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1255 The Cortege of Eigh

"Senro was the most loyal subordinate. After our Master's body got shattered, he had chased after them into the space crack. He embraced the same thoughts as mine. We all wanted to reunite with our Master's remains."

The Ring Spirit sobbed emotionally.

"Oh, Chief Senro of the Despair Force. What realm was he at during that time?" Shi Yan was astounded.

The Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight consisted of world-famous, tyrannical characters in this world. Each of them was stubborn, extreme, and intimidating. They had ruled many star areas in this sea of stars.

From Shang Chen, Xing Ming, Gulian, and Lena, Shi Yan knew that the Cortege of Eight was incomparably intimidating. They had forced the God Clan to go back to Ancient God Continent. The God Clan had to strenuously strike a lot, but they couldn't destroy all eight of them. Today, Shi Yan had reached Incipient God Realm and he had met Holy Ancestor Azure Dragon of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. He knew that the successive realm after Incipient God Realm was Immortal.

He wanted to know what realms the members of the Cortege of Eight like Senro had.

"Senro had just Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. That year, his realm was the lowest among the members of my Master's retinue. However, his real competence could rank first. What the Despair power Upanishad focuses on isn't realm or power. It's the deep understanding of the desperate intent domain."

The Ring Spirit didn't conceal information from him. "When Senro was at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, he could slaughter Immortal Realm elders of the God Clan. In a hopeless situation, his Despair power Upanishad could have dominating, unimaginable power."

The Blood Vein Ring glowed in the red light. The Ring Spirit immediately put Bloodthirsty's finger and the piece of bone they had just found.

Listening to the Ring Spirit talking about Senro, Shi Yan respected and admired the man.

The Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight had supernatural powers Upanishad. Shi Yan wasn't surprised that they could challenge experts at higher realms, especially the ones cultivating Despair power Upanishad. This power Upanishad was extreme, but it had endless, powerful potential. Shi Yan knew how magical it was.

If he had killed the Immortal Realm expert at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, Senro was definitely formidable.

After the Ring Spirit had collected the Bloodthirsty's remains, the blood drawings on the ring's surface moved. Gradually, blood light waves rippled and turned into the blood cloud mark. In the beginning, the mark was vague. It became clear and covered this Incipient Extent fragment.

A vortex appeared in the middle of the blood cloud. A subtle, powerful suction was generated.

Senro's God body turned into a wisp of smoke and vanished. The Despair intent domain around him and the fragments of his Incipient Extent in this area turned into some sort of pure energy that entered the vortex. The blood mark refined that energy and condensed it.

Eventually, everything became a grey orb as big as a chestnut. This orb sealed the wild energy of Despair power.

The Ring Spirit took the orb and said, "When you meet the warrior cultivating Despair power Upanishad, I will give you this Essence of Senro's power Upanishad. That warrior will be able to break the shackle of the realm instantly and enter the next realm."

The Ring Spirit paused for a while and then said suddenly, "Hmm, that year, Senro had only Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, but this corpse had the shape of the Immortal Realm. Apparently, he had broken through one more time. As he was confined in this space for so many years, Senro had touched despair, so his understanding of Despair power Upanishad had reached an unimaginable realm. If he hadn't died and managed to get out of this place, perhaps he would have been able to fight Ming Hao once..."

"Ming Hao? Who's he?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"The Soul Control Chief," the Ring Spirit answered directly, "As I've promised, I'm telling you the identity and powers of the Cortege of Eight. Ming Hao is the leader of the eight subordinates. He cultivates Soul Control power Upanishad. He's from the Imperial Dark Tribe. The current Queen of the Imperial Dark Tribe is his younger sister."

Shi Yan was bewildered. He mumbled, "Doesn't it mean he's Audrey's uncle?"

The Ring Spirit continued, "If Ming Hao hadn't followed Master, he would have become the King of Imperial Dark Tribe. That year, he was one of the most powerful existences in this world. After Master had subdued him, he had imparted him the Soul Control power Upanishad. That power Upanishad could combine with the magical power of the Imperial Dark Tribe's soul altar. It changed Ming Hao strangely. His body shattered directly. His soul had the ability to divide into countless beams.

"That year, he was the freakiest expert among the eight. He didn't have a body. Although he existed in the soul form, he could help Master rule many star areas. Countless wisps of his soul have scattered in many corners of the sea of stars. He has many puppets. No one knows his real appearance."

"Xuan He is the Death Chief. You must know this man. He's a member of the Immortal Demon Clan. That year, he was also an excellent prodigy of the Immortal Demon Clan. He followed Master and Master had imparted him the Death power Upanishad. Xuan He's been cultivating Life power Upanishad. People thought that his powers Upanishads would conflict with each other. However, Xuan He is an innate talented warrior. He had cultivated both powers and merged them together. Eventually, he became the expert ranked right behind Ming Hao. He's so powerful and intimidating."

"Lao Luo was the Dark Chief. He was the expert from Grace Mainland. When he had just come to the sea of stars, he had offended many forces because of his haughty behaviors. The experts of those forces joined hands to chase him. Eventually, Master saved him and imparted him the Dark power Upanishad. Lao Luo was brutal and heartless. After he had successfully cultivated the Dark power Upanishad, he had helped Master expand their territory. He had many merits.

