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Zha Duo gazed at Shi Yan. He didn't dare to shift his eyes away for even a blink. He wanted to recognize even the slightest perceptible change on his face.

He knew that Shi Yan's soul altar was still spinning and that the barrier hadn't been broken. Once the barrier was pierced through, Devil Blood Star would be exposed.

—— Zha Duo didn't know that they had reinforcements.

Suddenly, Zha Duo looked so astonished. He shivered and screamed, "You... You're back!"

As Blood Devil and Fu Wei were ready to counter the enemy, they were shocked by what he said. Seeing Shi Yan open his eyes, they exhaled in relief.

Shi Yan's status and position in their eyes were completely different. If the one who could shake the entire sea of stars had something unexpected in Devil Blood Star, they would have to receive the flame of rage of the whole cosmos.

"Hey, are you alright?" asked Blood Devil.

"I'm okay. It's Bello who got hurt." Shi Yan rubbed his nape and exhaled heavily. "You guys can ease your minds now. Bello can't do anything anytime soon. We just need to wait for the God Clan to barge in through force."

Everybody was amazed.

"You mean... you've wounded Bello badly?" Lin Xin couldn't believe it.

Shi Yan chuckled, but he didn't tell them the details. He gently landed and then disappeared.

People exchanged looks. Their faces were awkward as they weren't sure if he told the truth or not.

"He wouldn't babble. It's true that Bello is the one who got hurt," Zha Duo explained all of a sudden. "Whenever a soul fight between warriors cultivating Space power Upanishad begins, it will never be a tie. It must end with one side taking devastating hits. If he's alright, I'm sure that Bello got hurt severely."

Hearing him, people discolored in fright. They couldn't help but scream.

"How could it be?!"

"Bello is at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm! And it was a soul fight, eh?"

"He can even challenge a warrior at a higher realm in a soul fight?"


People shook their heads as they had dispirited feelings strike their minds. Most of them were at First or Second Sky of Incipient God Realm. Shi Yan had damaged Bing Jie in just a blink and today, he defeated Bello in a soul fight. Did it mean that he could defeat most of them here?


The battleship fleet of the God Clan.

Kelda supported pale Bello to report to Fick, Ranno, and Bai Can. Kelda kneeled and said nothing, his head stooped and his face cold.

Fick had the coldest look on his face as he spoke, "Don't worry. We will take revenge for Bello. I will make the one who dared to attack Bello endure the most painful torture in this world before I kill him."

Kelda nodded and regarded him solemnly, "Thank you, chief."

"Who attacked him?" frowned Ranno.

"The young Immortal Demon warrior who has fused with the Genesis Fruit." Bello didn't have any color in his face. He whispered, his voice trembling. "He's incredibly strong. His power Upanishad is really refined. He used a flame to burn my Soul Consciousness..."

"That terrible brat," Ranno's face was stern. "I didn't expect that he has returned to Agate Star Area. It seems... our fortune isn't bad at all."

Ranno's small and narrow eyes sparkled with cold light. He grinned, "He hasn't reached Incipient God Realm yet. Once he falls, the respective ancient continent will lose its magical effects altogether. This time, we must claim that great reward."

Many God clansmen cheered up. Ranno's words had risen their morale.

"We've planned to attack Devil Blood Star slowly but now, we have to change the plan." Fick got up and then said, "As long as we can kill that kid, it will be worth any price! Use our sharp weapons. Tell the captains of the battleships to turn the crystal artilleries to maximum power. Also, send someone to the barrier to break the outer rings. We must forcefully break it first and then we can attack Devil Blood Star directly."

"This man can't live!" said Ranno.

The Chiefs of the two families agreed with each other. For the future of the God Clan, they immediately carried out the new plan.


It was a city with many stone buildings adjacent to each other named Divine Land. It was established by the warriors from Grace Mainland.

Shi Yan landed on a tower in the city in Divine Land. He observed the streams of people moving back and forth underneath, his face calm and relaxed.

The Divine Land City had warriors from the Human Clan, Demon Clan, Ghost Mark Clan, Dark Spirit Clan, and other clans. Yun Hao's Radiant God Cult, Bao Ao, Jie Ji of the Demon Clan, and Long Zhu's group from Grace Mainland were also from here.

Devil Blood Star was full of earth and heaven energy. Because of Shi Yan, Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion had transported a lot of cultivating materials here, which benefited many forces in this Divine Land City.

After many years of relaxing and cultivating, the warriors from Grace Mainland had reached a new height in their realm and power.

The warriors who could reach True God Realm when they were in the exhausted Grace Mainland had the same intelligence and talents as Incipient God Realm experts of Agate Star Area. Now, when they had sufficient materials to cultivate with abundant earth and heaven energy, their realms had leaped up.

The real king of Divine Land City was the Yang family. The Yang family's members in Divine Land City on Devil Blood Star had high and noble status. They were the real masters here.

