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1184 The Cold Eye of a Bystander

Haig and his Light Divine Boat were dragged to a deep place in the blood sea. They disappeared altogether with the bone claw.

Harson was still floating under the bloody tombstone. His eyes were jet black and were strangely and coldly scanning people in the blood sea.

Cang Yun and Audrey were trying their best to resist the evil energy that was invading their souls. Cang Yun had transformed into the White Tiger and was lying on the ground. His massive body quivered as if he was gathering energy.

Audrey's slim body had turned into nothing. Like a departed spirit, she was floating and bobbing in the blood sea, which looked so unreal.

In this form, no physical attack could touch Audrey. The abilities of power Upanishad couldn't hurt her either. Unfortunately, this blood sea had the power to erode the soul. It could seep into her soul altar and attack her soul.

Anyway, Audrey had mastered the soul class power Upanishad. As she was congregating her power to resist the evil mind invasion, her eyes were always clear and bright. She didn't have any puzzled gleam.

She seemed to finally stabilize her condition.

In the blood sea, Phelps, Mia, and the other warriors of the God Clan were killing each other. Mo Fou, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, and Sha Zhao had lost their minds completely. They couldn't tell if the others were their enemies or friends, so they just kept fighting until death.

People started to die in this strange land where the thick mist was hovering. Every time a warrior died, Shi Yan was startled as he gathered the Essence Qi from them.

Shi Yan looked at Harson, his face stern. He had quietly mobilized his power and was ready to counter any new incident.

Harson's black eyes still gazed at a place deep in the blood sea. He didn't pay attention to Audrey or Cang Yun. His primary target was Haig.

Haig had sunk into the blood sea, but the vitality from him was still robust!

Apparently, Haig was still alive and he was still gathering more power.

"Thump! Thump! Thump!"

Everybody could hear his heart beating vigorously!

After every beat, Haig could draw energy from the ancient continent to strengthen himself. If he had enough time to prepare, no one could estimate the level of his God power.

"You should kill them."

Harson rose his hand and pointed at Cang Yun and Audrey. Then, all of a sudden, he jumped into the blood sea. The gory tombstone had come with him. A tremendous blood wave abruptly rose. Energy columns in blood hue shot out and dyed this world crimson.

The ivory white divine light connecting the powers of Five Element emerged in a pentagonal formation and raised above the blood sea.

Haig stood in the center of the magical pentagonal formation like a heartless God. Flames danced in his eyes. A dark gold orb appeared in front of his glabella, which had a lot of lines and drawings. Vaguely, that orb was a miniature figure of Ancient God Continent that bounced accordingly to Haig's beating heart.

When the globe appeared in front of his glabella, Haig wasn't bound or affected by the blood sea anymore. His body had the energy that would never cease.

"Your Burning Purgatory makes you pay with your flesh and soul to increase your power quickly. However, since I've fused with the ancestral star, I don't need to sacrifice anything to absorb the energy from the ancestral star to refill my body. You... what do you have to fight me?"

The divine pentagonal formation under Haig's body suddenly became dazzling as it released halos of radiant divine light. They moved and swirled around Haig continually.

Energy shot out fast under Haig's feet and created the power to seal this world. After his energy had diffused, the blood sea diluted and faded away. Slowly, everything had calmed down. Beams of Blood Qi have washed away and were destroying the evil mind-invading energy.

Shortly after, the entire blood sea had vanished besides the bloody gravestone above Harson's head.

Haig stood on the pentagonal divine formation as if he had put himself in a dreamy star domain where he was the God of the universe. Each move of his carried immense power of the ancient continent, which would last forever.

"Sky Cage!"

Haig closed his arms as if he had caught something in his palm and pressed it.

Everybody could see that when Haig closed his arms, the bloody gravestone above Harson's head was pressed smaller. It looked like a stone tablet that was contorted by the giant hand of an angel. Bones of Harson's skeletal body cracked as if they were about to shatter.

The dark red bones tore his skin and jutted out of his body under the pressure. Harson looked pitifully horrendous. He didn't look like either a human or a demon.

"Now you know why the Elders of our clan chose me instead of you?" Haig's face was cold and indifferent. He used a nonchalant voice to continue, "I am gifted. I am the chosen one by the ancestral star. Facing me, you are encountering the progress of an entire race. It's just in vain. You will never succeed."

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

While talking, Haig pressed his hands together. Harson's bones broke entirely. His body deformed as if there were two mountains crushing him.

The bloody gravestone directly turned into a cluster of blood gas that exploded and then stormed into Harson's skeleton.

The warriors who were fighting slowly resumed their sanity. Some of them had terrible wounds that were deep to the bone. Some of them were now cold corpses or dried ones without a drop of water as if they have been weathered for years.

"What's going on?"

"Argh! That mad dog Harson again!"

