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1178 The Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm

Shi Yan stood still in that strange world.

The light from the nine suns and nine moons shone above his head while specks of starlight surged under his feet. All congregated into his Ethereal Extent.

Shi Yan's Ethereal Extent changed slowly.

The Ethereal Extent seemed to reflect this area. Slowly, it had nine suns, nine moons, and specks of stars that looked marvelous and yet strange.

Shi Yan sank in the transformation of the star and space. He could touch the ripples of Death and Life power Upanishad in his soul altar while his powers Upanishads in the soul altar were changing at a speed that he could never imagine.

Gradually, his world dimmed when the light of the suns and moons above his head partially disappeared. They faded away like shadows. Suddenly, countless stars under his feet were all gone.

This world seemed to be absorbed by his Ethereal Extent and was imprinted in his Ethereal Extent.

Shi Yan found himself standing in a place of white fog. He couldn't see or sense anything else. It seemed like he was lonely in this peculiar earth and heaven.

After an unknown time, Shi Yan woke up. He had a wonderful feeling as if he had conquered and embedded a whole world in his brain. As soon as he received this thought, he was shaken hard.

The God power Ancient Tree in his body had doubled. His bones and veins were quenched by the sunlight, moonlight, and starlight. His Space, Star, Death and Life intent domains had been upgraded. He had reached Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm!

His soul was inexplicably sublimated!

Using his Soul Consciousness to check his body, he found that his Ethereal Extent now was like a real world with the sun, moon, and stars. He could understand all of their mysteries. However, the real powers of the sun, moon, and stars in his Ethereal Extent were much weaker than he had imagined. Also, it wasn't as strong as the strange world he used to visit.

Shi Yan frowned and felt puzzled as if he had fallen into a thick mist.

"It's not easy for you to merge the truth of Star and Space power of that man into your Ethereal Extent. Your realm is too low. Of course, you can't take all the roots of the world that man had created based on Desolate that year. Desolate... won't allow you to do that." Suddenly, Shi Yan heard the Ring Spirit's voice in his soul.

Shi Yan was surprised. He asked, "I don't quite understand."

"One hundred thousand years ago, that man was the top warrior of the God Clan. His powers Upanishads were very similar to yours. He had fused the power of the Star and Space. The primary Light power Upanishad of the God Clan is now actually the source of the Star power Upanishad. The moonlight, the sunlight, and the starlight are all light in nature. They are very similar to the Light power Upanishad of the God Clan." The Ring Spirit explained. "Your Star power Upanishad comes from the Three God Sect of the Endless Sea. The Three God Sect is a branch of the Radiant God Cult and that Radiant God Cult was founded by the warriors cultivating Light power Upanishad of the God Clan from the ancient time. Real experts of the God Clan had visited Grace Mainland pretty early. They spread out the Light power Upanishad, which then derived into Star power Upanishad. Although they aren't really similar, they have connections..." the Ring Spirit continued.

Listening to the Ring Spirit, Shi Yan understood the matter.

Many years ago, he received the Star power Upanishad from the secret domain of the precursor named Ouyang. When he got to the Endless Sea, he learned that that precursor was the Star God, one of the sages of the Three God Sect.

Entering the Divine Great Land from the Endless Sea, Shi Yan knew the Radiant God Cult. Then, he learned that the three Gods of Sun, Moon, and Star were the three guardians of the Radiant God Cult. The Star martial spirit was just one part of the Radiant God Cult. This cult had the Flaming Sun martial spirit, the Silver Moon martial spirit, and the Star martial spirit, which the warriors could practice with the Flaming Sun Secret, the Silver Moon Secret, and the Star Secret. Yun Hao, the Cult Master of the Radiant God Cult had fused the three powers into one and called it the Light power Upanishad...

After Shi Yan had left Grace Mainland and experienced many kinds of struggles, he had comprehended the truth of his power Upanishad and he was able to gather the light of the sun, moon, and stars. However, he still called his power the Star power Upanishad. However, Yun Hao had referred to his power as the Light power Upanishad.

Listening to the Ring Spirit, Shi Yan understood that his power Upanishad now had been beyond the Light power Upanishad of the God Clan. Although it changed, it still had some connection.

However, why did the top warrior of the God Clan create a world in Desolate one hundred thousand years ago?

"He wanted to absorb the power of Desolate and use the Star and Space powers to create a whole new world. He wanted to refine Desolate..." The Ring Spirit's voice trembled. "Of course, he failed. He was really dominant at that time. Anyway, he is not the only one who got the same idea. White Tiger of the Heavenly Monster Tribe, an expert of the Immortal Demon Clan., and another expert of the Imperial Dark Tribe had the same thought. In that era, they represented the peak existences of the Great Four Creatures. However, all failed..."

"Why did they fail?" Shi Yan asked, "Weren't they strong enough?"

"Not strong enough?" The Ring Spirit paused for a while and then continued. "Even in comparison to warriors of this current era, they were the best of the best. Their intimidation could be compared to the Chief of the God Clan, Imperial Dark Tribe, and Heavenly Monster Tribe. They were even stronger in some aspects..."

