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According to Ming Hao, Xuan He had successfully stolen the Origin of the God Clan's ancestral star to summon a soul from another universe. However, something had happened. That alien soul had swallowed the Ring Spirit's memory and killed Xuan Shan.

When people looked at the Blood Vein Ring now, they were cold and harsh.

Xuan He's face became less tense. He frowned and said nothing.

Ming Hao's eyes raked around. The shadow in his eyes surged soul energy. A voice arose in the Sea of Consciousness of many warriors. "Unauthorized warriors should leave this place at once."

Leona's restraint was lifted. She bowed to Shi Yan to show her gratitude and then looked at Thor.

Shi Yan knew what Ming Hao was about to say was very important. He nodded and then sent a beam of his Star energy to rise Thor up and move him to Leona.

Leona brought Thor away immediately.

At the same time, Randolph left as Ming Hao had ordered him. Before he left, he quietly glanced at Shi Yan as if he was curious about him.

Shi Yan didn't move.

The warriors of the eight forces around them had quickly left the area. Ming Hao blinked and sent a wisp of a soul to the sealed island underneath. The membrane opened a small corner for him. He directly plunged onto the island.

Xuan He, Frederick, and Shi Yan also landed. Then, the membrane closed again, sealing the island and separating the four from the world outside.

"Let me seal it."

The white bones next to him rattled strangely like wind raking through the forest.

Shi Yan, Xuan He, and Frederick kept silent and looked at him.

Shortly after, the departed souls slowly emerged from the endless void, getting through the dark membrane and entering Ming Hao's head.

Shi Yan discolored in fright. He was shocked and fearful.

Those souls seemed to be wisps of Ming Hao's soul. They had the same life magnetic field and energy fluctuations of his power Upanishad. They were somehow similar to the blood river that Xuan He had created. There were billions of wisps like that.

Those souls were cold and had consciousness. Slowly, they had massively filled the sky of the Dark Island.

Each of the departed soul was one Ming Hao with Soul Control power Upanishad. Billions of souls had come towering below the entire sky. The soul energy fluctuated massively as if they were in the Nine Serenity Hell. They made this island a secret place that collected creatures' souls.

Those souls gathered, condensed, and created a sacrificial altar.

Quite the contrary, the body that Ming Hao had possed was now very feeble. At this moment, it was just a speaker that transmitted Ming Hao's voice.

The sacrificial altar built of billions of souls was quickly formed. Ming Hao's pure and immense soul energy overflowed from his altar like an ocean.

His altar seemed to return to the final destination of the soul in the vast sea of stars. It had an attractive magical power to the souls.

This altar of his was a little vague just like his face that no one could see.

Suddenly, countless marvelous symbols created by the souls flew out of Ming Hao's alter. Those symbols were like wisps of a soul arranged into different and complicated formations. They contained the utmost truth of the power Upanishad. Watching them, Shi Yan felt like he was in the fountainhead of the powers Upanishads.

The marvelous heavenly formations with Ming Hao's aura had supernatural power as if they were Ming Hao's pure consciousness.

Those formations fell on the Blood Vein Ring like so many beautiful and exquisite nets covering the ring.

With a closer look, the others then saw the blood lines on the surface of the Blood Vein Ring wiggle and create a savage, small face. That face was the Ring Spirit.

As it felt Ming Hao's seal coming, it tried to struggle to get rid of the Blood Vein Ring to fight against Ming Hao once.

That small, ferocious face was made of blood lines, which was so peculiar and sinister. At first glance, Shi Yan was a little shaken. He could even feel the hair on the nape of his head rising.

That face was like an extreme, evil creature that wanted to swallow and destroy the whole world.

Ming Hao's soul altar rose and sent out magical energy waves. The layers of marvelous formations descended and locked the Blood Vein Ring. The small face was still wiggling, but it was so hopeless.

The sealing work lasted for one hour. It was about to finish. Ming Hao had created dozens of thousands sealing formations and attached them on the Blood Vein Ring's surface to bind the Ring Spirit.

The feeble connection between Shi Yan and the Ring Spirit was cut off. He couldn't sense the Ring Spirit's aura anymore.

After Ming Hao had created dozens of thousands of sealing formations, his altar had shrunk. Suddenly, his altar divided into many wisps of dark smoke and vanished just like the black clouds that were blown away by a tornado. These soul flows then returned to different star areas to continue their control to the forces in different forces.

The warrior Ming Hao had possessed suddenly revived. The shadow came back to his eyes.

Ming Hao hadn't left.

"We don't know where the soul that Xuan Shan had guided here comes from. It caused Xuan Shan's death and then nurtured Harson of the Charteris family. I think it had planned to steal Harson's body. It had prepared for that moment this entire time. When you guys were on Desolate, Shi Yan had fused it with the Blood Vein Ring. It then swallowed the original Ring Spirit. After it found that Shi Yan had the Devouring power Upanishad, it gave up Harson and made Shi Yan its new target...