"Gru was the Chaos Chief. He was from the God Clan. His family was killed in the internal war of the God Clan. Gru lost his mind and fell into bedevilment. He became wild and savage, killing everywhere. Master liked his madness so he imparted him the Chaos power Upanishad. He was the maddest among the Cortege of Eight."

"Bent was the Destruction Chief. He was from the Dark Clan. However, he wasn't a member of the Imperial Dark Tribe. Bent was an illegitimate child. His childhood was so pitiful. He had the seed of destruction in his soul since he was very young. Master chose him and gave him the Destruction power Upanishad. What happened had proven that this power was born for him. With Destruction power, Bent became a sharp saber in Master's hand.

"Senro was the Despair Chief. Like Xuan He, he was from the Immortal Demon Clan. Master had a special method to impart the Despair power Upanishad. He had left a wisp of this power in the middle of the world. Only extreme, desperate warriors who could resonate with that power could get it. Senro was the first warrior to receive Despair power Upanishad and he was also the last one who reached its maximum potential. He ranked lowest among the eight experts.

"Frederick, the Corpse Qi Chief, is from the Corpse Clan. The Corpse clansmen were born with the gift of controlling Corpse power. However, they couldn't cultivate it to the acme to reach the highest realm. When our Master walked around the sea of stars, he had found Frederick with innate talents. As he had no teacher, he was still able to cultivate the power of Corpse Qi. Then, Master had imparted him the complete power Upanishad. Frederick didn't fail Master. Shortly after, he has become the Chief of the Corpse Clan and ruled the Corpse Clan around the sea of stars. He has turned the Corpse Clan that everybody hated to an influential force in the vast universe.

"Gado was the Chief of Corrosion Force. He was from Heavenly Monster Tribe. His entire body was toxic. The other members of Heavenly Monster Tribe had boycotted him. He had cultivated on a poisonous star. Master had found him by chance. Then, he gave him the Corrosion power Upanishad. Gado's nature was pretty suitable to cultivate this power Upanishad. Shortly after, he had aced it. He had progressed so quickly that even our Master couldn't imagine it. He was the most fearsome expert among the eight."

". . ."

The Ring Spirit told Shi Yan the identities of the Cortege of Eight as it had promised him.

"How many members of the Cortege are still alive?" Shi Yan pondered for a while and asked with a stern face.

"I guess only Ming Hao, Xuan He, and Frederick are alive," replied the Ring Spirit.

"That year, which realm were they at?" Shi Yan asked again.

"Except for Senro, the other seven were at the Immortal Realm," said the Ring Spirit.

Although he had had a premonition, Shi Yan was still shocked. He admired and respected those precursors, asking. "So how about your Master?"

The Ring Spirit kept quiet for a long time then said, "I don't know."

"You don't know?" Shi Yan was surprised.

The Ring Spirit kept silent.

"What's his relationship with the ancient continent Desolate?" Shi Yan continued to ask.

While training on Desolate, Shi Yan knew a fact through the Ring Spirit. The blood sword was forged from the spine of a member of the Immortal Demon Clan one hundred thousand years ago. It shocked him a lot at that time. However, the Ring Spirit didn't give him more information.

One hundred thousand years ago, Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient God Continent, and Ancient Demon Continent had cradled Heavenly Monster Tribe, the Imperial Dark Tribe, the God Clan, and the Immortal Demon Clan.

At that time, the strongest generation of the Four Great Creatures had tried to refine it to fuse it with themselves.

The Holy Beast White Tiger was one of them.

The four of them were the first generation of Four Great Creatures. They had fused with the Origin of the ancient continents and come to Desolate when it opened for the first time.

After that, they had all died. The White Tiger had become a mountain. The precursor from Imperial Dark Tribe had become the ice blue light curtain protecting Desolate. The God expert had left his Incipient Extent that Shi Yan had taken in. The Immortal Demon precursor had become the Holy Mountain.

This blood sword was the spine of that Immortal Demon precursor. What was the relationship between Bloodthirsty and Desolate?

It had confused Shi Yan. He wanted to ask but he never had a chance. Eventually, he couldn't help but ask about it now.

"Master had created me. He didn't mention this with me. I don't know his real identity or where he's from."

"So, after he had created you, he used to take you to Desolate with him?"

The Ring Spirit kept silent.

When it didn't want to talk to Shi Yan, it would use silence to answer him. Being silent meant that it didn't want to answer Shi Yan's questions.

Shi Yan frowned. After a long moment, he said, "We should get back."

He didn't want to force it because he understood that forcing was no use. What the Ring Spirit didn't want to tell him, he could never force it to spit it out.

Two blood lights emerged. The blood sword and the blood shield appeared. The Ring Spirit told him, "I will not keep this sword and shield anymore. I will not serve you as my Master. However, this sword and shield belong to you. You should keep them. After my memory has been fully restored, I can tell you the mysteries of them. Just consider it the payment for you to help me find my Master's remains."

The blood shield and blood sword were Bloodthirsty's items. In the past few years when Shi Yan used them, they could always be of significant help.

Anyway, Shi Yan had always had a reluctant feeling when he studied these two divine weapons. He couldn't know their real powers or know how to maximize their abilities. Today, the Ring Spirit had given back the sword and the shield to him and explained to him their mysteries. Shi Yan was so thrilled.

If he could understand the abilities of this sword and this shield, his competence would be enhanced greatly and his fighting ability would leap up!