"But they still failed?"

"They weren't qualified to refine Desolate... Until now, no one had that qualification. No one could do that."

"What is Desolate after all?"

"You will know later."

"How about the others who had failed to do that?"

"White Tiger's remains had turned into a mountain range. The Incipient Extent of that God warrior had turned into the world you've just visited. Desolate has sealed it. After you decoded its Essence, that world lost its existence. You've used it to break to Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm. It will be the primal form of your Incipient Extent. If you have enough power, you can create a whole new world too. The Imperial Dark warrior had turned into the ice blue light cage covering Desolate, which you saw when you got through the atmosphere. The Immortal Demon expert had turned his God Body into that Holy Mountain. Desolate controls him.

"One hundred thousand years ago, the four of them were the strongest experts who led the four great races. They were the Essence crystallization of the four ancient continents. But still, they failed."

"What is the connection between the four ancient continents and Desolate? Why does Desolate open when the other four continents are at its worst exhausted condition? And when they recover their prosperity, Desolate will close? There should be some marvelous connection between them, right?" asked Shi Yan.

"You're not dumb. The five ancient continents used to be one entity. However, they were divided when they were born. It was like dividing a person into five pieces. The other four continents are its limbs and the Desolate is the control center. Did you understand this example of mine?"

Shi Yan felt shocked.

After years of wandering around this ancient continent, he soon had this thought. He guessed that the four ancient continent and Desolate had some connection.

Shi Yan, Haig, Audrey, and Cang Yun didn't have their Soul Consciousness bound on this ancient continent. They felt like they were at home and they could gather earth and heaven energy easily. All of these were because of the Origins of the ancient continents.

However, a guess was just a guess. He couldn't solve the mystery if the Ring Spirit didn't tell him. Perhaps, he would never understand this thoroughly.

At the dawn of the universe, the five continents were one. They were divided after that. The four ancient continents had drifted apart like limbs of a body that scattered around the regions of the universe. They all had the incredible abilities.

Desolate had intelligence and consciousness. Many people had told him this. He also had his cognition of it.

If it was true, would the other four continents that departed from Desolate have the same intellect as a living being?

"As you can come up to this point, you didn't fail us. It's true that not only Desolate but also the other four continents, Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient Demon Continent, and Ancient God Continent have incomplete intelligence and consciousness. Otherwise, there would be no Immortal Demon Clan, God Clan, Heavenly Monster Tribe, and Imperial Dark Tribe. The four great races were born in the four ancient continents respectively. They all wanted to prove that the creature that they had birthed was the most perfect. And they hoped that the creatures they had created could bear their soul memory. Unfortunately, they couldn't do that. Even though the Great Four Creatures that they had birthed were really strong, they couldn't bear the continents' formidable memory. Thus, they had no choice but to try to use some other alternative..." said the Ring Spirit.

"Making us fuse with their Origin to create the co-soul and stay in our soul alta? A co-existence? The co-soul... is some kind of continent's mediator?" Shi Yan screamed in fright.

"Really smart!" appraised the Ring Spirit.

Shi Yan suddenly felt his hair rising on his nape.

He couldn't help but release his co-soul. A magical flame spun as his thoughts changed. It was a part of his soul and it had the same pulsation as his.

It... stores the will and memory of the ancient continent?

"You don't need to be tense. It can't affect you just yet. When the ancient continents are weakest, they can let out a part of its Origin to fuse with your souls and become your co-souls. Currently, Grace Mainland, God-blessed Mainland, Ancient God Continent, and Ancient Demon Continent are like lamps running out of oil. Their power and intellect are in its weakest condition. How could they threaten you guys? No need to worry" comforted the Ring Spirit.

"Recently, the ancient continents have begun to revive and collect energy from outer space. When they become strong again, could we... still be able to control ourselves?" asked Shi Yan seriously.

"As long as you're stronger than it, you can control it. Otherwise..." The Ring Spirit didn't finish its sentence.

Shi Yan grimaced.

"So it's not coincidental when a bunch of people like me, the ones who have fused with the Origin appear here, right? What are they seeking? What do they want from Desolate?" Shi Yan pointed out the critical question.

"You'll know it shortly," the Ring Spirit replied and then went silent.

After that, Shi Yan found himself in the lake, soaking wet.

Audrey's team had left the lake a long time ago. Only Shang Ying Yue was waiting for him by the lake. Seeing him, her eyes brightened.

He frowned and hissed, "Where's Cecilia? Did you see her?"

"Didn't she accompany you?" Shang Ying Yue was inexplicably bewildered.

"She hasn't gotten out of the lake yet?" Shi Yan changed his visage slightly.

Shang Ying Yue shook her head. "I've always been waiting here. I didn't see her. I thought that she went with you all the time."

"Damn it!"

Shi Yan cursed under his breath. He wanted to enter that wonderful world one more time. However, he couldn't find the entrance. He understood that the magical world generated by the Incipient Extent of the precursor from the God Clan had disappeared after the Essence of it was carved into his Ethereal Extent to boost him to Third Sky of Ethereal God Realm.