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1227 Create the Miracle!

After a long time, Shi Yan suddenly woke up.

The cracks on his soul altar had closed a long time ago. Today, his three powers Upanishads were complete, but he still needed a little more to enter Incipient God Realm.

Cultivating in Grace Mainland for years had given him a deeper level of knowledge of the Death and Life power Upanishad. He had advanced this combined power Upanishad, which gave him the chance to break through to the next realm.

However, to break through to Incipient God Realm, he needed abundant earth and heaven energy to make his Ethereal Extent evolve to the Incipient Extent.

He left the Demon Area. After a flash, he arrived at the center of Grace Mainland and entered the Chasm Battlefield that he had escaped that year. He went there and went deep underground.

Tens of thousands of miles underground, Shi Yan's co-soul and the Genesis Fruit had been fusing inside a massive crystal.

That crystal contained lethal earth and heaven formations that were naturally built with invincible power.

If it were someone else intruding the place, even if he was at the Immortal Realm, he wouldn't be able to endure the attack from those formations that were created by Grace Mainland's Origin. Unless the ancient continent was destroyed, those lethal deathtraps and formations were never going to vanish.

However, Shi Yan could move freely underground and go deeper into the earth core to reach the crystal that contained the co-soul.

In other words, because his soul had fused with Grace Mainland, he was Grace Mainland. Each leaf of grass, river, and mountain on this continent was part of his co-soul.

Descended by the crystal, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged. The soul altar emerged from his head, his host soul dancing restlessly.

The brilliant, galaxy-like Ethereal Extent opened little by little and then covered his soul altar. The co-soul inside the crystal was like a dancing flame. It had the same aura as the host soul. However, it had the impression of something very ancient and experienced.

Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent had many stars twinkling in the sky. The suns and moons appeared altogether. It had light and life as if it was a real world.

Shi Yan drew the aura from the Genesis Fruit and took it to quench his body and clean his veins and soul altar. It changed his Ethereal Extent accordingly.

Then, his pulse changed as he suddenly understood something.

When he condensed the earth and heaven energy to finish his transformation, he had a magical feeling that he could move Grace Mainland as he pleased.

It would be like Desolate, the ancient continent that never stopped moving.

As soon as this thought popped up in his head, he tried to think about moving the entire planet.

Amazingly, Grace Mainland began to move!

Shi Yan was astounded. This ancient continent was drifting in the dark universe at a stable and fast speed!

Shi Yan was absorbed in this marvelous experience...

The host soul in his soul altar and the co-soul in the crystal glowed marvelously. They transmitted a soul energy fluctuation that matched with the ancient continent. Their energy had a mysterious power that seemed to be able to change the ancient continent.

Grace Mainland was in a very remote area in the universe that was far away from other star areas as if it was abandoned there.

And it happened that way.

The Heavenly Monster Tribe used to suffer terrible defeats. To prevent their race from coming to an end when others attacked their ancestral star, the ancestors of Heavenly Monster Tribe had moved Grace Mainland away at any cost. They had sealed the star and delivered it to a desolate area. There was no other life star or warrior lived in this area. Thus, no one was going to rediscover it here.

And today, Grace Mainland in this dark and isolate area began to move...

A magical space energy arose from inside the planet and entered the clouds of the atmosphere. Right after that, a massive space crack opened. That space crack was like a massive mouth with many brilliant outer space streamers and the endless dangers.

Grace Mainland flew into the space crack and soared like a shuttle through spaces, heading to an unknown destination.

All of a sudden, ordinary humans and warriors living on Grace Mainland recognized a terrifying phenomenon.

The sky didn't have the sun, moon, and stars anymore. The entire world became dark. From time to time, they saw meteors shoot over their heads, flash, and then disappear with formidable energy.

Each ordinary human living on Grace Mainland recognized the danger. This change of earth and heaven had terrified them.

The warriors were also aghast. However, they found out that the earth and heaven energy on Grace Mainland didn't decrease due to this phenomenon. Quite the contrary, the earth and heaven energy on this continent was still increasing. It became thicker day by day that made the warriors jump up and cheer in joy to give thanks for the favor from the sky.

However, the world was now dimly lit as the sun, moon, and stars had disappeared. They still felt worried.

Fear hung above their heads. They couldn't ease their minds even when they were cultivating. The leaders of many clans gathered and discussed. They wanted to know what was happening to this planet.

Unfortunately, no one could tell what was going on.


Monster Dragon Star.

Azure Dragon and the four monsters had left. Ghost Hunter was now lying in the valley in his true form. He still had many lightning beams moving on his body.

As time ticked by, the lightning crawling on his body disappeared slowly. Ghost Hunter didn't change his position and was still trying to refine the blood that he had just received. He felt stronger after every second.

He didn't know Azure Dragon. He only knew that Azure Dragon had applied the Blood Sacrifice of Heavenly Monster Tribe on him, which had boosted him from level 12 to the early phase of level 13. He was now as strong as a First Sky of Incipient God Realm. All of this was because of the blood he had received: the five drops of blood.

He had received the inheritance of the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range, so he knew what the Blood Sacrifice was. He also knew that man was a precursor of Heavenly Monster Tribe.

