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Seeing Harson in this world once again had dragged people into their worst nightmares. Each of them was so restlessly insecure.

Especially Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey!

They came here for the Genesis Fruit and for ten thousand years of prosperity for their clan. For this purpose, they could do anything.

However, Harson was standing right under the Genesis Fruit. He just needed to reach his hand out to take the fruit!

They would never show mercy!

The ice blue halos swirled around the Genesis Fruit. It was like the ancient continent was born again with the power of the Origin!

Shi Yan's co-soul sent him extreme vibes. He looked at the Genesis Fruit and couldn't control his excitement.

The vitality and energy seething in the Genesis Fruit could compare to the total energy of dozens of Incipient God Realm experts! It was incredible!

Nothing in this world, whether it was a matter or a crystal, could reach this level of tremendous energy!

If they got the Genesis Fruit, they would have the entire world and they could bring their clan back to the glory. It was common knowledge spread out among the four great races.


A soft starlight like a ribbon shot to Harson brought the power of Space Upanishad.

Shi Yan was the last one who moved, but he appeared right next to Harson before Cang Yun, Audrey or Haig. Talking about speed, who could beat the ones who cultivate Space power Upanishad?

The Genesis Fruit now rippled with ice blue halos right in front of Harson. That immense halo had the power to calm down the mind. Shi Yan's hot-tempered state was comforted. He became placid.

Standing under the blue halo, Harson didn't look insane anymore. His eyes became clear as if he had returned to his teenage times before Xuan Shan had affected his soul. He looked pure and innocent as if he didn't have a dirty thought.

This was who Harson really was.

He looked up at the Genesis Fruit and mumbled something faithfully Shi Yan couldn't hear.

The Genesis Fruit swayed and released more ripples of ice blue light. It tangled as if it was about to fall off the branch.

"Stop him!"

Cang Yun, Audrey, and Haig shouted ear-piercingly and asked Shi Yan to stop or even kill Harson.

Everybody could see that the Genesis Fruit was about to fall and Harson was going to take it instantly.

Shi Yan remembered what the Ring Spirit had told him. He knew that the Genesis Fruit was crucial. He didn't hesitate or mind Harson's strange state. He extended one hand crossing over Harson's shoulder to the grab the Genesis Fruit directly.

Strangely, Harson still remained in his faithful posture as he kneeled on the tree branch and lowered his head, murmuring something. He didn't stop Shi Yan's move.

His eyes were clear like a lake. It seemed like the ice blue halo of the Genesis Fruit had cleaned the evilness in his soul and brought him back to his youth.

But Shi Yan still had an extremely insecure feeling!

Harson looked like he was not harmful to humans and animals. He looked so innocent without a dark thought...

However, Shi Yan could see that while the young man was murmuring, his body was shriveling! It was the Burning Purgatory power Upanishad! He was urging his power discreetly!


A pale light shot out of Harson's head. It wound around Shi Yan's arm like a vine. It was the power that Harson had urged by burning his soul and body. It had both the Death energy and the Corpse Qi.

Shi Yan's arm eroded!

Chunks of meat fell off his bones. Shortly after, Shi Yan's arm had only bare bones and even his bones were being eroded.

That pale light moved around his arm and reached for his body.

Shi Yan felt his hair rising! Everything happened within a blink of an eye. It was so fast that he didn't react timely. When the flesh of his arm fell off, he finally reacted. He immediately urged the co-soul and used the heaven flame to resist that pale light.

His co-soul emerged from the soul altar. Harson's clear eyes brightened.

Harson who had kept his head low right from the beginning lifted his head and showed his bright but cold smile. His eyes were now jet black and it showed his brutal, bloodthirsty desire. He looked savage to the utmost.

This was the real Harson!

Everything he had just seen was just his disguise.

Shi Yan got it.

Harson looked at Shi Yan's co-soul and licked his lips greedily, "I want your Origin. You don't have faith. Your mind isn't strong and persistent enough. I should inherit the legacy of the Bloodthirsty's Master!"

Only the one who had fused with the Origin could take the Genesis Fruit. Harson had waited here to hunt the Origin. He wanted to use the Origin to be eligible to seize the Genesis Fruit. Shi Yan had fallen into his trap.

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey shouted ear-piercingly when the sounds of cracking bones echoed in their chest. Their moving bodies halted in the middle of the air. It seemed like an invisible hand had held them there.

Rattle! Rattle!

The World Tree slightly rattled. Its thick branches moved. The massive shade of the tree was like a demon that pressured people's souls.

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey hurried to stop Harson so they had urged their energy to the max level. Divine light flashed continuously in their bodies but they couldn't get rid of the constraint. They couldn't come close to Harson and Shi Yan even an inch.

