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1202 Shi Yan Draws a Circle by the Blood Pond...

"What's going on?"

"It seems like Blood Devil is about to break through."

"A breakthrough at this moment? So daring!"

"Yes, the God Clan's battleships can be here at any moment. It's not a good time to do that."

"If he can break through smoothly, it will be fine. Third Sky of Incipient God Realm is something too awesome to expect."

"Well, some people don't want Blood Devil to break through successfully."


The crowd started to clamor. The leaders of the other forces had followed the blood column shooting into the sky to come here. They gathered and stood by the edge of the blood pond to watch and discuss.

They were from the major forces that were based near the blood pond.

A beefy body covering in a fiery flame shot over like a meteor. He floated arrogantly above people's heads.

"Chief of the Fire Clan, Yan Chi!"

From underneath, many leaders of the small forces boiled up. Their clamor also quieted down with a respectful visage.

The Fire Clan was the strongest clan that all warriors in Agate Star Area recognized!

Although Monster Clan and Demon Clan were intimidating in Agate Star Area, they couldn't be compared to Fire Clan. The other powerful forces like Divine Light, Fighting League, the Wood Clan, and the Ice Clan were also weaker than the Fire Clan.

There was a saying that the Fire Clan was the native force in Agate Star Area. This clan controlled Agate Star Area and it would never change.

Yan Chi was the Chief of the Fire Clan, an expert at Third Sky of Incipient God Realm. He was confirmed as one of the strongest experts here.

In the war with the God Clan this time, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Divine Light, Fighting League, Monster Clan, and Demon Clan had joined hands to fight against the enemy. The Fire Clan cooperated with the Wood Clan, Dark Spirit Clan, and Ghost Mark Clan to create another force where the Fire Clan was the leader.

If the Blood Legion commanded by Leona had troubled the God Clan a lot, the Fire Clan was the rope that had stopped the God Clan's iron shoes and made them take each step with great difficulty.

The Fire Clan had declared to defend Agate Star Area until they died. Yan Chi made his statement that even if the Fire Clan was uprooted, they would never leave Agate Star Area.

The Fire Clan had earned respect from many other forces around Agate Star Area.

If the God Clan hadn't sent more corps, the Fire Clan could have endured for a while. Unfortunately, the Fire Clan had borne a massive loss in the battle half a year ago. Their clan was damaged badly. They had to move to Devil Blood Star and join hands with Blood Devil to prepare for a suicidal battle against the God Clan.

Yan Chi looked as if he was made of lava and fire. He had a drawing of a flaming sun on his chest. This clan worshiped the sun and took in the power of the sun. However, they had the other power Upanishad rather than only the Fiery Sun or the Fire power.

The clansmen of the Fire Clan had cultivated different powerful Upanishads. They could cultivate the power Upanishads of sharp metal, gravity, or earth, and more. At the same time, they could fuse their powers with the God power of the Sun. This clan was truly formidable.

As soon as Yan Chi emerged, the other leaders of the smaller forces held their breaths and lifted their heads to watch him with great respect.

Unfortunately, this clan wasn't a clan that understood how to fight in a formation. They didn't know how to join and cooperate with other forces. The Fire Clan was too haughty. The space passages that connected Agate Star Area to the world outside were sealed by this clan. Although this clan was really strong, they had a lot of disadvantages.

If the Fire Clan had promoted relationships with other star areas or if they had studied guild combat, they wouldn't have been trounced in that battle.

Yan Chi stood upright under the garnet sky like a flaming rock that could burn a thousand years. He earned respect from people together with hatred.

A cold aura diffused when another person arrived. It was an old woman of the Ice Clan. She was the current chief of the Ice Clan, Bing Jie. She was well known for her cold and unfeeling character. Not many people liked her.

The Ice Clan wasn't far from Devil Blood Star. Before the God Clan's invasion, Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te used to have a conflict with the Ice Clan. They held grudges. Because of the common enemy, they had to unite.

Apparently, right from the start, Bing Jie hadn't cooperated with Potion and Tool Pavilion and Blood Devil. She had chosen to go with the Fire Clan.

Due to the terrible defeat, she had to retreat and defend at Devil Blood Star. She didn't dare to return to their star.

After Bing Jie had arrived, she nodded to greet Yan Chi. She threw a glance at Blood Devil and said harshly, "He still has the mood to cultivate at this moment. I don't know what he has in his mind! How could the personal competence contribute to this kind of star war? Even if he can reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, he would be worn out and then killed."

Everybody knew Bing Jie had a bad mouth and she didn't have a good relationship with the Demon Clan, so no one was surprised when she said that.

A sparkling warrior appeared who stood between Yan Chi and Bing Jie. She was a member of the Crystal Clan whose skin was transparent. If she didn't wear a thick silky dress, people could even see her internal organs.

This woman looked mildly beautiful. Her exposed neck and arms were transparent and people could see her crystal-like veins and bones.

She looked awesome, indeed.