He was struck by awe.

Because the Heavenly Monster Tribe of the Monster Clan was born in the immemorial time, Azure Dragon must have lived for one hundred thousand years or even longer.

Ghost Hunter admired Azure Dragon a lot since he was an ancient figure that had lived for so long. He wondered how strong Azure Dragon was.

As the five drops of blood had merged into his body entirely, his monster body became much stronger. He knew that the ancestor of Heavenly Monster Tribe cared about him. He didn't know why this opportunity came to him, but he knew he should grip it tightly and make himself stronger.


At a corner of Monster Dragon Star, Cang Yun's round face showed that he was upset. He looked at an elder and asked, "Elder Tian Yin, why... has the Holy Ancestor not carried out the Blood Sacrifice for me?"

Tian Yin had a close relation to Cang Yun. Cang Yun saw Azure Dragon disappear with the four elders, but only the four elders came back and stayed in Monster Dragon Star. Azure Dragon didn't reappear. Cang Yun found it suspicious.

"Well, Holy Ancestor has just woken up. I think his power hasn't recovered yet. After he gets better, of course, he will carry out the Blood Sacrifice for you." Tian Yin wore a heavy face and begrudgingly told lies.

He knew Cang Yun's characteristics, so he was afraid that Cang Yun would have his mentality distorted when he knew the truth, which would make him do something harmful to the tribe. Thus, he had to conceal this.

"Elder Tian Yin, your power seems to have decreased a lot too. What happened when you guys left with Holy Ancestor lately?" Cang Yun was a little sensitive.

"Holy Ancestor didn't have enough power, so we had to use the secret technique of our tribe to create a formation to boost him up with some power from us," Tian Yin sighed discreetly.

Cang Yun frowned, nodded skeptically, but he didn't pry furthermore. 

However, he had a knot in his heart.


Devil Blood Star.

Zuo Shi was cultivating in the Zuo family's manor in Divine Land City. She was making quick progress. Surprisingly, she had almost reached Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm now.

Today, she was still cultivating earnestly that she had almost forgotten herself.

Azure Dragon, the Heavenly Monster Tribe's Holy Ancestor, suddenly appeared in the chamber where she was cultivating. It was like a shadow turning into something real.

Zuo Shi was cultivating so she didn't recognize Azure Dragon's appearance. She was immersed in her magical realm.

Deep in Azure Dragon's eyes were his old memory. He eyed Zuo Shi, his face loving. He thought, "I can't believe this little girl has the blood of the Black Tortoise. She's the descendant of the Black Tortoise. Haha, he finally has a successor. Hmm, it's too bad that she has the human body. Should I trigger the power of her blood so she will become a real member of our Heavenly Monster Tribe?"

He kept silent, thinking and hesitating.

Zuo Shi's case and Shi Yan's case were similar. They had human bodies with Immortal Demon blood and Heavenly Monster blood. On the day Shi Yan had completed his blood replacement, he had officially become the Immortal Demon warrior. The blood running in his veins was all Immortal Demon Blood.

However, the Immortal Demon warriors were like Human warriors. They used the soul altar to cultivate, which was different from Monster warriors who had only the monster soul and cultivated their monster bodies to level up.

Shi Yan and Zuo Shi were different from each other because of this feature.

Azure Dragon was hesitant because he wasn't sure if he would break Zuo Shi's soul altar after he had triggered the Black Tortoise's blood in her body.

It would affect her realm and cultivation base terribly.

And now, although Zuo Shi couldn't create the monster body, she had the power and the blood from Black Tortoise that had cleared all obstacles and the bottleneck in her cultivating progress. She could almost increase her power unlimitedly.

She could be deemed the hybrid between Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Human Clan. Just like Ghost Hunter, she was a different race.

Azure Dragon found her when his soul covered the surrounding stars. He was astounded. First, he found Ghost Hunter, a member of his new race. Then, he found Zuo Shi, the warrior who had the Black Tortoise's inheritance but she hadn't had a monster body yet. She still used her human body.

Azure Dragon thought that the Mighty Heaven had really cared about the Heavenly Monster Tribe as he continuously got surprised. He was so happy to see his clan thriving after he had woken up.

"Nah, I'll just try. Let's see what God wants." He pondered for a long time and then decided to trigger the Black Tortoise's blood in Zuo Shi's body. He wanted to see the miracle that God had given his clan.

Azure Dragon opened his mouth to spurt out a blue lightning ball. It then covered Zuo Shi's body and emitted lightning bolts to stimulate the Black Tortoise's blood in her body.

Azure Dragon became weaker one more time. He paled and forced a smile.

Half a month later, the Human blood in Zuo Shi's body was gone. It was replaced by the Black Tortoise's blood.

Zuo Shi had entered Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm instantly.

When the Black Tortoise's blood filled her body, a strange tortoise shell appeared on her back after a bizarre explosion. Now, she had the aura of the primal, chaotic time of the world, which had rocketed her overall power.

She still had a human body, but the blood Qi and power in her God body were similar to the Heavenly Monster Tribe's. Her soul altar wasn't broken. It had a marvelous change instead: her host soul had turned into a monster soul!