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It was an ordinary stone chamber.

"Don't let anyone disturb me," Shi Yan told Sha Zhao. Sha Zhao nodded and left the room without a question.

Among the group of Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and the Jiao brothers, Sha Zhao was the first one who had a conflict with Shi Yan. When they had just arrived at Desolate, they had fought some deadly battles. Sha Zhao used to hate Shi Yan a lot. At that time, he always wanted to kill Shi Yan.

After a series of incidents, they had to join hands to resist against the God Clan. When Sha Zhao had been in trouble several times, Shi Yan didn't care about their grudge to save him. Gradually, he had changed Sha Zhao's attitude towards him. When Shi Yan and Audrey had different opinions, Sha Zhao was the first one who decided to follow Shi Yan.

The friendship between Sha Zhao and Shi Yan had evolved from hatred. Thus, it was deeper than the relationships between Shi Yan and Wu Feng and Mo Fou. Sha Zhao had changed his mind not only because of Shi Yan's identity.

Sha Zhao left the room and then stood indifferently on the stone corridor, his face dark and glum.

He could see that Wu Lie and Jiao Mu were discontented because the Bloodthirsty Force didn't send an expert to the meeting. They were truly disappointed, though.

Hollow Fearsome Star Area wasn't in good condition now as the God Clan was invading them slowly with their power. The influence of the Gu God Sect in Hollow Fearsome Star Area was reduced. As time ticked by, many smaller forces in the star area had started favoring the God Clan.

If the Gu God Sect couldn't show their power and competence that was enough to counter the God Clan, more and more forces in their star area would have fallen into the God Clan's embrace.

The situations of the Wu family and the Jiao family weren't very different.

Sha Zhao was also anxious. He didn't care about the threat in his star area so he came to Tsunami Star discreetly. He understood that if they couldn't gather a force that could overturn the situation, the Gu God Sect's position in Hollow Fearsome Star Area was going to be shaken hard.

A gold-armored toxic bug buzzed and appeared in front of Sha Zhao. It silently changed and projected the face of the Gu God Sect's Great Elder Mu Wei. He looked at Sha Zhao and said darkly, "Did you find anything?"

Sha Zhao looked at Mu Wei's projection from the insect and frowned "Nothing."

"Our Gu God Sect's situation isn't good. We need reinforcements. You're the designated future Sect Master. I hope you will strive for the Gu God Sect!" Mu Wei's face disappeared. The gold-armor toxic bug buzzed and disappeared.

Sha Zhao wore a dark and glum face. He stood by the door of the stone chamber without talking. After a while, he snorted.

Mu Wei was the Great Elder of the Gu God Sect who he couldn't get along well. He had killed Mu Wei's disciple, the one who had the hope to replace him to be the new star of the Gu God Sect.

Because of this, there was always a barrier between Mu Wei and Sha Zhao. However, when they decided to help Agate Star Area, Mu Wei was so supportive. He looked even more hurried than Sha Zhao. The Sect Master was also surprised as he couldn't explain why Mu Wei was so enthusiastic about giving reinforcement to Agate Star Area since he had always opposed Sha Zhao's ideas.

Sha Zhao knew something was strange here. Mu Wei was the Great Elder of the Gu God Sect, but he was based year-round in the Underworld area in the West of Hollow Fearsome Star Area. The Underworld was a peculiarly cold area in Hollow Fearsome Star Area that even the Sect Master didn't know what hid in there.

Mu Wei used to cultivate for more than one hundred years in the Underworld. After he had reached Incipient God Realm and become an Elder, he had proactively asked to base in the West area.

That Far West Area was the most desolate area in the entire Hollow Fearsome Star Area. All the other elders were afraid of that tough land and only he had asked to stay there. The Gu God Sect's Master didn't have a clue. Since then, he had paid attention to that elder.

Gale who had a good relationship with Sha Zhao was assigned to watch over this. Gale had seized the chance when Mu Wei returned to the headquarters to visit the Underworld glacial valley. He had discovered a terrifying thing.

Deep in the bitter cold Underworld inside a glacier, he saw another Mu Wei!

Gale reported this to the Sect Master. However, the Sect Master had concealed this and forbidden Gale to tell anyone else. However, as Gale thought that Sha Zhao was going to step on a glorious peak and become the next Sect Master since he had survived the ancient continent, Gale bet everything on the young man. He had told him this secret.

"Mu Wei here and the Mu Wei in the glacier in the Underworld glacial valley... who is the real one? Who is the other one?" Sha Zhao mumbled to himself, his eyes dark and inexplicable.


The stone chamber.

The Blood Vein Ring flew out, glowing in a blood-red halo. It had dyed the entire room crimson. All of a sudden, it released a brutal aura.

"My Master's aura diffuses from that box," said the Ring Spirit.

After the Ring Spirit had collected its full memory, it didn't become closer to Shi Yan. Quite the contrary, it was quite distant to him. After its memory was complete, it had a powerful consciousness and thus, it concealed a lot of things from Shi Yan.

Many times when Shi Yan was in trouble, he had asked the Ring Spirit to explain his doubt and it didn't answer. The Ring Spirit seemed to be sealed as it didn't release a single beam of aura.

