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The islet in the middle of the fantasy lake

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were discussing how to talk to Shi Yan tomorrow. They considered whether they should give him some challenge before giving him the Bloodthirsty's remains or not. If they just gave them to him, would that be too direct?

"His realm is a little low. If we give him a challenge, I'm afraid he can't handle it. Even though we have to give him these things, we must do it like we care about it. Sigh, it's troublesome, though." Lorraine forced a smile.

"Yeah, it's just First Sky of Incipient God Realm. It isn't worth mentioning. If he wasn't the new Master, he wouldn't be respected. But if we give the remains to him easily, will he doubt us or not?" asked Ling Xiang.

"Don't look at me. You guys are the masters in this sort of stuff. I don't know how to act in such a conspiracy," Caesar waved his hands.

Ling Xiang and Lorraine went stiff when they heard Caesar. They looked a little embarrassed.

All of a sudden, Ling Xiang changed his countenance. An ancient book flew out of his sleeve. He touched the void and the blood flipped its pages. A magical energy emerged from the page like white light rings outside the planet. It seemed like he could use this book to check the changes that happened outside his Fantasy Star.

At the same time, a soul message came from the book to Ling Xiang's Sea of Consciousness.

Caesar and Lorraine kept silent. They frowned, watching Ling Xiang and waiting.

They knew that the ancient book was a strange treasure in Ling Xiang's hands that was called "The Book of Thousand Fantasy and Myriad Change." This book could connect to the marvelous Fantasy Zone and create illusions there.

They all looked at Ling Xiang as they wanted to know what was going on. Ling Xiang had ordered his subordinates not to disturb them when they began to discuss unless it was something really important.

As they were still discussing these matters, if someone contacted Ling Xiang now, it meant that the news wasn't small.

Indeed, Ling Xiang put away the Book of Thousand Fantasy and Myriad Change into his sleeve. His face slightly paled. "There is a tornado of meteorite pieces that appeared out of nowhere in the Fantasy Zone. Billions of these pieces have attacked the Fantasy Zone like sharp sword. The white light rings outside the planet have stopped them. But they have already hurt and killed many fantasy animals and my troopers."

"Who has the guts to do that?" Lorraine's face was grave.

This place was the headquarters star of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, and the Thousand Fantasy Sect was the prominent force in this universe that not many forces dared to provoke.

"Besides those lunatics of the Four Great Creatures, I think no blind warrior dares to act wantonly in my Fantasy Zone!" Ling Xiang's handsome face turned cold and dark. "They reported that they saw a lazy man riding the moon nucleus and approaching our Fantasy Star."

"What does he look like?" Lorraine was startled. She thought that she knew something.

"They said that he looks lazy. Along the way, he still drank wine and ate fruits casually. He doesn't mind our guards much," Ling Xiang said coldly.

"Lazy... Hmm, lazy. Lazy!"

Lorraine was shocked as a light flashed in her head. She hissed in fright. "Carefree! It's Carefree!"

Hearing her, Ling Xiang and Caesar were startled.

"It's him. The girl's teacher is Carefree! I should have guessed it earlier!" shouted Lorraine.

As Ling Xiang and Caesar heard about the name Carefree, their countenances became very serious. Thoughts rolled into their brains. Relating the name to the familiar feeling they had earlier, they knew Lorraine was correct. Carefree was coming. Carefree was one of the Four Great Heavenly Kings of the God Clan and a supernatural character of the previous generation.

This man had disappeared for thousands of years. It had been so long that Caesar, Ling Xiang, and Lorraine couldn't figure it out earlier.

When Carefree was famous and intimidating, Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine were still juniors at Incipient God Realm who still needed to follow their teachers. They knew Carefree's deeds well. Thus, they all discolored when they knew that it was Carefree who was approaching.

Rumble! Rumble!

The Fantasy Star suddenly shook hard as if a massive beast was barging at it.

The ground of the Fantasy Star shook hard. Many mountains collapsed and rivers surged. The quiet Fantasy Star for countless years seemed to about to receive its Doomsday. All the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect were frightened.

"Where is the Thousand Fantasy Sect's Master? Open the gate. Do you want me to break your door?" A voice came from deep inside the clouds above the Fantasy Star that then reverberated in every corner of the planet and shook the minds of every warrior.

As soon as that voice arose, it was like the heavenly prestige pressing on the sky of the Fantasy Star and suffocating people.

"Here he comes!" Caesar hissed.

"He can break it, really. Let him in." Lorraine forced a smile.

Ling Xiang nodded and then took out the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade box. After giving it to Lorraine, Ling Xiang said, "You should hurry and find Shi Yan. Give the box to him and ask him to leave immediately."

Caesar also gave his box to Lorraine. "Tell that kid to flee quickly. If he dies here, we will all be in trouble."

Lorraine didn't say anything. She grabbed the boxes and disappeared instantly.

At the same time, the terrible shock came from the sky as the voice arose again. "It's not easy for the Thousand Fantasy Sect to refine layers of barriers and restrictions. What a pity if this protection gets damaged. I will count to three. People down there, you should consider carefully. One..."

