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1237 A Small Jade Box

In front of the mansion, Bai Ye Feng, Jiao Mu, and Mu Wei welcomed the manager of the Black Iron, Tie Dun.

This mansion was one hundred mu wide with manmade mountains, pavilions, and bridges over small streams. The internal roads were graveled elegantly.

Tie Dun walked with Bai Ye Feng deep inside the mansion. Standing by a small rockery, he smiled and talked to Bai Ye Feng, "This time, you've been so discreet when you come to Black Iron City. You almost got me."

Bai Ye Feng and Tie Dun were friends. Bai Ye Feng had done business with Black Iron City on behalf of Black River Star Area for hundreds of years. He had bought many weapons, battleships, and armor from Tsunami Chamber of Commerce to increase the competence of Black River Star Area. Tie Dun was the Branch Manager in Black Iron City. He had personally handled Bai Ye Feng's business every time he came.

Great Elder Mu Wei of the Gu God Sect and Jiao Mu of the Jiao family weren't friends with Tie Dun. Their long-term partner wasn't Black Iron City. They were partnered with other cities on this Tsunami Star.

Tie Dun had only First Sky of Incipient God Realm and he cultivated Wind power Upanishad. His line of sight glided pass Mu Wei and Jiao Mu, his eyes strange.

"Brother, why did you pay me a visit this time?" Bai Ye Feng pondered for a while and then directly talked about the matter.

The guards behind Tie Dun had left already. Even Sha Zhao and Wu Feng weren't qualified to come to this place. Tie Dun spoke with a smile, "My superior asked me to deliver an item."

Bai Ye Feng was astounded.

Tie Dun looked serious when he took a deep breath and carefully took out a small jade box from his sleeve. The jade box glowed in a dim halo with a refreshing aroma. This kind of aroma could refresh and calm down people's minds.

"Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade!"

Mu Wei of the Gu God Sect hissed as he looked dumbstruck.

"It's true. This jade box is made of Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade," Tie Dun said with a smile.

Bai Ye Feng, Jiao Mu, and Mu Wei were surprised. They focused on the jade box created by the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade.

Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade was an Original Incipient Grade material. In this vast universe, this could only be produced in a remote place in Heavenly Fragrant Star Area.

This jade called Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade was the top precious treasure of Heavenly Fragrant Star Area.

Because of this jade, Heavenly Fragrant Star Area had changed its owner several times. Currently, the God Clan held onto it.

Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade was precious with magical effects. When people who cultivated power Upanishad held a piece of this jade in their hands, they could ensure their sound minds and placid souls. This jade protected their spirit and soul.

A small piece of Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade could be used several times. With this jade in their hands, they could ensure their chance of a smooth breakthrough.

This kind of Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade was precious in the forces and races around the major star areas. Even the leaders of the big forces couldn't have this kind of jade.

Besides the tranquilizing function, the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade could be used to preserve items that would never rot.

"Who should I deliver it to?" Bai Ye Feng couldn't read Tie Dun's mind. Instinctively, he rose his hand to receive the jade box.

When Tie Dun was about to hand the jade box to Bai Ye Feng, he suddenly paused and gazed at him, "To the one you are waiting for."

Bai Ye Feng was surprised. Mu Wei and Jiao Mu were astounded. Then, all of them turned solemn and looked at Tie Dun.

"Don't ask me why. My superior asked me to do that. My superior also advised that only that man is eligible to open this box." Tie Dun smiled and put the jade box into Bai Ye Feng's hand. "So, please help me, Bai ge."

Bai Ye Feng was dumbstruck and he frowned deeply.

"Yeah, that's all for today. I'm not going to bother you guys anymore." Tie Dun nodded to greet them. "No need to see me off."

He walked out directly. After he gathered his guards, they all left the mansion. They had baffled the others when they came and even when they left.

Bai Ye Feng held the jade box. He was filled with surprise. He didn't say anything after pondering for a long time.

Mu Wei and Jiao Mu eyed the jade box, their faces odd.

"Tsunami Chamber of Commerce often does weird stuff. I can't understand anything!" Wu Lie of the Wu family was fierce. He couldn't help but shout and then snatch the box. He mumbled, "I want to see what's so precious. He said we weren't qualified to see it! Hmm!"

Bai Ye Feng was still absorbed in his thought. He couldn't react when Wu Lie suddenly seized the box from his hand. He then saw Wu Lie open the lid.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

Wu Lie suddenly backed off three steps. The stone ground under his foot exploded and collapsed. Three waves of tremors expanded to the entire mansion. The pavilions around him collapsed.

He was so frightened. Fear arose deep in his eyes. He bewilderedly looked at the jade box on the ground, his heart beating frantically.

Mu Wei, Jiao Mu, and Bai Ye Feng were so frightened. They looked at the small jade box on the ground with fear. They then observed Wu Lie trying to conceal the shock in his heart.

Wu Lie had Second Sky of Incipient God Realm cultivation base and he had ascetically cultivated Space power Upanishad. He was a famous warrior of the Wu family. At his realm, it surprisingly took a lot of efforts to open that jade box.

