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1273 An Earth-shaking Conjecture

"Why have I never had that feeling?" Frederick rubbed his head.

"It's the key!" hissed Ming Hao. "Why do only the descendants of the God Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan feel this aura from Master? Don't you think it's weird? In our realm, we can easily come to this point. Only when Master had the blood of our races can he make us feel close and attached to him!"

Xuan He, Frederick, and Shi Yan were shocked and they were gawking.

"You're right. Our Master has the combined blood of the precursors from the God Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan!

"That's why we didn't need to spend a lot of effort to cultivate the power Upanishads he had imparted to us. Initially, he had chosen the members of the Four Great Creatures because he knew about the advantages of our races. He knew that only the descendants of the four races could maximize the power of his power Upanishads!"

Ming Hao paused for a moment and then stressed each word. "It's because our Master was the combined product of the bloodlines of the precursors from the Four Great Creatures that had come to Desolate one hundred thousand years ago!"

Shi Yan, Xuan He, and Frederick were dumbstruck. Strong waves raised high in their minds.

It was unimaginable that Bloodthirsty was the fusion of the bloodlines of the Four Great Creatures. As he had the advantages of the four great races, he was really supernatural.

Xuan He and Frederick kept silent for a long time as they were trying to digest the earth-shaking conjecture that Ming Hao had just provided them. For the time being, they thought that their brains couldn't function well.

After a while, Xuan He took a deep breath to calm down his surging mind. "Isn't it a little subjective to come to such a conclusion with only our close feelings to Master?"

Actually, he had believed half of it because he understood Ming Hao well. If Ming Hao wasn't a hundred percent sure, he would never say or confirm anything.

Recently, he had discreetly studied the riddle of Bloodthirsty's identity. He had the same idea, but the evidence he had wasn't enough. Today, listening to Ming Hao, he had cleared the clouds in his head.

"To find the evidence for this, I went to see Holy Beast Azure Dragon of the Heavenly Monster Tribe myself. He's the oldest warrior alive. He and Holy Beast White Tiger were born in Grace Mainland at the same time.

"Azure Dragon has lived for one hundred thousand years. When I told him my conjecture. Azure Dragon told me that he used to meet Master and he could feel the special aura of White Tiger from Master. As he was born at the same time as White Tiger and they are both the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe, he should be much familiar with his aura. When he told me that, I was so certain about this.

"Anyway, you know how I work. I'm still finding a way to prove it. Recently, Azure Dragon contacted me and asked me to meet one person. Shi Yan knows this person well."

Ming Hao turned to Shi Yan.

"Who?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"He's called Ghost Hunter," said Ming Hao.

Shi Yan was a little amazed. "What happened?"

"Ghost Hunter is the son of Heavenly Ghost and Hunter Dragon. The Heavenly Ghost is the special Dark beast of our Imperial Dark Tribe. Not many people know about it. Actually, it has the bloodline of the Imperial Dark Tribe.

"And why is that? It's the secret of the Imperial Dark Tribe so I can't tell you guys. However, I can tell you that the blood in the Heavenly Ghost's body isn't very different from the members of the Imperial Dark Tribe. Hunter Dragon is the beast living in the Monster Area with the bloodline of Heavenly Monster Tribe. I heard that Azure Dragon said that Hunter Dragon used to eat some Immortal Demon warriors to get their blood.

"Heavenly Ghost and Hunter Dragon gave birth to Ghost Hunter, which is a creature with the bloodline of the Imperial Dark Tribe, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan. He's a miracle as he could survive. But then, if we have this miracle of the three bloodlines, it's possible to have someone with the four bloodlines of the Four Great Creatures like our Master.

"Azure Dragon contacted me and brought me to meet Ghost Hunter. We had taken one drop of his blood. Azure Dragon said that it was almost perfect blood. He told me that our Master's blood is the perfect blood that has combined the blood of our ancestors. Ghost Hunter's blood is just a line apart from perfect.

"And now, look at this drop of blood. Let's see if it's quite similar to our Master's blood."

Ming Hao finished at the area where his altar used to appear a drop of blood.

This drop of blood was extremely peculiar. It was like a clear, green crystal. Blood should be in liquid form, but this drop of blood was both in liquid and solid forms at the same time. It shifted between the two forms continuously. It was so strange that it had puzzled people.

Xuan He and Frederick were shocked to see that drop of blood. They kept quiet.

Shi Yan didn't need to contemplate to find the truth. Bloodthirsty's blood was very similar to Ghost Hunter's!

Ming Hao had a marvelous capacity. He knew that the Ring Spirit wasn't the original one and he had solved the riddle of Bloodthirsty's identity. He had investigated and found that he was the combination of the bloodlines of the Four Great Creatures' ancestors. This man was worth his leading position in the Cortege of Eight. Compared to him, Xuan He and Frederick weren't really better.

"Do you believe me now?" said Ming Hao, his voice vague.

Xuan He and Frederick nodded.

