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1285 An Ambiguous Relationship

The islet in the middle of the lake on the Fantasy Star.

Ling Xiang brought Shi Yan to the islet while smiling, "I've been staying here and cultivating ascetically for years. I've sent my love to the beauty of Nature. I've almost forgotten the truth of power."

Caesar, Lorraine, and Lena paid attention to see how Shi Yan would reply.

"In this vast universe, the deep meanings of power Upanishads appear everywhere. If you want it very much, you can see it. A stupid person can't locate a gold mine even if he's sitting on it." Shi Yan stood in between the bamboo pavilions. While taking a deep breath, his face was strange. "This place is the soul of the Fantasy Star, the most marvelous place of the planet. It's really incredible."

"Where is it incredible?" Ling Xiang tried to test him.

"Everywhere." Shi Yan looked around. "The mountains, the bamboo pavilions, the fish and shrimps over there... I can't tell if they are real or not."

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine exchanged looks. They nodded discreetly.

This place was the soul of the Fantasy Star. It was also the reason why the Fantasy Star had the word "Fantasy" in its name. Even the strange conditions that had created the Fantasy Zone was related to this place.

The beautiful and natural scenery here was real, but it could change at any moment. It was so inexplicable.

"The mountains, rivers, and spirit animals in this area should be the things from your Incipient Extent. Their existences depend on your thoughts. At the same time, this place has layers of spaces. They aren't your Incipient Extent, but they cross your Incipient Extent and your Incipient Extent is just a layer of space among those spaces. Right?" Shi Yan was shaken all of a sudden. He turned to ask Ling Xiang, his face amazed.

Hearing him, Ling Xiang's team was very surprised.

Shi Yan could recognize that this place was the soul of the planet and the scenery here wasn't real. Coming to this conclusion was extraordinary.

They didn't think that he could even tell that the surroundings were unreal and from Ling Xiang's Incipient Extent. Closing his eyes to sense for a while, he told them that Ling Xiang's Incipient Extent was one layer of the layers of space here. It wasn't something that other experts could discover.

When Lena and Xing Ming came here, they could only figure out the first thing. They weren't able to find the second discovery that Shi Yan had just done.

"You didn't fail your new position as the Master. With only the Incipient God Realm, you can see a lot of things," Caesar nodded and sincerely complimented him.

"Your eyes are keen, indeed. It seems like the God Clan will receive a lot of trouble this time," Lorraine smiled naturally.

Ouyang Luo Shuang stood by Shi Yan. She just walked close to him and said nothing. At this moment, moonlight gushed out of her bright eyes and fell to her feet.

A magical transformation appeared...

The moonlight from her eyes was like a strong acid that began to erode the tranquil mountains and lakes, changing this world rapidly.

The world that was created with layers of illusions was washed under the moonlight from her eyes. Shortly after, the real world appeared in their sights.

Now, they were standing in the middle of many mountain ranges and massive ancient trees in front of grand palaces. Those palaces were built out of large rocks. They looked thick, heavy, and simple even though they gave people a majestic impression, making them respectful and subdued.

This was the real scene!

The moonlight in her eyes had torn the illusions and revealed the reality.

Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine wore odd faces and studied Ouyang Luo Shuang as if they had found something really marvelous.

"Little girl, who is your teacher?"

Lorraine suddenly remembered what Ouyang Luo Shuang had said. Her teacher would come to take revenge for her. At that time, Lorraine didn't mind it. But now, she had a vague insecure feeling.

The magical moonlight Ouyang Luo Shuang had released gave her a familiar feeling. She thought she had seen it before, but the memory of the one who had shown this ability was a long time ago so it had faded. If she wasn't wrong, Ouyang Luo Shuang's teacher was a domineering and intimidating expert. He could be from the same generation as Lorraine's teacher!

Ling Xiang and Caesar were bewildered. They looked contemplating as they gazed at Ouyang Luo Shuang.

They could sense a magical and holy aura from Ouyang Luo Shuang and her power. They also felt familiar with that aura.

However, for the time being, they couldn't remember.

"You two had encountered many unpleasure events along the way. Please rest today. We will discuss important matters tomorrow." Ling Xiang hadn't confirmed Ouyang Luo Shuang's identity so he had to make more time to discuss it with Caesar and Lorraine. He needed to have the right attitude on this matter.

Shi Yan thought that it wasn't a big deal, so he said, "It's good then."

"Little Ling, you should come and arrange the accommodations for our distinguished guests," Ling Xiang smiled and made his voice's pitch higher intentionally.

Guling flew out from the thick forest behind them. Her eyes were bright and lively. She didn't look happy, though. "You guys follow me."

"Little Ling is my adopted daughter. Her father was my sworn brother. Unfortunately, he had passed away when he was still young," Ling Xiang explained, his eyes having a sad gleam.

Shi Yan gave a slight nod.

Guling wore a cold face, snorted, and led the way. She walked directly to a spacious palace.

Shi Yan threw a glance at Ouyang Luo Shuang.

