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The stars were twinkling in a starlight band in South of Ancient God Star Area. There was one bright star among of them that was the exclusive life star of the Bradley family.

Many mountains were surrounding a mysterious valley. One of those mountains had gold balls that were like twinkling stars hung on the flank. The flames of life were dancing inside those balls.

Those balls were called "Life Beads," which connected to the souls and the lives of the Bradley family's important experts. Wherever they were if they died, their own Life Bead would extinguish. Each of the balls here had a small nametag that read the name of its owner.

The flames inside the three Life Beads flickered and then extinguished.

An old man with layers of dust on his body was a watchman of this place. He became frightened, flashed, and then disappeared.

He reappeared in a secret chamber where only one quiet man sat. This man was the current Chief of the Bradley: Byers. Byers was disturbed when he was cultivating to break the current realm and enter the Immortal Realm.

"What happened?" asked Byers in a low-pitched voice.

"Wright's, Cook's, and Jeremy's Life Beads are off. I'm afraid something bad has happened in Thunder Firmament Star Area," the old man stooped and answered.

Byers' visage changed. A gleam of pain flashed in his eyes. He kept silent for a long time. "Wright is my cousin. He didn't want to go to Thunder Firmament Star Area that year because he knew that it was a poor place. If I hadn't forced him to go there, he wouldn't have been persistent."

"Chief, please restrain your grief," the old man sighed slightly.

"They wouldn't die in vain," Byers took a deep breath, his face turned malignant as he swung his arm. "Report to the Elder Committee."

"I'm on it."


Shortly after, the God Clan's Elder Committee received the news of Wright's, Cook's, and Jeremy's deaths. They knew that they'd lost Thunder Firmament Star Area too. It was no longer the God Clan's territory.

The God Clan's forces based around there were frightened.

The Heavenly King Carefree and Light also knew the news. On the God Zenith, Carefree wore a mocking face. He put the glass of wine on the jade table as he said, "Well, if you had listened to me and joined hands to tear the barrier of Thunder Firmament Star Area, they would have been alright."

Earlier, Carefree had asked Heavenly King Light to join him to break the seal that DeCarlos had put on Thunder Firmament Star Area, but Light had denied him.

At that time, Heavenly King Light was confident that Wright, Cook, and Jeremy could keep Thunder Firmament Star Area safe. They wouldn't let Shi Yan take any advantage.

But now, he regretted it.

Wright and the other two at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm were from the elite force of the Bradley family. They had lost three of them at the same time. Light felt a bad twinge in his chest. He wore a dark face and finished his bottle within one breath. He stood up and said, "You and I will take action now."

Carefree chuckled. "When you and I join hands, I think we just need half a month to break the barrier between the star areas. As DeCarlos has built that barrier, he will be hurt when we break it!" Carefree became sinister.

If DeCarlos hadn't interfered, he would have killed Shi Yan already and taken three pieces of Bloodthirsty's remains. He wouldn't have lost Ouyang Luo Shuang and they wouldn't have had to bear so many troubles as they did right now.

He now considered DeCarlos his enemy. Carefree had never had mercy for his enemies.

"DeCarlos has chosen the opposite side as us. It'll be his worst misfortune. I will make him pay for the three lives of my family's later generation," said Heavenly King Light.


Thunder Firmament Star Area.

The dried corpses of the God Clan warriors scattered around the heavenly lake. The beautiful and luxurious palaces were now in ruins. Blood puddled everywhere.

Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon were moving swiftly like shadows through the place to kill the last members of the God Clan in this area.

As they had only Ethereal God Realm and Original God Realm, they didn't have the chance to escape under the attack of the three Incipient God Realm experts.

Also, Thunder Firmament Star Area was sealed, so all the Teleport Formations were deactivated. The God warriors here couldn't escape their fatal fates.

They recognized that times had changed. After ten thousand years, the overlord position of the God Clan was now challenged.

After killing the last God warrior, Lei Dong took out a Sound Stone and licked his lips. "Tell the others that Bloodthirsty Force's Master killed Wright. All the God Clan warriors in Thunder Firmament Lake were killed. "From now on, the remaining warriors of the God Clan in Thunder Firmament Star Area are our targets. We will all go out to kill them!"

At the same time, Ji Feng and Harmon also took out the Sound Stone and sent the news.

Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon were the leaders of the three strongest forces of Thunder Firmament Star Area. They had many dedicated and loyal subordinates. When the news spread out, the entire Thunder Firmament Star Area became boiling.

Instantaneously, all the warriors of Thunder Firmament Star Area knew the commotion in the heavenly lake. They knew that the fate of Thunder Firmament Star Area changed now.

Many warriors of the God Clan staying in the corner of the star area became prey, even though they were the hunters a moment ago. They became the targets of the warriors in the entire star area.

