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1243 Fusing power Upanishads!

The five stars of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth were spinning above Haig's head and releasing immense energy fluctuations.

Haig's eyes became focused. An extremely pure light radiated from his world like a thick sprinkle falling on the five stars and increasing their powers. Then, they arranged in a pentagonal formation and grumblingly snatched Shi Yan.

"Refine!" Haig shouted.


The five stars emitted gold, cyan, white, red, and yellow lights respectively. A flame expanded from the surface of the five stars, which was one of the Origin's heaven flames. Also, it combined the heaven flame with terrifying power. It could refine everything!

The experts of many forces hiding in the thirteen stone towers discolored in shock.

It was the form of the high-fused heaven flame. After having fused with the Origin, Haig's attainment of heaven flames had greatly surpassed the other three.

Audrey was astounded as she screamed, "His compatibility with the heaven flame is much deeper than all of us."

Gillette nodded with a dark face. "If Shi Yan doesn't have any special tricks, I'm not on his side in this match."

Many people had the same thought as his.

The hiding experts of the Thousand Fantasy Sect, the Broken Hall, and the Heaven River Temple, and even Spark and Mu Wei looked amazed.

He was worthy of the title of the best prodigy in the past one thousand years of the God Clan's history. The power that Haig was showing now wasn't less than his great precursor's that year. When that precursor had reached Incipient God Realm, his understanding of the flaming Origin wasn't as profound as Haig's. No wonder why the God Clan's Elders had wholeheartedly nurtured Haig and given him the privilege to hold the supreme position of the God Clan in the future.

The energy that could burn down everything was released from five stars in the sky that covered Shi Yan entirely.

At this moment, Shi Yan's host soul was sending out vibes as if it wanted to move alongside the Five Element Stars, forcefully self-destructing!

Shi Yan believed what Haig had told him.

That year when they were on Desolate, Haig had tried to subdue his realm. He could break to Incipient God Realm, but he had to strenuously press it down, which gave a crack in his mind and prevented him from showing his mighty competence.

He finally knew why God Clan had considered Haig instead of Harson as their future leader. Haig did have innate talents. On his path of cultivating power Upanishad, he had soon surpassed Harson to enter the state of mind of an Incipient God Realm expert. Both of his energy and Upanishad was perfect.

And today, as he had reached Incipient God Realm, his state of mind was complete. Different from the experts who had just entered the Incipient God Realm, he didn't look reluctant or his power unstable. He was like an experienced expert who had been in this realm for a long time. The way he urged and used his supernatural abilities was natural like flowing water in the absolutely well cooperation with his soul.

"Refine!" hissed Haig. A fiery fire was burning high outside the Five Element Stars. They suddenly pressed down like five holy mountains that could break even space. Explosions reverberated as the void shattered.

An earth-shaking momentum!

Shi Yan took a deep breath, his eyes crimson. A magical intent domain was released.

Death power Upanishad!

Then, deep inside the clouds above Black Iron City emitted a cold, deadly aura. The hundreds of thousands of dead warriors whose soul altars had been erased in just a blink now had their Dead Qi disappear rapidly as if a hand was drawing them. The gray threads of Dead Qi are all up to dark clouds.

Millions of threads with abundant energy from the dead with their fixation in this world were drawn by Shi Yan's power Upanishad.

Countless threads condensed in the void and made a massive hand. It was like the wrath of angels when people heard pitiful screeching and crying from that hand.


Shi Yan shouted suddenly.

The massive hand with the power of Death changed. The thick deadly aura abruptly vanished into thin air as if some magical principle had changed them.

Within seconds, the gigantic hand changed dramatically. It was now a blood-dripping hand with an immense vitality that was like the robust energy of a top expert. It was the Life energy!

This hand had endless vitality while the exquisite drawings in its palm twisted and moved into a sign of life.

The massive hand pressed down, grabbed the Metal Star, and pulled it.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The Metal Star that Haig's Incipient Extent had nurtured was hurled to the deep area in the sky. It flashed and then disappeared from people's sights.

The waves of vitality from the giant hand changed magically once again. Countless starlight dots were moving along the lines of the palm of the hand. The signs of Life now blended with the principles of the stars in the sky. The lines in the palm moved by the trajectories of the stars in the galaxy.

"The changes between Life and Death!"

"Using the acme of Death to generate new Life and Death energy, it's the truth that fusion of Death and Life power Upanishad should happen!"

"Perfect power Upanishad fusion!"

Momentarily, people hear the muffled surprised screams from the stone towers.

When the experts from major forces looked at Shi Yan now, they had fear in their eyes.

"No! When the Life and Death power Upanishad changed, it had the principles from the stars. It's a new form of power fusion!"

