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1158 Fusing Three Heaven Flames

All the vegetation in the valley withered and died.

A sturdy body sat still, his eyes closed. A beautiful flame floated in front of his glabella, which had different colors including scarlet, shining silver, dark green, and ice blue. It looked so magnificent.

A peculiar flower that had a face of a pretty woman was covered by that flame. The crystal shrouding the flower was slowly melted down, revealing its astonishing glamor. However, that beauty was wincing in pain and it looked so real as if it was a real pretty lady.

The flower was fiercely burned and it melted down into a transparent liquid that was then evaporated by the flame. However, it didn't become steam but turned into some fine, long, fluid-like threads that looked like saliva. As the flame was illuminating it, it had many different hues.

A mysterious but deep feeling churned in Shi Yan's heart. His co-soul seemed to be divided into different sections by those fine threads...

Many years ago, he had used the Heaven Flame Refining Divine Technique to create the co-soul from the Origin and the ten heaven flames with his Soul Seal.

At that time, he thought he had completed the soul fusion and that the ten heaven flames were integrated completely into one entity. However, he recognized afterward that the Heaven Flame Refining Divine Technique had just helped him create the co-soul. The distinctive auras of the ten different heaven flames had still existed in his co-soul. They hadn't wholly fused with each other yet.

In the fountainhead of powers Upanishads, Yu Shan and Xuan Fei had explained to him and made him realize it wasn't simple to fuse the heaven flames.

In the same area, he had tried to fuse the heaven flames with similar characteristics: the Purgatory True Flame, the Earth Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame. They had become a brand new source of flaming energy, seizing a particular spot in his co-soul.

Today, with the power of the Seven-colored Spirit Flower, the auras of the eight types of heaven flames in his co-soul became distinguishing.

Eventually, the Seven-colored Spirit Flower was melted utterly into a viscous, transparent liquid. Each drop of this fluid could be stretched and elongated like soul threads filling his co-soul and contacting each of the heaven flames. It gave them a bridge to connect with each other...

The Seven-colored Spirit Flower fluid had a magical effect. It could guide the auras of the heaven flames that were easy to gather.

The Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, the Immemorial Demonic Flame, and the Corpse Vanishing Flame were different, but they seemed to have a subtle connection. Under the guidance of the transparent soul threads, they flew up, drifting and dancing in his co-soul.

His co-soul was now a crystal skull made of brilliant flames. He could see the different colored flames taking different areas in the skull. Some fine threads like soul fibers scattered around the skull like a net. He then saw three flames in green, blue, and ash-gray colors from the three points of a triangle flying towards the center.

That center was the glabella of the transparent skull where a fierce soul energy fluctuation was emitted.

The green color flame was the Corpse Vanishing Flame, the blue one was the Yin Spirit Ghost Flame, and the ash-gray one was the Immemorial Demonic Flame. The three different colored flames slowly moved. Eventually, they congregated in the center of the skull, right beneath the glabella.

The tearing-brain pain swarmed over Shi Yan's soul. Not only was his co-soul flickering rapidly, his host soul, the soul altar, and even his God Body felt like thousands of sharp razors were cutting through. This terrible pain made Shi Yan scream and screech in this valley where no one could see him.

His shrieks and howls were like those of a wild beast and his screams reverberated and traveled far away. It would've made the hair on people's napes rise if they heard him.

While he was screeching, the three flames in green, blue, and ash-gray were turbulent like boiling water. They twisted with each other like three ribbons that were inseparable. Slowly, they became one.

In a desolate valley in the Center of the ancient continent, Shi Yan was enduring the pain of heart-cutting to fuse his heaven flames.

By a pond not really far from him stood a silent, beautiful figure. She was frowning and looking at the pond.

The pond was so bright and clear that she could see her own reflection like a mirror. Gradually, some marvelous illusion appeared...

A little girl with a braided ponytail was crouching and hugging her knees in a dark, heavy abyss. She covered her face and sobbed in a muffled voice. Her shoulder shivered as she was so scared and aggrieved.

The evil ghosts and spirits were wandering around her petite body, howling and wailing. Their terrifying voice rolled and created waves that naked eyes could see attacking the little girl. The girl quivered in fear and shouted as if she was cracked crazy. Her ear-piercing scream crashed countless ghosts into pieces like a sharp sword.

The illusion disappeared. A new one took place. The little girl was now a teenager around twelve or thirteen years old. She was confined in a secret domain of fiery flames and bitter ice. She was using her soft body to resist. Her skin cracked not long after that...

Different illusions changed like a nightmare that was eroding people's hearts. Eventually, the pond stopped at the image of the adult version of that little girl. A cold and proud woman.

