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1214 Mutant Bloodline

Ghost Hunter had monstrous, sinister eyes as he emerged from the dark cave. He was stunned and he screamed, "Master!"

He was bothered when he was cultivating deep in the cave. He could feel a terrifying energy fluctuation outside his cave. He couldn't hold on his anger and he roared. He lifted the barrier to see who dared to disturb his cultivation to punish him badly. He couldn't believe that it was Shi Yan, his master, who had disappeared for a long time.

Recently, every time he was absorbed in his cultivation, he felt like it was a dream. He could feel the force or a voice from the Untold World guiding him to the peak of power.

Ghost Hunter had received the most ancient inheritance of the Monster Clan from Heavenly Monster mountain range...

That year, when he was in between the hand-like mountains of Monster Clan, a strange light had shone over him and carved many magical techniques in his head. His bones and veins had changed marvelously. Right after that, he appeared in Shadow Ghostly Prison.

He had struggled for many years to survive as he fought Dark Shadow Clan in Shadow Ghostly Prison. His realm and power had upgraded quickly and his understanding of the Monster Clan's inheritance got deeper.

He was getting stronger day after day.

But it was different from before. His power was growing more rapidly!

Recently, he felt like he was guided and protected by an unseen Deity. Whenever he cultivated, he could take in and condense dozens of times more energy. His understanding of power became more profound.

He didn't know what was going on, but he knew that he had to make use of this period. He had to maximize his competence. Thus, he trained whether it was day or night. He denied to join any activity and he had even neglected Gu Te's summon.

He had asked the guards to take care of his cave and to not let anybody come close.

Thus, when Shi Yan's aura emerged, Ghost Hunter was awakened from his magical realm. He was so angry that his face turned purple.

"What realm are you at today?" Shi Yan was surprised. After a while, he managed to ask.

He was also shocked.

He couldn't believe that the strange warrior whose blood was even purer than Zuo Shi's was Ghost Hunter!

The truth was beyond his estimation.

He suddenly remembered Ghost Hunter's profile.

Ghost Hunter was a hybrid between Heavenly Ghost of the Seven-layered Underworld and Hunter Dragon of Demon Area. Hunter Dragon was a Dark monster and Heavenly Ghost was a Demon monster, so they were both members of the Monster Clan. However, Dark monsters and Demon monsters were different from other monsters. Dark monsters used Dark Qi to cultivate while Demon monsters used earth and heaven energy to cultivate.

The Dark monster Heavenly Ghost and the Demon monster Hunter Dragon were from the Monster Clan, so their child should have been a member of the Monster Clan too. But why was Ghost Hunter's blood stronger than Zuo Shi's?

Zuo Shi had the blood of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise!

Shi Yan frowned and pondered for a while. He was shocked!


Mutants in a bloodline had remained the most mysterious phenomenon in any race. No one could decode it.

Typically, the children of two ordinary races were ordinary. However, there were still some exceptions. When two ordinary races combined, their children could possibly become powerful. This was a blood mutant, the most mysterious occurrence in this cosmos.

Ghost Hunter's mutant could be not simple at all.

Since the Heavenly Ghost was the strongest Dark monster in the Underworld and the Hunter Dragon was the overlord of the Demon monsters, and their child had now received the inheritance of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, Shi Yan thought that no one could explain the mutant that Ghost Hunter was.

However, Shi Yan could confirm one thing: Ghost Hunter had received great benefits from the change of Grace Mainland!

Ghost Hunter's answer had confirmed Shi Yan's assumption. "According to the power ranking of the Monster Clan, I should be at the peak of level 12, which is equal to Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm of other races."

Shi Yan was surprised.

"Recently, did you feel anything special about your cultivating progress?" Shi Yan pulled himself together and then asked.

"Yes! My cultivation has become better. My power is increasing without any obstacle. I can feel a change every day. The inheritance from the Heavenly Monster mountain range has gradually fused with my soul and body. I know that I'm getting stronger every day, but I don't know why," said Ghost Hunter.

Shi Yan nodded quietly.

He could only guess one thing. Heavenly Ghost and Hunter Dragon were monsters living in the space cracks of Grace Mainland. Perhaps these two had the pure blood from Heavenly Monster Tribe. When they gave birth to Ghost Hunter, his blood was even more perfect than the Holy Beast Black Tortoise's blood!

What did it mean?

All of a sudden, Shi Yan's heart beat frantically.

If... If it developed this way and if he discreetly guided Ghost Hunter... would he be able to use his most perfect blood to become the leader of Heavenly Monster Tribe?

He was shaken.

"Good! You should continue to cultivate! Give it your one hundred percent!" Taking a deep breath, Shi Yan told Ghost Hunter resolutely, "You don't need to mind the war in Devil Blood Star. I'm here. It will be okay. Later, I will take you to meet some people. We will need some drops of your blood. It'll be good for you."

Ghost Hunter agreed with whatever he said. He nodded continuously.

Shi Yan didn't talk more. He used his power and disappeared from the valley of Brutal Dragon Tribe. This time, he reappeared at Demogorgon Temple.

"Where have you been?" asked Blood Devil.

"I went to see some friends," Shi Yan relaxed. "Without the secret threat from Bello, the God Clan has to forcefully intrude if they want to attack us. We would just wear them out then. After several days, they won't be able to dance anymore."

Blood Devil's group knew that battleships from other star areas that came to their star for Shi Yan's call were operating discreetly. They were surrounding the God Clan. They wanted to swallow the Ascot family and the Fernandez family at once. They could ease their minds a little by listening to him.

"Hey, your bosom beauties have woken up from their cultivations. They're in the hall..." Blood Devil winked at him awkwardly at the gate and teased.

Shi Yan was embarrassed. As soon as he arrived, he had sensed familiar auras. He didn't babble with Blood Devil. He just shook his head and walked to the room behind the main hall. In that room, Xia Xin Yan, Zi Yao, and Feng Rao were sitting and enjoying sparkling fruits while chatting.

When he emerged, the three beautiful pairs of eyes gazed at him instantly. The three faces smiled like blooming flowers.

"Oh, you finally came back," Zi Yao's bright eyes looked angry, but she was smiling. "Ah, only you? Why didn't you bring some beauties with you? It's strange."

Xia Xin Yan parted her lips. "We were guessing how many ladies you would bring back. Hmm, you've surprised us."

Feng Rao had a sexy body with an enchanting smile. She just smiled while speaking.

Shi Yan rubbed his nose. He drew a chair and sat down. He pinched the air to get the fruits from the three women's tray. He played with the fruits and laughed, "Nah, listen to the true stories of the ancient continent. You have to serve me well. If you don't, don't blame me for not telling good stories."

The three women smiled charmingly as they rolled their eyes at him. They looked attractive, happy, and angry at the same time.

These women didn't know about the coming reinforcements. They were a lot of pressure. They knew how hard it was for Shi Yan to come back. They didn't want to pressure him too much. They just wanted to see him once to know if he was alright.