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1241 Meticulous Arrangemen

Mu Wei, the Great Elder of the Gu God Sect, shivered and countless insects flew out from his body.

Bai Ye Feng was drawing billions of lightning bolts from the sky. In the savage thunder, lightning directly struck Spark.

Seizing the chance, Shi Yan summoned his co-soul and used the flaming origin to melt down the frost in his soul. He regained his sound consciousness.

"It's true that I've made half a step into the Immortal Realm, but this half step isn't something you could deal with!" Spark shouted coldly. His eyes turned dark when the Incipient Extent like a picture of the world unfolded above his head. It was a world of darkness and chaos with mournful screeching and shrieking.

Right after that, people saw millions of skulls emerged from his Incipient Extent. Those skulls belonged to creatures from different races. All of them were ash-grey without any piece of skin remained. Their empty sockets had cold, dark flames.

Millions of skulls moved in the sky like the cold Yin lanterns. The screeching and screaming that the skulls were making attempted to swallow the evil thoughts in people's minds.

The insects flew out from Mu Wei's body flew in clouds and shadowed the sky. However, they were swallowed by skulls and then frozen by the flames in their empty sockets before they could reach Spark.

The cold Yin power that Spark had cultivated was the fusion of Yin Qi and the extremely cold energy. It was indeed special.

Although he had just made half a step into Immortal Realm, his power in this battle had surpassed Mu Wei's at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm.

The lightning bolts that Bai Ye Feng had struck out were dissolved easily. Spark's skulls piled up in the sky and created a massive ash-gray skull, which was made of millions of the small skulls. In the next moment, it opened its mouth and sucked the bolts of lightning, swallowing them all.

The colossal skulls floated in the world above Spark's head. Its empty sockets with the sparkling dark flames gazed at Shi Yan.

A sinister thought that frightened the soul shot out from the skull's eyes and aimed at Shi Yan's host soul.

"The Void's Nine Layers!"

Shi Yan discolored slightly. He urged his power Upanishad, his God power circulating like electrical lights.

The void in front of him changed all of a sudden. It layered up in nine tiers. Nine blocks of space piled up and created a tenacious defense.

This secret spatial ability of the Space power Upanishad came from Bello. Using the God power to guide and pile the spatial blocks up to nine layers, he could have prevented all kind of visible and invisible attacks.

The evil thought from the skull above Spark's head thrusted into the spatial defense and created a sound like a sharp spear cutting the fabric tent. The nine layers of the void twisted and crushed like a sword cutting through white brocade sheets. The tearing sounds emerged when the void layers were cut through.


Spark hissed. He was astounded. He then pointed at his glabella.

A cold Yin river flowed out of his Incipient Extent. This river was refined from the Moon Sky River deep inside the universe. It had the Yin aura of the Moon, which was suitable for his state of mind and power Upanishad, providing him with endless magical powers.

The river then poured on the layers of the void. The cold aura could pierce through that tremendous defense quickly. It attempted to cover Shi Yan instantly.

Until this moment, Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng shot the next attacks and shouted, "Join us to counter him!"

Hearing them shouting, Wu Lie, Jiao Mu, and Sanji, the three experts at Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm couldn't think much but attack instinctively.

Wu Lie opened his mouth and spurted out a fireball. The core of his fireball was a dry sun, which was burning because of his power Upanishad and God power. The solar nucleus of the fireball flared up with light waves and attacked Spark.

The dry sun was also a sun. While its nucleus was spinning inside, it released heat waves, which then wore out the cold Yin power of the massive Skull in Spark's Incipient Extent.

Jiao Mu had wooden textiles on his body. A world towering ancient tree flew out of his Incipient Extent with the power of the endless forest. Its branches and leaves became vines that wound around the skull in the void.

Sanji cultivated Earth power Upanishad. A one hundred meters tall earth puppet arose from the ground of the mansion, which looked pretty similar to Sandji. Amazingly, it had life energy fluctuating from its body. The earth puppet roared then stormed toward Spark's body.

Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, Wu Lie, Jiao Mu, and Sanji were at Incipient God Realm. Mu Wei and Bai Ye Feng were at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm and the other three were at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. The five of them had joined hands to attack Spark and rose earth-shaking tremors that scared all the warriors staying in Black Iron City.

Spark had just made half a step into the Immortal Realm, so he wasn't really an Immortal Realm expert, even though his soul thought so.

However, with the cooperation of the other five experts, Spark stood still. The millions of skulls and Moon Sky River of his had dissolved their attacks. He still didn't look dispirited and he still had the energy to mock others. "The true meaning of the Immortal Realm is the origin of Time power Upanishad. Once you touch the threshold, you can return to the Origin of your power Upanishad. The marvelous abilities of this realm aren't something you can imagine."

He sneered, but he hadn't attacked Shi Yan yet. The cold Yin river was like a gray shadow emitting cold lights in his Incipient Extent. The lights then turned into Yin symbols that made them chilled to the bones and had the aura of living things.

