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1192 The One Who has Disappeared for Ten Years...

It was the first defeat of the God Clan's great army since they had invaded Agate Star Area.

The Blood Legion commanded by Leona had stopped the God Clan and made them pause to adjust their force.

That battle had encouraged the fighting spirit of all warriors of Agate Star Area. More forces cheered up. The war in Agate Star Area didn't tilt to one side anymore.

However, in that battle, the Monster Clan and Demon Clan had to bear a big loss too. Several years after that, they could only take turns in joining the small battle and becoming the knife that continuously cut the body of the God Clan that gave them minor wounds.

Unfortunately, the aura of the God Clan was strong and brutish. They had many elite warriors. In addition to the Ascot family, the Fernandez family and the Bai family also came.

Two years ago, Leona fought the God Clan one more time. She produced a significant result of killing three thousand warriors of the God Clan. However, they had a bigger loss in that battle.

Leona's team had to retreat to defend Devil Blood Star. They had even smashed the Mother and Child Star Linking Formation that connected Dark Shadow Ghostly Prison and Devil Blood Star. They were afraid that the God Clan could track them down using that formation.

In the past two years, Leona, Monster Clan, and Demon Clan had been in Devil Blood Star. They were training their warriors for a short period...

Through these two years, the forces like Fighting League, Divine Light, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Fire Clan, and Ice Clan had formed an alliance. They had joined hands and tried their best to resist the God Clan. They had battled God Clan at every corner of Agate Star Area.

Throughout these two years, each life star of Agate Star Area had become a battlefield. Every warrior of Agate Star Area had become a soldier.

The Agate Star Area had so many inspiring stories. The clansmen of different clans had used their lives to protect their homelands.

Many warriors decided to detonate their own soul altars to cause a bitter damage to the God Clan. To protect their children and families, they had shown their best valor and stormed towards the God Clan like a moth heading to a flame.

However, their enemy was too strong. In the past two years, the clansmen of different forces around Agate Star Area had to encounter the slaughtering every day, every second.

Half a year ago, Potion and Tool Pavilion had cooperated with Fighting League, Divine Light, Fire Clan, Ice Clan, and Wood Clan to ambush the God Clan. That battle had buried dozens of thousands of warriors.

After that battle, the alliance created by Potion and Tool Pavilion had failed. They couldn't stop the God Clan's invasion anymore and they continuously retreated and gave their large territories to God Clan.

The God Clan was able to swagger around and no one stood up to resist them anymore. Every time the others stepped back, the God Clan claimed another life star and closed their circle.

Now, two-thirds of Agate Star Area had fallen into the control of the God Clan. However, they hadn't relaxed and continued to plan for the final war.

The last place that stood still in Agate Star Area had a force to resist the great army of the God Clan. It was at Devil Blood Star where the Monster Clan and Demon Clan were based.

Leona and the experts of the Monster Clan and Demon Clan had proven that only they could forcefully resist the God Clan's great army.

Thus, Potion and Tool Pavilion, Divine Light, and Fighting League couldn't help but gather here. They came to Devil Blood Star with the hope of joining the Monster Clan and Demon Clan to resist the God Clan.

After their battleships anchored in Devil Blood Star, leaders of the other forces proactively came to Blood Devil, Gu Te, and Bath. They looked so worried and a dark shadow was cast over them.

"We could only count on you guys."

Fu Wei was calm like an orchid, her white face filled with tiredness. As soon as she arrived, she bowed to greet Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te.

Right now, Fu Wei was the real Pavilion Master of Potion and Tool Pavilion. She had decoded the Canon of Potion and Tool Pavilion and merged it with her Ethereal Extent.

Recently, the reason that made Potion and Tool Pavilion the control center of the Union was that they had a lot of resources. They had created a lot of battleships and weapons for other forces.

Fu Wei alone had refined many Divine Grade weapons. Although they weren't as strong as Original Incipient Grade weapons, they had given new thoughts to Elders of the Potion and Tool Pavilion.

They seemed to find the method to refine the Original Incipient Grade weapons. However, they didn't have enough materials to try. All went for Fu Wei's merit and that Canon.

"It's awful that we can't contact Fiery Rain Star Area. I wonder what has happened to Yu Shan. Since we can't exchange information, we can't do many things and take risks," sighed Leona.

She had become the backbone of the union.

Whether it was the great leader of the Monster Clan, Demon Clan, or Fu Wei, the experts of the Divine Light and Fighting League had deemed this fearsome-looking woman as the new commander of Agate Star Area.

Leona had used each of her battles to prove her astounding commanding talents. The new Blood Legion she had commanded consisted of a bunch of true bloodthirsty soldiers. They were the only force that could strongly resist the iron shoes of the God Clan.

"The God Clan is also invading Fiery Rain Star Area. I think they don't have extra effort to care about us. We can't count on them." Fu Wei hesitated for a while and then said weakly, "Potion and Tool Pavilion used to have a connection to Fiery Rain Star Area. I heard that their situation isn't better than ours. To deal with them, the God Clan has mobilized two families..."

