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1250 Internal Strife?

After they had made themselves clear in this matter, the Thousand Fantasy Sect, Broken Hall, and Heaven River Temple left the mansion.

As Jiao Mu, Wu Lie, and Sanji knew that the Thousand Fantasy Sect would take their responsibility in the league to deal with the God Clan, they were so thrilled that they hastened to come back to deliver the good news.

"Xing-ge, you're really nice," Gulian smiled like a flower and looked at Xing Ming on the way out.

As soon as Xing Ming left the mansion, his face darkened. Hearing Gulian mocking, he grimaced. He snorted and said, "If he can enthrone, I will swallow my anger. If not... Harrumph!"

"Xing-ge, how likely do you think it is that he can get that throne?" Gulian's eyes moved as she smiled.

"It depends on the opinions of the chiefs of the Eight Forces. As far as I know, the Soul Control Chief has his unique point of view in this," Xing Ming lowered his voice.

When they talked about the Soul Control Chief, Xing Ming and Gulian looked grave and scared.

This man's fame was told in every star area. He was considered the strongest and most mysterious chief of the Bloodthirsty's Cortege of Eight. No one knew him until now. He had thousands of clones. Discreetly, he had controlled many strong forces. He even had slaves working for him in the God Clan's structure.

This man had contributed a lot to the reputation of the Bloodthirsty Force, making no force dare to look down on the Bloodthirsty Force. He was a significant influence.

"Lena's disciple and Shi Yan have a good relationship. I wonder if it's going to affect Lena's decision. The Heaven River Temple has been secluding for years. We don't know what scheme they have. We should notice this too," Gulian frowned and looked at Lena leaving.

"She's going to make a precise decision," Xing Ming wore a malignant complexion.


"Teacher, it's okay that you're going back to the Temple. But why are you keeping me with you?"

Cecilia looked begrudging when she had to follow Lena. Turning into two clear water currents, they were flowing across the sky.

"Before Shi Yan got the throne, you shouldn't be too close to him. It's not good for you," Lena knitted her brows. "The relationship between the Eight Great Inheritances is very complicated. Before he's enthroned, things can change in any minute. He could be killed too."

"What's the enthroning?" Cecilia was surprised.

"Receiving the recognition of the chiefs of the eight forces to sit on... that throne means enthroning. Enthroning means his voice now matters in the main eight forces. It also means the subordinates of the Bloodthirsty Force believe and serve him.

"He's Bloodthirsty's heir and he's cultivating Devouring power Upanishad. Isn't it true that he could get that throne easily? What's the matter behind this?"

"It's not that simple."

Lena shook her head and turned her head to look behind them. "As Frederick showed up, it means his force has no objection. But we don't know how many forces of the Eight Great Inheritances Shi Yan could control. If he can't get half of them, he can't sit in that position."

"Then what will happen?" Cecilia was frightened.

"If he can't prove that he has the endless potential and can replace Bloodthirsty of ten thousand years ago, they will ask him to return the inheritance. All of his power Upanishads will be retrieved," Lena sounded solemn, "It means he will die."


In the mansion, Shi Yan was sitting on the chairperson seat. There was only a jade coffin by him that was releasing the cold, Yin air.

Anyone who was supposed to leave had left already. Right now, there was no one else in this meeting hall. Shi Yan studied the coffin and contemplated.

Shortly after, his pupils shrank when brutal light shot out from his eyes. He coldly looked at the door leading to the outside space.

Two figures were walking towards him. Deep in their eyes, Shi Yan could see the vague shadows. The two of them looked baffled as if they didn't have their souls with them anymore.

Surprisingly, they were Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng who had already left.

In this moment, Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng looked frightened, their gait heavy. Their footsteps on the ground of the hall made a strange rhythm. It was like a drum sounding in people's heart. It made people's hearts beat frantically until it burst off.

Shi Yan coldly looked at the two of them. When he met their eyes, he sneered.

Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng looked bewildered. A shadow was flickering in their pupils. They suddenly glared at the Fantasy Sky Ring on Shi Yan's hand. They hissed and grunted unconsciously like beasts and stormed towards Shi Yan.

Mu Wei quivered and transformed terrifyingly. Shortly after, he turned into a massive maggot with a horrible stinky smell. That smell plunged into Shi Yan's nostrils and made him nauseated. The maggot had so many fangs in its massive mouth, which were like the teeth of a sharp saw.

The fat maggot didn't have any leg. It rolled like a rubber ball with a horrible smell. On the way, its body splashed a viscous, yellow liquid that stormed towards Shi Yan's head.

Shi Yan's face got colder. Starlight sprinkled from his body, turning into bunches of starlight twirling around him.

Shi Yan made a magical hand seal. The starlight in the sky suddenly ceased and turned into a starlight curtain that flew towards the fat maggot.

When the maggot appeared, Shi Yan knew that Mu Wei wasn't the real Mu Wei. It was his Life Gu.

