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1190 The World Purifying Light!

In the world as bright as a galaxy, the suns, moons, and stars changed again. Billions of light beams from the suns, moons, and stars shot out and congregated into one column!

Billions of light beams from the suns, moons, and stars had fused into one column that was as big as an arm. That light column seemed to bring unlimited divine power. It was so dazzling that no one dared to observe it directly. No one even dared to use the Soul Consciousness to sense. This light column was the essence of the sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. It was some kind of utmost power in this world.

It was the World Purifying Light that could purify the dirty world and destroy the soul!

This World Purifying Light was the absolute power of the Star power Upanishad, which was carved in the soul of the precursor from the God Clan. It wasn't something that Shi Yan could suddenly figure out by himself.

The World Purifying Light shone on Harson's soul altar...


His soul altar turned into ashes in just a blink of an eye. Harson's Seal of Life had turned into nothing. The burning Karma Flame disappeared shortly after.

It felt like a nightmare.

Shi Yan woke up.

The Ethereal Extent returned to his head. When Shi Yan's soul altar came back to its position, Shi Yan felt no vital signs from Harson.

Boom! Boom!

Harson's bones cracked and exploded before he sank into the bottomless abyss. He disappeared shortly after.

There was no aura of Harson in this world anymore. There were no life energy fluctuations. The vestige of his life in this universe seemed to all be erased. It was... utter death.

Shi Yan checked his body and found that the Poison-dipped Cold Bead had been burned into ashes at that moment too. It wasn't in his Sea of Consciousness anymore. The last part of the Departed Spirit Jellyfish in this world no longer existed.

Rumble! Rumble!

The ancient continent transmitted terrifying tremors. The ground started to bob as an earthquake was coming. The mountains of the ancient continent collapsed inwardly and fell into an endless space of nothingness.

The Holy Mountain where they were standing was also shaking. The World Tree shrank and returned into the deep place in the earth core of the ancient continent. The Guiding Fruits fell off the tree and scattered near Mia, Phelps, Mo Fou, and the others.

The World Tree grew in the center of the Holy Mountain. After it had sunk into the core of the ancient continent, the Holy Mountain stood still.

The World Tree seemed to be the skeleton of the mountain. After it had disappeared, the mountain was like a body without a heart standing still in the middle of the ancient continent.

Haig, Cang Yun, and Audrey were freed. They looked at the sky above their heads.

Shi Yan had followed the World Tree and entered the core of the ancient continent. The Genesis Fruit disappeared altogether with him.

Many Guiding Fruits were floating by them. They were the keys to enter Desolate in the next ten thousand years. Haig and Audrey grimaced. They stood silently and watched the crystal branches of the World Tree enter the earth. They could feel some energy from earth and heaven affecting them.

Cang Yun wasn't dispirited. Quite the contrary, he looked really calm and happy as if he had finally lifted up the heavy stone that was pressing on his chest.

Apparently, Shi Yan got the Genesis Fruit. Cang Yun thought that it was really good and it was his real purpose when he visited this ancient continent. His purpose of the trip to the ancient continent was to see Shi Yan taking the Genesis Fruit. No one could guess what he was thinking.

Cang Yun felt so good. He landed on the ground and glanced at Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue who was slowly recovering. Cang Yun took out a tree which looked like a miniature version of the World Tree. This tree looked fresh and green as if it was made of green jade. The life energy moved abundantly inside the tree and that astounded people.

"The Reincarnation Life Force Tree!"

Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and Sha Zhao screamed in surprised. They looked struck.

Cecilia and Cang Yun were so weak. They were astounded as they looked at that tree.

The Reincarnation Life Force Tree was a rare Origin Incipient Grade treasure. It could convert every kind of energy into life energy. It could change the God power or the cold energy of the Icy Soul Cold Crystal into vitality. It could resurrect people. There was a saying that unless someone had been turned into blood, he could use the Reincarnation Life Force Tree to recover!

It was a strange treasure that they only heard from legends. It was a priceless life-secure treasure, indeed.

Cang Yun's hand was like a knife that halved the tree. He handed the two pieces of the tree to Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. He smiled, "With this piece of the God tree, you guys will recover and you will be even stronger than before. Get well soon!"

Looking at the two pieces of the jade-like tree, Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia were overwhelmed by his unexpected favor. They couldn't speak.

Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, Sha Zhao, and the others were bewildered. They didn't know why Shang Ying Yue had given Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia such a marvel of earth and heaven to recover. Their conditions were stabilized. They just needed time to recover.

It was just a waste when Cang Yun gave them the Reincarnation Life Force Tree. It made Jiao Shan's group speechless.

"When you see Shi Yan again, please help me tell him to remember the agreement between us. Tell him that I will go to Agate Star Area to meet him." Cang Yun said and then headed to the cave to get out of the mountain.

