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1203 The Style of That Slash!

The leaders of the other forces discolored in fright!

Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and Jing Yu Wan wore dark faces with cold intentions. They were outraged by Shi Yan's arrogance.

A Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm warrior could say something haughty like that in front of a bunch of powerful experts? Who gave him such confidence?

Many people put on curious faces.

Even Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin, the ones who knew Shi Yan, were astounded. They were speechless too.

Feng Han and Lin Xin had known Shi Yan's intimidation from Feng Yan and Ju Bo. They knew his role in the first wave of the God Clan's invasion.

Anyway, he has just reached Ethereal God Realm, right?

The experts who were floating in the sky were all at Incipient God Realm. Yan Chi was at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, though. Was Shi Yan just making a joke?

The leaders of the small forces were astounded. Their faces were weird when they tried to hide their real expression. They didn't know whether to cry or laugh.

Many warriors now looked at Shi Yan disdainfully.

This guy is... Leona's Master? He got mental issues, eh? Too arrogant and haughty to know where he is!

"Blood Devil is about to break through to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. It's the most dangerous challenge. I won't allow anybody to disturb him!" Shi Yan retreated behind the blood pond and thundered.

Gu Te and Bath immediately reacted. They nodded and began to gather the Monster Qi in their bodies, their faces dark. The brutal pressure of the peerless experts diffused immediately.

"Anyone who crosses the blood line will be killed!"

Gu Te and Bath shouted in unison like dragons roaring or thunderclaps. Their voices had struck people's eardrums and made their brains buzz.

Everybody was aghast.

The leaders of the small forces, Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and the others observed Shi Yan's energy. Immediately, they became stern.

Shi Yan could affect Gu Te and Bath of the Monster Clan!

Many people thought it was impossible. The leaders of the small forces who had prepared to mock and tease him had to pull themselves together.

"Potion and Tool Pavilion will protect Blood Devil! We use that blood light ring as the border. Anyone crosses it will become the mortal enemy of Potion and Tool Pavilion!"

All of a sudden, Fu Wei shouted, her face cold and her beautiful eyes sparkling with cold light. She didn't try to be polite as she raked her eyes through Bing Jie's group.

"Fighting League will protect Blood Devil while he's cultivating! I, Feng Han, declare that whoever has the guts to cross the border will become the enemy of Fighting League!"

"I, on behalf of Divine Light, announce that anyone who dares to cross that blood line will be Divine Light's enemy!"

Feng Han and Lin Xin had stern visages when they expressed their statement, their voices reaching the sky.

The entire scene was boiling!

Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, and Divine Light had shown their opinions. It meant that half of the forces on Devil Blood Star had stood on Shi Yan's side, which gave his arrogant words a solid foundation. He now had a force to resist the others' rage.

No one had the guts to disdain him!

The young man at Ethereal God Realm who had just returned to Devil Blood Star for half an hour had risen a big wave. He had made the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, and Divine Light reply to his call to show their intimidation.

No one knew how strong he was or why the Monster Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, and Divine Light stood on his side and gave him force and power. However, they knew that as he had the guts to draw a circle and had a force that supported him, he wasn't afraid of anyone in Devil Blood Star!

He was like a King!

Shi Yan sat down cross-legged by the blood pond. He was still and cold without any aura.

Yan Chi was filled with surprise. He studied Shi Yan for a while and then muttered, "A dangerous fella."

He had sounded really low that only Bing Jie and Jing Yu Wan could hear him. Jing Yu Wan was surprised as she screamed, "That young man is powerful? He's at Ethereal God Realm, isn't he?"

"He just tried to look mysterious. It's as easy as flipping my hand if I want to kill him. He's just at Ethereal God Realm. Could he overturn the sky?" Bing Jie snorted and said harshly, "Just a man who depends on women to get a high position. I think that Fu Wei has something ambiguous with him. I heard that even Zi Yao of Divine Light and Xia Xin Yan of Fighting League are his women. No wonder why Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, and Divine Light support him. He's just a playboy. What else can he be?"

Although Bing Jie's voice was low as if she was just whispering to herself, many people could hear her clearly.

Bing Jie acted like she didn't know the audience here were all leading characters of Agate Star Area. She didn't try to be cautious. However, people who knew Bing Jie understood that she did it on purpose. Everybody knew she was a harsh woman.

Fu Wei's face was cold. She looked at Bing Jie angrily as if she wanted to murder someone.

Feng Han and Lin Xin also had cold faces. They frowned as they were on the edge of explosion.

The leaders of the small forces shut their mouths. They knew something would happen because of Bing Jie's words. Some of them looked at Shi Yan and found themselves amused. They wanted to see how Shi Yan would react.

When they looked at the blood pond and Shi Yan, they got the answer immediately.

