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1204 It’s Good... that You Can Come Back!

Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and Jing Yu Wan leaving didn't affect the others. The leaders of the small forces still lingered.

They stood away from the blood line and watched Shi Yan. All looked dumbstruck.

One warrior blending in the crowd had an odd face. He looked aghast as he muttered.

This man was Ai Fu from Broken Star City who used to do business with Shi Yan. Ai Fu wanted the Thousand Fold Lotus a lot, so he had sent his men to watch Shi Yan. He knew what Shi Yan had done in Broken Star Field.

At that time, Ai Fu could rise the storm in Broken Star Field by using his grandfather's reputation at the Incipient God Realm. Shi Yan had caused Broken Star Field's detachment which also shattered Broken Star City. Ai Fu hated him the most. He wanted to take revenge.

However, Shi Yan had disappeared from Broken Star Field.

After that, Blood Devil had sent his experts to clean up all the forces that had attacked Shi Yan. Lucky for him, Ai Fu had managed to escape.

Due to the great change of Agate Star Area, Ai Fu had used his grandfather's connection to get to Devil Blood Star. His grandfather had a close connection with Divine Light, so his life in Devil Blood Star wasn't really bad.

"Is that him?" Ai Fu's grandfather lowered his voice and asked.

Ai Fu nodded, his face glum. "It's him."

"Don't mess with him!" Ai Fu's grandpa reminded him strictly.

"How dare I!" Ai Fu forced a smile.

After a long time, Shi Yan wasn't a warrior who Ai Fu could predict anymore. What had happened in Broken Star Area seemed to be a fantasy story to Ai Fu.

In that year, he had made use of his grandfather's relationship with Divine Light to buy many battleships and materials to do business in Broken Star City. He had a successful business.

That year, Shi Yan was just a little character with his newly founded talent. Ai Fu didn't think that he could make anything big.

Today, the name Shi Yan had stirred up the entire Agate Star Area. He had almost killed Bing Jie, the Chief of the Ice Clan. Yan Chi had to be afraid of him.

Ai Fu felt like he was having a bad dream, which made him sigh continuously.

He now recognized that the distance between him and Shi Yan was like a wide river that he could never cross. He would never catch up with Shi Yan for the rest of his life.


After Yan Chi's team left, Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin still stayed. They landed and stood outside the blood light ring.

Fu Wei and the other two also followed Shi Yan's rule. They didn't cross the line and just talked with each other in a low-pitched tone.

The leaders of the small forces were excited. They gathered by Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin. They smiled and tried to create good relationships with them. Ai Fu's grandfather was there too.

Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin exchanged looks. They knew that this crowd was frightened after seeing Shi Yan's power. Since they knew the big leaders had a good relationship with Shi Yan, they wanted to stay on their side.

The issue that had troubled Fu Wei for a long time was solved after Shi Yan's attack.

Fu Wei and the other two were surprised.

They watched Shi Yan from a distance who was sitting still. They thought that he was so mysterious. He had left for ten years and now when he came back, his eyes looked profound and experienced as if he had suffered a good deal of trouble and grown up. When Fu Wei looked at him, her beautiful eyes had a strange light and her heart shivered.


Blurp! Blurp!

In the blood pond, Blood Devil's frame sounded like frying beans. Dirty contaminants oozed out of his pores. His soul altar spun and his Death and Light power Upanishads took turns to emerge. He had boiled the entire blood pond.

The intimidatingly powerful Blood Qi from his body became more terrifying. Shortly after, he had transformed into the Immortal Demon Body with many spikes jutting out from his skin.

His God Body transformed and burned the Immortal Demon Blood. The power Upanishads in his soul altar began to surge.

Shi Yan's face was serious. He watched Blood Devil in silence and didn't dare to relax by even blinking.

He knew Blood Devil's breakthrough had come to the critical point. If he acted recklessly, he couldn't bear the consequence.

Gu Te and Bath were tense. They focused on Blood Devil and didn't get distracted for even in a minute. They were guarding him.

A long, long time after that, Blood Devil had a blood cocoon covering his entire body. It was a unique dormant mode of the Immortal Demon warriors. The terrifying energy fluctuation from him slowly calmed down.

Shi Yan, Bath, and Gu Te could finally exhale in relief.

They knew that when Blood Devil broke the cocoon, he would reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm and his fighting competence would increase marvelously.

The onlookers were also excited. They looked at the others with great respect.

The experts at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm were the highest, known existences until now. Their powers were so formidable and their realms were profound and mysterious. If such an expert participated, their war against the God Clan would be more secure. Of course, they had to be happy.

"Is Third Sky of Incipient God Realm the upper limit of realms?" Shi Yan asked all of a sudden.

Gu Te and Bath were surprised. The two old dragons contemplated and then Gu Te answered, "I don't think so. I heard that the next realm after Incipient God Realm is called "Immortal." Some traveler from another star area told us when he visited our Monster Clan's territory. We don't know if it's true or not."

Bath nodded, "We have never seen any expert breaking through to the realm after Incipient God Realm anyway. I think it's just a legend. Maybe such a thing doesn't exist."

"Immortal?" Shi Yan squinted and contemplated.

