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1172 Harson’s Riddle...

All nineteen bones of Xuan Shan were releasing the pure Corpse Qi and winding around Harson.

Harson's skeletal body grew the flesh once again. His veins were connected and reviving him at a speed that naked eyes could observe.

Gradually, the blood bones exploded and turned into a bone powder that got into Harson's flesh, bones, and veins and became part of his. A mark slowly became visible in Harson's glabella...

Shi Yan was dumbstruck.

The Blood Vein Ring was also carving that mark on Harson's forehead!

The Blood Vein Ring rolled around. Red beams flashed like a spotlight shining on Harson's glabella that carved the mark of the cluster of blood clouds there!

Harson was dead. His God Body was pale and dry like a weathered corpse, which looked scary indeed.

As soon as the blood bones that came from Xuan Shan exploded, it turned into powder and entered Harson's God Body. The blood mark emerged at his glabella. The Corpse Qi winding around Harson made his soul altar fluctuate with strange energy when pieces of his scattered soul were wrapped by the blood mark. They all gathered one more time...


When the blood cloud mark appeared on Harson's forehead, the Blood Vein Ring flew back to Shi Yan's hand. After a long moment of silence, it started to talk to Shi Yan. "This young man... has learned the Essence of Death many years ago from Xuan Shan's bones. He's like Xuan Shan's successor."

Shi Yan was astounded. He stood baffled for a while before he could ask the Ring Spirit, "What's going on?"

"My memory was divided into three parts. Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan kept them respectively. They would use the memory to search the successor of Bloodthirsty. Lao Luo came to Grace Mainland to use his supernatural power to bend Nature's principles and bring you here and let you receive the main inheritance of the Bloodthirsty Force. Xuan He and Xuan Shan also held a part of the memory to find the heir for our Master. However, receiving the Master's inheritance could take place only in an ancient continent. Xuan He came to Ancient Demon Continent but he failed. Xuan Shan had the biggest guts. He came to the Ancient God Continent of the God Clan. He had broken the plan of the God Clan. Unfortunately, the Charteris family found him. Eventually, his soul and body perished..."

As the Ring Spirit's memory was gradually filled, the secret that had been hidden for years was slowly revealed.

The Blood Vein Ring was the Life Treasure of the Bloodthirsty's Master. That year when their Master had fallen, Lao Luo, Xuan He, and Xuan Shan had divided the memory of the Blood Vein Ring into three parts. They then began to seek the most suitable candidate to impart their Master's power Upanishad.

Lao Luo found Grace Mainland. Xuan He came to Ancient Demon Continent while arrogant Xuan Shan plotted his plan in Ancient God Continent.

Only Lao Luo succeeded. He had arranged the secret formation in Grace Mailand to bring Shi Yan, crossing the realms and falling into the blood pond to receive the Inheritance.

Xuan He came to Ancient Demon Continent. However, earth and heaven energy on this continent had already been diluted when he came. To create the formation to impart the inheritance of the Bloodthirsty's Master, it required a lot of external factors including stars, the universe, space, and more. At that time, the Ancient Demon Continent wasn't suitable to do that.

Eventually, Xuan He had to give up and he left with a part of memory.

Xuan Shan was the bravest and yet haughtiest among the three of them. He directly went to the ancestral star of the God Clan, Ancient God Continent, planning on robbing the Origin of the continent and choosing the successor for his Master here. Then, they could take the root of the God Clan to revive the Bloodthirsty Force.

Unfortunately, Xuan Shan was exposed. The God Clan had chased after him. When he had been damaged, the Charteris family had exploded his entire body and burned down his soul altar.

Xuan Shan was an extreme expert of the Bloodthirsty Force. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been eligible to keep one part of Ring Spirit's memory. Before his soul altar was shattered, he had condensed and imprinted his whole life attainment of power Upanishad and God power into his bones. Although his soul and flesh were gone, his skeleton hadn't exploded.

He was afraid that the secret of the Ring Spirit would be exposed. Thus, he had sealed the Ring Spirit's memory in the bone in his chest where he had carved the marvelous Essence of his power Upanishad.

The Charteris warriors wanted to kill Xuan Shan utterly. However, no matter how hard they had tried with many experts joining this operation, they couldn't burn Xuan Shan's skeleton into ashes. It scared and surprised the Charteris family a lot.

Eventually, an excellent blacksmith of the Charteris family had come up with an idea: they would use Xuan Shan's skeleton to force the divine weapon and carve the wicked, exclusive formation of their family. That way they could make Xuan Shan's skeleton a sharp divine weapon in their family.

His proposal was approved. They immediately gathered the team to collect the strange and precious materials from the big star areas to refine the skeleton and make it tougher and become unbreakable.

The Charteris family had spent several hundred years to make Xuan Shan's skeleton a new divine weapon.

However, after they had completed this secret treasure, none of the Charteris warriors could control it. At this point, they thought that there were some mistakes during their forging process that made this weapon dysfunctional.

The weapon made of Xuan Shan's skeleton eventually became forgotten and the skeleton lied under layers of dust in the vault of the family.

Until Harson passed by the vault...

When Harson was young, he wasn't really talented. In the Charteris family, he was just a normal warrior and a chicken one. The precursors of the family had often treated him like trash.

