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Shi Yan's eyes were bright as he beamed at the people in the room.

Shi Jian was still hot-tempered. He was frank, tough, and eager to learn new things. He wasn't satisfied that the Shi family had lower realms than the Yang family. Although he knew it was because of the innate talents, he was still persistent. Despite many failures, he was still very determined.

The Shis and the Yangs lived together in the City Master's building. They lived in harmony as if they were actually one body.

The Yang family had never compared themselves to the Shi family and they didn't consider the Shis as outsiders. The young generations of the two families were sworn brothers and sisters. Shi Jian and Yang Feng often drank with each other. In conclusion, their relationship was really good.

Anyway, Shi Jian just didn't want the juniors to be lazy.

Because this area was Agate Star Area with many experts.

Because this area was Devil Blood Star. It wasn't their homeland.

Their vision was widened when they came to Agate Star Area. Now, they knew how vast this universe was and how many countless intimidating experts there were. Now, they knew that they were small and weak...

Because of Shi Yan's dazzling and outstanding talents, and because Shi Yan was from the Shi family, Shi Jian was never going to let the Shis dirty his fame. Thus, he had always been tough and persistent. He thought that he and the Shi family's younger generation could do better to help Shi Yan in the future.

Also, it was because Shi Jian felt that he had become powerless. He didn't want to become a burden or a fragile object to be protected.

To this old man with a high self-esteem, it was humiliating that he couldn't help his grandchildren fight and even required their protection.

"Nah, I always missed grandpa. When I came back, you were the first one I remembered," Shi Yan hurried to comfort him.

Shi Yan knew that Shi Jian was the one who had the biggest influence on him. Yang Tian Emperor couldn't compare to him.

When he was with the Shi family, Shi Jian had taken care of him all the time. Although he looked strict, he had carefully protected him...

"Why did you disappear after that battle? How is your body? Did you get hurt?" Shi Jian suddenly remembered that detail, so he arched his brow and asked, "Where did you go?"

"I returned to our homeland. I went back to the Merchant Union, Sky Meteor City, and our Shi family." Shi Yan looked absorbed in his memories. "Everything in Sky Meteor City is the same. But today, the Shi family is just a legend in that city. Our house is still there under thick layers of dust..."

He had visited Sky Meteor City and the Shi family's building in the corner of Sky Meteor City. Things hadn't changed much.

It was because the legend of the Shi family was still told in that city.

The legend of his performance in Sky Meteor City when the Shi family subdued the Bei Ming family had become the hot topic for the warriors there to discuss. A long, long time ago, the entire Shi family and Zuo family had moved to the Endless Sea and their houses became empty.

However, the forces in Sky Meteor City didn't dare to seize the buildings of the Shi and the Zuo families.

"You went back to our homeland?" Shi Jian was surprised.

Shi Tian Luo and Han Feng were so astounded. Homeland... It meant crossing star areas. But their homeland was exhausted now. Although they were nostalgic, no one had thought of returning and cultivating in their own homes. When they left that year, the energy in their homeland was so diluted that it wasn't suitable for them to cultivate anymore.

Without rich earth and heaven energy, the mines didn't have divine crystals and the land didn't grow spirit grass and herbs. Without those magical things, the warriors couldn't comprehend their powers deeper.

It was the reason they had to leave their homeland.

"Yeah, I had returned to our homeland. We... It's time to go home," said Shi Yan.

Everybody looked baffled.

"It's different from the time we left. You will understand when you come back home," Shi Yan had an affectionate tone in his voice.

When they were still in Grace Mainland that year, he absolutely wanted to leave. He had come to Raging Flame Star Area with Bao Ao and Jie Ji, struggling to survive. He had risked his life many times just to have a life star so he could deliver his family from the homeland. After that, they could continue to cultivate. Grace Mainland's condition couldn't bother them anymore.

The warrior's longevity was related to his realm. If they stayed in Grace Mainland, their realms couldn't break through quickly so one day, they would have naturally died.

Mu Yu Die was in this situation. Since her realm was stuck, her longevity was limited. Although she had energy in her body, her life magnetic field was slowly drained and she was getting weaker. Eventually, she had to return to nothingness.

Every time a warrior broke through to the new realm, besides the transformation of his body, his soul and life magnetic field would enhance altogether.

Only continuous breakthroughs gave them eternal youth and allowed them to maintain their life magnetic fields.

Shi Yan had experienced all kinds of hardship to move his families to Agate Star Area and build Divine Land City in Devil Blood Star so they could have new homes and cultivate.

But from today, everything was about to come to the starting point one more time. He wanted to bring his families back to Grace Mainland. Thinking about all the things that had happened, Shi Yan thought it was a dream.

Shi Jian, Han Feng, and the others were filled with surprise. They didn't know what he meant so they tried to find hints from his face.