"I heard him say that someone in this world has reached Immortal Realm. The current Chief of the God Clan is an example. They say he's reached the Immortal Realm," said Gu Te.

"What does that "immortal" mean? The person never dies?" asked Shi Yan.

Gu Te and Bath shook their heads. They just knew that if the expert could advance further from Incipient God Realm, they would become Immortal Realm experts. They didn't know the supernatural powers of that realm. In this vast Agate Star Area, there was no warrior who had a higher realm than Incipient God Realm. The history records of the clans in Agate Star Area didn't have anything about this profound realm.

Agate Star Area was closed, so the information they had was limited. They didn't know much about the world out there.

"Why can't I see the others? Ghost Hunter, McGee, Gu Mo, Xia Xin Yan, and Zi Yao, where are they? Why I haven't met anyone here yet?" Shi Yan put aside the "Immortal Realm" thing and asked the second question he was concerned about.

"They are cultivating in seclusion," answered Gu Te. "Ghost Hunter, McGee, and the other juniors still have room to grow. Recently, we have given them all kinds of cultivating materials that we have stashed for years. They could use them to enhance their competences. When the God Clan invades Agate Star Area, we can't even keep our homes. We don't regret those rare precious earth and heaven treasures. We gave them all. Those kids are forced to cultivate. Before the God Clan comes, they won't get out."

"We are the old men who got stuck in our realms. We can't break through shortly, so we won't waste time for it," added Bath.

Monster Clan, Divine Light, and Fighting League were the powerful forces of Agate Star Area. After thousands of years of accumulation, they had many precious things that supported the warriors' cultivation. Before the invasion, they had saved all those things to use them at a critical time to increase their powers quickly.

Since the God Clan had come, they had made the world chaotic. The materials those experts had stashed for years were now revealed and used for their juniors.

The juniors who still had a lot of room to grow like Ghost Hunter, McGee, Go Mo, Xia Xin Yan, and Zi Yao received these benefits. They used precious cultivating materials to increase their powers. When the God Clan came, they would have more strength to resist.

The warriors of the Yang family like Yang Mo and Yang Zhuo also had the Immortal Demon Bloodline. Blood Devil had treated them as his family members. Blood Devil had asked them to seclude and cultivate. They could use the precious treasures that Blood Devil had collected to cultivate.

Thus, when Shi Yan came back, he found that the auras of the ones he knew were deep underground or in the river. Many of them were sealed behind the restrictions or the barriers. Shi Yan couldn't see what was happening to them. He thought they were trouble.

"Shi Yan . ."

Fu Wei stayed in front of the blood line. She called him, her eyes bright as she smiled gently, "Can we talk?"

"Go talk to her. Fu Wei is now Master of the Potion and Tool Pavilion. She's the soul of our league. She has spent a lot of efforts during these ten years to resist the God Clan's invasion. The God Clan has almost killed her several times. This little girl... had to struggle a lot..." said Gu Te.

"Yeah, it's not easy for this little girl. She had to endure a lot of things to control Potion and Tool Pavilion. Before she could relax, the God Clan had broken the space passage. If she hadn't gathered forces from everywhere, the God Clan could have been swaggering around Agate Star Area. She has transported the preserved battleships of Potion and Tool Pavilion to the other forces for free so they could resist the God Clan. That's how we temporarily stopped the God Clan. That little girl... is quite the character!" Bath appraised her.

Apparently, Fu Wei had used her way to earn an honest approval from the two old dragons.

Shi Yan was surprised. He nodded to Fu Wei and stepped forward. Like a bolt of lightning, he crossed the blood line in just a blink and stood in front of Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, Qi Ze, Feng Yan, and Ju Bo.

As Feng Han and Lin Xin were talking to the leaders of the small forces, they stopped and signaled those warriors to leave when they saw him coming. Ai Fu's grandfather was in that group too. Although they wanted to stay to listen, they couldn't. They had to go back to leave space for the top warriors to discuss.

"You're back," Fu Wei smiled gently. "It's good that you're back."

It was the first time that Feng Han and Lin Xin saw Shi Yan. They stood and said nothing, just observing each of his moves. They wanted to know how Shi Yan was. It didn't work when they listened to their subordinates' reports about him. They wanted to use their senses to have a better assessment.

"You've been in trouble for ten years," Shi Yan smiled gently.

"Oh, haha, without the Canon you gave me, I couldn't become the Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion. All thanks to you," Fu Wei replied.

Feng Han and Lin Xin were discreetly shocked. Being the master of Potion and Tool Pavilion, she was the most powerful woman in Agate Star Area. When talking to Feng Han and Lin Xin, Fu Wei didn't have any pressure since she had a high position and status too. Her makings were now so solemn that not many people dared to look at her in the eyes.

After a long time, she had a faint pride that was hardly perceptible.

Today, when Fu Wei faced Shi Yan, she didn't look arrogant or proud. Quite strangely, she looked like a little simple girl who was a bit shy and anxious when talking to a man. Feng Han and Lin Xin found it strange, though.

They suddenly remembered what Bing Jie had said about Fu Wei and Shi Yan. There was something ambiguous between them.

It looked like Bing Jie was right.

Feng Han and Lin Xin were baffled.