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1197 Scheme Against the World!

How could he do that?

Shi Yan was baffled. He was inexplicably surprised. Instinctively, he shook his head, smiling and talking resolutely. "Impossible!"

As Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Wu Feng, and the others were outstanding prodigies of the strong force, they were the new generation of field commanders. Of course, they weren't stupid.

They were geniuses.

How could they lose their minds just because Shi Yan had saved them in the ancient continent? This wasn't right.

On Desolate, people had joined hands to save their lives from the God Clan. Since they had left Desolate, this precondition was gone. Why did they need to find Shi Yan?

Shi Yan didn't buy it.

Shang Chen smiled and said to him, "You don't know yourself yet."

"Please enlighten?" Shi Yan didn't have a clue.

"Of course, Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, Wu Feng are searching for you and treating you as their leader because you have saved them. But it's not the main reason. The main reason is that you got the Genesis Fruit from Desolate. It's also because you're a member of the Immortal Demon Clan!" said Shang Chen in a low-pitched voice.

Shi Yan became stern.

"In fact, their situation isn't very different from the time they were on Desolate. The God Clan is still the biggest pressure to them. That clan will approach them. Even in here, they still need to unite and join hands with the forces of the major star areas to resist the God Clan!"

Shang Chen took a deep breath and then continued earnestly. "You've fused with Desolate. In the future, you'll become the God of the Ancient Continent. That continent will become the holy land of cultivation because of its abundant energy. If they can form friendships with you, their outstanding warriors can come to the ancient continent to cultivate in the future. They can get the advantages for ten thousand years! And you're an Immortal Demon warrior... Currently, rumors say that the God Clan will decline and the Immortal Demon Clan will rise again. In their eyes, you're the leader who will take the Immortal Demon Clan back to its glory!

"Moreover, you have the identity of the heir of the Bloodthirsty Force. You dummy. You don't know the world out there. You're a hot potato now. They're finding you because of you are valuable. Their gratitude is just an excuse they've made up to approach you."

Shang Chen could see the whole picture.

Shi Yan contemplated. After a long time, he reacted and agreed with Shang Chen. "I understand. What should I do?"

"Simple. If they want to go with you, you can borrow their forces. The God Clan is also their enemy. Currently, the God Clan's reputation is decreasing and the God warriors had attacked them on Desolate. If you call, they will answer," smiled Shang Chen.

"Haha, so I can untie the knot of Agate Star Area's situation?"

"You can strike the God Clan hard at Agate Star Area! If you manage it well, that battle will spread your name everywhere!"

"It's a little troublesome to contact them. We're too far away and I don't know their star areas."

"I'll handle it."


Some transparent crystals appeared on Shang Chen's palm and piled up on each other. The crystals reflected Shi Yan's image. It looked like there was a bunch of Shi Yans moving into the crystal cubes.

"These cubes are called Magic Image Crystal. You can record your image and message here. Just tell them that you need help. I'll hand each of these to them. I'm sure they wouldn't just stand and stare. They will come with their battleships."

Shang Chen smiled until his eyes narrowed. "I think they will be delighted to have a close relationship with you. They wouldn't find it a problem."

"Each of the passages connecting to Agate Star Area is closed. It's not as easy as you said, eh?" Shi Yan was surprised.

"Don't worry. Leave it to me," said Shang Chen.

Shi Yan looked at him bewilderedly. "Why are you so enthusiastic? Why are you helping me in all these ways? Do you owe me money?"

Shang Chen didn't know if he should cry or smile. He cursed under his breath and then talked coldly. "Agate Star Area is my homeland. I don't want it to be a vassal of the God Clan. And it's true that I owe Frederick a favor."

"Alright, let's do it."

After Shang Chen had arranged everything, Shi Yan didn't delay. He cooperated and recorded his call for help in the Magic Image Crystals and then handed them to Shang Chen.

"Your Great Grandfather needs more time to recover. You should stay here to protect him. I'm on this mission for you." Shang Chen seemed to have a good mood. He patted Shi Yan's shoulder and then left with a smile. After he got out of the icy star, he took out a hexagonal ice flying carriage from his Fantasy Sky Ring and moved like an icy meteor.

The ice on Yang Tian Emperor's body had melted. He was covered by a blood cocoon. Shi Yan could hear his strong heartbeat and feel his surging vitality.

Shi Yan sat quietly by him to sense the changes inside the blood cocoon. He finally eased his mind.

He knew that Yang Tian Emperor would recover quickly and his realm would advance further. The benefit that a Blood Essence Crystal had given him was unimaginable.


Shang Chen returned to the underground of the dead star. After hesitating for a while, he activated the profound space formation.

He entered the profound formation, but he didn't appear in Fantasy Mist Star Area. Instead, he was teleported to a dark abyss where he couldn't even see his ten fingers. It was the most mysterious area in this universe. Not many people knew about this place where there was no beam of light or wisp of earth and heaven energy. It was just a dark void.

