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1181 The World Tree

When Shi Yan got into the lake and Shang Ying Yue cultivated outside, it took a long time.

During this time, Cang Yun and Cecilia were the first warriors to enter the Holy Mountain. Haig and Audrey took their team and crossed a lot of barriers and deathtraps to collect many jades, crystals, and spirit herbs that were at Original Incipient Grade. Eventually, they came to the foot of the mountain.

Harson of the Charteris family had experienced the lowest tide of a human's life. He had to bear different kinds of mind torments. He collapsed, endured, harmed himself, and finally sobered.

No one knew what had happened to him after Shi Yan had left.

But he became more fearsome.

Cang Yun, Haig, Audrey, and Harson had gathered at the Holy Mountain from four different directions. They had collected many Original Incipient Grade materials along their way. And perhaps, they had created a connection with Desolate somehow...

What they had encountered, only they could know. Nobody else could ever understand.

They all walked to the Holy Mountain and entered the cave to reach the World Tree: the nucleus of the ancient continent.

In legends, a tree of earth and heaven grew in the middle of the universe. It was called the World Tree. It was the critical point of earth and heaven energy that connected currents of energy in the universe. The Essence Qi Ancient Tree in the body of the warriors was the miniature version of the World Tree when it was created using this model.

The World Tree was a perfect hub that gathered, connected earth and heaven energy, and communicated the eight poles of the universe.

The God power Tree in the creature's body had the essence and secret of the World Tree. It could congregate energy from earth and heaven. The veins in a warrior's body were the branches of the ancient tree in their abdomen. Their veins filtered, refined, and compressed the energy, creating the God power and Essence Qi. The God power and Essence Qi watered the God power Tree or the Essence Qi Ancient Tree and filled the branches with energy.

When each branch of the tree was full of pure energy, the warrior would break into another realm. Their tree would grow more.

Rumors said that if the World Tree broke or shattered, the energy of this universe would become chaotic. Disasters would occur to earth and heaven. The God power Tree in the warriors' bodies would break altogether...

However, creatures in this world didn't know much about the World Tree. Most of them had little knowledge about things in this cosmos. Only the Immortal Demon Clan, the God Clan, the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the Heavenly Monster Tribe had a better and clearer knowledge of the World Tree.

Only they knew that the World Tree was the nucleus of Desolate. Considering Desolate a unique living form, the roots of the World Tree pierced into the ground of Desolate while its top touched the sky. Its countless branches were the veins of Desolate and the World Tree was the God power Tree of Desolate.

After ten thousand years, the World Tree bore a Genesis Fruit. This kind of fruit was condensed by the nucleus of the World Tree. To Cang Yun, Haig, Audrey, and Shi Yan, the warriors that had fused with the Origin, the Genesis Fruit could be the nucleus of their co-soul...

If anyone of Cang Yun, Haig, Audrey, and Shi Yan could absorb the Genesis Fruit into their co-soul, the ancient continent that connected to them could be filled with energy rapidly. It could gather the remnant energy in outer space a hundred times faster!

The creatures of that ancient continent would be revived after being given the new, powerful competence!

In the River of Time in this vast universe, the God Clan, Immortal Demon Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe had taken turns to become powerful. In one era, only one of them could become the overlord. In fact, it had a close relationship with the Genesis Fruit!

The reason why the God Clan could subdue and destroy the Bloodthirsty Force ten thousand years ago was that the Chief of the God Clan who had also fused with the Origin of Ancient God Continent had taken the Genesis Fruit in Desolate. He had revived Ancient God Continent and boosted all the members of the God Clan!

At that time, the three ancient continents that were the cradles of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, the Imperial Dark Tribe, and the Immortal Demon Clan were like lamps running out of oil.

Without the external force to refill them once again, they could still recover, but it took a really long time. The Genesis Fruit could change all of these.

The core members of the four races and the elderly precursors all knew about the Genesis Fruit, which was born every ten thousand years in Desolate. This fruit could affect the position of the four races in the next ten thousand years in this universe!

They had a saying like this: Any race that could have the Genesis Fruit could rule the cosmos for ten thousand years!

It was really crucial!

Today, after ten thousand years, a new Genesis Fruit was born. The four ancient continents were now exhausted. They were all in need of this fruit to supply the vitality and the new boost for the entire race.

If Haig got the Genesis Fruit, the God Clan would still be the overlords of this universe. Giving them ten thousand more years would allow them to seize the entire cosmos in their hands. They could even hunt the Heavenly Monster Tribe, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan down to the last member!

If the Heavenly Monster Tribe, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Immortal Demon Clan wanted to rise again, they had to suppress the God Clan. To do that and become the next ruler of the universe, they had to take the Genesis Fruit!

Cang Yun, Haig, and Audrey gazed at the Genesis Fruit and accumulated energy to prepare for a battle to take the fruit.

Mia, Phelps, and eleven warriors of the God Clan stood by Haig and looked at Jiao Hai, Jiao Shan, Mo Fou, and Wu Feng coldly. Quietly, they had determined their opponents.

They had a bloody battle by the foot of the Holy Mountain. Both sides had to bear a significant loss and leave some corpses back there. The coming battle was crucial to the future of their entire clans. Everybody had to be cautious to gain the chance for their parties.

