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1166 Desolate’s Generous Gifts

Countless multicolor crystals stood by them and sparkled dazzlingly.

Those crystals were there for so many years to accumulate earth and heaven energy. The energy inside them was powerful and abundant. The warriors who could see those things would be dumbstruck.

"Oh gosh!"

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue shouted. They covered their mouths as they were so astounded. Their hearts were filled with joy immediately.

The exquisite jades and gems stacked up like wooden logs. They were so shiny that they could daze people easily. The Ice Soul Cold Crystal looked like they were condensed from frost and mist. The Fire Jade was as red as the most beautiful flame. The Water Heart Crystal seemed to have real water murmuring inside. The Fresh Wood Crystal had a wood texture. The Refined Gold Crystal looked like the precious gold. The Absolute Earth Crystal was transparent in a marvelous amber hue...

The crystals with the powers of Five Elements were glowing in radiant and glorious halos right next to them. The energy that surged from those crystals was so wonderful.

Those items were the top treasures of each class of powers in the world. They were all Original Incipient Grade materials that the warriors could use the refine their bodies or create weapons. They could also absorb them directly to enhance their God power. With various functions, they could bring the warriors unimaginable benefits!

As they could survive this lethal deathtrap, they were so happy. And now, looking at the priceless crystals around the ground, they thought that they were dreaming.

Each of those Original Incipient Grade materials was a top treasure in the world. In this vast sea of stars, they were the top Five Element treasures to be met by chance, not to be earned by demand. was Warriors had a hidden love for each of them that no one wanted to show to others.

The Original Incipient Grade materials could trade an entire life star since it could help warriors understand the true meaning of powers Upanishad to break through to a new realm rapidly. However, in this area, there were so many that they were scattered around like cheap pebbles...

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue shivered slightly. They couldn't even talk normally. Apparently, they were still panic-stricken.

"They all said that Desolate is the most strange among the ancient continents. It contains countless precious items in the world. Today, I believe that." Shi Yan winced in pain after each word. He felt so bad that it was like the pain when someone was slashing his body piece by piece.

"Of course, Desolate is special for producing the top treasures of earth and heaven. Only this area that hasn't been trespassed can have so many treasures like that!" Shang Ying Yue didn't pay attention to his pain. Her beautiful eyes still lingered on the Icy Soul Cold Crystals. She was calculating to which level she could develop her power when she got those crystals and when she could reach Incipient God Realm.

Just like Shang Ying Yue, Cecilia was watching the Water Heart Crystal with desire.

The Water Heart Crystal had a heart shape. It was like a big drop of water with sounds of murmuring water echoing pleasantly to the ears. Such souls reached her ears and she felt like she received some bit of invisible power, giving a tonic to her soul altar. She felt so comfortable as if she was studying her Water power Upanishad.

They were so thrilled and they seemed to lose their control when they saw the Original Incipient Grade crystals. Their minds were wandering around the benefits they could have. For the time being, they forgot Shi Yan.

Then, they heard a scream in pain.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue hurriedly reacted and pulled themselves together. They used their jade-like hands to stroke his bleeding wounds. And they softened their voices to ask him. They were so gentle to him at this moment.

If Shi Yan hadn't shouldered the danger for them at the critical moment, the two of them would have been pierced through by the Icy Soul Cold Crystals. They would have died because their God Bodies wouldn't bear the Icy Soul Cold Crystal. They would have died instantly.

The two women had a little feeling for Shi Yan. After this event, Shi Yan had risked his life to protect them in despair, which had carved his image in their hearts. Thus, when they treated Shi Yan now, their attitude and even their voices had changed...

Shi Yan felt warm when their soft hands consoled his bleeding wounds. He smiled naturally, "I have to get rid of these crystals first. You should give me some room."

"Will it hurt?"

"Just slow down, okay?"

"Can you endure that?"

"Hold on..."

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue became so gentle. They worried about him so much, more than they had ever before.

"It's alright. A long pain is worse than a short pain, right? Move away." Shi Yan tried to wave his hand once. After they backed off to give him room, he forcefully urged his power. A surging flow of energy shot out of his body. He gritted his teeth and jumped up. His bones and veins cracked again as he soared several meters up into the air. Right after that, he landed in the gap between the crystals and bled badly. He then crouched on the ground like a puddle of mud and used his Immortal Demon Blood to close the wounds.

His wounds were even longer than the slash from a sword. They looked so bad that people doubted if he could heal them or not. The two women could even see his broken veins and cut intestines...

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue felt a twitching pain in their hearts. They couldn't stand watching him so they turned around, their eyes watery. It was the first time they felt hurt because of a man.

Shi Yan tried to smile. He crouched on the ground and closed his eyes to sense. His eyes were filled with pain.

The situation of his wounds was much worse than what he had expected. He had used half of his energy in the battle with Harson and his body was also hurt. And now, he was pierced through, which made him felt like he was dismembered. If he hadn't endured so much pain and difficulties throughout so many years, he was afraid that he wouldn't have been able to endure this pain. If he didn't faint, his mind was going to collapse.