She was the chief of the Crystal Clan, Jin Yu Wan

The Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan had formed an alliance together with Potion and Tool Pavilion, Divine Light, and Fighting League. However, the God Clan had defeated them.

"The God Clan wouldn't be here that quickly. If he can reach Third Sky of Incipient God Realm, he will be very helpful. I'm just afraid in the case that he fails. If he fails, it will be a big strike to our warriors." Jin Yu Wan sighed and frowned reluctantly.

"Demon Clan is always a stupid clan. I think you guys are stupid too if you are counting on them to overturn the situation! Harrumph!" Bing Jie hissed. Her cold voice spread out so everybody could hear her clearly.

Yan Chi frowned but he didn't answer.

He knew that Bing Jie had always objected to the idea of taking shelter in Devil Blood Star. She thought that they should find a perilous place to stay and resist the God Clan. She assumed that the territory of the Ice Clan was much more suitable. Bing Jie had persistently requested the union to go to the Ice Clan's territory. They could adjust their forces and fight the God Clan there.

Yan Chi objected to her idea.

After they had arrived at Devil Blood Star, Bing Jie didn't stay calm. The current serial assaults were all related to clansmen of the Ice Clan.

Yan Chi knew the cause. Bing Jie thought that their union should be the leaders and not Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Currently, Devil Blood Star was sheltering many complex forces and small clans. They gathered here to resist the God Clan, but their plans weren't clearly defined.

Devil Blood Star had three forces at the moment: the union of the Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Crystal Clan led by the Fire Clan, the union of Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fighting League, Divine Light, Monster Clan and Demon Clan, and one bigger force consisting of many other smaller forces everywhere. When the war took place, they hadn't been dependent on any party. They just defended themselves. After the God Clan defeated them, they moved to Devil Blood Star.

This force was scattered, but it was huge. If they could unite into one group, it would be very powerful.

Currently, both unions wanted to take the leading role. They had started many discreet competitions in Devil Blood Star...

Under the enormous pressure of the God Clan, those people still didn't want to unite. They thought that they were the one who could lead a force to defeat the God Clan. They didn't want to submit to the other. Thus, many battles happened on Devil Blood Star, which were proactively caused by the warriors of the Fire Clan and Potion and Tool Pavilion.

Bing Jie was talking harshly and all the leaders of the smaller forces on the ground could hear her. No one spoke after that. They frowned as if they were considering the situation.

They had to choose the right side.

While they were keeping silent, Fu Wei, Bettina and Feng An of Potion and Tool Pavilion, and Feng Han, Miao Rong, and Qi Ze of Fighting League came together with Lin Xin, the Master of the Divine Light. They hovered in the void by the blood pond.

No one had ridden a war chariot. They were floating in the sky and showing their power.

As soon as Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin arrived, Bing Jie's face got colder. She shut her mouth and didn't say more.

Suddenly, both parties of Yan Chi, Bing Jie, Jin Yu Wan, Fu Wei, Feng Han, Lin Xin, and the leaders of the small forces on the ground quieted down. They all gazed at the two people in the blood pond, Blood Devil and Shi Yan.

Besides the earth-shaking commotion that Blood Devil had created, they had hurried to come here because they had received news of Shi Yan's return.

Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin knew Shi Yan well. They knew his ability and his connection with Shang Chen. In a critical, life and death moment, Shi Yan reappeared in Agate Star Area. All of them thought that it wasn't a normal event. They had to come here as soon as possible.

Yan Chi, Bing Jie, and Jin Yu Wan also knew about Shi Yan. The only reason why they appreciated him was that Shi Yan was Leona's Master.

Shi Yan's identity wasn't important to them. However, his identity as Leona's Master made them cautious when treating him! Leona's Blood Legion had proven their power in resisting the God Clan multiple times! And only Leona had this capacity!

Today, Leona's Master was back. How could they not behave?

The experts were floating under a dark red sky while the leaders of the small forces stood by the blood pond to watch the situation.

The atmosphere became tense.

Right at this moment, Shi Yan, the focus of the crowd, indifferently stepped to the edge of the blood pond. He walked around ten thousand meters away from the pond and then floated up into the air.

He extended his hand and drew a circle surrounding the blood pond. A light ring as red as blood appeared in the void.

The light ring was red as if it was made of fresh blood. The scent of blood diffused together with a strange, evil red hue. The light ring around ten thousand meters away from the blood pond looked as if blood was dripping from it.

Everybody looked at it in astonishment. They didn't know why he had drawn a circle all of a sudden. However, when they saw the blood halo expanding immensely, they all winced.

Even Gu Te and Bath were bewildered. The two old dragons rubbed their heads and guessed what Shi Yan wanted to do.

After the blood light was formed, Shi Yan descended. Lifting his head to look at Yan Chi, Bing Jie, Jin Yu Wan, Fu Wei, Feng Han, and Lin Xin then the other leaders of the small force, he said calmly. "Anyone who crosses this blood line will die."