Cang Yun of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, Audrey of the Imperial Dark Tribe, and Haig of the God Clan was here. They were waiting for the moment for the Genesis Fruit to ripen. Still, there was one of the four races that hadn't arrived yet.

Audrey knew that Shi Yan had encountered something really bad. From Cecilia, Cang Yun understood that Shi Yan might have had some magical encounter. He had paid attention, but as the Genesis Fruit was almost ripe, he became restless.

As his Heavenly Monster identity was exposed, the relationship between him and Audrey shattered. When the battle happened, Audrey was going to make him her primary target. Cang Yun understood that when facing the Heavenly Monster Tribe, the God Clan and Imperial Dark Tribe were going to join hands despite their past resentment.

This had happened before.

Among the four great races, God Clan and Imperial Dark Tribe used to have a close relationship for a long time. When the Imperial Dark Tribe and the Heavenly Monster Tribe had a bloody war, God Clan would help the Imperial Dark Tribe to defeat the Heavenly Monster Tribe.

From that time, the Heavenly Monster Tribe had learned from experience. They discreetly created an alliance with the haughty Immortal Demon Clan. They had cooperated with the race that had never shaken hands with anyone else.

During the racial war, the Imperial Dark Tribe had depended on the God Clan's power and the God Clan had counted on them to attack the Immortal Demon Clan. They all had benefited from this alliance.

On the other hand, the Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Immortal Demon Clan, the other two of the four great races, one didn't know how to plot or plan a conspiracy while the other was too arrogant to join hands with anybody to resist their enemies. That was why they were often defeated. After so many years, the Heavenly Monster Tribe had finally recognized that they needed allies.

Before Cang Yun came here, he had talked to a precursor of the Immortal Demon Clan. He knew Shi Yan's existence. Right from the beginning, he had treated Shi Yan as his best ally.

However, right in the most critical time, his ally disappeared mysteriously. As he didn't know whether Shi Yan could make it or not, Cang Yun became restlessly worried.

"The Heavenly Monster Tribe should be eliminated first." Haig gave a faint smile and looked at Audrey. "Our two clans used to cooperate. We have a secret treaty. I thought you know about that, right?"

Audrey nodded, her cold eyes gazing at Cang Yun as she said, "I know the value of that treaty. The Heavenly Monster Tribe is always our clan's mortal enemy. I know what to do."

She pointed her spear at Cang Yun.

The Heavenly Monster Tribe and the Imperial Dark Tribe had a deep grudge. When she knew Cang Yun's real identity, she had made up her mind not to spare his life.

If it were Shi Yan instead of Cang Yun, it would be... much better. Audrey thought.

The Imperial Dark Tribe and the Immortal Demon Clan didn't have anything in relation. Although the Immortal Demon Clan was the arch-enemy of the God Clan and the Imperial Dark Tribe used to help the God Clan to deal with the Immortal Demon Clan, it was a very long time ago.

In this era, the God Clan was so strong. Although Haig was excellent, if she joined hands with Shi Yan, it wouldn't be a big burden. Anyway, ever since she knew that Shi Yan was from the Immortal Demon Clan, she thought of this idea.

It was too bad, Shi Yan didn't come...

Both Audrey and Cang Yun had to sigh because of this.

On the mountain where mist hovered above a wonderland grew a massive tree that had towered everything else. The Guiding Fruits hang in the tree branches started to ripen.

Haig and Audrey suddenly aimed at Cang Yun. They had established an agreement shortly. They wanted to kill Cang Yun first. This incident was beyond people's estimation.

"Didn't we want to destroy the God Clan?"

Cecilia walked to Sha Zhao, Jiao Hai, and Wu Feng. Seeing Audrey look at Cang Yun with her cold face, she frowned and hissed.

"Cang Yun isn't an ordinary individual. He's the mortal enemy of our Imperial Dark Tribe. I have to kill him first to ease my mind," said Audrey coldly. "I won't let you guys join this. Don't worry. Don't rush. After I destroy Cang Yun, I will do what I've promised you."

"Let's see the situation first," Haig turned around to order Mia and Phelps.

The members of the God Clan stepped back, waiting in silence with solemn faces.

Rattle! Rattle!

Some crispy noises arose when a bony figure appeared not far from Cang Yun.



Haig and Audrey hissed. The members of the God Clan and Cecilia's team also looked at the warrior who had just appeared with an odd face.

Even Cang Yun, Audrey, and Haig couldn't find where Harson had been hiding. In fact, after Harson had fought Shi Yan in the desert, he had gone missing. Mia, Phelps, and the warriors of the God Clan had tried to search for him. They got nothing.

They thought that Harson was dead.

However, right at the critical point of time, Harson reappeared strangely. The dangerous aura emitted from him was much denser than before!

"It's good that you came here in time. It seems that the Mighty Heaven wants to help our clan by giving us another ten thousand years of wealth and prosperity." Haig calmed down and smiled.

Although he didn't like Harson, he knew Harson was really strong. Seeing Harson at this moment, he felt relieved and happy. He believed that with Harson here, he could take the Genesis Fruit, which would give the God Clan another ten thousand years of wealth!

He didn't see Harson's abnormality.