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1200 The King is Back!

Today, the Devil Blood Star was completely different from other days.

Many battleships were anchored outside the star. They were in many shapes and styles. Some were shattered. Some looked patched up as if they were just fixed after a terrible damage.

The warriors from different races and forces scattered around Devil Blood Star. They had packed and crowded this planet as much as they could. The number of creatures in Devil Blood Star had increased quickly. Big and small, they shared the place and cultivated.

Even before he had entered Devil Blood Star, Shi Yan found that the star was now heavily guarded. He could see many war chariots patrolling in the atmosphere. Soul Consciousness wove in the sky like a net.

Shi Yan felt like he couldn't even hide.

Apparently, Devil Blood Star had become the only hope of many forces in Agate Star Area. The forces and races from all around the world congregated here. They were preparing to fight against the God Clan.

During this time, Devil Blood Star had so many people that any type of character, good or bad, could be found. Even though they were under a massive pressure from the God Clan, many warriors on Devil Blood Star were hot-tempered. They could fight each other even after a word. The enormous pressure had almost cracked people's nerves. Today, they were standing on the edge and were about to collapse.

As soon as Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor appeared, a Monster warrior had spotted them. He screamed and rode his war chariot to approach them.

That Monster warrior was a member of Brutal Dragon Tribe. They met Shi Yan once. When he recognized Shi Yan, he was so happy that he had almost cracked. He controlled his war chariot faster to see him.

His war chariot carried many other warriors who were patrolling with him. Seeing his reaction, they were startled as they thought that he had just found something dangerous that made him crazy. They then watched Shi Yan with great caution. They were ready to capture him for an interrogation.

The Monster warrior yelled at his teammates. He had to explain to the warriors from the other forces for a while. Then, he washed his face and bent servilely to greet Shi Yan. "Finally, you're back, sir. Please get on the war chariot."

The warriors who he had told off dropped their jaws. This dude is a member of Brutal Dragon Tribe. Wasn't he always arrogant? Why was he servile to a human kid? Is he completely insane under the pressure of the God Clan?

Shi Yan just smiled and nodded to him before hopping onto the war chariot with Yang Tian Emperor.

The dragon warrior then shouted and took the wheel, madly riding the war chariot to the center of Devil Blood Star.


Blood Devil was soaking his entire body in the blood pond. He was using the torrential currents of the viscous blood in the pond to increase his Blood Qi.

Unfortunately, the effect of the blood pond was limited. The Blood Qi created from the blood pond couldn't help him condense more Immortal Demon Blood. He couldn't use the demon blood to wash his body. Thus, he couldn't promote the real intimidating power of the Immortal Demon warriors.

Gu Te and Bath of the Monster Clan stood by the blood pond. They sighed from time to time as they didn't know what to do with the current situation.

Recently, more and more warriors from different clans came to take shelter at Devil Blood Star. The remaining warriors of the other forces had gathered here. They had almost taken over Devil Blood Star.

Those who had lost the battle with the God Clan in their life star didn't dare to stay anymore. They had traveled thousands of miles to seek shelter in Devil Blood Star.

The Fire Clan, the Ice Clan, the Wood Clan, and many other clans had united into one force before. They had guarded another area of Agate Star Area. However, the God Clan had defeated them. They had come here with the remaining shattered battleships that survived the terrifying war. Currently, all of them had arrived in Devil Blood Star.

For the time being, Devil Blood Star was packed.

Those warriors who suffered a tragic defeat had to bear enormous pressure. They felt so distressed and hopeless. Sometimes, they burst out like a bunch of crazy people. If someone provoked them, they wouldn't hesitate to slaughter the opponent in Devil Blood Star.

During this time, the forces and races sheltering here had lost several hundred warriors due to pointless disputes. They were on edge and easy to collapse. If they didn't have the ghost-like shadow of the God Clan in their minds, the issues here would have escalated to something that they could never fix.

The leaders of those forces and races were outstanding warriors who were very famous in Agate Star Area. Their position and status were even higher than that of Blood Devil and Bath.

After they had come here, many things happened that made Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te feel like their hands were tied. The three of them couldn't control the others. Helplessly, they then saw that Devil Blood Star was gradually taken over.

Blood Devil wanted to break through to Third Sky of Incipient God Realm to use his intimidating power to control his planet once again. He had talked to Fu Wei of Potion and Tool Pavilion to confirm the God Clan's commotions continuously.

Gu Te and Bath came to the blood pond to find Blood Devil to discuss some important matters. Seeing Blood Devil cultivating, they didn't hurry to bother him and they just waited for him in silence.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The rumbling sounds of a war chariot came from above their heads. Besides the noise, they heard someone screaming strangely.

Gu Te became ferocious. He stood up and scolded, "Those damn outsiders think that Devil Blood Star is their backyard garden! The blood pond is the prohibited area. They dare to swagger here. Those motherf*ckers! We should expel them and let them live or die on their own!"