That was Princess Audrey of the Imperial Dark Clan. This pond was like a mirror that had reflected her entire life.

The corner of her cold mouth twitched. The image in the pond suddenly drifted apart and disappeared like a reflection in a shattered mirror. The pond resumed its calmness. Nothing strange happened afterward.

She couldn't help but snort and glide like a ghost over the pond. As she was heading to the majestic holy mountain, she suddenly heard some wild beast screaming like the thunderclap coming from afar. It was loud enough to make her soul altar tremble.

Squinting, she hesitated for a while. She gave up the thought of heading to the mountain and made a turn.

After a long time, she appeared lonely in a valley where flowers and trees were all withered. At first glance, she saw a man screaming and rolling on the ground in pain. He seemed to not be able to withstand the pain.

Audrey changed her visage a little bit. Seeing the brilliant flame bobbing, she sensed and understood what was going on here immediately.

Watching him with a cold face for a while, Audrey suddenly sat down by him and said nothing. She closed her eyes and began to cultivate as if she wanted to train her spirit in the waves of grunting and screeching.

Shi Yan was making loud commotions that it attracted more people. Sounds of breaking tree branches arose from a far distance. After a while, four shadows slowly emerged. They were Phelps and three warriors of his family.

From several thousand meters away, Phelps's sinister eyes gazed at Shi Yan. He licked his lips and showed his bloodthirsty intention.

He quietly waved his hand. Four shadows quietly approached Shi Yan. The energy in their God Bodies was urged, surging powerfully.

Suddenly, Phelps's visage froze as he saw a beautiful figure sitting quietly behind Shi Yan. That woman was looked at him with her cold and sharp saber-like eyes.

Phelps suddenly felt chilled. As soon as he saw the woman, he retreated without leaving a word. He was scared that both his soul and body would perish.

The woman didn't chase after him. She stood still like a rigid ice sculpture with a chilling aura.

Time flew fast.

Gradually, Shi Yan in front of her stopped screaming. He got up and drew earth and heaven energy to clean his vessels. The co-soul didn't move fiercely anymore. The three different flames had fused into one. All of a sudden, Audrey said in her usual cold voice. "You're all right now, I suppose."

Shi Yan sat facing her and furrowed his brows slightly, "Why did you help me by protecting me here?"

When Phelps's group of four came, he was in a critical moment. If they attacked him, his soul would have vanished and his body would have burned into ashes right away.

When Audrey arrived, he felt incredibly insecure. He thought that Audrey would attack him. However, she had just sat down by him. Everything was so calm that it was out of his expectation. In the critical moment, she had helped him shoo away Phelps's team.

"You're too careless," Audrey was still cold and arrogant. "Fusing the heaven flames of the Origin is the most painful practice. You need to bear the pain of your soul burning. It's the most terrible torment in this world. When you want to fuse your heaven flames, you should choose the safest area and you must have someone protecting you. Since you're so reckless, it's a miracle that you lived until now."

As Audrey also had the Origin, she had to experience the fusion of heaven flames too. She knew how terrible this kind of pain was more than anyone else.

"I don't know why you protected me?" repeated Shi Yan, his face dark.

"I fought against Haig," Audrey looked at him coldly. She pondered and then said seriously. "I can't kill him alone. In this Center, only you can help me kill him. Only the warrior who has fused with the Origin can join hands with me to finish him. I need your power. That's all."

Audrey told him the reason.

Shi Yan grinned strangely. He knew that Audrey wasn't precise because there was someone like that in this area. It was Cang Yun. However, as Cang Yun was from the Heavenly Monster Tribe, he was destined to not stand under the same sky with her.

"Thanks for protecting me," Shi Yan stood up and stretched his body. He retrieved the flame in front of his glabella. "Don't worry. The God Clan is our common enemy. If we meet Haig, I'm sure I won't show mercy."

"You've battled against Harson. What do you think about him?" asked Audrey all of a sudden.

Shi Yan's face became solemn. He took a deep breath and then said, "Harson is really strong! I haven't fought Haig, but I believe that Harson could compare to Haig. Harson can burn his flesh and blood to get energy. His soul power Upanishad is extreme too. He's adamant to deal with."

"It seems like we don't have a positive situation," Audrey's bright eyes looked heavy.

"I think what we should do now is to find and gather our people. That's how we can have the competence to fight the God Clan." Shi Yan looked at the holy mountain in the distance. "Too bad that my Soul Consciousness is bound in this place. It's not easy to gather them once again. How about you? Do you have any solution?"

Audrey shook her head begrudgingly.

"What do you think we should do?" asked Shi Yan.

"Move forward and head to that big mountain. Along the way, we should gather our people and try to kill more members of the God Clan," suggested Audrey.