"Evidently, this thing has unceasing greeds. While it was observing and waiting for the chance to take Shi Yan's body, it met our Master's finger. As it had completely fused with the Ring Spirit, it knew many of our Master's secrets. More than any one of us. It then got a new idea. It wanted to collect Master's remains and then occupy his body. That way, it could have been able to skip a long time of cultivating and reach the terrifying height shortly and directly," said Ming Hao.

"Why didn't you fulfill its wish? It has swallowed the Ring Spirit's memory. If it could use Bloodthirsty's body and become a real entity, with its understanding of Bloodthirsty's powers Upanishads, it would have been an excellent successor. It meant that Xuan Shan had succeeded. He had found an excellent heir for Bloodthirsty. This successor has swallowed the Ring Spirit, killed Xuan Shan, and it even attempted to steal my body and Bloodthirsty's remains. I think he's more suitable than me. Don't you think so?"

Shi Yan was moved. Listening to Ming Hao, Shi Yan felt a little strange.

"If it hadn't killed Xuan Shan or swallowed the original Ring Spirit and just replaced Harson, I would have allowed it to follow our protocol. It could have fought you to compete for the Master position. But now, I will never let it do that!" shouted Ming Hao.

He looked at Xuan He and Frederick and then said, "Xuan Shan was my best friend and the original Ring Spirit was the precursor of my Imperial Dark Tribe! How could I let it do whatever it wants?!"

Xuan He and Frederick changed their countenances and sad in unison. "Your precursor?"

Shi Yan was bewildered.

"One hundred thousand years ago, the first generation of experts of Heavenly Monster Tribe, Immortal Demon Clan, Imperial Drak Tribe, and God Clan had come to Desolate. I think you guys knew this. Our Imperial Dark Tribe's precursor had buried his body there. The ice blue light protection around Desolate is his soul altar and Incipient Extent," said Ming Hao.

"So that light protection isn't all of the soul of Imperial Dark Tribe's precursor? The ring told me like that. It also said that the holy mountain there used to be the body of the Immortal Demon Clan's precursor. The blood sword is refined from his spine too," Shi Yan intervened.

Ming Hao looked at him and said, "The Incipient Extent and the soul altar of my precursor had turned into a light protection, but his soul had lost its memories and become a Tool Spirit, merging with the Blood Vein Ring. It said the truth about the holy mountain and the blood sword. They're the remains of the Immortal Demon precursor."

Xuan He, Frederick, and Shi Yan were stern. As they had come to this point, they had finally reached the knot that had troubled their minds for many years.

Where did Bloodthirsty go?

He had the blood sword and the Blood Vein Ring. The blood sword was the Immortal Demon precursor's spine and the Ring Spirit inside the Blood Vein Ring was the host soul of the Imperial Dark Tribe's precursor. From these details, Shi Yan knew that Bloodthirsty used to visit Desolate and have a big harvest on Desolate.

However, Desolate opened once every ten thousand years. Every time it opened, the members of the four great clans went there. The secret scriptures of the four clans had a detailed record for each time Desolate opened. However, they didn't mention anything related to Bloodthirsty.

It meant that Bloodthirsty wasn't there whenever Desolate opened.

So, how could he enter Desolate? How could he get the remains of the Immortal Demon precursor laying on Desolate and refine the soul of the Imperial Dark precursor to make it the Ring Spirit of the Blood Vein Ring?

Those were the questions that they couldn't answer yet.

"Throughout the past ten thousand years after Master had fallen, I've always used the forces I can use to investigate this. I want to know Master's identity. Today, I discovered an earth-shaking finding, a tremendous assumption," said Ming Hao.

Shi Yan and the other two were shaken. They pulled themselves together and wholeheartedly focused on listening to him.

Bloodthirsty's profile and identity were the riddles that none of the big clans and forces around the universe could discover. Every famous expert was extremely curious about this riddle.

No exception.

"What kind of finding is that? What's your assumption?" Seeing Ming Hao still arranging his thoughts, Frederick couldn't hold it anymore and he shouted.

"Ten thousand years ago, we had begun to follow our Master. Besides his power and mysteries and the marvelous power Upanishad Inheritances he gave us, there's something we can't neglect. We all felt the familiar aura from him that made us feel close to him. That kind of aura couldn't be described. I'd asked Gru of the God Clan, Gado of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, and even you Xuan He. You guys had admitted that you did have the same feeling. Did you remember that?" Ming Hao looked at Xuan He.

Xuan He nodded. "I remember. You did ask me this. At that time, I'd discussed with Xuan Shan and we agreed that we felt the fond aura from him. That aura had made us close to him and followed him naturally. That feeling made us trust him and feel that he would never hurt us. It's hard to describe that feeling."

He remembered what they had experienced in the past and confirmed Ming Hao's words.