When Harson had his Grow-up Ceremony, together with many other brothers and sisters, he was allowed to enter the family's vault to choose a secret treasure. Not one of this bunch of young men and women had laid their eyes on Xuan Shan's skeleton, which was an ironic joke whenever people mentioned this weapon of the Charteris.

Spiritless, timid Harson wasn't strong enough to compete for the other treasures with his brothers and sisters. Consequently, they had taken all the good treasures and left Harson a very little choice.

Abandoning himself to despair, Harson knew that he couldn't be outstanding in his family, so he decided to take nineteen blood bones. Afterward, the family arranged for him to enter the deathtrap training court of the God Clan to cultivate. He got to know Mia there. They became friends. At that time, Harson was still timid. Mia had to take care of him all the time.

In that deathtrap, Harson had been lost for a while. The dangers there had almost killed him.

Harson went unconscious...

He didn't know that when he was unconscious, the Ring Spirit sealed in the key bone of Xuan Shan's skeleton had woken up quietly. It then planted a seal in his soul and flesh and sent the everlasting will of Xuan Shan, the extreme expert, into Harson's brain...

After Harson woke up, he found that the nineteen bones that used to be like trash were now part of his body. They became his most powerful divine weapons.

From that day onward, wimpy Harson had changed earth-shakingly!

In that deathtrap, Harson, the weakest warrior, had used his madness and brutality to rise, which made people clean their eyes to observe him once again.

Eventually, he had surpassed Mia to become the winner of that deadly training. From that day onward, Harson seemed to have become another person. He had turned to be bloodthirsty, crazy, and extreme!

Harson took the turn to take a savage revenge on anyone who used to insult him or mock him, whether they were his cousins or the outsiders.

He became the new outstanding star of the God Clan! He even surpassed Haig! Finally, he became the seed warrior that the entire Charteris family had to care for and invest in.

Until now, the elders of the God Clan only thought that Harson was forced to change when he was almost killed in that deathtrap. He had completely changed after that training course.

No one knew that it was because the Ring Spirit had forcefully implanted the wild, strong will of Xuan Shan into Harson's brain. It made the timidest kid of the Charteris family become the bold pride of the family. He was the brightest star that could compete with Haig of the God Clan.

From that day onward, although Harson was a member of the God Clan, he was actually one of the Bloodthirsty Force's warriors.

The Ring Spirit understood that it had to cover this secret. It didn't even talk to Harson and just hid in Harson's bones to check his development. It had never appeared or spoken to Harson.

Harson's change was considered the most successful case of a weak one becoming strong in the God Clan. It had encouraged the God warriors though. Many young men and women of the God Clan had idolized Harson and had spread his legend.

Xuan He had finally finished it...

That year, when they had divided the Blood Vein Ring's memory into three parts, only Lao Luo, Xuan Shan, and Xuan He knew this secret. The other chiefs could guess but they didn't know the details.

Xuan He knew that his blood younger brother was killed on Ancient God Continent. He knew that the Charteris family had killed him and he also knew that his bones had become the dangerous weapon that the Charteris family had spent hundreds of years to refine. After that, he guessed that the part of the memory that his brother had kept were hidden in his skeleton.

Since the Charteris family couldn't break his bones after his body and soul had perished, it had to have some meaning here.

Many chiefs of the other branches of the Bloodthirsty Force didn't know the secret hiding in Xuan Shan's bones. Only Xuan He who also kept a part of the memory knew their appointment and he could somehow guess it precisely.

Many years later, Harson's story of a wimpy kid who became the most shining star of the God Clan had spread wide. His bloodthirsty, mad, savage characteristics were admired by the Charteris warriors. Although the Charteris family had covered the fact that Harson kept Xuan Shan's bones, when Xuan He heard about this and connected it to the image of the timid Harson, he understood it almost immediately.

The insane, bloodthirsty, savage, and manic features of Harson's new personality was a version of Xuan Shan's personality, his brother! As the blood older brother of Xuan Shan, of course, Xuan He knew what sort of man his brother was.

If he didn't mind Harson's God Clan's origin, he was the exact copy of Xuan Shan, his brother!

In Xuan He's heart, the death of his brother was what he had regretted the most in his life. Later on, Xuan He had considered Harson's change as his brother's resurrection!

However, the only thing that had weighed Xuan He's heart was that Harson thought that he was a member of the Charteris and that he had to consider the God Clan's welfare the most important thing...

After Shi Yan had appeared, Xuan He knew that Lao Luo had successfully done what he and his brother couldn't. Using his own channel to return the Ring Spirit's memory he had kept to Shi Yan, he then contacted Chief Frederick, the one who cultivated Corpse power of the Bloodthirsty Force, to arrange for Shi Yan to enter Desolate.

Because Xuan He knew that Harson had the third part of the Ring Spirit in his bone and the blood bones of Harson had the energy fluctuation of Xuan Shan's power Upanishad, he knew that Shi Yan and Harson would fight...

As Shi Yan had the bloody sword and shield of the Master of the Bloodthirsty Force together with his Devouring power Upanishad, when he used the blood sword or the shield, he could subdue Harson's power Upanishad. After that, he could defeat the man easily to collect the last part of the Ring Spirit's memory, which had trained Harson. Only the Blood Vein Ring could carve the crest of the Bloodthirsty Force for Harson...

Everything had developed as he had planned.

Xuan He's plan had not even a tiny flaw.