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1275 Fantasy Zone

Seven rhombus transport warships were heading to Thousand Fantasy Star Area at a fast speed, flying directly to the Fantasy Star.

They were the transport ships of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce with their private symbol. The seven battleships carried many individuals part of the staff of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce with the leader at First Sky of Incipient God Realm.

Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was the biggest trading corporation in this vast sea of stars. They had branches in many star areas and they transported materials to big forces everywhere.

Thousand Fantasy Sect and Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had a long-term partnership. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's transport battleships often visited Thousand Fantasy Sect to deliver rare cultivating materials.

These seven battleships were flying towards Fantasy Star. The commander of those ships was the only one at Incipient God Realm. He was called Ban Yu and he cultivated Fire power. He was also a notorious, experienced blacksmith.

Ban Yu was in charge of transporting cultivating materials to Fantasy Star this time. He guarded the most important ship which carried three Original Incipient Grade materials and dozens of Divine Grade herbs that the Thousand Fantasy Sect had ordered.

He didn't worry that something unexpected would happen in this trip. One reason was because of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's fame in this universe. The other reason was because they were in the territory of Thousand Fantasy Star Area now. It was the territory of Thousand Fantasy Sect. As they were transporting materials that Thousand Fantasy Sect had ordered, he didn't need to worry about unexpected events.

Ban Yu watched the area ahead, frowning and contemplating.

The area in front of them was the important area outside Fantasy Star, which was called Fantasy Zone or the "Star Sea Mirage." It was a strange zone that created optical illusions of everything that got into the area and all of them were so real that people couldn't differentiate between them.

The headquarters of the Thousand Fantasy Sect was right there. As it was famous, the Fantasy Star had spectacular features.

Because the Fantasy Star could create countless illusions in every area of the Fantasy Zone, without Thousand Fantasy Sect's permission, the battleships of other forces could never find the real Fantasy Star.

In legends, a strong enemy used to attack the Thousand Fantasy Sect. The opponent force had directly stormed into the Fantasy Zone, but hundreds of their battleships couldn't navigate their locations or locate the Fantasy Star. Also, they were hypnotized by their own battleship illusions, so they turned to attack each other as if they were possessed. Eventually, they were all killed in the Fantasy Zone.

The Fantasy Star and the Fantasy Zone became famous after that event.

Seeing that the Fantasy Zone was getting nearer ahead, Ban Yu put up his guard and unconsciously checked a closed cabin behind him.

Suddenly, the door of that room sprang open. A stern, young man walked out. Seeing the peripheral area of the Fantasy Zone, his eyes sparkled with faint starlight.

Ban Yu frowned and looked at the young man, his face grave and heavy.

Usually, the Thousand Fantasy Sect wouldn't allow the strangers come to the Fantasy Star. According to the contract between Tsunami Chamber of Commerce and the Thousand Fantasy Sect, they weren't allowed to bring unidentified people to the area around the Fantasy Star. They couldn't come to the Fantasy Star directly; they had to stop by the area and wait for the warriors of the Thousand Fantasy Sect to come and take the materials.

It was to protect the mysteries of Fantasy Star and it was also the contract that had been effective for so many years between the Thousand Fantasy Sect and Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

However, Tsunami Chamber of Commerce this time had unilaterally violated the contract. Ban Yu found it very obscure.

The Manager of Cold Iron City of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had asked Ban Yu to take that young man with him on this trip. The Manager of Cold Iron City had a close relationship with the Thousand Fantasy Sect and he was Ban Yu's superior. Thus, even though Ban Yu knew it was against their principles, he had to agree with the other.

That young man had embarked in the middle of the way. Ban Yu thought he was so mysterious because he didn't know his realm or identity.

He guessed that the young man wanted to go to the Fantasy Star so he took a ride on their battleship because he was afraid that the Thousand Fantasy Sect would spot him before he could reach the place. He didn't know the relationship between that young man and the Manager of Cold Iron City, neither the reason why he wanted to go to the Fantasy Star. Anyway, he had to be cautious as he was afraid that it would bring trouble to Tsunami Chamber of Commerce.

Thus, along the way, Ban Yu had always paid attention to that young man and tried to pry on his purpose.

"Hey buddy, you want to go to the Fantasy Star, right?" Ban Yu pondered and then smiled at Shi Yan, pointing at the area ahead of them. "Look, it's the Fantasy Zone. Once we enter that area, we will see so many illusions of our battleships. It's awesome. You can see it soon. It's really interesting."

"Yeah, I want to visit the Fantasy Star," replied the young man faintly.

That young man was Shi Yan. He had talked to Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick in the blood sea, the Holyland of the Bloodthirsty Force. Although he hadn't earned respect from the three great chiefs, he had got that glorious Master's throne.

He understood clearly that his current realm wasn't enough to convince the three experts at the Second and Third Sky of Immortal Realm.

He needed to prove himself. He needed to increase his realm and accumulate more powers. When he could be stronger and surpass Ming Hao's group, he could gain their support.

Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick had arranged for Shi Yan to go to the Fantasy Star of the Thousand Fantasy Sect to find Ling Xiang, Caesar, and Lorraine to discuss the alliance. Also, he should ask to take back the Bloodthirsty's remains.

