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The images he had seen in the dream reflected once again in Shi Yan's head. The beautiful galaxy, the development of death and life, and the magnificent space had flashed one after another.

At the entrance of the space passage, Shi Yan was like an ancient tree that had existed for billions of years with the old vicissitude of life as if he had experienced living a hundred lives and thousands of changes in this world. It seemed like he had just returned to the ancient world.

It was the specific aura of Grace Mainland. Today, it was like milk in his soul. They were one now, which gave him a whole new aura. Although his spirit was still high and enthusiastic with vigorous life energy fluctuations, he had a different taste.

Standing there quietly, he was checking the new changes of his soul altar and the true meanings of the three powers Upanishad Death and Life, Space, and Star.

The brilliant, galaxy-like Ethereal Extent emerged and floated in the void behind his head with dazzling suns, moons, and stars. The stars in there had the most magical essence energy of the world that he could use to build a mountain, lake, or any creature if he liked.

Shi Yan was shaken.

His Ethereal Extent seemed to change and become the Incipient Extent, which gave him a feeling of a real thing. It was a benefit naturally gained after his powers Upanishads advanced and his soul was refined.

All of a sudden, Shi Yan recognized that while he didn't notice, his realm had advanced one more step. Now, he was just a step away from Incipient God Realm.

The scenes in the dream and the things he had seen were actually what had helped him comprehending his power Upanishad. It provided him marvelous, indescribable advantages.

Anyway... Where was the co-soul?

Shi Yan was suspicious as he looked around bewilderedly.

Abruptly, a connection that had crossed the endless space was formed. His Soul Consciousness was dragged away to the strange land that was far away.

He had a strange feeling as if his soul was taken and drawn away in just a blink of an eye.

After this feeling disappeared, he found a massive crimson rhombus crystal in his soul. When his soul touched the crystal, he had established a subtle, marvelous connection with a world. He could hear the screams and prayers in the souls of the creatures living in that world. It seemed like he had a pair of heavenly eyes that could observe every corner or even the deepest places in people's souls.

The mountains, lakes, deserts, and oceans in this world were parts of his body. They could help transmit his Soul Consciousness billions of miles instantaneously.

He was indeed the God of this world.

After each second, this world had changed and it surged with energy. He could observe everything. He could create rain or draw the wind. He was the pulsation of this world...

Something exploded in his mind. He knew what had happened.

His host soul was still in his body. He was still himself, but his co-soul had gotten into the core of Grace Mainland. Since his co-soul had the Genesis Fruit, it had become the Soul Consciousness of Grace Mainland. Just like Desolate to the ancient continent, it could control the entire Grace Mainland!

It was like he was divided into two parts, one was his host soul and his body, the other one was his co-soul and Grace Mainland. With the Origin of Grace Mainland, he was given the consciousness of Grace Mainland.

The co-soul had become the core of Grace Mainland. It stayed there to control and guard the planet. This ancient continent had become the Incipient God Realm of the co-soul that the co-soul could manage in silence.

The co-soul and the host soul were interlinked. Once a thought came, the two souls would resonate. Regardless of how far they were from each other, nothing could stand between them.

Before the Genesis Fruit had completely fused with Grace Mainland, the co-soul had to stay there to guard the progress and bring a new life to this exhausted continent. After many thoughts had crossed his mind, Shi Yan's Soul Consciousness returned.

He was still at the entrance of the space passage in the Shadow Ghostly Prison. However, his two souls contacted each other every second. He knew what was going on in both places. The co-soul and the host soul were like his two eyes without many differences.

His host soul and the realm of the body had reached the peak of Ethereal God Realm. He was just one step away from Incipient God Realm. And only he knew how domineering his real competence was.

Shi Yan temporarily put aside the magnificent features of the co-soul and Grace Mainland. He began to think about the current situation. This place was in Agate Star Area. He remembered that Shang Chen had predicted that within ten years, Agate Star Area would have to receive the biggest challenge. The God Clan would invade them and they could lose everything within one battle.

He knew what he should do.

In this chaotic space passage hub, Shi Yan took a walk around and found that the passages connecting Agate Star Area to the other star areas had been sealed including the one leading to Fiery Rain Star Area. It was hard to pierce through.

The only thorough passage was the one connecting to Ancient God Continent, which was closed before. The entrance to that space passage had been broken wide open. It looked so deep with something like meteors moving through. Shi Yan could sense life energy fluctuations inside that space passage.

He immediately knew what had happened.

The God Clan had operated their invasion on a large scale. Their army had come here in waves. Could the experts of Agate Star Area be able to stop them?

He knitted his brows tightly.