The "God Annihilation" operation was carried out grumblingly in Thunder Firmament Star Area. Every day, every minute, the God Clan warriors were killed continuously.

After they proactively sent the news, Lei Dong's Soul Consciousness checked around the area. He found many women with exposed clothes hiding in the corner and looking at the three of them in fright.

Lei Dong looked at the beautiful women from different races that Wright had captured for years. He sighed and then talked to Ji Feng. "Release them. They are from our star area. Poor them."

Ji Feng nodded.

Lei Dong flashed and then appeared by the heavenly lake. He looked at Shi Yan and became baffled.

Shi Yan was hovering inside a blood mist. The pungent smell of blood swirled by him while his body emitted strange, crimson light. The energy fluctuations from his body were turbulent and violent like water breaking a dam.

However, he looked so calm as his soul altar was operating in a unique principle. It looked like he had become one with the sea of stars.

Lei Dong turned to look at him and he felt like he was beholding the mysterious, immense universe. He suddenly had strange respect.

He was shocked, but he understood it immediately. "Confine the area! Allow no one to enter! The Master is about to break through. We can't let anyone disturb him!"

Hearing him, Ji Feng and Hermon were frightened. Ji Feng hurried to talk to those women in ragged clothes. Then, he and Harmon gathered with Lei Dong by Shi Yan, arranging their barriers to protect Shi Yan. They were scared that Shi Yan could fail his breakthrough if someone disturbed him.

As they'd reached the Incipient God Realm, they knew that every breakthrough in this realm was so dangerous. One mistake could lead to eternal damnation.

Lei Dong was at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. When he had broken to the Second Sky, he had almost perished. Thus, he understood this critical moment better than Ji Feng and Harmon.

They surrounded Shi Yan and gathered their powers to create different barriers like clouds, the flowers, and lightning net to defend. Each of them was created with powerful, pure energy.

"We should guard here and wait until he has broken through successfully," said Lei Dong.

Ji Feng and Harmon nodded in agreement.


Deep inside the brilliant space basin, DeCalors was floating. The magical, dazzling light shot out of his palms and created marvelous, complex formations moving around the space slits that overflowed towards Thunder Firmament Star Area.

It required a constant supply of energy to maintain the seal in the entire star area. Although he had a profound realm, DeCarlos couldn't confine the entire star area in one attempt. Thus, during this time, he had to stay in the space slit and increase the energy of the seal in Thunder Firmament Star Area.

All of a sudden, DeCarlos shivered. Billions of light beams projected from his pupils that looked like images from different spaces.

He frowned and sighed. "Carefree and Light have joined hands. Hmm, I'm afraid that I can't maintain this seal for a long time. I can do it for half a month. I wonder if it will be enough."

His line of sight crossed through many layers of spaces to watch Shi Yan. He couldn't help but give a forced smile.

At this moment, Shi Yan was at the door to break through to Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Even if he wanted to send him a message, it was impossible.

He felt a little anxious and he frowned. "I can forcefully interfere, but I can seize only half a month. Hmm, that kid is breaking into Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. I wonder if it's enough to revive him..."

DeCarlos was so worried.

"He's the successor of that man. To ordinary warriors, it will take a long time to break through to Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, but it could be short to him, I suppose. Ah, I hope so..."


"Master... Master..."

A voice called him and reverberated the message as if Shi Yan was in a dream. It was the voice of the "Ring Spirit."

After Ming Hao had sealed it, it couldn't contact Shi Yan since the connection between them was cut off.

However, as Shi Yan was breaking through, his mind was so quiet. No one knew how it could seize the chance and find the way to contact him feebly.

"Help me lift the seal. He lied to you. He wants to replace you to be my Master and the new Master of the Bloodthirsty Force. You can't believe his words. Master, I've been with you for so many years. You know I've never hurt you. You should know..."

The Ring Spirit's voice was interrupted as if it was so tough to send its thoughts to Shi Yan.

Anyway, it had chosen the opportunity when Shi Yan was breaking through.

While breaking through to the new realm, the warrior shouldn't be disturbed because it could lead to terrible consequences. In the worst case, the warrior's soul could perish.

As the Ring Spirit had seized this chance to talk to Shi Yan, if it wasn't reluctant, it sure had some evil thoughts.

The Ring Spirit's call seemed to have an evil power that lingered in Shi Yan's brain and became louder and louder. Shi Yan's mind became troubled.

Shi Yan closed his eyes and his breathing got harder. The circulation of his God power was stagnant in many spots inside his body.

Lei Dong, Ji Feng, and Harmon changed their faces. They suddenly knew that something was wrong. Their face became stern and heavy.

Shi Yan's reaction clearly showed that he deviated while breaking through. It seemed like he was going to fall into bedevilment soon.

This wasn't good at all!