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1185 Replace the World!

Harson had turned into a pulp of broken bones and smashed flesh. However, something was changing subtly in that bloody mess.

If Shi Yan hadn't cultivated Death and Life power Upanishad and if he hadn't reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm, he wouldn't have been able to see that tiny but magical change.

It seemed like a celestial hand was carefully and dedicatedly snatching the roles of Nature to help Harson modify and build up each of his fiber muscles. It was making him even more perfect!


The soul threads that had nailed Harson's soul altar were still pulling. However, they were bewitched by an unknown force. Thus, Audrey didn't recognize anything strange.

The net woven by the soul threads to squeeze off Harson's soul altar had become ineffective.

Somewhere in the Untold World, an energy had contacted Harson and helped him urge another power in his skeleton, the Corpse Qi, to deceive Audrey, Cang Yun, and Haig. It had given Harson a chance to resurrect!

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey thought that Harson was dead.

The other members of the God Clan and the outstanding warriors of the other star areas would never have thought that Harson was having a marvelous transformation.

In this area, only Shi Yan had cultivated Death and Life power Upanishad, which gave him a better sense of life magnetic field and life energy fluctuation. He could vaguely capture this tiny change...

He had two options now...

He could tell Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey about this. He believed that they would forcefully kill Harson and utterly kill him.

Shi Yan was sure that even though the mysterious power had favored Harson, Harson wasn't going to be able to survive when Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey attacked him at the same time.

He had another option: He could choose to protect Harson and give him time to finish his transformation and resurrect.

Shi Yan kept silent as he was absorbed in his thoughts as he was weighing pros and cons. He had to study Harson's resurrection case carefully to find the tendency that benefited him the most.

Harson wasn't a true member of the God Clan anymore. Shi Yan could tell that when he tried to kill Haig and Mia. At the same time, Harson seemed to not want to be on Shi Yan's side. He had something he had to fulfill and insist. Shi Yan didn't know from where he had this insistence.

Shi Yan didn't know whether Harson's insistence could be a threat to his future or not... but right now, Haig was too powerful. He wasn't so sure he could defeat this guy.

Shi Yan had chosen his option.

"If your Imperial Dark Tribe can join hands with the God Clan, ... I can cooperate with Cang Yun. The God Clan is the mortal enemy of my Immortal Demon Clan. When you joined him, you've become my enemy too." Shi Yan sighed and said to Audrey reluctantly. "Although I don't want it, I have to say that we're no longer each other's allies."

He nodded to Cang Yun and said, "I'm going to deal with Haig."

Cang Yun smiled happily.

Shi Yan turned around and looked at Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, Sha Zhao, and Mo Fou. "You guys can choose to be with me and help resist Mia, Phelps, and the God warriors. I can focus only on Haig then. Of course, you guys can choose to stay on Audrey's side."

"I'll follow you."

Wu Feng, Wu Bai, Jiao Shan, Jiao Hai, and Sha Zhao had always followed him, so they showed their attitude immediately.

After Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia had escaped the previous battle, of course, they wouldn't choose Audrey. They planned to follow Shi Yan always.

Fuller and the other warriors who had been with Audrey all the time hesitated for a while before saying sorry to Audrey. "We're sorry. We won't be friends with the God Clan. You've broken your promise when you joined Haig."

Audrey had a glum gleam in her eyes.

She finally recognized that while she didn't pay attention, Shi Yan had gained respect and admiration from other warriors. It turned out that Shi Yan had replaced her leadership in their minds.

"I can kill Harson. It's easier to kill you, you know." Haig mocked and shook his head disdainfully. "Being an Immortal Demon, you should try to live your life like a stray dog. You shouldn't be greedy for the Genesis Fruit. You aren't really practical, are you?"

Haig was still standing in the center of the divine pentagonal formation. The orb of the Ancient God Continent sparkled in front of his forehead while the flames were dancing in his eyes.

His heart didn't beat vigorously anymore, but it didn't mean that his energy was decreasing. Simply, he had gathered enough God power. He was now at his peak condition!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Clear cracking sounds echoed from Shi Yan's bones. He had transformed into the Immortal Demon Body in just a blink of an eye. The blood Qi in his body surged massively. Each drop of his Immortal Demon Blood was like a burning, erupting volcano that him the formidable power.

The acupuncture points of his entire body became like a big river or a deathtrap with torrential negative energy. Instantly, his body shriveled and his eyes became crimson. While his God power was rocketing, the starlight above his head twinkled and shone on his head. He looked like he was holding the entire starry sky on his head.

"Dazzling Light Bright World!"

Haig hissed, his eyes cold and indifferent. He didn't have any glimpse of human emotions. His sane condition frightened people.

The Light Divine Boat shot out billions of light beams. However, they weren't straight lines. They were meandering ones like a halo that grouped with each other to create thousands of light formations above his head. They were triangular, rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, and even octagonal formations with the power of Five Elements. They could perform magical abilities thoroughly.

Haig had used his Light power Upanishad to chain the powers of Five Elements. His Ethereal Extent could perform everything that this world has. Just like the Creator, Haig could destroy everything with a single thought in his mind.