"But the truth isn't that simple. Master's body was the combination of the blood of the precursors from the four races. Have you ever thought about his soul? Where did it come from?" Ming Hao asked again.

Shi Yan, Xuan He, and Frederick were bewildered again as they shook their heads.

"I don't know, either," Ming Hao also shook his head. "I've spent ten thousand years to solve the riddle of Master's bloodline. I couldn't figure out the origin of his soul and the forbidden energy he had mastered."

Every word Ming Hao had spoken had put Xuan He, Frederick, and Shi Yan deep into thought. When he talked about Bloodthirsty's soul, the other three frowned and felt like they were walking in the thick mist that they couldn't get through.

Shi Yan, Xuan He, and Frederick were standing on the sealed Dark Island to listen to Ming Hao conclude his investigation after ten thousand years of studying and exploring. They knew more about the Ring Spirit and Bloodthirsty and now, they had a new perception when they looked at Ming Hao.

While they were talking, the warriors from the eight forces had gathered by the Dark Island and waited silently for their orders to carry out the next steps.

Ming Hao lifted his head, talking. "They're done."

Xuan He and Frederick sensed and then nodded. They also got the result.

"Benton and Yang Tian Emperor are the new Chiefs of Corrosion and Despair Forces. In addition to you two, he got the four Chiefs to support him be the new Master," Ming Hao looked at Shi Yan, but his eyes didn't look dark and cold anymore. "The Chiefs of the Destruction and Chaos follow me. In addition to Randolph, I have half of the Chiefs to vote. We know that unless he gets the support from five Chiefs, he can't enthrone, right?"

Frederick was bewildered for a while and then said, "The sinister soul that had tried tricking us is confined in the ring now. You know Shi Yan wasn't possessed. He's the only one with Master's power Upanishad. Everything is clear now. Why do you still want to stop him?"

Xuan He's face got cold once again.

"Well, he has only First Sky of Incipient God Realm. He's not qualified to order me around. I don't object to him being the new Chief. However, unless he defeats me one day, I will never call him master," Ming Hao pouted his lips.

"Nah, it's good that you don't object. He's enthroning now just to get the flag of reunion for our Eight Forces. Of course, we won't give him all the authorities," Xuan He nodded and smiled evilly. "Shi Yan, when you reach the Immortal Realm and defeat me, I will call you my Master sincerely. In our place, we talk with the fist. It's the rule that Master had set up when he founded this force. It will never change even if a thousand or billion years pass."

Frederick laughed and patted Shi Yan's shoulders, talking frankly. "Kid, put more efforts and be enthusiastic. As long as you can defeat us, you can do whatever you want. It has not three hundred years and you reached your current realm. Well, with this progress, I think it won't be long until you can kick our asses. If you're restless, put more effort then. Haha, we're more than ten thousand years old now. Don't make us wait for a long time."

"The God Lord has awakened. The Four Great Heavenly Kings are summoned to protect him. I think he's recovering his power currently. I got the intelligence that the God Clan has mobilized the slaves in the God Perishing Land back to Ancient God Continent. I think the God Lord wants to use those slaves to forcefully boost his power," said Ming Hao.

"Hmm, this war isn't really positive for us," Xuan He frowned.

"Xuan He, I wonder if what I told you today has untied the knot in your heart after ten thousand years or not? If yes, you should go to Imperial Dark Tribe to talk to Adele and admit your mistakes. Maybe the Imperial Dark Tribe aren't going to stay neutral anymore. They may go with us," suggested Ming Hao.

Xuan He snorted and didn't answer him.

"That year, the Immortal Demon Clan was closest to us. Currently, the members of this clan have scattered around the sea of stars. Still, they have a close connection with you, Xuan He. Although they don't cultivate the eight great power Upanishads, they have strong competencies. In the past ten thousand years, they are always the enemy of the God Clan. You can deal with them, Xuan He," Ming Hao continued.

He turned to Shi Yan. "Because you've fused with Grace Mainland's Origin and the Genesis Fruit, Heavenly Monster Tribe has no choice. They have to fight with us shoulder by shoulder. If Xuan He can persuade my sister, three out of four great races will support us. This war will be easier for us.

"You should use the identity as the Master of the Bloodthirsty Force to meet the current masters of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple. If you can persuade them, we will gain the upper hand in this war."

After Shi Yan had thrown the Blood Vein Ring to Ming Hao, his passive situation had overturned like a miracle. Ming Hao, the toughest challenge, didn't want to trouble him any more.

Right at the beginning, Ming Hao hadn't aimed at Shi Yan but that ring.

"I've sealed the Ring Spirit. This ring represents your Master identity. You should wear it. But you have to be careful. No matter what, don't break the seal or drop it. The memories it has holds a lot of secrets that we don't know. I can't kill it because I don't want to lose those secrets of the forbidden land and our Master. I will think about how to deal with it. Before I can do that, you should protect it well," Ming Hao advised Shi Yan carefully.