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After many years of being away from each other, Ouyang Luo Shuang now had flawless, holy makings. It was because of her cultivating Moonlight power Upanishad for a long time.

Ouyang Luo Shuang used to be a cold and aloof woman. She was so distant to other people. However, after she got this pure, holy aura, she had become even more attractive.

Perhaps it was her exquisite appearance and flawless makings that got her captured. To many men, those features of her were like a poison that they couldn't resist.

To approach Shi Yan, Ban Yu had told him that Xing Ming had been a widower for many years. He was the sort of man who abandoned all kinds of restraint as he got the power from the Broken Hall. He often kidnapped beautiful women from different clans to enjoy. Recently, as his hope to break to the Immortal Realm was gone, his attention shifted to other things. He began to enjoy his life.

Ban Yu had guessed that Xing Ming had laid his eyes on Ouyang Luo Shuang and plotted against her so Xing Shan and Wei Yun could kidnap her.

Shi Yan nodded in agreement with him as he could still recognize Ouyang Luo Shuang's special makings even though she was chained.

After a while, Shi Yan pondered and then pointed at her white forehead. A beam of starlight radiated. Before the Primordial Spirit Lock could react, he had retreated his energy.

Shi Yan's eyes were strange when he frowned and thought quietly.

The holy, flawless aura from Ouyang Luo Shuang was somehow familiar to him. It felt like he knew someone else with the same aura...

He pulled himself together to search through his brain.

After a while, he became bewildered, his face astounded.

He understood it...

When he was on Desolate, he had entered the strange lake and visited the Incipient Extent of the God Clan's precursor where there were moons, suns, and stars with a holy aura that he had sometimes found on Haig when he used the Light power Upanishad.

Rubbing his chin and looking at Ouyang Luo Shuang, Shi Yan sank in his thoughts.

Tracing back to the origins of the Moon, Sun, and Star power of the Three God Sect, Shi Yan knew it was from the God Clan, which were the other derivatives of the Light power Upanishad.

Being the Moon God of the Three God Sect for many years, Ouyang Luo Shuang had cultivated the Moonlight power Upanishad. At the same time, she used to fuse with a cold, Yin Incipient Extent on Grace Mainland. After she had entered the universe, her realm had become more exquisite. She would have new good encounters and understanding of her powers.

As her power and realm had increased, her power Upanishad had the tendency to return to its original appearance.

Shi Yan guessed that the holy aura she got now appeared as her realm had reached a specific height. Her power Upanishad had slowly returned to its original status, which reflected the power of the Light Upanishad.

Of course, it was just his personal assumption. It could be possible that Ouyang Luo Shuang had different encounters that led to the change of her power Upanishad and helped her approach the essence of the Light power Upanishad.

"We're about to reach the Fantasy Star. After we get there, I'll find the Primordial Spirit Lock's key for you. Don't worry. I'll free you. I won't let them imprison you forever," said Shi Yan.

Ouyang Luo Shuang looked at him quietly. He could see the reluctance in her eyes as if she didn't want him to go to the Fantasy Star to get himself killed with her.


Ban Yu looked at the Fantasy Star that was getting clearer in his sight, his face stern.

The peripheral areas of the Fantasy Star had many fulgent white light rings. They were the energy rivers with terrifying barriers that the Fantasy Star used to prevent the battleships from approaching.

The Thousand Fantasy Sect seldom depended on material wealth. It was the principle that Ling Xiang had set up.

Although the Fantasy Star was the main planet of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, there weren't many battleships or war chariots patrolling around it. The Thousand Fantasy Sect favored the fantasy animals living in the Fantasy Zone. They used them as their traffic vehicles. The Fantasy Butterfly was a popular vehicle that was famous for its swift and agile characteristics.

Many Fantasy Butterflies were moving around those white light rings. Each Fantasy Butterfly was as big as a war chariot and carried the Thousand Fantasy Sect's warriors.

In the past, the transport ships had to wait by the light rings. The Thousand Fantasy Sect's warriors rode their fantasy animals to transport the materials they had bought from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

However, it was different today.

The warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect didn't hover by the area that they usually were near. As soon as they saw the merchant ships, they scattered and surrounded the ships.

"Sir, the Thousand Fantasy Sect is circling us. What should we do?" A warrior of Chamber of Commerce darkened his face, the flame of anger appearing in his eyes.

Ban Yu also snorted. He wasn't wary of the others because Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had the foundation and confidence to deal with the Thousand Fantasy Sect.

"Keep moving forward. Just let them circle us. Even if they have more guts, they won't dare to attack us!" He turned around to see as he knew that the Fantasy Butterflies of the Thousand Fantasy Sect had come for the mysterious young man in the cabin. He knew that because he saw Xing Shan and Wei Yun riding the butterflies too.

The warriors of Chamber of Commerce frowned and threw looks over their shoulders.

They knew why the Thousand Fantasy Sect came. They thought that no matter what kind of identity or echelon Shi Yan had, he should leave the ship quickly.

If he wanted to come to the Fantasy Star, he should leave the ship and enter the planet quietly from another location.