This time, when he touched the box that Tsunami Chamber of Commerce had delivered, the dormant Ring Spirit talked to him.

"Bloodthirsty's aura!"

Shi Yan was shaken hard. His hand holding the jade box quivered in thrill and curiosity.

Bloodthirsty was the Master of the Cortege of Eight and also the owner of the Blood Vein Ring. Ten thousand years ago, he was almost invincible in this universe. His appearance had directly restructured the sea of stars and changed the rule of the Four Great Creatures taking turns to control the world. He had made the experts of those forces betray their own kind to follow him. The Eight Great Inheritances imparted by Bloodthirsty had discolored the cosmos.

He was the main character of the modern time and the one who was worth the title of the First Expert of the world. That year, it cost the lives of countless experts of the God Clan who had joined hands with many supernatural experts and demons in the entire sea of stars to destroy him.

The rumors of that brute had been told in every strong force. It was truly a powerful force worthy of people talking about in this sea of stars. His name had freaked people out. Many old experts and monsters couldn't relax because of him. It had been many years but the God Clan's Elder Committee still had to have regular meetings because of this name.

He was the real overlord of the sea of stars.

Holding the jade box, Shi Yan's arm shivered. He took a deep breath to calm down and asked, "How to open it?"

"I'll do that," answered the Ring Spirit.

The bright blood light emitted from the ring and then condensed into a massive bloody hand, which had only three fingers. It didn't look like it was from any humanoid race but some monster. The blood hand grabbed the lid and waited for a few seconds.


The lid was lifted up.


The deadly brutal energy rocketed like a massive blood sea flooding everywhere. In that short moment, the thick murderous aura had created an enormous phantom of a Demogorgon right above the mansion.

All the experts on Tsunami Star had a strong vibe in their souls. Many Incipient God Realm experts became restlessly anxious. This fear was gone for years and now, it had just come back. From the far distance, they looked at Black Iron City. Their eyes were baffled and they also grimaced.

Inside the mansion, Mu Wei, Wu Lie, Jiao Mu, Bai Ye Feng, and Sanji were shivering. They were scared out of their wits as they were watching the blood phantom in the sky.

Inside the stone chamber, Shi Yan's face reddened as if he had many mountains pressing down on his back. He couldn't stand such force as he kneeled down on one knee.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The ground of this chamber exploded. Because of Shi Yan kneeling down, the entire mansion had to endure an earthquake. Many buildings and pavilions collapsed.

His crimson eyes gazed at the thing inside the box, his face so shocked.

It was a finger, a peculiar long finger. It was as long as a whole human arm and as big as a child's arm. This finger was dark blue with many exquisite and complex, archaic patterns that were exactly the same as the patterns on the Blood Vein Ring. There was a ring mark on a section of the finger, which was obviously created by wearing a ring for a long time.

This dark blue finger looked as if it was molded out of iron or steel. The finger emitted a brutal, earth-shaking aura. Looking at the finger, Shi Yan felt like he was watching an unceasing current of blood that could swarm and knock his soul altar down.

He couldn't even gather his thoughts to resist!

The blood light flashed once again as the Blood Vein Ring flew over and slid itself onto the finger. At that moment, the finger seemed to revive. The incredible energy was released with the auras of eight different powers Upanishads including Soul Control, Death, Corrosion, Dark, Chaos, Destruction, Despair, and Corpse Qi.

The ring mark on that dark blue finger was now covered by the Blood Vein Ring as if it was always there and had never left.

Waves of terrifying energy grumbled and became even fiercer. This kind of energy ran directly into people's souls. The experts in Black Iron City and in the entire Tsunami Star were affected. They felt like a creepy demon was watching them. Everybody was freaked out.

Mu Wei, Bai Ye Feng, and Wu Lie stayed inside the mansion. They had blood oozing out from their mouths and nostrils. They paled as they had to bear an incredible pressure.

Shi Yan was kneeling on one knee, one hand holding the jade box. Blood trickled from his mouth. He found that the connection between him and the Ring Spirit was cut off as soon as it slid on that finger.

He was so terrified. Pondering for seconds, he closed the lid of the box without a bit of hesitation.

An earth-shaking murderous aura flooded his head when he touched the lid. It stormed into his soul altar and attempted to take the black hole there to the lid of the box.

It terrified him furthermore. Shi Yan gathered his spirit, soul, and Qi, making a hand to grab the black hole and pull it back. His other hand holding the jade box released it. When he didn't contact the box directly, the energy that had invaded his soul disappeared.

At that moment, the earth-shaking murderous aura above Black Iron City vanished into thin air.

Wu Lie, Mu Wei, and the others weren't put under pressure anymore. With a pale face, they sat cross-legged on the ground and hurried to use the pellets to treat their soul altar. Although they grimaced, they didn't hurry to ask Shi Yan what had just happened.

The stone chamber was now a ruin of rock. Shi Yan looked at the jade box on a pile of rock, his complexion changing.

The Ring Spirit left his finger and slid itself on that dark blue finger. It had cut off the connection with him too. A series of actions happened too fast he couldn't react. Looking at the jade box, Shi Yan felt cold inwardly.

He observed the jade box and kept silent for a long time. In the end, he waved his hand to put the box into his Fantasy Sky Ring.