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1183 I’m Helping You...

A gory gravestone was floating in the middle of a viscous blood sea. Harson was sitting neatly under that gravestone.

Surrounding Harson were Haig, Audrey, and Cang Yun. However, they weren't in good condition. Although they had transformed, their auras and energy were disordered. Their spirit, soul, and Qi seemed to be bound and their souls were shivering continuously.

However, at least they were still sane and didn't fall into a slaughtering madness. They were still struggling to resist the evil energy invading their minds.

Phelps, Mia, Cecilia, Wu Feng, and the others had a worse situation. Because they didn't have the Origin, they had been dragged into insanity. Their eyes were garnet like they were starving beasts that saw fresh, warm meat. No one could control themselves anymore.

Seeing Cecilia, Shi Yan relaxed his tense nerves, but right after that, his face darkened.

It was the same White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave, but Shi Yan was affected. He was the only one that the White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave couldn't control.

Shi Yan had studied each of Xuan Shan's bones. He understood the evil formation and its working principles. At the same time, Shi Yan's Blood Soul Sea had the same effects as this formation. That was why the blood sea couldn't affect him.

He calmly walked to the center of the formation and approached Harson. "What do you want?"

"I'm helping you." Harson hadn't said a word since he had arrived in this area. He talked for the first time after he came here. His voice was low and pitiful like he was an evil spirit crying. Hearing him, people felt so uncomfortable that they had goosebumps.

"Helping me?" Shi Yan was astounded.

"Right. I'm helping you eliminate your opponents. I will help you kill all of them. In Desolate, I will help you kill all the creatures present here. After we leave this place, I'll help you kill any race or clan and clean this entire world. You tell me. Am I helping you?" Harson chuckled evilly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Shi Yan knitted his brows tightly.

"It seems like you haven't understood it. Because you're the heir of the Bloodthirsty's Master, you'll get to know what kind of responsibilities you need to shoulder later. Don't worry." Harson laughed evilly and said, "First, we should kill all the people here. Kill them all and leave no one. It's the responsibility you should take. I've helped you start it. You should end it now."

"End it?"

"Yes, kill all the people here."

"Including you?"

"If you want, you can do that. Of course, I'm not gonna let you do that easily."

Shi Yan quieted down.

Harson looked at him, his eyes showing many deep meanings. He didn't talk as if he was waiting for Shi Yan to consider.

After a long time, Shi Yan answered, "I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know what the successor of the Bloodthirsty's Master has to shoulder. But I can tell you one thing: I'm Shi Yan. I'm not controlled by anyone or bound to anything. I will do what I want to do. If I don't want to do something, I don't care about anybody's responsibility!"

Then, he walked pass Harson, approaching Cecilia who looked disheveled and gathered his God power to grab her wrist.

The starlight chain tied Cecilia's graceful body and brought her out of the White Bone Blood Refining Ghost Grave. It brought her to Shang Ying Yue standing outside. Shang Ying Yue immediately took out the Icy Soul Cold Crystal and used its icy power to control wild Cecilia. Shang Ying Yue had to do that to prevent Cecilia from harming her.

While Cecilia was frozen, her extreme metal state ceased. She slowly recovered.

"Oh, you know how to take care of the glamor. Anyway, you're a little conservative, though." Harson grinned and shook his head, "It seems like I can't count on you. Your mind isn't strong enough. You can't complete the mission. I'll help you."

"Harson, you're a member of the God Clan. If you dare to act rashly, our clan will never spare your life!" Haig said coldly.

"Ha ha ha, I'm now not a God warrior anymore," Harson laughed and pounded his chest, crying. "Today, my body has the essence of Xuan Shan's bones. Xuan Shan was an Immortal Demon. What am I now?"

"Cross-breed!" Haig shouted.

Harson laughed crazily. The floating gory gravestone above his head created a world of blood and shrouded Haig directly.

"Haig, you aren't eligible to be the future leader of the God Clan. You're too calm and sane. There are many things that keep you behind when you want to do something. You mind your superior's opinions and you want admiration from your subordinates. You have too many restraints. Your heart is tied. At most, you can only keep the God Clan at its current power. You will never bring it a new future." Harson suddenly became so cold and he pressed each of his words. "Only I can bring the God Clan a new future! As long as I kill you, your co-soul with the Origin of the Ancient God Continent will choose its new master. I'll become its new master!"

"You think you can kill me?"

Looking at the bloody tombstone approach him, Haig's eyes turned bright white like a burning white flame.