Ling Xiang sighed and then spoke up, "Welcome precursor Carefree. I'm the current Master of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Ling Xiang. Welcome to our headquarters." His finger fiddled with the Book of Thousand Fantasy and Myriad Change to lift up the barrier so Carefree could enter the planet.

A tender, handsome man rode the moon essence and crossed the sky to come. He landed directly to the center land of the Fantasy Star.

Many warriors on the Fantasy Star gathered as they saw him. The Fantasy Lake where Ling Xiang and Caesar were standing changed suddenly. The thick forest and grand palaces replaced the lake, the cottages, and the mountain ranges.

Ban Yu, Xing Ming, Xing Shang, Wei Yun, and Gulian appeared from the palaces around and looked at the man in fear.

Many of them didn't know him, but they were still scared. The imposing aura of the man descended from the sky had completely subdued them and made them want to bow to him.

"Who attacked my student at the chaotic area out there?" After a deafening explosion, the moon underneath Carefree's feet had destroyed some palaces. He landed and lazily raked his eyes around. He saw Xing Shang and grinned.

Xing Shang felt like his soul had left him already.

"Come here," Carefree waved his hand.

Xing Shang and Wei Yun were lifted in the same way a person pinched a chicken's neck and lifted it up. They fell in front of Carefree. Carefree opened his mouth and spurt out two beams of moonlight that then intruded Xing Shang's and Wei Yun's brains through their eyes. The moonlight then moved around their Sea of Consciousness to collect their memories.

As the others were watching them, Xing Shang and Wei Yun were so frightened. Dark blood oozed out of their eyes, ears, nostrils, and mouth. The light in their eyes dimmed out. Their skies dried up as if it was dry tree bark. They lost their vitality quickly.

Everybody felt their hair rising as they were so panic-stricken. They knew Carefree had used a memory extraction technique to take their memories directly that had destroyed their lives and souls to get the part of memory he needed.

Xing Ming felt so chilled. At this moment, he thought he was frozen by a cold power. He couldn't help but shiver.

His eyes were filled with a dark fear. He looked at Caesar, gritting his teeth and begging. "Master, please consider that I've served both you and your father. Please spare my life."

After he finished, Xing Shang's and Wei Yun's life energy were all gone. Carefree had collected what he wanted.

Carefree smiled darkly and looked at him. "Turns out you're the ringleader."

"Master!" Xing Ming screamed, kneeled down, and pounded his head on the ground, beggin Caesar. His head bled terribly.

Xing Ying stood next to him. She was bewildered for a while and then kneeled down, crying and pounding her head against the floor. She didn't mind her bleeding face or the pain and continued to beg to Caesar. "Please, Hall Master, please save my father."

At this moment, they knew that only if Caesar helped him, Xing Ming could survive.

Since this man could kill Xing Shang and Wei Yun easily and the others couldn't even wiggle a bit, they knew that he was at the Immortal Realm. This sort of character could effortlessly kill them with only a wave of his hand.

Caesar, the warrior obsessed with martial arts, had a dark and calm face like the water. He looked at Xing Ming and Xing Ying who were pounding their heads on the floor to beg him, talking all of a sudden. "Precursor Carefree, two warriors of our Broken Hall were killed. Please let it go."

"Let it go?" Carefree was surprised. He eyed Caesar and asked, "You're Simon's son, right? Haha, your father had to call me senior. Your Broken Hall's warriors dared to kidnap my student. Well, it's simple to let it go. When all the ones involved in this kidnapping case are dead, I will let it go."

He rose one hand to grab Xing Ming and squinted, his face dark and sinister.

"Noooo!" Xing Ming shouted ear-splittingly.

"My father gave you face but it doesn't mean that I will do the same!" Caesar suddenly screamed. His hempen clothes floated with powerful lightning strikes. He stepped toward Carefree and raised his fist.

His punch was rough and simple!

Boom! Boom!

The space next to Carefree exploded continuously. The billions of lightning bolts moved together as if they wanted to create billions of holes in this world.

Caesar cultivated Lightning power Upanishad. Usually, warriors with the Lightning power Upanishad could cultivate the Electricity power Upanishad at the same time. It made them stronger. Simon, Caesar's father, cultivated both power Upanishad.

However, Caesar didn't use that method. He had cultivated only Lightning power Upanishad. In ten thousand years, he was immersed in the world of only Lightning, offering it everything beautiful in his life. He didn't like women. He had ignored the matters of the Broken Hall. He didn't enjoy life. Just like an ascetical monk, he had dedicated his life to find the path of his cultivation and the Lightning power Upanishad. He had not been lazy for even a day.

This punch of his had the passion of his lifelong pursuit of Lightning power. His attack had torn the sky and stimulated the eight poles of the world!

The lightning strikes shook the sky and reverberated like Caesar's angry roar. His roar was formidable and overbearing with the loneliness accumulated for ten thousand years.

Carefree, the expert of the previous generation, had a grave face standing in billions of lightning strikes. His eyes emitted magical lights.

Carefree's eyes squinted and created crescent moons. The three illusions of the moon above the Fantasy Star's sky spun and became real, moving around Carefree. They shattered and exploded continuously as if they were about to destroy this entire world.

Caesar stopped after that punch. However, there were countless punches in the void between him and Carefree. The punches were like thunder in the sky that created a world of pure Lightning.