A ten-thousand-meter long blood light slashed Bing Jie as if it could cross even space!

The blood light carried endless brutal power accompanied with the power of Death Upanishad with a momentum that could bury all kinds of creatures.

That blood light column came from a sword that had many blood-dripping eyes!

The ten-thousand-meter blood column reached Bing Jie immediately. A world of blood expanded from the blood light!

It was an immense blood sea with many white bone islets created by corpses. The negative emotions included feeling desolate, brutal, and resentful. These emotions filled the sea and entered Bing Jie's Sea of Consciousness directly!

Bing Jie at Second Sky of Incipient God Realm suddenly had red eyes and blood oozed out of seven natural holes on her face.

Her mind was controlled!


A red flaming stone emerged and shielded in front of Bing Jie reluctantly stopping the blood light.

Crack! Crack!

The flaming stone Yan Chi had thrown out was shattered. The blood light continued to slash on Bing Jie who looked baffled currently!


The blood light flashed and then disappeared on Bing Jie's ice armor. The armor exploded. Bing Jie now had a bleeding wound on her chest where blood gushed out rapidly.

Bing Jie had her mind controlled, but the wound had awakened her. She shouted in panic.

The space over the blood pond had only Bing Jie's screeching and cursing.

The rest warriors here kept silent.

The leaders of the small forces looked at Shi Yan as if they were watching a monster. They felt shivers sent down their spines...

Gu Te, Bath, Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin were dumbstruck as if they got the Body-fixing Spell. They looked at Shi Yan and didn't say a word.

Yan Chi of the Fire Clan and Jing Yu Wan of the Crystal Clan discolored in fear, their faces solemn.

"It's... It's not true. Right?" Jing Yu Wan stammered. She looked really shocked.

Yan Chi's face was dark and stern. He kept quiet for a long time before uttering, "He has the capacity to be haughty."

Then, he glanced at Bing Jie and snarled, "Shut up!"

Bing Jie shivered. She woke up from her crazy cursing. She looked at Yan Chi. "He... He attacked me when I wasn't prepared..."

"If I haven't helped you, you would have been dead now." Yan Chi intervened with her. "If you feel unfair, just come and fight him directly. I won't stand in your way."

Bing Jie shut her mouth. She could feel a deep fear churning from the bottom of her heart. She shot Shi Yan a malicious look but didn't really dare to step forward to challenge him.

Shi Yan didn't talk much. In front of many warriors, he sat still. However, they could see a blood sword floating behind his head and releasing earth-shaking power as if it wanted to destroy the whole world.

"This is f*cking awesome! How did you cultivate?"

"You're a monster!"

Bath and Gu Te shouted hoarsely as they were filled with astonishment. One sharp slash from Shi Yan had astounded the two old dragons.

Not only them, but other leaders of the small forces, Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, and even Yan Chi, Jing Yu Wan, and Bing Jie also had no color on their faces now.

Shi Yan at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm had almost killed a Second Sky of Incipient God Realm expert within one strike.

—— If Yan Chi didn't interfere.

This had overturned their common knowledge of realms and competence!

Feng Han looked at Feng Yan and Qi Ze standing next to him and asked all of a sudden. "Did you hide something when you reported me on that kid's competence?"

Lin Xin also frowned and looked at Ju Bo, "It's not what you've reported me."

Qi Ze looked reluctant while Ju Bo had a forced smile, their faces awkward.

When they had returned to the force, they had highly-evaluated Shi Yan's capacity, but Feng Han and Lin Xin just laughed as they thought that the other two had overestimated Shi Yan.

But now, Feng Han and Lin Xin said that they had underestimated Shi Yan. It irritated Qi Ze and Ju Bo. They felt angry but they didn't dare to burst out. Well, bosses are always right then!

"Oh my God! He has almost killed Bing Jie!"

"Is it true? My my! I thought that I was dizzy. I thought that I was really pressured lately so I might have seen an illusion! Oh f*ck, it was real!"

"An Ethereal God Realm expert almost killed a Second Sky of Incipient God Realm expert with one strike! Is this world about to change?"

"I finally understand why the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Divine Light, and Fighting League stay on his side when he calls. I got it."

"Me too."

". . ."

Many leaders of the small forces became boisterous. They looked so odd, though.

"We mean no harm. You guys have worried too much... We should go then. Hey brothers, after Blood Devil wakes up, tell him I said congratulations!" Yan Chi shouted from a distance. He shot Shi Yan a look and then turned around to fly back.

"I wish Blood Devil to come to the next level." Jing Yu Wan slightly bowed, smiled, and then left.

Bing Jie bit her lower lip. She didn't say anything before turning around and leaving in distress.

Shi Yan sat nonchalantly by the blood pond. He closed his eyes and didn't pay attention to the boisterous crowd.