"He didn't spare his own kind! Too heartless! He doesn't have a bit of humanity in his heart anymore!"

Warriors of different races cursed him in fright and rage. Mia, the one who had a close relationship with Harson, was also outraged. She glared at him maliciously.

Harson had stirred up a common hostility!

Cang Yun and Audrey had gotten rid of the restraint of the evil mind-invading power first. They exchanged looks and formed a strange tacit understanding.


Cang Yun roared like a wild tiger getting out of the cage. His murderous aura was released as sharp as a lance. Light flashed in his tiger eyes like torches. His iron-like body rolled and he attacked Harson.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Cang Yun dragged Harson's shattered body and tore him into pieces.

Audrey floated with her hollow body. The image of her soul altar emerged in her glabella, which was a dozen times smaller than the real one. Her soul altar looked like an exquisite crystal pendant where billions of soul threads gushed out and created a net that covered Harson's head. The soul threads squeezed and pulled, trying to crush Harson's soul altar.

Cang Yun and Audrey were mortal enemies. These two races had fought for so many years. They had never been calmly talking to each other.

However, because of Harson the madman, the two archenemies had joined hands to kill Harson and erase this unidentified factor.

Mia watched everything coldly. She saw Haig explode Harson's bones and Cang Yun tearing his body apart. Eventually, Audrey had used her soul ability to wind his soul altar. Mia stood calmly right from the beginning.

She found that Harson today wasn't the Harson she had known. Although Harson was wild and brutal, he would only treat his enemies that way. He would never attack his own kind. She knew that Harson still made mistakes. He hadn't grown up yet.

But currently, Harson wasn't a member of the God Clan anymore in her eyes. He was a maniac who didn't spare his fellows. He had become a brutal butcher that even Mia wanted to destroy.

She didn't agree with Harson. Looking at Haig, Audrey, and Cang Yun attack him, she didn't say a word to tell Haig to show mercy or ask the other warriors to help.

She thought that Harson shouldn't continue to live.

Everybody quieted down.

Shi Yan did the same.

However, his silence was different from the others. While he was staying quiet, his soul altar was ready. He had always paid attention to Harson's vital signs.

He thought that Harson wouldn't make something that big without a decent ending. The reason why he stood indifferently was that Harson hadn't died yet!

Shi Yan didn't know why he could feel a bigger danger from Harson. He knew that Harson had merged with Xuan Shan's will and bones. Besides the Death power Upanishad, he had mastered the Corpse Qi of Frederick. He could use the Corpse Qi to urge his God power and resurrect himself from death!

Shi Yan had seen it once!

He thought that Harson would resurrect once again because his soul altar hadn't been destroyed yet and although his bones were ground, they weren't burned to ashes.

Harson's blood hadn't vanished even one drop. His terrifying energy was still moving in his blood. Quietly, he was using the Corpse Qi to create another miracle...

But it wasn't what had scared Shi Yan.

Shi Yan could vaguely feel that this Holy Mountain, this World Tree inside the mountain, and even this ancient continent... had somehow favored Harson and used a method that only Harson could feel to transfer energy into his body.

Just like when Shi Yan's acupuncture points were gathering Essence Qi of the dead, which no one could recognize, Desolate was caring about Harson with its special treatment.

Haig didn't know it. Cang Yun and Audrey couldn't sense or guess. As the experts of the big star area kept silent with a cold face, they all thought that Harson was dead upon looking at him.

"Audrey, we should eliminate the one from the Heavenly Monster Tribe," Haig reminded her all of a sudden.

"Good then," Audrey gently nodded. Her eyes now gazed at Cang Yun.

Cang Yun wasn't panicked. He guffawed and transformed back to his fat, human body. He appeared by Shi Yan, turning to him and squinting his small eyes. "You choose one between Haig and Audrey."

Haig didn't change his countenance.

Audrey darkened her face, talking coldly and darkly, "Shi Yan, this is a matter between the Imperial Dark Tribe and the Heavenly Monster Tribe. I hope you stay away from this."

"I'm curious," Shi Yan frowned, "If I stay aside, will you join Haig to kill Cang Yun?"

Audrey nodded.

"Then what?" Shi Yan sounded surprised. "Then you and I will join hands to kill Haig. And then we will have a brutal battle to take that Genesis Fruit?"

Audrey quieted down.

She had thought like that.

"Do you think it's practical?" Shi Yan felt funny. "Do you think Haig is that dumb to let me join hands with you and kill him? You think... that things would develop as you thought?"

"I know it isn't practical. You, Cang Yun, Haig and I... we're all here for the Genesis Fruit. Not all of us can get the fruit. Only one can do it. No one could say what would happen or how to arrange this."

Shi Yan suddenly jolted. He looked at the bones of Harson and sensed quietly. He immediately had a chill in his heart.