Ou looked calm and relaxed. She came near him and walked with him behind Guling.

"What do you think about him?" Ling Xiang turned around and asked when he saw Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang leaving, his eyes absent-minded.

"Extraordinary and keen eyes. Although his realm is still low right now, he will thrive quickly with the supernatural power of Bloodthirsty," answered Lorraine.

"Not that simple. With Bloodthirsty's terrifying power Upanishad, he doesn't need to worry about collecting power. However, he still needs to take steps to understand his realm." Lena shook her head, "I'm at Peak of Incipient God Realm, just a step away from the Immortal Realm. However, this step has troubled me for two thousand years. Lacking the realm's understanding will hold back the realm even if I have enough pure power to break through."

"Caesar, what do you think?" asked Ling Xiang.

"He defeated Harson and Haig. That proves his innate talents. He is stronger than the other two. In addition to Bloodthirsty's special power Upanishads, I think they make his future extraordinarily bright," said Caesar.

"I agree with Caesar. If this kid can survive, he will be an intimidating character," Ling Xiang nodded.

"Did you feel a familiar aura from that lady?" Lorraine suddenly asked.

"It's also my concern," said Ling Xiang, his face stern. "I know I used to feel it from someone. But I can't tell who it is now. Thus, I let them rest first. You guys should pay attention."

"Yeah, I also felt familiar. It seems like someone had told me before," said Caesar.

They were suspicious, frowning and thinking.

On the other side, Guling with her ugly facial expression guided Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang to a palace. Her small face was so cold when she said, "This place is where our distinguished guests are treated. Please come in. If you need something, you can call the servants."

Then, Guling wore a hateful face and cursed men under her breath. She left with a snort.

She and Cecilia had a good friendship. Because of Shi Yan, Lena had confined Cecilia. And now, Shi Yan came from the Fantasy Zone with a strange lady and had even stated that she was his woman. Guling thought it was so unfair to Cecilia, so she didn't give him her good face.

"Wait a minute, I saw you with Cecilia last time. She didn't come here with her teacher Lena?" Shi Yan called her and asked.

"Why did you ask about Cecilia? You found happiness again. Why do you need to concern yourself w your old one? Men are so unfaithful!" Guling's eyes shifted between Ouyang Luo Shuang and Shi Yan, mocking.

"Is Cecilia here or not?" Shi Yan frowned.

"I don't know!" Guling snorted and turned away immediately, her face cold.

"It has been so many years and you're still loose. No matter where you are, you never lack beauties to accompany you. You can't change your stripes even if someone beats you to death." Ouyang Luo Shuang's cold and clear voice arose after Guling had left.

Her Soul Consciousness checked around and found no one near them. Thus, she didn't want to stay near Shi Yan anymore. She proactively distanced herself from him, her face cold but bright.

Shi Yan was standing by the door and looking at the ancient architecture of the palace. Hearing her voice, he turned around, his eyes scanning her body as he said, "So, are you one of the women on my side? Well, we hugged and kissed. You're one of them, anyway, eh?"

He snapped back because of Ouyang Luo Shuang's mocking attitude.

Ouyang Luo Shuang's jade-like face blushed as she gritted her teeth. "Bastard!"

"No matter what you say, some things can't be changed. Moreover, in this Fantasy Star, you have to admit that you're my woman," said Shi Yan with a shrug. "Wait until my teacher comes. We will make it clear. That little girl won't hate you anymore." Ouyang Luo Shuang took a deep breath and then resumed her normal countenance. She had trained her disposition better than anyone else.

"I'm very curious. Who's your teacher?" Shi Yan squinted.

The aura on Ouyang Luo Shuang's body was similar to the God Clan's expert's aura that he knew. He had been skeptical about this, but he didn't have any evidence. He was curious when Ouyang Luo Shuang mentioned her teacher. And now, she did it again, so Shi Yan took the chance to ask her.

"Who is he?" Ouyang Luo Shuang looked bewildered. She hesitated for a while and then said, "I don't know his profile. But his realm and cultivation base are profound. He got something to do on the Fantasy Star so he asked me to wait outside. While waiting for him, I was found and captured.."

Pausing for a while, Ouyang Luo Shuang's bright eyes became tender as he muttered,. "Still, I need to thank you. I didn't think that a cold person like you would rescue me."

Shi Yan rubbed his nose. "Er, I used to not want to save you. But I remembered you that year and I thought that if a guy like Xing Ming harassed you, even God wouldn't be able to stand it."

"Me that year?" Ouyang Luo Shuang sounded surprised.

Shi Yan nodded, his eyes strange when he recalled his memory. "That year, my realm was so low. When you broke the meteorite in Sky Meteor City and got out, you were like the Mood God who came to this world. You were so pure and beautiful. At that time, I thought that a woman like you should appear only in men's dreams. You shouldn't be real..."

That year, Shi Yan was like a small ant, while Ouyang Luo Shuang was like the Moon Goddess at the Sky Realm. There was a deep abyss between them that he could never cross.