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As Xing Shan and Wei Yun were in the Fantasy Zone, this miraculous place had projected dozens of illusions from their real bodies. However, they were just illusions without the ability to attack.

However, something strange happened.

Dozens of their illusions suddenly became lively as if they had lives. Their vitality and power surged, breaking the mirrors to storm toward the real bodies and attack them.

Xing Shan cultivated Lightning and Thunder power Upanishad, and Wei Yun cultivated a rare Cloud power Upanishad. Xing Shan's soul moved and his Incipient Extent arose with exploding lightning strikes. The commotions inside his Incipient Extent were earth-shaking.

Several thousand lightning bolts as big as massive snakes in Xing Shan's Incipient Extent became real after he had poured his God power in them. They then congregated into a massive lightning river. Thunder reverberated and lightning flashed, sending dazzling sparks with destructive power.

The lightning river had covered Xing Shan's illusions before they could reach him.

Wei Yun made one hand seal. As soon as the hand seal appeared, dozens of thousands of the five-colored clouds including orange-red, black, blue, gray, and white appeared. These bright clouds were like big balloons hovering around him. Each of the clouds had Wei Yun's power and his life seal.

Dozens of Wei Yun's illusions were confined by his clusters of clouds as if those clouds were really sticky.

Xing Shan and Wei Yun were at Incipient God Realm with profound cultivation bases. When they saw the illusions change, they thought that the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect had attacked them. They immediately released the Incipient Extent to use the marvelous abilities of their power Upanishads to resist. They were afraid that they would fall into a disadvantaged situation.

However, they had overestimated those illusions. Although they had urged the power of their Incipient Extent with special abilities, they eventually found that those illusions were... actually illusions!

The lightning river and the brilliant clouds had smashed the illusions directly and left nothing.

Looking at the layered space out there, the illusions of their reflections appeared again, which weren't different from the previous ones.

They felt defeated as if they had just used all of their power to hit the void.

The long lightning river and the five-colored clusters of cloud were so intimidating above their heads. However, the two experts looked stiff and they stood there bewilderedly.

Ban Yu looked at Shi Yan and felt panicked.

The warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce around also looked at Shi Yan and laughed discreetly.

They knew that Shi Yan was tricking the others because they had seen Shi Yan's awesome deed previously.

"Cough! Cough!"

Ban Yu gave a slight cough, frowning and his gaze raking through his staff.

Wei Yun and Xing Shan were baffled. They glanced at Shi Yan and found something.

——There was no illusion of Shi Yan in that layered space.

They immediately knew that Shi Yan had a special understanding of this Fantasy Zone and was able to use it to affect the illusions here. Eventually, Xing Shan and Wei Yun knew that those illusions looked intimidating but they didn't have a bit of power. Shi Yan had teased them.

Xing Shan and Wei Yun were enraged. They could see that Shi Yan was purposely teasing them.

Too humiliating!

Inside the room behind Shi Yan, Ouyang Luo Shuang was surprised. Her white-jade face was sparkling, her heart discreetly shocked.

It'd been so many years since she saw Shi Yan. This time, it was just by chance. When she met Shi Yan, she found hope. However, when she found that Shi Yan had only Incipient God Realm, she had dismissed this hope. She knew that she couldn't get rid of it easily.

Thus, when she looked at Shi Yan, she didn't have any begging thoughts reflected in her eyes.

——She didn't want Shi Yan to rescue her.

It was because she thought that Shi Yan wasn't an equal match to Wei Yun and Xing Shan. If he tried to help her, he would be in big trouble. She didn't want him to get involved.

However, after that, Shi Yan was haughty enough to call Caesar's name. He even said that he would talk to Caesar about this and that even Caesar wasn't qualified to teach him. It had astounded Ouyang Luo Shuang a lot.

Just like Ban Yu, she thought that Shi Yan just talked nonsense. She knew how strong the Broken Hall was. She knew that the number of people who dared to offend the Broken Hall could be counted with the fingers of one hand.

She also thought that Shi Yan was just stupidly arrogant.

Right after that, Shi Yan had used the abilities of his Space power Upanishad to tease Xing Shan and Wei Yun. The others had tried their best power to attack nothing, which made her feel both funny and panicked. She was afraid that Shi Yan couldn't bear the flame of rage from the other two. She became restlessly anxious.

And now, her worry became true. Xing Shan and Wei Yun had aimed their attacks at Shi Yan.

The river with lightning bolts and five-colored clusters of clouds fell from the sky under Xing Shan's and Wei Yun's control. They had thundering momentum that pressed down.

It was over...

Ouyang Luo Shuang couldn't help but close her eyes and sigh. She felt a little shame as Shi Yan was in trouble because of her.


She heard Ban Yu screaming in fear. She was surprised, her eyes wide open. A beautiful light bloomed in her pretty eyes.

The long lightning river and countless clusters of clouds pressing down had disappeared strangely as if they had disappeared into thin air altogether.

Shi Yan disappeared with them too.