Most people didn't have a clue of what was going on.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue knew that Cang Yun wanted to give Shi Yan face by giving them the Reincarnation Life Force Tree to recover and improve their bodies.

Audrey descended from the sky, her face glum and her eyes dark without a beam of light. She said dispiritedly. "Shi Yan was dragged into the core of the ancient continent. He needs time to fuse with the Genesis Fruit. After that, he will leave the ancient continent. We will be... thrown out of here soon. We don't need to fight anymore."

Then, she left the mountain.

Jiao Shan signaled Jiao Hai and the others. Then, they supported Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue and followed Audrey.

Without the World Tree, this Holy Mountain became hollow like a person without the heart or skeleton. It was just a boring skin bag.

Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and the others had left. They left Haig, Mia, Phelps, and the warriors of the God Clan standing with their heads stooped and their spirits low as if their parents were all dead.

Haig landed between them, his face disheartened. He didn't have the majestic aura of the one who could conquer the world anymore. It was the first time he was defeated and this kind of defeat was some sort of humiliation to him.

He didn't even have the right to join the competition!

Being the Young Master of the Bradley family of the God Clan, he got the approval of Ancient God Continent as soon as he was born. It was destined that he would be the top warrior of his clan regarding power or experience.

At that time, Harson was the most outstanding warrior of his clan. The Charteris family didn't dare to let Harson fight him once. It was enough to prove his position and intimidation.

However, on this continent, the plan he had plotted failed.

Shi Yan had taken the Genesis Fruit which was a critical factor to the prosperity of his clan. They knew the meaning of the Genesis Fruit better than anyone else. The Genesis Fruit could have made Ancient God Continent gather the energy faster. Each member of the God Clan who was native to Ancient God Continent would have received benefits altogether.

Moreover, even the members of the God Clan in the other galaxies could have had some magical change in their soul altars because their ancestral planet would have been full of energy once again.

Each ancient continent was a metal core of belief to their native creatures. It could bring unimaginable benefits to one race. Once Ancient God Continent was filled with energy, which balanced the earth and heaven energy there, the Shrines of the God Clan built there would have marvelous changes. Members of the God Clan could make themselves stronger through the shrines physically and mentally.

They used to get it so they knew the mysterious benefits they could get. It was enough to transform the entire race.

But Shi Yan had the Genesis Fruit now!

"Would our clan be subdued by the Immortal Demon Clan? Since he got the Genesis Fruit, Ancient Demon Continent would gather the remnants of energy from outer space faster to provide the Immortal Demon warriors with surging energy. They would be stronger shortly after."

Phelps muttered. He couldn't accept this fact.

However, they didn't know that Shi Yan had fused with the Origin of Grace Mainland, which was the ancestral planet of the Heavenly Monster Tribe! That was why Cang Yun was so generous!

The ones who were about to rise were the members of Heavenly Monster Tribe! Each member of this clan would be boosted with energy because Shi Yan had fused with the Genesis Fruit. The tribe that the Imperial Dark Tribe had subdued for years would rise dazzlingly one more time.

Unfortunately, Haig, Mia, and Phelps didn't know this.

"It's not that easy. Our God Clan has killed a lot of Immortal Demon warriors. They don't have many fellows alive. It's not easy for the four great races to reproduce. They can't get strong that quickly. We should just seize the chance before they could rise forcefully to destroy them. As long as we can eliminate them, we will still be the overlords of the cosmos."

Haig gritted his teeth, talking to his fellows in his dark, low voice.

Mia and Phelps sighed. They thought that they could only comfort their minds that way. The God Clan had been dominating for a long time. They would never let their clan decline.

"We should leave. We have to get out of this area and leave the continent." Pondering for a while, Haig continued, "Perhaps we still have time to clean up those fish before the ancient continent kicks us out..."

"They have Audrey. It's not easy," Mia shook her head.

Haig's failure had haunted them like a shadow in their minds. As Haig had lost his intimidation, Mia and Phelps thought that Harson, the one who had been destroyed tragically, was somehow more terrifying than Haig.

They had even thought that if Harson hadn't died, he would have been the new face of the God Clan's future. Since Haig wasn't eligible to join that final competition, they had looked down on him from that moment.

Haig was sensitive enough to feel the down moods of everyone. He became gloomier. He didn't talk more. He just silently walked to the cave to leave the Holy Mountain by himself.. Standing at the entrance of a cave and looking at the most mysterious space in this universe, he felt the reluctance of a loser.

Ice blue bubbles suddenly emerged from the nine-tiered blue sky and found the signals of life. They found the warriors by their life magnetic energy, captured them, and lifted them through the sky before leaving this ancient continent.

Besides Shi Yan, all of the other survivors on this ancient continent were delivered away. The atmosphere resumed its desolateness.

The ancient continent was sealed from now on.