A brilliant white flame burst out from his entire body. The scale armor covering him turned silver-white, which was very frightening. Billions of light beams shot out from his glabella. His Light power Upanishad urged the power of Five Elements in earth and heaven to create the Light Divine Boat of the God Clan. Instantly, all the things binding him were cut off.

Haig could move freely again. Bright white flames burst out from his body as he was gathering earth and heaven energy. The energy fluctuating from him was beyond the power of anyone present here.

"I'm the leader of our clan designated by the Elders from the Book of Gods. From the day I was born, my life has resonated with Ancient God Continent. I'm the one who Ancient God Continent has chosen." Haig emerged above the blood sea and looked down at Harson and the others. He continued arrogantly, "Even when you were in your peak condition, the Charteris family didn't dare to let you fight with me. Do you know why? Because they know you will never defeat me. Although the Burning Purgatory power Upanishad of your family can boost your power by burning the soul and body, it's too bad... you still need a lot more to deal with me."

Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

Haig's heart beat frantically.

Every time his heart beat, Ancient God Continent from far away also twitched. Every expert of the God Clan in Ancient God Continent could recognize the vibes from the ground like a heartbeat. The Earth cracked in some area as if an earthquake was about to happen.

However, the experts of the God Clan staying in the shrines built in Ancient God Continent who had their names written in the Book of Gods all had calm faces when they felt the tremors.

They even smiled happily.

If he could draw the consonance of the ancient continent, Haig's compatibility with the heaven flame Origin had become almost perfect. They knew how powerful Haig could be in this state.

Those extreme, famous experts of this universe knew how formidable Haig was currently. They understood that even if they came to fight Haig themselves, they could reluctantly subdue him but not kill him.

It was because Haig had fused with the ancient continent completely and because the ancient continent was never going to be destroyed.

In the God Clan's history, not many people could reach this step in the River of Time. If he could fuse and be one with the ancient continent, he could become immortal. He would never die and he could exist together with the ancient continent forever.

They praised Haig as a rare prodigy. Compared to another warrior who had fused with Ancient God Continent, his compatibility with the flaming Origin was much more thorough.

That warrior had taken the Genesis Fruit and brought ten thousand years of prosperity to the God Clan. He had helped Go Clan subdue the Bloodthirsty Force. However, although that warrior had high realm and profound power, he had to die because he couldn't fuse completely with the ancient continent.

Haig could surpass that warrior to achieve the goal he couldn't even he had had to spend his entire life. If Haig could wholly fuse with the ancient continent, he would never die.

It meant that the God Clan would have eternal prosperity.

Every time Haig's heart beat, the energy in his God Body became a bit stronger. It seemed like this process would never end.

Shi Yan didn't know where Haig's power came from.

But Audrey and Cang Yun knew it. Their faces grimaced as they were scared.

Drawing the energy of the ancient continent and transferring it to his body to counter the enemy were the signs of a perfect state of fusion with the flaming Origin. It was a miracle!

If Haig got the Genesis Fruit, which would help the Ancient God Continent gather the energy from outer space rapidly, he could continuously draw the energy of the ancient continent to become the most intimidating existence in this vast universe. Even the Incipient God Realm experts wouldn't be able to resist him. No one would be able to resist him.

Everybody knew that Haig was excellent and that he was the pride of the God Clan. However, they knew how formidable he was only when they fought him.

Compared to him, many geniuses in the vast universe were like the light of a firefly under the radiant sunlight that wasn't worth mentioning.

Shi Yan, Cang Yun, and Audrey wore stern faces. They were astonished by Haig's performance. If Shi Yan hadn't reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm and his soul, spirit, and Qi wasn't in its best condition, he would be subdued by Haig's intimidation.

Cang Yun and Audrey were affected...

"I know your fusion has reached this phase. If it were a thousand years ago or later, I'm sure I wouldn't be your opponent," Harson said distantly, "Unfortunately, it's the time when the ancient continent is at its weakest. Although your fusion is deep enough, how much energy could you borrow from the continent?"

Harson suddenly burst out laughing wildly. "Especially since it's Desolate! It's not anywhere else in this cosmos! In this place, I can kill you!"

His God Body dried up quickly and made him look like a terribly evil man who had a body made of only bones. He didn't have a bit of flesh but a skin bag covering his skeleton. This image of Harson was so fearsome.

The skeleton of his body sounded of "crack." His ten fingers, which were like dry claws, made three magical hand seals. A gory claw emerged from under the blood sea, which had strange, evil drawings on the joints and knuckles. It brought together the power and the will that could destroy any creature. The claw was like a flower that swallowed Haig and his Light Divine Boat. It dragged him into a deep place of the blood sea.