According to Ming Hao's information, Caesar and Lorraine were in the Fantasy Star, which hid deep inside the Fantasy Zone. Although the Thousand Fantasy Sect had the teleport formations, they had only used them for their members only.

Thus, he couldn't use the Teleport Formation to get to the Fantasy Star.

Ming Hao had contacted the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to let Shi Yan take a ride on their transport battleship to the Fantasy Star. He would meet Ling Xiang there. Shi Yan didn't have any objection to this.

"Our business trips can only anchor by the Fantasy Star. We're not allowed to enter the planet. At that time, the Thousand Fantasy Sect's staff will come to take the materials. I can't send you to the Fantasy Star directly," Ban Yu shrugged begrudgingly, indicating that it was all he could do.

Shi Yan grinned, but his eyes were serious. "It's okay. I can get inside anyway."

He'd cultivated Space power Upanishad. If he couldn't get into the planet when he was at its peripheral area, did that mean that he cultivate Space power Upanishad in vain?

Actually, if he left now, he could still get to the Fantasy Star, but he would encounter some trouble, though.

The Fantasy Zone had layers of illusions to the ordinary warriors. The mirage type of illusions was troublesome. If they couldn't find the real object, their mind and energy would be drained until death.

However, to Shi Yan, the Fantasy Zone wasn't a real problem as he thought that it was just an area with layers of spaces placed upon each other.

However, because of the different spaces being placed in the same area, illusions appeared. As he could decode the mysteries of space, it was easy for him to distinguish the illusions and the real objects.

He didn't want to get into the place directly. He wanted to stay on the battleship of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce because he wanted to take this opportunity to observe the marvel of the Fantasy Zone. He could study the mysteries of the layers of spaces that would benefit his Space power Upanishad.

"Buddy, are you confident?" Ban Yu was frightened, his eyes surprised. He became more cautious.

Shi Yan looked at the Fantasy Zone, which was getting closer to them and answered nothing. His soul altar began to spin. His magical Soul Consciousness flew out and moved around the Fantasy Zone to observe the features of the layered space.

Ban Yu snorted when Shi Yan didn't answer him. He wasn't trying to be polite anymore and he said in a cold voice. "Then I wish you a safe and smooth journey."

Shortly after, the seven battleships entered the Fantasy Zone. As soon as they entered the Fantasy Zone, the seven ships started to change. Countless identical ships appeared around the seven ships of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce. Each group had seven ships just like the formation that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had and moved in different directions.

A few warriors who had come to the Fantasy Zone for the first time were screaming in awe. They appraised the marvelous scene that they were witnessing.

They saw many warriors on the illusional ships who were observing the marvel and cheering like them. Those warriors looked exactly like them with the same soul energy fluctuation.

It was like they were watching themselves in a mirror. However, their reflections in the mirror seemed to have their own lives.

It was a wonderful experience, indeed.

Ban Yu was surprised. He couldn't help but look at Shi Yan, waiting to see if he would become excited and behold the scene or not.

Unfortunately, he didn't see any gleam of surprise on Shi Yan's face. He found that Shi Yan was so calm as if he had seen the same things countless times and was numb now.

He didn't know that Shi Yan was using his special Soul Consciousness, which was like an electrical spear, to sense in different spaces of the Fantasy Zone. His soul altar was spinning fast and releasing space energy.

The layered space seemed to shrink and be projected in his head. It had become a bright mirror that spun in his head and reflected a lot of images that were so real to him.

The persons in the mirror were moving in different dimensions like they were actually living and bringing Shi Yan the new conception...

He closed his eyes.

The pure flows of Soul Consciousness flew out of his soul altar and reached different spaces to visit each illusion that Shi Yan had in his brain.

When his Soul Consciousness entered those illusions, he suddenly had a feeling that those illusions revived and turned into one of his clones that connected to him mentally.

It felt like they were him. Those illusions in the layered space had turned into Shi Yan himself when his Soul Consciousness reached them.

Shi Yan had become dozens of people living in different dimensions with different thoughts. He observed them and became skeptical to see who was real and who was just an illusion.

"Real or unreal, nothing is eternal. As long as your realm is profound, you can change real to unreal and vice versa! A clone can be real too!"

He got a shock as he opened his eyes to watch dozens of his illusions around him. He got some streak of enjoying the marvel on his face.

Ban Yu still paid attention to him. At this moment, he changed his visage as he couldn't believe in his eyes.

He found that when Shi Yan opened his eyes, Shi Yan's illusions began to look different from him. Dozens of Shi Yan had different expressions. Some were smiling, dancing, or even closing his eyes. They had different activities and expressions.

Shi Yan's illusions seemed to have lives that they had turned from illusions to the real persons.

Dozens of illusions revived and became the real Shi Yan. Although they had different activities and facial expressions, they had the same aura and soul energy fluctuations.

Ban Yu was bewildered, his face skeptical as he didn't know what was going on there.

He had come to the Fantasy Zone many times, but he had never seen anything like this. He was suddenly insecure. Looking at Shi Yan, a fear rose in his heart and the hair on his nape rose.