Just like her, Xing Shan, Wei Yun, Ban Yu, and Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors were astounded. They felt bewildered while they scanned around to find something instinctively.

Ouyang Luo Shuang wanted to know what had just happened.

"Why is that?" Ban Yu muttered.

He could see clearly that at the glimpse the lightning river and the brilliant clouds descended, Shi Yan, their target, suddenly grinned as his hands pulled something.

Just pulling once and something happened miraculously as if he had changed the Nature's rules. He could even condense or tear the void as he pleased?

Ban Yu didn't understand Space power Upanishad or what was mysterious about Shi Yan's pulling gesture, but he knew that Xing Shan's and Wei Yun's terrifying attacks had disappeared with that pull. It was like an invisible space had swallowed them directly and sealed them in an unknown space.

And Shi Yan had disappeared altogether.


All of a sudden, a warrior of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce screamed, his shaking finger pointing in a direction.

Everybody looked in that direction.

It was an area in the layered space where there were seven transport ships that held Ban Yu, Xing Shan, Wei Yun, and everyone here!

Besides them, there was one more person and two more wonders.

Shi Yan was there standing on the ship as if he had never moved. The lightning river and countless five-colored clusters of clouds halted above his head as if he had paused them all.

In that area, they remained their same postures and were staying put. Only Shi Yan was grinning and walking towards them.

Freaking weird!

Everybody felt the hair rise on their napes. They were aghast as if they were encountering ghosts. They felt so insecure.

Even Ban Yu, Xing Shan, and Wei Yun weren't exceptions. Although they had the Incipient God Realm cultivation base, they didn't know what was going on here or how to cope with it.

In their eyes, Shi Yan could confine the space, weave through layers of space, distort it, or make it disappear. He seemed to be able to do anything. In this Fantasy Zone, Shi Yan was terrifyingly mysterious. They felt that it would be tough to counter him.

Xing Shan and Wei Yun were baffled for seconds. Their faces darkened and then they looked at Ouyang Luo Shuang in the cabin.

They knew clearly that they were really here and the space that had Shi Yan over there was just the reflection of their space. As long as they could still confine Ouyang Luo Shuang in the real world and deliver her to the Fantasy Star, their mission was complete.

They would choose to forget this section of fighting Shi Yan in this Fantasy Zone. They would never mention it with anyone else.

"I told you. I will explain this to Caesar!"

However, Shi Yan's cold voice came from every direction as if there were dozens of Shi Yan shouting at the same time. Ban Yu's and Xing Shan's eardrums were grumblingly shaken as if they heard sudden thunderclaps.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just like a broken mirror, many layers of space that normal people couldn't see shattered grumblingly. Billions of pieces of broken space shot out like flying sabers.

In that glimpse of time, the Fantasy Zone seemed to become a meat grinder that could crush everything including the bodies and the souls

Ban Yu discolored in fright and shouted ear-splittingly, "Don't! Our Tsunami Chamber of Commerce isn't involved in this!"

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's warriors were frightened. They tried to ride their war chariots to dodge those shooting pieces. They were scared that those fatal things would destroy their souls.

Xing Shan and Wei Yun were the experts at Incipient God Realm so they knew that the pieces of the shattered space were the sharpest things in this world. Seeing billions of fragments attacking, they exchanged looks and turned into a lightning bolt and a cluster of cloud running away in an unknown direction.

They didn't care about Ouyang Luo Shuang, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, or anyone else. They just wanted to save their lives.

Ban Yu and the warriors of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce looked desperate when the billions of space fragments shot towards them. They regretted that they brought Shi Yan, an unknown warrior, to the Fantasy Zone on their ship.

They understood that Shi Yan was an expert who had a profound cultivation base in Space power Upanishad. This sort of warrior in the vast sea of stars were the most dangerous existences that people had to be cautious of when dealing with them. If those pieces of shattered space headed towards the Fantasy Star, they could even crush the entire planet.

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce also had the staff cultivate Space power Upanishad so they knew how formidable it was when they used their ultimate power.

They knew that the top warriors who cultivated Space power Upanishad didn't need to spend a lot of efforts to destroy a whole life star. With only a thought, the entire world could vanish. It depended on their moods, though.

When the countless space fragments were shooting toward them, Ban Yu's group closed their eyes and waited for their deaths. They sighed that they weren't lucky this time. They couldn't even have the thought of protesting.

Two seconds... Three seconds...

The great massacre that should have happened didn't happen. Ban Yu opened his eyes, his stiff body shivering.

By his side, Shi Yan was standing quietly at his spot as if he had never moved an inch.

The billions of shattered space pieces that were swarming toward them had disappeared into thin air. Somehow, it was just their hallucination that they had imagined out of nothingness.

Ban Yu was bewildered for a while. Then, he clasped his hand and tried to force a smile. "Buddy, don't tease us. I'm not young anymore. I can't handle it. Please, in the coming part of our journey, please make it smooth. Don't scare us more, okay?"

"Well, let's see about how I feel," Shi Yan smiled frankly.