a thick layer of ice. The cold white mist diffused from him.

Thunder Firmament Lake was directly affected. As the white mist expanded, the thick ice appeared at a speed that naked eyes could observe. After less than one minute, the entire Thunder Firmament Lake and the area around the palace had become a white world of bitter snow and ice.

Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Hermon became three three ice sculptures. Their bodies were confined.

Fear also froze on their faces. As they couldn't move, they could only use their souls to communicate.

"Too powerful! I'm afraid that only Third Sky of Incipient God Realm experts cultivating Ice power Upanishad could release this kind of cold air current!" said Ji Feng.

"He doesn't cultivate the cold power, right? What's going on?" screamed Hermon.

"This extremely cold energy comes from the heaven flame. He has fused with the Origin, so he's the master of the ancient continent. This kind of cold energy comes from deep inside the ancient continent. As long as we don't wiggle and our soul altars aren't frozen, it will be okay. Just stay here and watch the change. This cold energy isn't aimed at us. That's why we still can endure it," explained Lei Dong.

"Then who is it aimed at?" Ji Feng was surprised.

"At him," said Lei Dong.

"But why?" Ji Feng and Harmon screamed.

"I don't know. I only know that he got in trouble while breaking through. But I don't know what kind of trouble it is. I think he can deal with it himself. What we should do is to stay and watch. We shouldn't disturb him," said Lei Dong.

Ji Feng and Hermon were bewildered. However, they knew that Lei Dong had a wide knowledge, so they chose to believe him. They didn't release energy to break the ice layer covering them. They stood like that and waited in silence.

While being imprisoned inside a thick chunk of ice like the ice mountain, Shi Yan's body, blood, soul, and Sea of Consciousness had quieted down.

The ring with complicated blood drawings was also frozen. Since the cold energy had seeped into the ring and attacked it, the Ring Spirit couldn't send any message to Shi Yan. It was also because Shi Yan's soul and Sea of Consciousness were frozen.

Time ticked by fast.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan was completely still. Ji Feng, Hermon, and Lei Dong gradually couldn't endure it anymore. The cold energy had begun to expand to their souls.

They had to use the energy from the soul altar to break the ice on their bodies and free themselves.

"Three days," Ji Feng frowned. "He doesn't have any commotion. His soul stops working and his aura couldn't be found. What do we do?"

"Keep watching. Don't act rashly," answered Lei Dong.

Ji Feng and Hermon exchanged reluctant looks. They continued to wait there and look at Shi Yan standing still like a ten-thousand-year ice mountain.

In the dark sea of stars, the stars twinkled and sent starlight to illuminate the frozen Thunder Firmament Lake...

The starlight from deep in the universe was like the light of fireflies that flashed and got into the ice mountain. It was as if some force there was guiding it slowly towards Shi Yan...

This entire world had become a massive glacier. The lake and Shi Yan were frozen and it made a massive frozen area. The starlight moved very slowly inside the ice.

The first dot of starlight had to move through a long distance to reach Shi Yan's frozen body.

Just like a small spark that ignited the fire, starlight bloomed out of the acupuncture points in his entire body like dazzling diamonds.

At that moment, countless starlight dots in the lake rolled into streams and flowed towards Shi Yan and disappeared into his body.

At the same time, Ji Feng, Hermon, and Lei Dong got rid of the ice. Seeing this wonder, they were so thrilled.

"Thunder Firmament Lake is made of some mysterious heavenly rivers in outer space. This lake has the lightning and thunder power together with the star power. And that kind of power is rolling towards Shi Yan!" Lei Dong opened his eyes, his face frightened. "He got some trouble, but I think he has figured out how to solve it."

He exhaled in relief.

Ji Feng and Hermon were also happy upon watching so many starlight streams reaching Shi Yan and increasing his power.

They closed their eyes to sense for a while. They had to nod in surprise that Shi Yan's soul was stable now. It meant that he had crossed the most dangerous phase.

They knew now he needed time to compress his God power and clean the soul altar to sublimate his soul.

The toughest moment was over. It was going to be pretty smooth for Shi Yan and when he woke up, he was going to have reached Second Sky of Incipient God Realm.

"I know he will be alright," Lei Dong smiled then said, "We can relax now before checking if our subordinates have finished all the members of the God Clan here or not."

They then took out the Sound Stone to contact their subordinates, their visages satisfied.


The corner of the star area where mineral stars were connected.

The members of the Chen family gathered, frowning and waiting.

"Why hasn't he come yet? Did he fool us?" Chen Rong frowned and whispered. While talking, he looked fearful as he checked the beautiful figure in white standing far from him.

Ouyang Luo Shuang's beautiful but cold eyes glared at them and she slightly knitting her eyebrows.

"No, he will definitely come. He needs something here," said Chen Lei.

The Chen family lived in a remote area in Thunder Firmament Star Area where they were kept away from connecting to the other forces. At this moment, they hadn't known anything about the big commotions of Thunder Firmament Star Area. Every day, they had to live in fear and wait anxiously to see if the God Clan will take revenge on them or not.

The God Clan had scared them badly that now, they had to live and wait in fear.

"We've bet everything. I hope we can win to keep the family going on," Chen Rong forced a smile and sighed weakly.

"Don't worry. Our Chen family won't be obliterated. We will live well. I believe in him. He will definitely give us a new future," Chen Lei comforted him.

All the members of the Chen family had gathered and waited for the man who would bring them hope.