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1269 Sudden Change

Despair Island.

The beams of blood light carried the hope of surviving as if they had the will of creatures, turning into the eternal fire of Karma and burning the gray clouds.

Yang Tian Emperor had a cold face, his mouth stiff. His red eyes were filled with valorous determination, as sign of the confidence he had accumulated after many battles. It was the blood of a great fighter.

Above his head, a dark layer of desperation towered. However, it had the hope of life like a holy, fiery flame burning and rolling.

The Despair power Upanishad sublimated instantly. A brutal energy twirled around him. His skeletons sounded like a firecracker. Within a short moment, his energy increased one level!

Xuan He's eyes sparkled. "He has a breakthrough!"

Shi Yan was frightened. He focused and saw Yang Tian Emperor's soul altar.

That soul altar was crystal clear like a perfect white crystal. His Sea of Consciousness, Ethereal Extent, and the host soul were separated neatly at each tier. They were connected to each other by electrical beams created by earth and heaven energy. His soul altar seemed to be quenched and it radiated dazzlingly.

Inside the beautiful halo, Yang Tian Emperor's body transformed. The Immortal Demon Blood activated. He then turned into the Immortal Demon Body with spiky armor. He looked fierce and mighty.

At that moment, Yang Tian Emperor's realm and energy had entered a whole new world. He had transformed and become more intimidating.

His Despair intent domain had a hope that had increased his power massively. Gradually, that hope had washed away his despair. The eternal flame of his hope became more scorching as it burned down Baku's dark cloud of desperation.

Baku had fear in his eyes as if he couldn't believe it. He looked angry.

Deep inside his eyes, a gleam of fear slowly arose...

"This man has lost his fighting will. This battle is done." Xuan He rubbed his chin. "It seems like you can become the Master easily this time. Yeah, it's your luck, though. I didn't expect that you could find Senro's essence."

Shi Yan's brows hadn't relaxed yet. He looked to the other islands and said, "Not yet. The competitions on the other islands haven't finished."

"Thor and Benton are at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Frederick and I have invested a lot on them and gave them so many Original Incipient Grade materials. They have trained their souls and bodies to increase their realm. They won't lose," Xuan He sounded relaxed.

Xuan He rose his hand and a blood river extended from his palm, connecting to the Corrosion Island.

He smiled and walked forward. When he stepped on the river, the blood river shrank magically toward the island.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness moved around. He was so thrilled as he looked at the river.

That blood river was created by Xuan He's soul power. When Shi Yan checked it, he could feel that the blood river was somehow like Xuan He's real body. Closing his eyes, Shi Yan could feel that this entire blood river had the same life magnetic field, aura, and soul fluctuation as Xuan He.

That blood river was like another body of Xuan He or one of his clones.

Some rumored that when the members of the Immortal Demon Clan reaches a profound level, each drop of their blood could become a body. Even if their bodies burned up, as long as they still had a drop of Immortal Demon Blood, they could always rebuild their bodies shortly after.

Looking at that blood river, Shi Yan was shocked. He had a feeling that he was watching a lot of Xuan Hes. It was like that blood river was the combination of countless bodies, skeletons, and souls of Xuan He.

Having some assumption, Shi Yan's body sparkled like starlight and turned into a meteor falling on the Corrosion Island, standing by Xuan He.

Then, Xuan He's blood river turned into hundreds of blood beams disappearing into his sleeves.

"Er, that blood river..." Shi Yan looked at Xuan He.

Xuan He was surprised. He understood it so he grinned. "This blood river is made of the Immortal Demon Blood. I've been cultivating for so many years so I got a lot of Immortal Demon Blood. My body couldn't absorb them all so I decided to refine them into a weapon. This blood river carries my spirit, mind, and blood. It's like an extent of my body. If I die one day, as long as this blood river exists, I can recover my body easily and rapidly."

Listening to him, Shi Yan got frightened.

Even though Shi Yan had finished replacing his blood and the blood running through his veins was the Immortal Demon Blood, the total amount of Immortal Demon Blood in his body, Yang Tian Emperor's body, and Blood Devil's body couldn't reach even 1% of this river. Considering this blood river, to what terrifying degree could Xuan He use the power of the Immortal Demon Blood?

As his realm was increasing, the Demon Blood was increasing unceasingly and the life energy in his blood was going to be more abundant.

As Shi Yan was at First Sky of Incipient God Realm, the amount of Immortal Demon Blood in his body was different from the amount of Xuan He, Yang Tian Emperor, and Blood Devil.

The energy from a drop of Xuan He's blood could be more than the energy in one hundred drops of blood from Blood Devil. As this entire river was made of Immortal Demon Blood, its energy was more than earth-shaking!

"When you've reached Immortal Realm, you can have eternal life and endless time to cultivate. Then, you can create as much blood as I did." Xuan He laughed and patted his shoulder. "You're Master's successor. If you can reach the Immortal Realm, your achievement will surpass mine for sure. What you need is just time."

