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1206 Blood Devil’s Breakthrough

Several thousand silver battleships were moving slowly in the galaxy.

The light from the stars on their way had illuminated and made the silver battleships sparkle and emit a crystal clear halo. The shining silver battleships under the starlight had many flags of the family crest of the twelve Great Families of the God Clan. This was the God Clan's fleet, the movable sharp weapons that they could bring anywhere.

Fick, the current chief of the Ascot family, was standing on the deck of a battleship. He was holding a glass of wine and enjoying his time.

Sloan stood next to him, his face cold and stern. He seemed to be waiting for something. He was silent. His eyes looked cold and sinister.

Phelps stood in the corner and waited on them. He was looking in the direction of Devil Blood Star, his eyes resentful.

A light shot out from a far distance like a rainbow crossing the sky. It reached them immediately. The space energy was clear.

Bello of the Dark Shadow Clan arrived.

Sloan looked shaken as he hissed, "So?"

"I'm sure that Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and Jing Yu Wan are in Devil Blood Star. It's their last resort of Agate Star Area where all the remaining forces of Agate Star Area gathered," said Bello.

The Dark Shadow Clan was the watchdog of the God Clan. They were also famous for their investigation and ability in gathering intelligence in this cosmos. Bello was the chief of this clan. With his Space power Upanishad, he could come and leave without leaving a trace. His Soul Consciousness could reach regions far away. If he conducted the investigation himself, it wouldn't be a mistake.

"Our distinguished war chariots move around Devil Blood Star. We found that the Monster Clan and Demon Clan are gathering their forces. It's true that if we can take Devil Blood Star down, Agate Star Area will be in our hands."

"As per your advice, I checked the area myself. I didn't find an energy fluctuation of the space formation or any signal of a space passage," said Bello respectfully.

Sloan looked happy. "We can finally clean them up!"

Fick shook his head with a smile and waved his hands. "Don't be too extreme. We're not coming to Agate Star Area to obliterate all the races here. We just want to claim this star area to take the natural resources here."

Sloan and Bello stooped slightly as they listened to him.

"Our clan can rule the whole universe and defeat many star areas and clans. It isn't because of extreme deeds of the Charteris family." Fick swayed the glass of crimson in his hand. "None of those clans in Agate Star Area have receded yet because they're not really hopeless. But it's not like that anymore."

His son, Phelps, participated in their conservation. "Father is right. As long as our battleships arrive in Devil Blood Star and surround it, we will snatch their hopes away. Then, if we throw them the olive branch, I think at least half of them will follow us. In front of death, many people will throw their pride away."

Fick smiled and nodded.

Sloan contemplated and then said, "I got it. I will contact the Fernandez family and the Bai family to tell them your opinions."


Blood pond, Devil Blood Star.


The blood cocoon covering Blood Devil shattered. The naked Blood Devil got up from the cocoon. He looked like a tall and sturdy Demogorgon with a world-frightening, majestic aura.

He stood like a grand mountain that made people look at him in awe and respect.

Third Sky of Incipient God Realm!


Blood Devil took one step. The ground under his foot trembled, cracking and exploding. The brutal energy directly entered deep underground.

He was bewildered as he stood awkwardly at his spot. He didn't dare to move rashly.

As he had just broken through to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, his energy had increased several times. Currently, he couldn't control his new power sufficiently.

Outside of the blood light line, Shi Yan, Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin were shocked. The leaders of the small forces dropped their jaws and gawked.

The two old dragons Gu Te and Bath screamed like a big bell. "Holy sh*t! This time, we're no match compared to you!"


Blood Devil didn't dare to walk anymore. He directly leaped up into the sky. Then, he descended and slowly stood in front of Shi Yan.

His dark red eyes studied Shi Yan as he thundered, "Kid, finally you're back! Yeah, what are the things you threw into the blood pond? How could they create a formidable Blood Qi like that? It helped me double the amount of the Immortal Demon Blood in my body!"

More than anyone, he knew that if he didn't have the seven Blood Essence Crystals, let alone reaching Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, he couldn't even get stronger.

After many years of service, the blood pond was worn out. The energy it could retain wasn't abundant anymore.

It happened when he had opened the blood pond to the Yang family's members and let them use the pond to transform and create Immortal Demon Blood. Then, he knew that it would hard to break through one more time using the blood pond.

"They're Blood Essence Crystals, an Original Incipient Grade material. To us, nothing could compare to that stone's marvelous effects," Shi Yan answered with a smile.

Hearing him, Blood Devil was stunned. Divine light shot out from his eyes. "Oh, it's an Original Incipient Grade material. No wonder."

Even Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin were bewildered.

