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1253 The Ring Spirit’s Fixation

Deep inside the subterranean palace of Tsunami Star.

The President of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce was sitting cross-legged in the middle of the pond, holding a jade box made of Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade. His handsome face was grave and lightning moved in his squinting eyes.

Tens of thousands of formations carved on the walls of this spacious palace glowed up all of a sudden with the brilliant lights of energy. The exquisite, ancient formations on the wall looked vivid and lively. They looked like imposing mountains, seething oceans or even drifting clouds...

Many strange formations on the walls were archaic and naturally formed. They were the utmost formations in this world that this man had bought with a huge fortune. The Formation Grand Master of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had relocated those natural formations and placed them in the drawings on the walls.

The man sat silently for a long time and then opened a jade box.

Strangely, the jade box was empty!

However, his eyes flared up with divine light. His face expressed admiration and passion as he was stroking the box. It seemed like... something was there, but it couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

He focused and passionately fondled that thing...

Countless formations and restrictions burst out magical, fulgent lights at the same time and congregated above his head like colorful rivers.

A seven-colored water emerged magically with the mysterious power of Nature and poured on this man's head. It then flowed into the jade box in his hands.

As the seven-colored water was pouring into the empty box, something slowly appeared.

It was a dark blue bone!

That bone was half a meter in dark blue color. It had many natural textures on the surface with one pointy end and one round end.

When the President saw the bone, his face reddened unhealthily. It was a shade of extreme admiration! He gazed at the bone and green veins bulged on his beautiful face.

His porcelain finger shook hard as he was trying to press down his crazy excitement. He rose one finger and touched the bone.

When his finger was close to that bone, a suction force started like a magnet attracting iron.

His finger was stuck on that bone!

Instantly, his entire body was shaken hard as the God power in his body was massively drawn together with his Blood Qi and Essence Qi.

That handsome face aged rapidly at a speed that the naked eye could observe. Shortly after, he had white hair.

A terrifying fear occupied him. He spurted out blood. He immediately used a knife to cut off his finger sticking onto the bone.

He closed the lid at once. The seven-colored stream above his head stopped pouring. He paled, his eyes filled with fear and blood trickling down the corners of his mouth.

He sat neatly and swallowed the pellets that he had stored for thousands of years. The wrinkles on his face and his white hair gradually disappeared. He looked young once again as his lost energy was slowly refilled.

He was still ashen. He shook his head and felt very puzzled. "It didn't work. What kind of energy was that? How could it be so terrifying?"


Deep inside the chaotic space basin where there were brilliant outer space streamers.

Countless beams of light moved rapidly like shuttles. The gusts of cold, Yin winds swept through the space that could destroy any soul in just a blink of an eye. Explosions constantly happened in every corner as if it was never going to cease.

There were no energy, air, sun, moon, or stars. It was a deadly silent space crack with the ultimate destructive power, the most dangerous place in this world.

Except for warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad at a specific realm, normal warriors never dared to enter this area.

This place meant death or billions of years of loneliness.

If they couldn't find the exit, even a Third Sky of Incipient God Realm expert was confined here. Years after years, they would be worn out till death.

At this moment, a shadow was hovering in a shattered space crack.

He hovered quietly in the void without gravity. Not far from him were brutal, wild gusts, and behind him was the strange, malignant light that was approaching him.

In front of him was a field of explosions that could smash all creatures altogether with their souls.

He didn't have more time to stop and watch them.

He was calm as he watched the spatial changes around him and the approaching dangers. He frowned.

After a long time, he took out a jade box. It was the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade box that kept Bloodthirsty's finger with the Blood Vein Ring!

He came here because no force or expert could locate him in this area. He needed an absolutely safe place to do something.

The Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight was divided into eight forces. Frederick and Xuan He were on his side. They agreed with his receipt of Bloodthirsty's inheritance and that he would rule the Bloodthirsty Force to resist the God Clan.

These two had taken care of him well and helped him arrange many things. Right when he had escaped Grace Mainland to go to Raging Flame Star Area through that shattered formation. The shadows of these two and Lao Luo were always there.

And even before that, Lao Luo and the Ring Spirit had set up a blood pond inside a cave in the Dark Forest to guide his soul from another universe.

He became dispirited as his life was planned by someone else. He felt like a puppet that acted as the others manipulated.

He didn't want a life like this! He didn't want to do things that people had planned for him to do!