Hearing her, people all changed their faces.

"Five years ago, Benny went to Fiery Rain Star Area. We haven't heard anything from him. If he were here, it would be easier for me..." said Leona begrudgingly.

Hearing the name Benny, people had the strange light in their eyes, but they sighed right after that.

Five years ago, Benny had fought Leona once with the same amount of soldiers. Benny had lost that game slightly and he was able to trouble Leona a lot.

After that battle, Yu Shan and Xiao En strongly requested Benny to go with them to Fiery Rain Star Area because their situation was really dangerous at that time.

Blood Devil's team discussed for a while and then agreed to let Benny leave with Yu Shan and Xiao En.

They left with the elite squad of Fiery Rain Star Area. They wanted to go back to their homeland and strike the God Clan hard.

Then, they hadn't received any news from Benny ever since.

Leona knew Benny's talents. She thought that if Benny were here, he could share her load of pressure. She could have saved more energy to control the whole situation.

Although Fu Wei, Feng Han, and the others were really strong and they had many Incipient God Realm experts here, not many of them could help her in commanding the field.

"The army of the God Clan knows that we're in Devil Blood Star. They're after us. Soon, they will come here." Fu Wei was still calm. "We don't have much time. I've discussed with my team. All of us will listen to you. You can order and arrange us."

Everybody looked at Leona with hope.

"We can't stop them."

Leona shook her head and said honestly, "Our force isn't enough to stop the God Clan's invasion. If we face them directly, we will lose. And if we gather in one spot, they can capture us at once."

"Then what should we do?" asked Feng Han indifferently.

Leona looked at him and contemplated, "Even if we scatter, we will be destroyed one by one. If we gather, although we can damage the God Clan hard, none of us will survive. Fifty warriors at Ethereal God Realm can create a brute formation using their power Upanishad and can kill one First Sky of Incipient God Realm of our side. Most of the warriors of the God Clan understand using strange formations. They have years of experience. We don't have that kind of experience."

Everybody quieted down.

Now, they regretted that they hadn't sent the experts of their clans to Leona to train earlier. If the experts of the forces everywhere were trained for five or six years, they would have the competence to fight the God Clan.

But now... time wasn't waiting up for them.

"Staying in Agate Star Area, we can gather our forces for the final battle. I'm sure that we can damage the God Clan severely, but we won't win. We will all die."

Leona considered her words and said, "I heard that you guys have a secret space passage that you can use to escape. As long as you aren't in Agate Star Area when the war happens, you can be safe. Let's discuss and see what we should do."

The experts of the other forces had laid their hopes on Leona. They thought that she could lead everybody to resist the God Clan.

Today, listening to her, they felt that the truth was too harsh. They looked baffled as they thought about Leona's suggestion. They didn't dare to play with the future of their clans.

They left the hall and privately discussed it with the elders of their clans. They wanted to find a solution quickly.

"Potion and Tool Pavilion always has fast news. Do you have any information... about him?" Leona sudden asked. Pausing for a while, she continued, "It has been ten years. Precursor Shang Chen had predicted precisely. What he tells us happens. It has been ten years. If nothing bad happened, he should be here, right?"

Fei Lan and Ka Tuo behind her were startled. They focused on Fu Wei and listened...

Even Blood Devil, Bath, and Gu Te had put on their stern faces as they looked at Fu Wei.

They knew who Leona had just referred to.

Under people's yearning eyes, Fu Wei shook her head sadly. "We have no information at all."

Everybody looked extremely disappointed.

"If he was here, perhaps he would know how to save Agate Star Area and bring us hope. It's too bad that he isn't here. We can't save Agate Star Area," concluded Leona.

She knew that Shi Yan was the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master. She understood that even the Bloodthirsty Force had stayed hidden, their force was still really big and was hiding around the universe. Although she didn't know how strong this force was, she believed that if Shi Yan could gather them, they could easily teach the Ascot family, the Fernandez family, and the Bai family a lesson that they would never forget.

She strongly believed that the Bloodthirsty Force was still as strong as before. They were all waiting for their "King" and for the earth and heaven to designate them some mission.

Leona's words silenced people. They were all heavy-hearted.

The Devil Blood Star seemed to be covered by a thick layer of dark clouds. People felt like they didn't see the sun. The pressure from the God Clan was like a mountain that suffocated them.

But someone didn't feel that... Or, he wasn't human...

He was Ghost Hunter. Ghost Hunter came from Grace Mainland and he got the core inheritance in the Heavenly Monster Mountain Range.

Recently, he found that his energy, his power Upanishad, and even his body were having some transformation. It seemed like an angel was watching him and strengthening him every second! His competence enhanced rapidly!

He didn't know the reason, but he was sure that something magical had happened, which had resonated with his bloodline.

He had become stronger day after day.

He had even thought that the God Clan wasn't enough to scare him.

This unceasingly increasing power had given him belief and hope!