Mu Wei's Life Gu had fused with his Soul Consciousness. Their aura and life energy fluctuation matched. Someone had used the secret technique to turn this Life Gu into another Mu Wei.

This Mu Wei was made of the Life Gu, so it was like a clone of him with the same memories and soul aura.

It could be said that this maggot Mu Wei and the real Mu Wei didn't have many differences. It could even use Mu Wei's power Upanishad in the same realm. However, the power of its attack was a little weaker.

However, before the Life Gu returned to its true form, Shi Yan could see a vague shadow in his eyes. At that glimpse, Shi Yan understood something.

The clone that Mu Wei's Life Gu had created had been controlled by the Soul Control Chief for a long time. Just like Bello, his mind could be taken at any minute to serve the controller. It always waited for his order.

Bai Ye Feng's situation was the same. Even though he was the real Bai Ye Feng, his soul and mind could be occupied at any moment.

Bolts of lighting weaved in the sky and created a dazzling eye in the void. This eye was made of lightning and it glared at Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's soul shivered. His Soul Consciousness was about to shatter. His soul altar shook and his consciousness didn't listen to him anymore.

Bai Ye Feng still looked baffled, but his hands didn't stop moving. While his ten fingers weaved with each other, the bolts of lightning shot out like rods whipping Shi Yan's body. The brutal lightning bolts shot rapidly and broke the entire meeting hall.

The lightning eye focused on Shi Yan. Under that eye, his Soul Consciousness fragmented.

Bai Ye Feng moved and landed in front of Shi Yan. However, he didn't want to take Shi Yan's life. He wanted to take Shi Yan's Fantasy Sky Ring as his consciousness was hazy.

The emotion in Shi Yan's eyes was chaotic. He gazed at the ring on his finger. He knew what they wanted.

Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei came for that jade box because of the finger and the Blood Vein Ring in there!

This jade box was delivered to him by Tsunami Chamber of Commerce through Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei. Shi Yan and Wu Lie had opened this box, so Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei knew what was hidden in there. They didn't do anything at that time because they wanted to wait for the Blood Vein Ring to slide itself onto that finger!

A light flashed in his head. Shi Yan suddenly understood it. He knew Bai Ye Feng and Mu Wei were just puppets. The one who wanted the finger and the Blood Vein Ring was the Soul Control Chief!

Under the gaze of the lightning eye, his Soul Consciousness gradually shattered. He couldn't control his body anymore. He stayed put.

That man didn't want his life. His target was Bloodthirsty's finger and the Blood Vein Ring on it. The massive maggot Mu Wei had transformed and the lightning didn't attack him anymore. Bai Ye Feng was still baffled and he raised his hand to grab the Fantasy Sky Ring.

Crack! Crack!

All of a sudden, the lid of the jade coffin in the corner of the hall was lifted up. The Corpse Qi from the coffin turned into strange tongues in the air that licked Bai Ye Feng.

Bai Ye Feng's eyes were bewildered as if he didn't know that the danger was coming. He was still stubborn and he tried to reach the Fantasy Sky Ring.

The pale tongue licked Bai Ye Feng's body. Bai Ye Feng was like a fly that a frog's tongue had caught and pulled into a coffin. Right after that, the noises of broken bones arose from the coffin. Shi Yan could see blood and flesh splash on the lid of the coffin.

More pale tongues flew out and caught the fat maggot, pulling it into the jade coffin.


The fat maggot exploded. The viscous yellow liquid shot out from the jade coffin and splashed on the ground. The ground then eroded and left many deep holes on the ground.

The noises that could send shivers down people's spines still echoed from the jade coffin. Bai Ye Feng seemed to be chewed off, and Mu Wei's Life Gu was exploded. The jade coffin had an explosion and then it closed. Then, Shi Yan saw only blood on the ground around the coffin.

The lightning eye in the void was still there. It hadn't vanished yet. Shi Yan could see a dim shadow in that eye. That shadow threw a glance at the jade coffin and shouted something as if it was outraged because it couldn't grab the ring after its host was destroyed.

The jade coffin lay in the blood puddle. After the eye vanished, the jade coffin directly sank into the ground and ran away from Black Iron City.

The strange energy binding Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness disappeared after the eyes had vanished.

Shi Yan was soaked in sweat. He sat numbly at his chairperson seat and gasped for his breath, his face ashen.

The Soul Control Chief didn't come here using his real body. He just used two of his thousands of wisps of Soul Consciousness to manipulate his soul slaves to attack him. However, when the lightning eye gazed at him, Shi Yan didn't have any bit of energy to counterattack. Compared to the time he had countered Haig, it was much more strenuous.

The jade coffin was what Frederick had arranged to help him in case the Soul Control Chief wanted to snatch the ring. Shi Yan didn't know what was lying in that coffin.

However, the terrifying energy fluctuating from the coffin was enough to numb his scalp. Shi Yan could only observe the fight. This level of fighting wasn't something he could join.

It chilled him. He was filled with anger. Right now, he was like a volcano that was about to erupt.