Bath was also enraged. He lifted his face and thunder.

A dragon roar echoed wildly and created terrifying sound waves that attacked that war chariot directly. Bath was outraged.

No one knew Gu Te and Bath had their power and realm increase recently and continuously even though they didn't do anything. Sometimes, after one night, they felt that their power had increased to another level.

They thought that it was just a hallucination. However, during the recent battles they had, they were startled to know that their overall competence had been enhanced vigorously.

It was also the reason why Blood Devil had to hurry to go to the blood pond and cultivate.

Until now, the friendship between Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te was really good and their overall competences weren't much different. After many years, it was always like that.

However, when Blood Devil fought with Bath and Gu Te, he felt he didn't have enough power. He was the first one who had recognized Bath and Gu Te getting much stronger. He had even asked them if they had cultivated the secret technique or swallowed any panacea of the Monster Clan.

When Blood Devil heard Bath and Gu Te said that they didn't do anything, he couldn't stand still anymore. He had to train harder in the blood pond.

He could recognize the pressure from Bath and Gu Te. Anyway, Bath and Gu Te had the same pressure, which wasn't less than what Blood Devil had.

Bath and Gu Te often talked to Ghost Hunter. Recently, they found that Ghost Hunter's Qi, spirit, and soul had changed subtly every day and he couldn't hide his increasing power. Bath and Gu Te could feel the intimidation from Ghost Hunter.

The sound waves shot to the sky and carried the wild and brutal power that could smash the war chariot instantly.

"Hey! Hey!"

The Brutal Dragon warrior on the war chariot discolored. Seeing the sound wave attacking, his scalp felt so numb.

Warriors of the different forces discolored in fright.

After Shi Yan and Yang Tian Emperor got on the war chariot, Shi Yan asked them to find Blood Devil immediately. The Brutal Dragon warrior knew Blood Devil was cultivating in the blood pond. As he knew Shi Yan's identity, he had broken many rules of Devil Blood Star and took him directly there.

The warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and Divine Light on war chariot were so worried. They didn't know what Brutal Dragon warrior wanted to do.

And... Here comes trouble! Bath had struck directly from the blood pond. He wanted to smash this war chariot.

"Don't worry."

Shi Yan was still calm. He opened his mouth to spurt out a starlight ball. The brilliant starlight ball spun and impacted upon the sound wave immediately.

A dragon roar reverberated that shook the entire place.

The starlight ball shattered instantly. Billions of light dots shot out like a sprinkle.

Bath's sound wave impacted with the starlight ball and then dissolved.

"Who dares to act rashly in the blood pond? Don't you know that it's the prohibited land? I don't care who you are! You have to bear the consequences!" As Bath saw his attack being dissolved, his face darkened as he shouted.

People on the war chariot were filled with fear. The warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and Divine Light were desperate. They knew that it was a tragic death if they messed up with that old dragon. They knew how savage the Brutal Dragon and the Evil Dragon leaders were. They also knew how ferocious those two old dragons were.

"Bath, you're still hot-tempered." Shi Yan laughed.

As Bath grimaced, he was stunned when he heard Shi Yan's laughter. It sounded familiar. When the war chariot came closer, he finally saw Shi Yan. Bath jumped up and laughed, "Oh f*ck, the kid is back!"

Gu Te also beamed an honest smile.

The two old dragons immediately soared up into the sky and landed grumblingly on the war chariot. They grabbed Shi Yan by his shoulder and took him to the ground. They had even rubbed his skin and squeezed his muscles curiously.

The other warriors of Potion and Tool Pavilion and Divine Light gawked. They looked at Shi Yan as if they were watching a monster.

"Greetings, Chief, precursor Bath." The Brutal Dragon warrior bowed to them respectfully.

Gu Te waved his hand and dismissed the others impatiently. "Go away. Don't linger here to irritate me."

"Yes, Sir!"

The Brutal Dragon warrior rode the war chariot, roaring and flying away.

"Who's that?"

"Yeah, the two precursors of the Monster Clan seem to know him well? What's going on? Who's he?"

"What is his identity?"

The Brutal Dragon warrior wore a cold and arrogant face. He glanced at the other and snorted, "He's the one who had disappeared for ten years."

Everybody was shocked.

"Leona's Master?"

"Of course, he is!"

"Oh boy, he's back!"

Everybody became thrilled. They jumped off the war chariot and attempted to bring the news to their superiors.

They were all excited.

Today, Leona was very famous. She was even more famous than Blood Devil, Gu Te, and the other leaders of the forces around the star area. However, Leona listened to a mysterious man and he was a legend.

Ten years ago, they first encountered the God Clan. He was the one who had sealed the God Clan's space passage and seized the Departed Spirit Jellyfish. He had become a legend of Agate Star Area. After several victories from Leona, the rumors about this legendary character had become more of a fantasy.

Today, he was back.

When they were hopeless and in need of a force the most, the legend that had disappeared for ten years returned to Devil Blood Star!