"Divine power Upanishad!"

Lena looked amazed at the tower not far from the battle. She nodded and then said, "Spark is about to reach Immortal Realm. His Incipient Extent can create the life magnetic field, which only Immortal Realm experts can do. He now just needs a chance to transform his soul..."

Cecilia frowned and looked at Shi Yan who was temporarily safe because Spark had changed his target. She said worriedly. "Teacher, how are you compared to Spark?"

"We're at the same level," Lena answered casually, "I can't beat him up but he can't defeat me, either. Our competence is not very different."

"If Shi Yan meets fatal dangers later, teacher, you must help him. I think Shi Yan could know that man's whereabouts." Cecilia tried to convince her teacher.

Lena didn't react, her eyes cold and faint. "If the Bloodthirsty Force let him visit Black Iron City and stir up the wind here, I'm sure that they have some meticulous arrangement. I don't think that there's a member of their force in this city. Don't worry. He's Bloodthirsty's successor; he won't be killed easily. Just wait and watch."

"I hope so," Cecilia said bitterly.

Spark used his own power to fight with five Ethereal God Realm experts, and he didn't fall into the lower hand. At the moment, he didn't aim at Shi Yan but control the millions of skulls in his Incipient Extent and the Yin river.

While fighting, he continuously looked in a specific direction as if he was waiting for something.

Shi Yan floated in the void and behind him were so many space slits weaving with each other. The outer space streamers and strong guts shot out of the cracks continuously.

Spark had a profound and unpredictable realm. He had understood the meaning of the Immortal Realm. If Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, and the others didn't join hands to protect him, Shi Yan could have never escaped.

Shi Yan had opened the space cracks behind him and let them standby. In case the situation didn't turn well, he was going to have to run away immediately.

At the gate of Black Iron City, Audrey had just gotten into the city. She was shocked, looking at the battle not far from her. "It's strange that some experts are fighting in Black Iron City."

Tsunami Star didn't forbid warriors from fighting individually, only for legions or fleets. Thus, the God Clan's fleet couldn't come here to have a bloody star war. However, the Tsunami Star couldn't interfere too much in individual fights as long as they didn't destroy the city structure or affect the planet.

Anyway, the battle over there had shaken the entire city. Those warriors didn't care about Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's regulations.

This surprised Audrey a lot.

"That's Elder Spark of the God Clan," the old Imperial Dark expert standing behind her snorted. He said, "It has been many years and I haven't seen him. I didn't expect that he would still be alive and healthy. Let's go there and check him out."

The old man and Audrey turned into a dark soul light and flashed to travel through thousands of miles in just a blink. They disregarded the Tsunami Chamber of Commerce's regulation too.

At the same time, another brilliant light was shooting towards the mansion. It was Haig, surprisingly.



The brilliant light shot over and a man wearing the beautiful armor of the God Clan appeared in the mansion. This man had wise and deep eyes.


Shi Yan hissed.

"Why you are late?" Spark asked impatiently and frowned, "Feng Jue said that this kid belongs to you. I hope you can seize this good chance. Just kill him. You don't need to care about others. I'll take care of them for you. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce doesn't dare to interfere with our God Clan's business, anyway!"

"Thank you, Elder," Haig bowed to him.

Spark waved his hand, "Do it."

Haig looked at Shi Yan, his eyes bright with an unrestrained, excited light. "You've reached Incipient God Realm. Good. Only defeating you when we have the equivalent competence wouldn't make me feel bad. When we fought each other on Desolate, I had to press my realm to stay in Ethereal God Realm. Today, I don't need to restrain myself for worry that Desolate would aim at me if my realm could break through. I want to see how long you can endure my power today!"

Haig was so enthusiastic. From the day he was confined, he had longed for this battle. He wanted to use Shi Yan's blood to wash his failure on the ancient continent.


"It's Haig! Turns out Spark was waiting for him!" Lena screamed in surprise. She closed her eyes to sense for a while. Immediately, she discolored in fright. "Haig's very powerful! The aura on his body is even stronger than Wu Lie's team."

"If Shi Yan has to fight with Haig only, Shi Yan will be the winner!" Cecilia pouted her lips. "As he could surprise Haig on the ancient continent, he could still do it again here."

"Haig's the future leader that the God Clan has spent efforts to nurture. His power Upanishad is magical. He's placid and smart. It's true that he could have reached the Incipient God Realm earlier. He had to press down his realm just to take the chance to go to the ancient continent. Today, he doesn't have such pressure. Haig isn't the Haig at that time. He doesn't have a knot in his heart anymore."

Lena said with a solemn face, "Shi Yan couldn't be his opponent in this battle."

"No! He will win!" Cecilia said stubbornly.

Lena was amazed. She smiled, shaking her head. She didn't comment more.

A soul light emerged on the opposite tower. Audrey and Gillette of the Imperial Dark Tribe appeared, watching the battle out there.