"Finally, you're back!"

Blood Devil's voice came from outside. Shi Yan couldn't hear many people breathing. They didn't know for how long the experts on Devil Blood Star had gathered here.

Shi Yan chuckled and said to Shi Jian, "We should go out to talk."

Many people were in the City Master's building of Divine Land City. Blood Devil, Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, Yang Tian Emperor, Leona, Fei Lan, Ka Tuo, Xia Xin Yan, Zi Yao, and others had packed the place and were looking at him.

Shi Yan didn't conceal his aura when he got back through the teleport formation by the blood pond. Naturally, his whereabouts were reported.

Shadows gathered in the place. They had different expressions. Some looked happy and some looked thrilled. They looked at Shi Yan as he was the only character here.

"Oh yes, I'm back," Shi Yan beamed.

Although the danger in Agate Star Area had been temporarily avoided, many forces still stayed on this planet. Some forces had left: the forces that didn't belong to the Potion and Tool Pavilion's union.

Feng Han, Lin Xin, and their forces that had a close relationship decided to stay in Devil Blood Star for the time being. They wanted to observe further. After they could confirm the situation of the universe, they were going to leave.

The God Clan had terrified them.

Yan Chi, Jing Yu Wan, and the other clans and forces had left Devil Blood Star, but they didn't dare to stay far away. They decided to stay on the life stars close to Devil Blood Star. They maintained the connection with Devil Blood Star to counter the surprising danger.

"Congratulations!" Fu Wei said gently.

"Congratulations!" "Congratulations!"

Feng Han, Lin Xin, and many other experts congratulated him, their faces joyful and thrilled.

Xia Xin Yan, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao were there too. They beamed and touched people's hearts. Their beautiful eyes had different meanings.

When Shi Yan had entered Divine Land City, many warriors were shocked because of the surging blood Qi and energy in his body. They had reached an incredible level.

People understood that he had advanced further in his realm. Now, he had entered a whole new world: Incipient God Realm.

It was true.

Grace Mainland had drifted through the space slits for a long time to arrive in Agate Star Area. During that time, Shi Yan's soul altar had sublimated and his Ethereal Extent had upgraded to the Incipient Extent. He had reached First Sky of Incipient God Realm and became a new star in this vast sea of stars.

No one could overwhelm his light.

"I want to move Divine Land City to Grace Mainland. This time... I've brought the ancient continent here," Shi Yan turned to Blood Devil.

Blood Devil was shocked. He couldn't believe that. He studied Shi Yan and then nodded slowly.

He was one of a few people who knew the secret of the ancient continent. Even Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin didn't know that. Yang Tian Emperor was the only one Shi Yan had told the ancient continent's secret. Bringing the entire ancient continent and crossing many star areas to reach here... how big was this megastructure?

Blood Devil took a deep breath to calm down.

"Great Grandpa, Grandpa, please ask the people in the city to leave for a while. This city should be relocated to Grace Mainland," requested Shi Yan.

Yang Tian Emperor and Shi Jian couldn't hide the thrill in their eyes. They studied Shi Yan with complicated looks for a while and then flew away to spread out the order.

"Nah, you don't need to do such laborious work." Blood Devil screamed and then spurt out a blood light. That blood light then condensed in the sky of the Divine Land City and turned it into a giant phantom.

That phantom towered the entire city. It had an intimidating energy fluctuation too. The phantom then thundered, its voice reverberating. "All citizens in the Divine Land should move out of the city for a while. Shi Yan wants to arrange a massive formation. Please cooperate with him!"

Hearing the name Shi Yan, screaming and cheering arose from each corner of Divine Land City. The residents of the city got out of their cultivating places, flooding the streets and shouting excitedly.

This name was an immortal legend in Divine Land City.

The people living in Divine Land City came from the clans and races from Grace Mainland including the Cao family, the Three God Sect, the Yin and Yang Wonderland, the Corpse God Sect of the Endless Sea, the Radiant God Cult of Divine Great Land, the members of the Human Clan, Monster Clan, and Dark Clan from the Perpetual Night Forest. Some of those clans used to have conflicts and resentment against Shi Yan.

However, when Grace Mainland was running out of earth and heaven energy, and when they were the most desperate, Shi Yan appeared.

He had brought them through countless star areas to reach this place. It was the grace that people had carved in their hearts. They never forgot his favor to them.

In Divine Land City, the name Shi Yan was legendary. He was a legend that everybody respected.

Thus, hearing that Shi Yan had returned to Divine Land City and wanted to use the city to arrange a formation, people were willing to help him. They urged their subordinates to leave the city. No one felt discontented.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness raked through the city. He could sense the life energy leaving the city orderly. They were chanting his name too. Shi Yan felt warm inwardly.

He suddenly recognized that his years of effort weren't wasted.