Because Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships had a fixed route and unloading location, it was going to be pretty simple for the others to find him. For example, if he wanted to leave now, it would be too difficult already.

"I'm Captain Feng Hao of the Fantasy Butterfly Troop of the Thousand Fantasy Sect. Friends from Chamber of Commerce, please stop your ships!" Hao Feng's voice arose loudly. He looked at Ban Yu in the distance and nodded to greet him.

Ban Yu frowned and snorted coldly. "We've not reached our destination yet. Keep moving forward!"

The warriors on the transport ships continued to move despite Hao Feng's request. Although the Fantasy Butterflies were hissing sharply, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's ships forcefully thrust through their circle and kept moving forward to the Fantasy Star. They stopped when they reached the white light ring.

This area was the place they usually anchored their ships.

Hao Feng had forced them to stop earlier because he didn't want them to stay close to the Fantasy Star. Otherwise, when they created big commotions, they could alert the experts on the Fantasy Star, which would affect Hao Feng's promise to Xing Ying.

Ban Yu didn't give him face.

Hao Feng wore a cold and sinister face, but he didn't dare to attack Ban Yu. He continued to shout and make his butterflies maneuver and surround the seven ships of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce once again. Then, he flew out of his butterfly and landed skillfully on Ban Yu's merchant ship. His line of sight fell directly on the closed cabin.

At the same time, Xing Ying had brought Xing Shan and Wei Yun with about ten Ethereal God Realm warriors of the Broken Hall to Ban Yu's ship.

"I heard that you've violated the agreement. You brought a stranger on your ship to the Fantasy Star. Do you know what the consequences are?" Hao Feng sneered.

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's credit is what people have talked about the most in this vast universe. It's the reason why people trust you. You've proactively torn our agreement. I wonder how you will explain to the others?" Xing Ying's phoenix eyes had a sinister light, her face caustic and mean. She had a cold and malicious aura of a serpent living in a dark and humid cave.

Ban Yu was discontent with Shi Yan, but he also hated Hao Feng and Xing Ying. He snorted and then said, "Our Cold Iron City's Manager has ordered this. I can't handle this situation. If you have doubts, go talk to your superior to talk to our City Manager. I'm doing my job to bring him here."

He didn't want to give them face.

"It seems that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce has become arrogant. You think you can force people to buy your products. I'm going to tell my dad. Let's see how your Manager explains," Xing Ying's eyes were dark.

"Well, as you wish," Ban Yu shrugged. He didn't even want to see her. He turned to the closed cabin, pondered, and then said, "As per our City Manager's request, I only bring you to this area. We're not going to get involved in your business later."

As he said that, Hao Feng, Xing Ying, Xing Shan, and Wei Yun were surprised a lot.

As they saw that Ban Yu was being bold, they thought that Ban Yu wanted to protect Shi Yan. Anyway, Ban Yu was part of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's staff. If he wanted to protect Shi Yan and it was what the superiors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce wanted to do, it was going to be a big headache for them.

They didn't expect that after being bold, Ban Yu would deny his relationship with Shi Yan. This sudden change had surprised them a lot. They felt that it inexplicable as they couldn't figure out what kind of relationship was between Ban Yu and Shi Yan.

"Hey friend, you still want to hide? It's time to meet up, isn't it?" Hao Feng was bewildered for a moment and then he reacted.

Hao Feng could tell that if Ban Yu had proactively erased their relationship, this young man had no relationship to the Chamber of Commerce.

Without Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's trouble, the area surrounding the Fantasy Star was Hao Feng's territory. What kind of game could Shi Yan play here?

He could rub or pinch the other as much as he pleased then!

Hao Feng became excited discreetly. He wanted to capture Shi Yan to interrogate him and hand him over to Xing Ying. After that, he could have another chance to enjoy Xing Ying's wild and passionate taste.

Thinking about the marvelous romance awaiting him, Hao Feng's desire appeared in his eyes. He couldn't wait for more.

"Well, so you guys are the ones that the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple have sent here to welcome me?" Shi Yan's cold and bold voice came from the closed room.

Then, the door opened. Shi Yan's brawny body like an imposing mountain appeared on the stone bed in the room.

Xing Ying's and Hao Feng's eyes brightened.

Xing Ying looked at Shi Yan while Hao Feng eyed Ouyang Luo Shuang. Their eyes sparkled with magical light as they were so amazed.

In Xing Ying's eyes, Shi Yan with his hunky body, cold and tyrannical bearings was the best of the best of men. He looked way manlier than any young and handsome man she used to sleep with. Her heart suddenly felt itchy and she couldn't hold it down.

At the same time, Ouyang Luo Shuang without her veil and with her exquisite face, her holy, flawless aura had attracted Hao Feng deeply.

This pair of adulterers had eyed Shi Yan and Ouyang Luo Shuang right after the door opened and they couldn't get their eyes off the other two. They had almost forgotten the reason why they came here.

While they were still baffled, Shi Yan strode out of the room and said coldly, "Even if Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine didn't come to welcome me personally, they should let Gulian, Xing Ming, or Lena come here. Well, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple don't have the right manners. They let some juniors come to welcome me. I want to hear Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine's explanation then!"