Since his life was rough and he had spent all of his time struggling to survive, his willpower was terrifyingly strong. That's how he could endure it until now. He didn't shame himself by fainting.

Gritting his teeth, Shi Yan urged his power Upanishad and used the Immortal Demon Blood to heal his wounded body. His face changed again. After getting hurt twice, he had used a lot of his Immortal Demon Blood. He couldn't even keep his Immortal Demon Body.

The Immortal Demon Blood wasn't unlimited. Shi Yan had to condense each drop. They were the essence of his Blood Qi with the power of Life power Upanishad. Only when his Immortal Demon Blood was brimming could he recover his current severe wounds. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to heal his terrible body. Shi Yan became stern.

He didn't have much affection for Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. The reason why he had to pay this big price of having his body damaged badly to rescue Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue was that he wanted to make a big bet with Desolate.

And now, he knew that he won.

Desolate didn't continue to attack them, but let them appear in this marvelous land of divine crystals. They... were the generous rewards that Desolate had bestowed them.

"How are you?"

"Are you all right?"

Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia asked him, their beautiful eyes filled with sadness. They were so worried that he would have some big problem.

"I'm okay," Shi Yan shook his head and tried to give a smile, "But if I want to recover fully, I need some magical encounter, perhaps. Sigh, let me think."

He looked at the wonderful crystals around and frowned, "You guys can help me check around. Let's see if you can find something good for Blood Qi. If you can find something, I can recover faster. Otherwise, I will be in big trouble.

"Wait for us. We're going to search around!" Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue glided away. Their bodies swayed through the place like butterflies, flashing their voluptuous butts and thighs that would make people aroused.

Shi Yan chuckled. He tried to endure the pain to pull his body into a sitting posture. He took a deep breath and then urged his Life power Upanishad to activate the most magical healing ability. He let his soul and consciousness gather in the Immortal Demon Blood to trigger the recovering power of the blood to heal himself.

He didn't believe that he had gained something good from his unintended action. Since he wanted to compete with Desolate, he had captured Cecilia's and Shang Ying Yue's hearts although he didn't intend to. From their expression and emotion, he knew that they had good feelings for him.

Of course, it was still far behind the degree when they would sacrifice their lives for each other. However, the affection they had for him wasn't unreal. If he invested in it, he was confident that he could have Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue in his place and make them his women...

Since this place was the ancient continent, Desolate's exclusive territory, if he wanted to survive and decode Desolate's mysteries, he had to continue playing for his life, Cecilia's life, and Shang Ying Yue's life whether he liked them or not. He had to force himself to like them. That's how he could deceive Desolate and get what he wanted from this ancient continent.

Pondering for a while, he had made up his mind.

A moment later, Cecilia returned with nothing. Her charming face was reluctant. "The area I searched doesn't have anything suitable for you. Your powers Upanishads are all strange. And the crystals here are all the common ones. I... I can't find anything good."

"It's all right. I can still recover anyway." Shi Yan consoled her and then waved his hand at her. "Come here with me."


Cecilia walked to him. Her sexy body was outlined by a silk dress, which flashed her flat tummy that didn't have any scar and half of her creamy thighs. Her round breasts bounced while she was walking. Her hot, sexy body leaned against Shi Yan. She was like a delicious, ripe peach that people would hate themselves for not being able to sink their teeth into.

Shi Yan laughed and pulled her hands so she would jump onto his lap after sitting next to him. Then, he started to claim her lips passionately.

Cecilia responded wildly. Her snow-white hands pulled around his rough neck and lingered on his broad back. However, she was careful enough not to touch his terrible wounds. She gasped and tried to tangle her lips with his.

When they were in the pond, Cecilia had felt it disgusting when Shi Yan touched her. She wasn't really fine with it as she had shown him at that time. She was persistent not to use her body to make Shi Yan help her in the ancient continent. It showed her last border.

Anyway, since the lake in her heart had Shi Yan's image, she didn't reject him anymore. And because his wounds were still there, she had just followed him...

Of course, it was Shi Yan's evil plan. Right now he was bullying her as his big hands were stroking her sexy, creamy thighs, her round butt, and her ample bosom without retracting. His eyes were so hot that he had almost taken out his spear.


Cecilia's face was red as if blood could drip from her face at any minute. However, her blushing made her more seducing. She tried to push Shi Yan away, struggling to make some room between them. She told him off with a voice of the mosquito. "Do you know where we are? If you want to do something, at least you have to wait until your wounds are recovered. Shang Ying Yue... will be back at any minute."

Shi Yan smiled relaxingly. He didn't force the woman anymore. Looking at the charming Cecilia while she was enraged and embarrassed and had lust in her eyes, Shi Yan felt much better. He nodded and lowered his voice, "Then you have to let me... when my wounds are healed."

Cecilia bit her lips and nodded. She blushed and glanced at him, "You bastard! You can't erase your lustful mind even though you are in such a condition. My hands are tied because of you."

Shi Yan just laughed.