Shi Yan kept silent.

He said the truth. As Shi Yan was cultivating Devouring power Upanishad, he could turn the Essence Qi and the soul altars of the dead into his energy to strengthen himself.

He was still young. As long as he had enough time, he would reach Xuan He's level sooner or later. He could be even stronger than Xuan He and become an invincible existence that could compare to Bloodthirsty!


Suddenly, Xuan He changed his visage and looked at the Dark Island, his face darkening.

Shi Yan looked at the island and frowned.

Thor, Leona's father, was there. Thor was the expert who Frederick and Xuan He had arranged and trained to compete for the Chief position of the Dark Force. According to Xuan He and Frederick, Thor had the highest realm among the experts cultivating Dark power Upanishad, Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Xuan He thought that Thor would absolutely win.

However, the situation didn't turn out as they had expected...

The Dark Island was a place where people couldn't even see their own fingers. There were only two life magnetic fields on the island now. One was Thor and the other belonged to the expert challenging him for the Chief position. He was called Randolph.

That man had First Sky of Incipient God Realm cultivation base. He was from a far star area that no one had ever heard about him before. Xuan He and Frederick didn't have any information about this warrior.

The Blood Imperial Order had taken Randolph here from a remote area. As he had only First Sky of Incipient God Realm, Xuan He and Frederick didn't think that he could be a threat to Thor.

But now...

In the thick darkness, Randolph's life magnetic field was more powerful than Thor's!

Xuan He and Frederick felt strange. They were hovering above the Dark Island. Leona had stayed the entire time to observe the battle. At this moment, the scary scars on her face twitched, making her more fearsome.

She was so worried. Seeing Xuan He and Frederick, she slightly bowed to them. "When they began the fight, the island hadn't been covered in darkness yet. As soon as my father and Randolph have activated their Dark power Upanishad, the island was covered. But that man... has something strange."

She meant Randolph. She had observed and found that when Randolph fought the others, he had shown his ordinary abilities of a First Sky of Incipient God Realm warrior. Nothing was strange about him at that time.

However, after her father had defeated some candidates leaving only him and Randolph on the island, Randolph then gathered the Dark power and covered the entire island in just a breath.

Right after that, Randolph's life magnetic field had surged intimidatingly. As people's eyes were covered, Randolph seemed to have activated some unknown energy that had rocketed his power in just a blink of an eye.

The energy he had released was much more than Thor's at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. In the dark, he had subdued Thor wildly. Eventually, he gained the upper hand.

While Leona was explaining, Shi Yan arrived. He released his Soul Consciousness to sense for a while and then said, "Randolph has stimulated his life energy to raise his energy. It's very similar to the "Burning Purgatory" of the Charteris family from the God Clan. Oh no, it's the exclusive power Upanishad of the Charteris family! This Randolph is from the God Clan. If he gets the Burning Purgatory Upanishad, he shouldn't be an anonymous warrior of the Charteris family!"

Shi Yan rose his voice at the end.

Harson was a member of the Charteris family from the God Clan. He was extreme and wild. From some aspects, Harson was more fearful than Haig. The way they burned their blood and body to raise their energy could chill people's hearts.

The secret technique Randolph was using was technically the Burning Purgatory, the exclusive power Upanishad of the Charteris family. This madness was what Harson used to have!

"So, you think it's strange?"

All of a sudden, Ming Hao, the Soul Control Chief, appeared like a ghost. He talked, his voice ironic and cold. "Well, Gru, the former Chaos Chief was also from the God Clan, wasn't he? When our Bloodthirsty Force recruits, we don't care about their race. As for now, I have someone working for me inside the God Clan. Why can't the members of the God Clan join the competition to become the Chiefs?"

Ming Hao looked at the small island covered in the darkness and said indifferently, "As Gru could become the Chaos Chief, why can't Randolph? You guys should know that Randolph is Gru's descendant. Before Gru had followed our Master, he was a genius of the Charteris family. As Randolph is his great-grandson, it's not a surprise that he knows the Charteris family's power Upanishad."


A fume of dark smoke shot out of the island. After the smoke vanished, Thor's wounded body appeared.

Thor's body was covered in blood. He looked exhausted, though. However, as soon as he was struck out, he didn't think and just headed to the Dark Island one more time.

However, this island only allowed the warriors to get out and not to get in again. As he barged onto the barrier, his skin cracked immediately and his body was about to break.

Thor looked restless and unwilling. He gritted his teeth and tried to attack the barrier one more time.

The scars on Leona's face twitched. She clenches her fists, her sharp fingernails digging into her palm as it bled. Her eyes were fixed on Xuan He and Frederick, begging them in silence.

Xuan He and Frederick were indifferent, their cold eyes heartless. It looked like they thought that since Thor failed, it was natural that he should kill himself.