From under the tree, Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, and Mia had stopped fighting. They were looking at Audrey, Cang Yun, and Haig being held in the void and at Harson and Shi Yan up there with bewildered faces.

"It's Desolate!"

Shang Ying Yue shouted. She couldn't control her mood as she said, "It has chosen only Shi Yan and Harson! Only Harson and Shi Yan have gained its approval, so only they are eligible to fuse with the Genesis Fruit!"

Hearing her, everybody else understood it immediately.

In the desert, the Icy Soul Cold Crystal had pierced through Shi Yan's body as he had proactively taken all the damage to save Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue, which also helped him get Desolate's approval.

Right after that, they found brilliant crystals scattered here and there including the Icy Soul Cold Crystal, the Heart Water Crystal, and even the Essence Blood Crystal, the precious treasure that could recover the body of the Immortal Demon warriors quickly.

Apparently, Desolate had arranged everything when it chose Shi Yan.

Harson was its other choice.

After fighting Shi Yan in the desert, Harson knew the truth of his body. He knew that he wasn't a genuine God warrior anymore. With Xuan Shan's bones in his body and the stubborn, wild will of the Demon warrior in his soul, Harson wasn't himself anymore.

He had collapsed and wandered like a body without the soul in the desert. He cried and screamed, losing himself. He had fallen into bedevilment.

No one knew what Harson had experienced, but it was true that he had the approval of Desolate. Desolate took care of him. That was how he could reappear here with mightier powers.

It was obvious that Harson had just become a pulp of flesh and broken bones. If he could stand here once again, it wasn't his real power. Everyone knew that Desolate had chosen Harson too. Shi Yan and Harson would compete for the Genesis Fruit. They were the favored warriors. They had the chance to change the future.

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey were confined. They couldn't wiggle. It was Desolate's work. This place was the ancient continent and Desolate's kingdom. It could control every one of them.

Only Desolate could tie Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey and make them the audience who couldn't join the competition.

Thus, Desolate had thrown them into the trash. It had confirmed that they weren't eligible to keep the Genesis Fruit. They were destined to fall into tragedy.

No one had continued fighting. Jiao Shan, Sha Zhao, Mia, and Cecilia had stopped. They wore fearful faces and their vision passed Haig, Audrey, and Cang Yun before fixing on Harson and Shi Yan.

Haig, Audrey, and Cang Yun were the favorite children of God. They were the hope of their clan and the most dazzling generation of this universe. All three of them had fused with the Origin.

However, these three were the losers in this competition for the Genesis Fruit. They didn't even have the right to join the game.

Quite the contrary, Shi Yan, a non-famous warrior, together with Harson the madman, had gained the approval. It was actually out of any warrior's expectation.

"Be careful!"

Shang Ying Yue suddenly shouted.

Harson was smiling darkly. Black light shot out of his eyes. He wanted to use his soul altar to tie down Shi Yan's co-soul. He wanted to refine the soul that Shi Yan had sealed and carved his soul to make himself the new master of Grace Mainland's Origin.

Only the warriors of the four great races could fuse with the Origin of the ancient continent. Harson could satisfy this condition. Today... he was even more qualified than anybody else. He had the bones of the Immortal Demon warrior in his God body. He was a true crossbreed.

The pale light of the new power that Harson had released was the combination of Death energy and Corpse Qi. The flaming Origin could stop it for now. Shi Yan's arm didn't have any bit of flesh except for the bone frame. He looked really scary. At the same time, Harson was trying to attack his co-soul to seize the Origin.

Unexpectedly, Harson had gained the upper hand.

"You should know your situation. Give me the co-soul and the Blood Vein Ring. If I become the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master, your host soul won't be destroyed. You can choose to follow me too." Harson looked at Shi Yan and smiled. "I'm also one of the candidates who the Blood Vein Ring had chosen. You've taken all the things that belonged to me. Without you, everything would have belonged to me! Only I can receive the inheritance of the Bloodthirsty's Master! You don't have faith. You don't have the fixation on destroying this world. You're not suitable!"

Harson laughed wildly. His soul altar released an evil force that sucked Shi Yan's co-soul like a magnet. His co-soul was shaken hard. Gradually, it left Shi Yan's soul altar.

The Genesis Fruit was ripe. It didn't fall off as some strange force was supporting it and making it float. It was waiting for one of the two, Shi Yan or Harson, to take it and have the power to change the structure of the world.

"I had never thought that you would be my rival."

Shi Yan had almost lost one arm. However, he didn't look hurt at all. His red eyes were like dripping blood. Looking at his co-soul floating away, he was strangely placid. He didn't take action but closed his eyes.

The soul altar emerged from his head. His body quieted down.

Harson also closed his eyes. His soul altar that was connected to his brain flew out just like Shi Yan's.

Shi Yan's co-soul floated between the two soul altars, watching the last competition.