He wanted to get rid of this constraint for a while to reason and figure out a way for his future and what he should do with the relationship with the Bloodthirsty Force.

The Soul Control Chief had used Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng to take Bloodthirsty's finger and the Blood Vein Ring. Apparently, he didn't want Shi Yan to become the real leader of the Bloodthirsty Force. Also, it was possible that he just wanted the Blood Vein Ring and that finger...

When the jade box was opened, hundreds of thousands of creatures in Black Iron City were killed. This commotion was beyond his imagination.

Thus, on any life star or even on an isolated asteroid, someone would be notified immediately if he opened the jade box.

For many reasons, he had to go to the space crack, the most dangerous and magical place in this universe. Staying here, no matter how strong the expert was, he couldn't locate Shi Yan or know what he was doing.

Shi Yan stroked the jade box for a while and then tried to lift up the lid.

Magically, different from what happened to Wu Lie, he didn't meet any obstacle. He could open the lid directly.

He was dumbstruck and his eyes were disbelieving. He was more baffled when he looked into the jade box where only the Blood Vein Ring lay. That finger seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

This time, there was no earth-shaking murderous aura or anyone who was killed. Looking at the Blood Vein Ring, Shi Yan was puzzled. After a long time, he instinctively touched the Ring...


The finger was still there! The Blood Vein Ring was still worn on it. That was why Shi Yan couldn't pick up the Blood Vein Ring!

That finger still existed inside the box!

He could touch it but he didn't see it. That finger seemed not to reflect or refract light. It was invisible and naked eyes couldn't see it. Also, the Soul Consciousness couldn't see or touch it. However, Shi Yan could use his finger to touch it and find it was still there.

Extremely bizarre!

He fondled the invisible finger and stroked the Blood Vein Ring. He used the Soul Consciousness to call the Ring Spirit and tried to connect it.

The Ring Spirit didn't react.

He pondered. A cut appeared on his fingertip. He dropped a drop of ruby Immortal Demon Blood on the Blood Vein Ring.

A wisp of blood mist arose from the ring. The Ring Spirit that he hadn't heard for a long time sounded in his brain.

"I have only one Master. Only one, forever..."

The Ring Spirit muttered and repeated continuously as if its thoughts had never changed.

Shi Yan quieted down.

He understood the ring, his eyes inexplicable. Then, he sighed.

From the time he had gotten the ring or from the first time the Ring Spirit appeared, it had never called him Master. It had never recognized or accepted his ownership.

Perhaps the Ring Spirit had thought that Bloodthirsty was utterly dead, leaving nothing in this world. Thus, it came and lived with Shi Yan, considering Shi Yan as its Master Bloodthirsty.

However, as soon as the Ring Spirit saw Bloodthirsty's finger, everything changed...

"Let's talk properly," Shi Yan said.

The Ring Spirit stopped muttering. After a few seconds, it slowly said, "After the last piece of memory came back to me, I knew that my Master's remains haven't been destroyed. His remains were scattered around the universe in the desolate corners. Some are taken. Some remains are undiscovered."

"You don't need to cut off the connection with me. I understand you're loyal to your Master. I have never forced you. It's you who got fixed to your Master. Hmm, I can help you find his remains," Shi Yan frowned.

The Blood Vein Ring shone with blood light. The exquisite drawings on the ring's surface moved. What Shi Yan said had stirred up the Ring Spirit. It suddenly changed and replied, "If you can help me find my Master's remains, I will continue to assist you. I can help you enthrone."

"Can you tell me something about him? Where did he come from? How could he fabricate you? Who... was he after all?"

"Master is Master. I'm just a Ring Spirit. I can't understand my mysterious Master. He made me. I couldn't remember what I was before that."

"What are the names of the Eight Chiefs of the Bloodthirsty Force? What are their identities? How many of them are still alive? Do you know them?"

"Help me find a piece of my Master, I'll answer you."

"How to find him?"

"I can recognize my Master's aura. Far from here, there's a piece of his remains. You go find him for me."

"Here? This space crack?"

"This place."

"Guide me."


"One more question. Why is this piece of his remains able to be seen sometimes and invisible at other times? It's tangible but the Soul Consciousness can't sense it?"

"Because my Master controlled an energy. Only he knew and used this energy in this entire universe. The reason why he had fallen was because of this energy too."

"What kind of energy is that?"

"You don't need to know for now."