This was the supernatural power that even the Incipient God Realm experts couldn't do.

Haig had adjusted the divine formations to mobilize many mountains and lakes here. Blocks of cracked soils, trees of the forest, and pieces of shattered land made a downpour and covered every single inch of space around Shi Yan.

Shi Yan's blood-red eyes became ferocious. As he knew Space power Upanishad, he recognized that Haig had confined the space around him. Haig's magical world had invaded Shi Yan's room. Shi Yan couldn't use his Space power Upanishad because the area he was now in wasn't familiar land anymore.

It was the world that Haig had created by his divine light and the Five Elements power Upanishad. In this world, Haig was the sole God.

Unless he had smashed this world, he would be confined in every aspect when he fought Haig. He couldn't use his best abilities of each power Upanishad. Haig could know every single move of his even before he carried it out. Haig could kill him easily.

In this world, Haig was the God that could do everything. He could pour his energy endless into this world to do whatever he wanted.

Haig was using his own world to replace the real world. Even Incipient God Realm experts couldn't perform this intimidating power. Haig was worth being the future leader of the God Clan. Although he was at Ethereal God Realm, he was already formidable!

No wonder why he could defeat Harson.

Shi Yan finally took a real look at Haig's intimidation. He knew that Haig would be the most terrifying opponent of his life. If he couldn't defeat Haig, he would never ease his mind for the rest of his life.

"Space confinement! Use an unreal world to replace the real world!"

When Haig used his power Upanishad, it was like he was using the abilities of the eternal world. He could control the power of the universe and hold this entire space in his hands.

The other warriors could see Shi Yan and Haig staying in a fantasy world. They could see the two of them clearly, but they couldn't feel any energy impact. However, from every move of Shi Yan and Haig in that fantasy world, they knew that the two were engaging in a fight.

When Mia's team saw Haig confining Shi Yan in his world, they were baffled. However, they woke up immediately and surged their God power to spin the soul altar and release the Ethereal Extent. Their battle with Wu Feng's team began.

"We shouldn't stay idle," Cang Yun faced the sky and roared. He turned into his White Tiger form, which was as big as a mountain. His energy was imposing and tyrannical as if he could destroy the world with only one touch.

Audrey snorted and floated up. The Dark God Imperial Throne emerged and connected to the fearsome abyss of the Underworld. She had summoned many ghosts and demons, the special creatures of the Underworld, which could move agilely as she wished like they were her real fingers.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue wore sad faces when they saw Shi Yan being confined in Haig's world. They wanted to help him, but they felt so helpless.

They knew Haig's intimidation. They knew that Haig was the strongest known warrior of this current generation. He was even stronger than his precursors. His power was formidable yet mysterious. Although they were impressed with Shi Yan's power, they couldn't help but feel heavy-hearted when Shi Yan was facing Haig directly.

Although Harson was very frightening recently and he had scared them out of their wit, Harson... was defeated. Haig had destroyed him.

As Shi Yan had fought Harson in the desert, in the two women's points of view, Harson would have the same capacity as Shi Yan because he had survived that battle. They deeply understood the meaning of this event.

The two were so worried about Shi Yan.

In Haig's world, there was light, earth and heaven with Five Elements. The Five Elements were the basis of the world; they could produce everything. Haig's world was independent like a real world.

Using Light power to chain the five powers Upanishads of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, Haig had proven his innate endowment. No one could compare to him. At the same time, his learning capacity was unique. No wonder why the Ancient God Continent favored him. He was the designated successor and the continent had proactively fused its Origin with his soul.

It was the recognition of earth and heaven for Haig.

In Haig's world, Shi Yan was bound. He couldn't use the power of earth and heaven, so he was left to use only the energy of his body to resist. Galaxies appeared above the thick blood sea. Shi Yan bobbed in the blood sea and spun his soul altar, using the negative energy to create an evil tornado to wreak havoc in this fantasy world.

His negative energy surged torrentially and filled with so many negative emotions. The deadly, brutal, desperate, fearful, destructive, resentful and bloodthirsty emotions from his tornado were much more formidable than what Harson had performed!

Moreover, as Shi Yan had used the Essence Qi of the dead he had just taken in through his acupuncture points directly without refining, the evil power of this attack became more terrifying.

When this kind of evil tornado attacked Haig's world, the power of negative moods had made this world look like doomsday. The void cracked and revealed space slits. It seemed like this world was about to crumble.

Haig had to gather the energy of the ancient continent and condense his God power in the body to pour into his world to maintain the balance. He had to mend it continuously.

Apparently, he had underestimated Shi Yan's power.

While he and Shi Yan were fighting, the entire scene was disorderly and chaotic. Cang Yun and Audrey were battling while Mia, Phelps, and the God warriors were fiercely fighting against Wu Feng and Sha Zhao's team.

No one paid attention to Harson.

The pulp of crushed flesh and broken bones had connected to each other and formed... a body.

It seemed like a hand in the Untold World was sewing Harson's body altogether and helping him refine his body dedicatedly.