"Wu Lie, what happened?" asked Bai Ye Feng sternly.

Wu Lie was aghast. He took a deep breath and then looked at the jade box in fear. "When I was about to open it, a terrifying force had struck my soul altar and almost exploded it!"

Hearing him, people grimaced. They felt worried when looking at the small jade box.

The soul altar was the root and life of a warrior. When it shattered, the warrior's soul perished altogether. At Second Sky of Incipient God Realm, Wu Lie's soul altar had almost broken. What did that box contain?

Bai Ye Feng's countenance changed unusually. He hesitated for a while and then gingerly covered the piece of rock with the jade on it. He put it on the meeting hall and said solemnly, "Tie Dun gave us this item and asked us to deliver it to Shi Yan. We should just give it to him then. Guys, don't touch it."

People nodded with a forced smile.


Headquarters of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, Black Iron City.

The cities of Tsunami Star didn't have city masters. Tsunami Chamber of Commerce assigned their staff to manage the cities because this entire star belonged to them. The Chamber of Commerce had built all those cities. Thus, the Headquarters of Tsunami Chamber of Commerce in each city was actually the City Master's Palace.

After Tie Dun had bit farewell to Bai Ye Feng, he didn't stop along the way. Leaving his guards behind, his figure flashed and returned to the Headquarters directly.

He entered the secret underground chamber, which was so spacious. Standing in the middle of the room was a massive vertical mirror.

A gold light emerged in the middle of Tie Dun's forehead, shining directly on that mirror. The reflection in the mirror changed. A changing shadow slowly emerged in the mirror. However, it continuously twisted and people couldn't see its appearance clearly.

"I delivered the box to Bai Ye Feng of Black River star area," reported Tie Dun, his face respectful as he bowed.

"Yeah, follow them. Once you spot something unusual, report it to me immediately," a husky male voice came from the mirror.

"Yes, Sir," Tie Dun replied.

The energy fluctuating in the mirror disappeared. Everything resumed. Tie Dun furrowed his brows and he mumbled, "What's in that box?"

Then, he coughed terribly as he had to take out a longan-sized pellet and swallowed it. His face looked malicious at this moment.

Just like Wu Lie, he couldn't control his curiosity when he had just received the box. He opened it to see what it held. His situation was even worse than Wu Lie's: Both of his hands were almost broken. If he wasn't the Manager of Chamber of Commerce and had many precious pellets, his hands would have been disabled.

As he was at First Sky of Incipient God Realm, he wasn't as strong as Wu Lie. Thus, his wounds were much more severe.

"The item that the President wanted to give to the Bloodthirsty Force's successor isn't ordinary at all!"

Tie Dun took a deep breath. Although he had fear in his eyes, he hesitated before making up his mind. He activated the mirror once again.

The magical light flashed from the mirror. Not long after that, the mirror showed a senile face. Tie Dun's face brightened. He said respectfully, "Elder Feng Jue."

Surprisingly, the man shown in the mirror was Elder Feng Jue of the God Clan's Elder Committee who held supreme power in the God Clan.

"You must have something if you called me. Tell me, what business is it?" Feng Jue squinted. "As long as the intelligence you provide is precious enough like the previous times, I won't mistreat you."

"The President asked me to deliver a jade box to the Bloodthirsty Force's successor. That box is made of the Heavenly Fragrant Soul Soothing Jade. It's so strange. When I attempted to open the box, I got struck by a malicious energy. Both of my hands were almost disabled."

Tie Dun pondered and then provided Feng June the intelligence.

He had done the same for many years. Through a discreet business with the God Clan, he had collected a huge fortune. He had made many business deals with the God Clan in Tsunami Chamber of Commerce, but his sneaky activities hadn't been figured out yet.

Feng Jue's squinted eyes flared up with a strange divine light while listening to the Tie Dun. He contemplated for a while and then promised Tie Dun, "I'll send my men to hand you the item you want. It should be enough for you to reach Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. You keep watching them for me."

"Alright," Tie Dun agreed immediately.


Ancient God Shrine, Ancient God Continent.

Feng Jue was sitting cross-legged by a statue. He opened his eyes, his face grave.

The other members of the Elder Committees frowned and looked at him when they saw him awake.

Feng Jue pondered for a while and then talked to Spark, "Spark, go to Tsunami Star now."

Spark threw him a glance and then stooped. "I have no time."

Feng Jue frowned and said, "Perhaps we got a clue to find the thing we have been looking for for so many years..."

Spark's eyes brightened until they became dazzling. "Is it true?" he hissed.

Feng Jue nodded.

Spark stood up and spoke nonchalantly, "Alright, I'm heading there."

"Don't attack the Bloodthirsty Force's successor. He's for Haig. Only overcoming him can help Haig inherit our clan prestige and ruling power. He has to do that himself. No one should help him," reminded Feng Jue.

Spark snorted. He didn't say he agreed or objected it. After a light sway, he disappeared.

Seeing Spark leave, Feng Jue closed his eyes once again. Shortly after, he became like a statue without a soul and it was like he stopped breathing.