"It's unbelievable that this young man could reach such heights."

"As he can use his powers to such exquisite level, his innate talents and endowment aren't worse than Haig's!"

"No wonder he's Bloodthirsty's successor!"

"This battle is so exciting!"

The warriors hiding in the stone tower quietly discussed. Their lines of sight shot through countless beams of light and the flood currents of energy to reach Shi Yan.

Under their gazes, Shi Yan was sitting cross-legged on the stone ground of the mansion and looking at the sky with his crimson eyes.

Haig was floating in the sky, the four stars above his head spinning unceasingly. The heaven flame slowly moved like a surging sea. It covered the massive hand and attempted to burn it.

After that attack, the energy fluctuation of the massive hand was reduced massively as if it was burned down.

Shi Yan sat still. He snorted and then shouted again. "Drain!"

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The space behind Shi Yan's nape looked as if thousands of lightsabers had just cut it. Space cracks emerged. The brutal energy diffused from those space cracks together with the cold and desolate auras of the dead souls. Those dead auras were dragged here from a far far away place as if Death had just summoned them all of a sudden.

The entire sky was dark and quiet. Even the light from the nine suns couldn't pierce through the thick, gray air mass of death.

The deadly air came from space cracks that streamed onto the palm of the massive hand in the sky. The hand then became boosted with more vitality. When the gigantic took in gray rivers of deadly energy, the lines in the palm had become the Primal Original Seal of Life that could create lives.


The massive hand disappeared quickly and turned into four fists at the same size. Those fists were tight with wild Blood Qi and surging vitality.

The four fists aimed at their targets and walloped the four stars in Haig's Incipient Extent. The four stars sent out billions of sparks and shot everywhere. They fell to each corner of Black Iron City. Many warriors couldn't dodge the sparks. They were crushed quickly.

"Not good!"

"These two are mad!"

"Do they really want to destroy Black Iron City?"

"Defend! Seal!"

Tie Dun was floating in the sky above Chamber of Commerce's Center in Black Iron City. A small city model suddenly appeared above his head. That city was pitch black and it was the miniature of Black Iron City.

Tie Dun's face was so cold. Both of his hands were moving and making hand seals to the Black Iron city model.

As it was receiving the seals from Tie Dun, Black Iron City was awakened like a massive beast. Grumbling noises echoed from the corners of the city. Countless symbols and magical drawings in the city were activated. A powerful barrier was created and it shielded the entire Black Iron City.

When the shock waves from Shi Yan and Haig's battle fell from the sky, a barrier of black clouds stopped them and black lightning bolts smashed them.

No shockwave could affect the citizens of Black Iron City.

After he had set up the defense, Tie Dun paled as he was so tired. He gritted his teeth, his face dark. He then stormed indignantly towards the place where Shi Yan and Haig were fighting.

It had accelerated beyond his estimation. As the real City Master of the Black Iron City, he must ensure the safety of this city. He would never let the battle between Shi Yan and Haig affect the city and its citizens. It was the responsibility of a manager of the Chamber of Commerce.

He knew if something happened to the city, the President wouldn't show mercy. He would demobilize him from all of his roles and power. At that time, Tie Dun couldn't even survive in any corner of this universe.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the four massive fists hit the stars, Shi Yan and Haig were both shaken hard. However, their eyes were firm and resolute as they all believed that they could get the utmost victory.

"Change the world!"

Haig lifted up his head to release a seal, which then had a magical suction force.

Metal Star that was flung out of Tsunami Star was driven back from outer space. Haig looked at the star and hissed as blood trickled down the corners of his mouth.

Metal Star had suddenly been given endless energy. Also, the ancestral star of the God Clan in the far away Ancient God Continent was shaken thrice. Mountains collapsed and rivers dried up as if some magical power had been taken from them.

Metal Star became a shooting meteor that radiated dazzling white light, which was even brighter than the sunlight from the nine suns above Tsunami Star. It carried the power that could even kill warriors at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. Just like a lightning bolt, it struck Shi Yan directly.

The meteor accelerated. The energy accumulating in the meteor was increasing massively and continuously as if it could thrust through both Black Iron City and Tsunami Star.

Many experts hiding in the stone tower could feel the terrifying energy from the meteor when it was still flying far from them. They were all aghast. They finally knew that although the warriors with the Origin had only Incipient God Realm, their real competences could still shake the entire sky!

Even the experts who had lived so many years as they did didn't have the confidence to resist that kind of energy.

They all looked at Shi Yan and waited to see how he would counter.

Haig had taken the energy of the ancient continent to boost this attack. This was his real murderous strike!