Because they had the bloodline of the Immortal Demon Clan in their bodies, they were the clansmen of Blood Devil. The blood pond that Blood Devil had spent years to build was exclusive to the Yang family's members who had Immortal Demon Blood. The others couldn't join in this glory.

On the tower, Shi Yan hid his whereabouts and released his Soul Consciousness to check around.

His friends appeared as he searched. He found Long Zhu, Yang Zhuo, Yang Mu, Cao Qiu Dao, Cao Zhi Lan, He Qing Man, Yun Hao, Tang Yuan Nan and more. They were cultivating to improve their realms and competence. They had amazed him indeed. Long Zhu had reached Original God Realm. Yun Hao was at Second Sky of King God Realm. Cao Zhi Lan and He Qing Man were at True God Realm. After a short period, everybody had made progress.

Shi Yan's grandfather, Shi Jian, had also broken through to King God Realm. He had pure God power too.

Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness continued to move around.

Shortly after, he located a living aura. His heart twitched. He then appeared in a big mansion in the South-West area of the city in Divine Land.

This building belonged to the Zuo family.

Just like a ghost, he appeared directly in Zuo Shi's cultivating room. Zuo Shi's soft body jerked back. She shouted, "Who's there?!"

Right after that, Zuo Shi was stunned. Her apple-like face was filled with thrill. She gently called for him, "Shi Yan ge-ge!"

Shi Yan smiled and squinted to take in her figure. He nodded quietly.

Amazingly, Zuo Shi had reached Ethereal God Realm!

From Zuo Shi's soft body, he could feel an extraordinary vitality. It seemed like her body was hiding a brutal creature from the Immemorial Epoch, which had provided her with unceasing energy. She could increase her power unlimitedly and use the God power to break through again and again.

Shi Yan knew it was the blood of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise. Zuo Shi had the pure blood of the Holy Beast in her body.

Gu Te and Bath were the descendants of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Although their blood wasn't pure, they still received benefits from Grace Mainland. Since Zuo Shi had the pure blood of the holy beast and she came from Grace Mainland. She had a greater advantage than Bath and Gu Te.

Shi Yan came here to verify it. Seeing Zuo Shi's realm and abundant blood Qi, he received his answer.

In the recent fight with Bello, he had used the power of the heaven flames from the co-soul. When he returned the energy to the co-soul, he sensed a strange phenomenon: He could see the warriors who had the bloodline of the Heavenly Monster Tribe on Devil Blood Star easily! Those people appeared in his head like dots of starlight!

At first, he didn't know what those dots represented. Thus, he came to check the nearest, brightest dot. It turned out that it was Zuo Shi.

He understood it now.

Since he had fused with the Origin of Grace Mainland, he had become the sole God of the continent. Grace Mainland was himself and it had cradled Heavenly Monster Tribe. Thus, Shi Yan also had a magical, subtle connection with Heavenly Monster Tribe.

He could locate each warrior with the blood of Heavenly Monster Tribe within a specific range. It was even faster than using the Soul Consciousness to sense. Those warriors were starlight dots in his head. Each dot represented one warrior with Heavenly Monster Tribe blood. The brighter the dot was, the purer his blood was.

"Why are you here suddenly?" While Shi Yan was sinking in his thoughts, Zuo Shi tweeted like a bird. When she realized he wasn't focused, she stopped babbling and asked him the critical question. 

"The God Clan is invading. Of course, I have to come back." Shi Yan smiled. He didn't need to ask Zuo Shi about her cultivating speed. With just a glance, he understood it already. "I'll visit you on my way back. You have to cultivate seriously. Don't fail the blood in your veins."

Zuo Shi nodded sweetly.

"I still have things to do. Let's talk later," Shi Yan patted her shoulder. His figure faded out until he disappeared completely.


When Shi Yan reappeared, he was in the valley where Brutal Dragon Tribe based.

Because he found another warrior whose starlight dot was even brighter than Zuo Shi's on Devil Blood Star. He was curious to know who that was.

As Zuo Shi had the pure blood of the Holy Beast Black Tortoise, she wasn't less prominent than Cang Yun. The four Holy Beasts were the most ancient warriors of Heavenly Monster Tribe. Shi Yan couldn't think of any member of Heavenly Monster Tribe whose blood was stronger than the direct descendants like the other two.

He came to the valley of Brutal Dragon Tribe and found a cave according to the location of the starlight dot in his head.

The entrance of this cave had so many barriers and restrictions to seal all the energy and aura inside. Shi Yan knew there was someone inside, but he couldn't pierce through the barriers at the entrance to see if someone was in there or not.

He frowned.

This place was the base of Brutal Dragon Tribe. There were many members of the tribe scattering around the mountain range, their massive battleships anchored neatly like the ferocious beasts.

Shi Yan decided to break the barriers here to see who was staying inside the cave. A warrior who could set up such barriers to conceal energy fluctuations had made him curious.

When he was about to take action, the cave echoed some explosions. The blocked entrance was blown off shortly after.

A low roar arose. A figure slowly emerged from the dark entrance. It was Ghost Hunter.