The jet black abyss where Shang Chen visited, the most mysterious place in the universe, was the core holy land of the Bloodthirsty Force.

Two pairs of eyes emerged in this dark voice. One was cold, evil, and green. The other was as red as blood. They belonged to two experts. Their bodies were devoured by the darkness here, so only their eyes were visible.

Shang Chen's brown-gray eyes weren't significant here, but the other two could locate him precisely. The green and red eyes studied him.

"Shi Yan, get out," Shang Chen snorted and said to the green eyes. "Frederick, what does the Bloodthirsty Force want to do? Why do you want me to transmit everything? Why don't you show yourself?"

"I have to get out to do that!" The one with the green eyes had a voice filled with a death aura. While he was talking, even the atmosphere became colder

And it gave people a feeling of staying inside a tomb where a wailing ghost was licking their necks.

"How about Xuan He? Was he imprisoned too?" Shang Chen looked at the pair of blood-red eyes and shouted indignantly.

"Hey little buddy, you sound discontented," Xuan He guffawed bizarrely. "It's alright. After you give the kid the Guiding Fruit, you're done with Frederick. Yeah, you don't owe us anything. You can leave now. About Agate Star Area, hmm, it's too far. We won't mind it for the time being."

Hearing him, Shang Chen wore a sour face.

Agate Star Area was his homeland. Seeing this star area was stirred up earth-shakingly, he was more agitated than anyone else. Otherwise, he wouldn't have suggested Shi Yan many things. He even proactively received tasks, too.

In fact, Shi Yan wasn't born and grown in Agate Star Area. If he made up his mind and moved all the warriors related to him out of the area, he could dodge the conflict with the God Clan. But if he did that, Agate Star Area would be over. It wasn't what Shang Chen wanted to see. That's why he proactively joined this operation.

As Xuan He said that they didn't want to care about Agate Star Area, he had grabbed Shang Chen's weakest spot, which made him obedient.

"You evil!" Shang Chen gritted his teeth. "Spit it out. What else you want me to do? As long as it doesn't violate my principles, I'll fulfill everything for you."

"Ah-ha! That's good, right? Maybe we'll become family in the near future. Why do we need to care about tiny things, right?" Xuan His laughter was sinister and cunning. "Your daughter has something in his destiny with Shi Yan. Your power Upanishad can't predict your beloved one's life. I'll help you do that. Oh, yeah, they would be... not bad at all."

Shang Chen paled. "Don't talk nonsense! I will never let my daughter have any relationship with that little brat!"

"Well, we'll talk about this later." Frederick knew Xuan He had an evil mouth and could stimulate Shang Chen until he vomited blood. Thus, he talked them out of it. "Talk about the business now. You met him. What did he say?"

Shang Chen told them about the conversation between him and Shi Yan.

Frederick and Xuan He listened to him in silence. The two pairs of green eyes and crimson eyes floated in the dark void like lanterns. They looked indeed evil and ghostly. In this absolute darkness, they were so terrifying when they kept silent.

After a long time, Xuan He said, "You don't need to do anything this time. Your intention is really good. You just carry it out then. Yeah, you should deliver his call for help to the big star areas. We will have some other arrangement which won't cause conflict with yours."

Shang Chen looked at the deep green eyes of Frederick.

"Yeah, this time, we won't bother you," said Frederick.

Shang Chen nodded. He left without saying anything further. He disappeared from this place using some strange method.

A long time after the man left, Xuan He said, "We could seize this chance to create a foundation. We need to use our force. If we participate in the war of Agate Star Area, we can boost him to the peak instantly."

"I have to contact that guy," Frederick nodded. It sounded like joints in his entire skeleton were cracking. "His Soul Control power Upanishad has helped him control many forces. We don't even know how wide his henchmen have been spreading. It's a good chance to check, though."

"Okay, I'll notify him and let him join Shang Chen discreetly. We will give people a big surprise." Xuan He smiled cunningly.

"Ask the Heavenly Monster Tribe to take action. This time, they've gained the best benefits. We must make them share some force too." Frederick contemplated and then continued, "I'm going to send someone to talk to those old men. If the Heavenly Monster Tribe wants to move to Grace Mainland, they have to shed some blood this time."

"Hmm, the force that Shang Chen is gathering, the force that guy is controlling, and the Heavenly Monster Tribe..." Xuan He guffawed evilly in the dark, which sounded like an owl hooting. "The Ascot family and the Fernandez family was buried in Agate Star Area this time. It was good though. If our kid wanted to make an impressive debut, he needed some famous people to bury them with. Otherwise, how could he become eye-catching?"

"Of course, it should be magnificently big! Haha!"

"Right! We will shake this entire universe! We will make them glue their eyes to Agate Star Area!"

The two conspirators laughed happily in the dark abyss.