Now, they knew that Shi Yan had played an important role as Blood Devil could reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm.

As Shi Yan could use Original Incipient Grade material deliberately, the other warriors were surprised to see his wealth. It was an Original Incipient Grade material, one of the most rare and precious cultivating materials in the world!

"Blood Devil, congratulations on reaching Third Sky of Incipient God Realm!"

"Congratulations precursor Blood Devil!"

"Congratulations precursor Blood Devil!"


Fu Wei, Feng Han, and the leaders of the small forces congratulated Blood Devil for his breakthrough.

After they recovered from the excitement, Blood Devil's face darkened as he frowned, "The chiefs of the Ascot family, the Fernandez family, and the Bai family are at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. On our side, besides Yan Chi and me, we don't have more warriors at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. We're in a bad situation, let alone the differences between the overall competences of our legions."

Hearing him, people quieted down and their face grimaced.

Everybody knew that he was telling the truth.

"So only Yan Chi is at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm in Agate Star Area? I heard differently, though?" Shi Yan sounded skeptical.

"Yeah, it's true that we don't have only Yan Chi. We have some other experts. Unfortunately, just like Shang Chen, they aren't in Agate Star Area. They often travel to other star areas. Those people have their methods to leave a star area. We can't contact them or locate them," Fu Wei was begrudging.

"Yeah, some of them have disappeared for hundreds of years. Ghost knows where they've gone," sighed Feng Han.

Everybody winced sadly.

Of course, Blood Devil breaking through to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm was a good thing to them. However, it wasn't enough to overturn the situation.

The God Clan's threat was still in the air. When the God Clan's army attacked fiercely, the forces in Devil Blood Star wouldn't be able to resist it.

The atmosphere was so heavy. Shi Yan suddenly looked at Fu Wei and said, "Do you have Empty Fantasy Crystals and other materials to build a space formation? Can you gather them immediately?"

Fu Wei was surprised, asking. "What do you want to do?"

"I can build the space formation to make way for people who want to leave Agate Star Area." Shi Yan lowered his voice. When he talked, he had built up a space barrier to seal his area. His voice wouldn't be heard by others outside the barrier.

Feng Han, Blood Devil, and Fu Wei discolored. Feng Han shouted, "You want to run away?"

Shi Yan wore a cold face as he looked at the man. "I understand the God Clan. When their army approaches, they will entice the others. They will throw them an olive branch, making the others recede and follow them. Then, during a moment of despair, many people will retreat and follow them. They can even turn around and bite us to join the God Clan's side."

Everybody looked fearful listening to him. They didn't understand the God Clan. They just thought that the God Clan would hunt them to the last member. Unlike Shi Yan, after he had survived the ancient continent, he had a deeper knowledge of the God Clan.

If what Shi Yan had described happened, it would be a terrible nightmare for them.

Until then, many forces on Devil Blood Star would be enticed. In their worst despair, they would turn around and attack the members of their alliance to survive.

Perhaps, the God Clan didn't need to waste their warriors before the internal structure of Devil Blood Star had become chaotic and dissolved.

——In fact, when the God Clan invaded the other star areas, this method always helped them defeat the native forces easily.

Only when they encountered extremely stubborn clans would they apply the Charteris method. They would obliterate that race. It was also the worst scenario.

"We can't estimate how many warriors will recede and betray us. For safety reasons, it would be better to deliver them out of Agate Star Area. At least... to us, the ones who have expected death or lived through a war, we don't need to worry about our backs," said Shi Yan solemnly.

"You're really thoughtful. Well thought. I agree," said Lin Xin.

Fu Wei also nodded, "We can help you gather the materials you want. No worry."

"Yes, you're right. We should deal with our internal matters first," Blood Devil also agreed with him.

Feng Han nodded. He looked embarrassed because he had misunderstood Shi Yan.

Shi Yan didn't tell them that he had a backup and reinforcements. It was because he wasn't so sure that Shang Chen could invite them. Also, he hadn't received any information from Shang Chen.

If everything weren't so sure, he wouldn't dare to disclose.

But he had something that boosted his confidence!

His co-soul was in Grace Mainland. His co-soul and host soul could contact each other in every second. In addition, he had the Space power Upanishad...

As long as he wanted, he could open a space passage any time to bring his family and relatives to Grace Mainland directly.

Thus, if they still had the last moment, he could still deliberately escape. He wasn't really hurried.

"Help me prepare the materials. I'm going to build a big scale space formation. You can notice the other forces. Whoever doesn't want to stay can tell us and leave," said Shi Yan.

"Okay," Fu Wei regarded him, spreading his order immediately.