Countless thoughts flashed through his head. Shi Yan suddenly remembered Shang Chen and Yang Tian Emperor.

The reason why he had entered the ancient continent was that of the Soul Rotting Aphis in Yang Tian Emperor's soul. Shang Chen had temporarily frozen him to control the situation. Shi Yan remembered his appointment with Shang Chen.

He calmed down and decided to find Shang Chen first. He got the Seven-colored Demonic Flower to save Yang Tian Emperor. After that, he was going to do the next thing.

His soul altar spun. An immemorial space energy fluctuated from his God Body.

He urged his power Upanishad and the two souls seemed to merge into one within a blink of an eye. He felt like he could directly absorb some kind of energy from Grace Mainland, which was so far from him now. This finding had struck him for a while. Sensing clearly, he found that it was just a hallucination.

Bewildered, he slowly understood it. The compatibility between his co-soul and the flaming Origin hadn't reached Haig's level.

If he could further fuse with the flaming Origin, he could do what Haig had shown him. Wherever he was, he could directly take in the power of the ancient continent. He would never need to worry about lacking energy. And for the time being, due to the Genesis Fruit inside Grace Mainland, the continent could give him endless energy!

He saw the new target.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

A light passage was built in front of him with his will and aura. It was a space bridge.

He stepped on the bridge and continuously used the Space power Upanishad to build more bridges. In just a blink, he could move billions of miles through the vast sea of stars, which was several hundred times faster than the fastest battleships!

Only the warriors who cultivated Space power Upanishad could leap through spaces at such fast speed!

He was at Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm and because of the abundant God power he had, he could continuously create space bridges.

If Zha Duo, the warrior who also cultivated Space power Upanishad, did the same thing, he could do it three or four times. After that, his God power would be used up and he would be no different from a sheep to be slaughtered.

Zha Duo didn't have a lot of God power like Shi Yan!

Shi Yan continuously created new space bridges to move through the stars at a speed that was even faster than a meteor or light.

As he had just reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, he could only move fast within one star area. If he could reach Incipient God Realm at a profound level, he could cross even an entire star area. He could use his supernatural power to create a space passage in any area to visit different star areas as he pleased.

At that time, even the universe was vas. He could take a walk or wander through the borderless sea of stars.

Crossing through spaces, Shi Yan felt a little tired. After moving through many life stars, he finally stopped by an area with many dead stars.

His countenance became heavy and stern.

From Shadow Ghostly Prison to here, he had crossed several life stars in one blink, which was billions of miles. Along the way, he had used the Soul Consciousness to sense and found no traces of living beings on those life stars. Not many of them had life energy fluctuations.

A small number of those life stars still had living beings. However, they were hiding deep inside the star. They were afraid of being discovered.

Only one life star had many life energy fluctuations. He sensed and found that it was the aura of the God Clan. He could see the battleships of the God Clan with some experts.

Shi Yan understood that the condition of the native forces in Agate Star Area wasn't really good. Otherwise, it wouldn't be like this. No strong force guarded this vast area. This spoke to the fact that the God Clan had successfully invaded Agate Star Area.

He calculated. He didn't strike the God Clan but he came to this area of dead stars as he had an appointment with Shang Chen.

He stopped by a barren, cold dead star and plunged into a cave leading deep down underground. Then, he found the profound triangle space formation that could connect to other spaces. This profound space formation was complex and marvelous. It had countless light dots hovering like a star map.

After he had reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, he had a new conception of Space power Upanishad. His eyes were even keener.

He looked at the star map and smiled. His Soul Consciousness flickered as if he was fondling the star map.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The entire space formation moved like a galaxy as he released a magical energy fluctuation, which disappeared into the core of the formation to deliver Shi Yan's message to another star area.

Looking at the message being delivered, Shi Yan sat down cross-legged and waited in silence, his face indifferent.

He observed that profound space formation and the materials that it was made out of. He used his Soul Consciousness to sketch the formation that looked like a star map in his head. Sometimes, he smiled as he understood something.

He found that with his realm, cultivation base, and the knowledge of Space power Upanishad, he could build a space passage that connected to other star areas when he got enough materials. Of course, he had the capacity to open the sealed space passages in Shadow Ghostly Prison too.

It was even easier.

If he wanted to build this kind of profound formation, he had to know the exact location of the target star area. He had to survey and certify the route of the space passage in the other star area to do that.

Looking at the marvelous formation, he had sketched the complex formation in his head, which was like drawing a star map and carving it into his memory. In the future, he could open space passages and wander around the big star areas. He believed that Agate Star Area wouldn't be so conservative anymore. It had to open to others.

He planned on turning Agate Star Area to a new page!