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1157 Someone Lives, Someone Dies

Shi Yan was lying in the middle of a flowery valley, his body crushing many fresh flowers. He closed his eyes as if he was fast asleep. His face looked calm and peaceful as if he was having the most beautiful dream.

Magical, crystal-like nectar dripped from the flowers with the most pleasant fragrance, reflecting his body. All of a sudden, something strange happened...

His reflections in those drops of nectar suddenly jumped out of the drops like they were his souls in the fantasy dreams. The shadows that had his shape all flew into his soul altar and moved in his Sea of Consciousness.

Shi Yan's clear mind was suddenly invaded. His brain sent him a pain that was like a pricking needle.

His study of the massive vortex was forced to stop. He opened his eyes and saw his own images floating in his Sea of Consciousness. Although they looked exactly like him, he couldn't contact them.

They were like phantoms.

When those phantoms glided above his calm Sea of Consciousness, they rose the waves and started riding on the gusts. Wisps of his Soul Consciousness were pulled out by those phantoms forcefully.

Shi Yan felt the hair on his nape rising.

Those shadows that could just be illusions were trying to invade his soul and dig into his Sea of Consciousness. They wanted to make him a body without a soul!

He was frightened when his spirit, soul, and Qi were invaded.

While his thoughts were changing, he tried to urge his soul altar to use the powers Upanishads to burn them down. Abruptly, he was dumbstruck.

In his soul altar at the tier of powers Upanishad, heaven flames, and the black hole, and even by the host soul, Shi Yan found many illusions of himself. However, they had floral auras. They were trying to force his soul and compressed him like a horde of conquerors.

Those floral spirits wanted to control his soul and control his God Body and all that was him!

Shi Yan discolored in fright.

"Get out! Get out! Get out! Get out!"

Soul messages that shooed him away thundered in his mind continuously. Those came from the phantoms that were invading him.

Shi Yan felt that his head was exploding as if there were billions of people cursing and chanting to make him leave. They wanted to break his mind and spirit, which would expel his soul from his body and leave his soul altar unowned.

By his lying body, countless beautiful flowers were swaying and droning as if they were supporting billions of wisps of different consciousness in his brain. They wanted to make him give up and leave him a body without a soul. They were forcing him to give up his body.

"Court death!"

His unyielding will of steel wasn't defeated by the chanting and hostile shouting. His soul altar moved and flashed as his acupuncture points were urged.

The seven hundred and twenty acupuncture points were different worlds of revolving vortexes. Abruptly, torrential negative energy including bloodthirsty, destructive, desperate, resentful, and crazy emotions flooded like a massive sea. Almost instantly, they sank his entire body.

Inside his soul altar, a black hole was activated. The Devouring power Upanishad sent out a terrifying suction force.

Countless thoughts of feeble despair were generated and multiplied in his head. The shadows that had intruded his brain started to struggle and wriggle as they found the terrifying threat. They wanted to retreat and get out of his God Body immediately.

Different negative energies appeared in his acupuncture points and created a layer of flesh and keratin to shroud his entire body.

Those people that looked exactly like him couldn't pierce through the layer. They were kept inside. They could only send him a begging message to ask for his mercy...

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Just like a big whale sucking water, the shadows that looked like Shi Yan turned into flows of Essence Qi that were drawn into the black hole. All of them were devoured shortly after.

All sorts of distracting thoughts disappeared in just a blink of an eye. His soul altar could spin again. However, Shi Yan felt that his spirit was shaken as his host soul had a magical feeling of eating some great tonic. He felt so refreshed as if his soul was cleaned once. This feeling was very similar to the time he had his soul cleaned some time years ago. And his soul was nurtured tremendously.

Beams of Essence of the floras around him flew out from the black hole and seeped into his soul altar like the most delicious wine. Suddenly, his soul altar was purified once.

Shi Yan pulled himself together, checking his situation and surroundings. He was astounded.

Withered flowers and grass were around him on an area of hundreds of miles. He was lying in the center of this valley of dead floras. Within his sight, there was no living flower. He was surprised for a while before he could understand the situation. Pondering for a while, he vaguely understood it.

The shadows invading his head were the spirits of the flowers and trees in this area. After tens of thousands of years taking in the earth and heaven energy in this area, they slowly gained intellect, so they wanted to have another chance to advance and evolve.

They knew that the tree or the grass couldn't bear their consciousness and they couldn't have a new life if they stayed within those shells. They had a terrible urge to find a better container.

Apparently, Shi Yan coming here all of a sudden had given them hope. They seized the chance while he was learning the magical features of the vortex to discreetly get into his brain and stir up his soul altar with their special methods. They had acted as if his soul was actually their home and Shi Yan was just a stubborn guest who didn't want to leave.

If he hadn't had the evil negative energy in his acupuncture points that could make the black hole use its power, his host soul could have been expelled. And those floral spirits could have had a chance to build their new life form using his soul altar. With his God Body as the foundation and the floral spirits as the soul, they could have given birth to a brand new race.

Looking at the withered vegetation that was in all directions around one hundred miles away, Shi Yan contemplated for a while. His eyes were fixed to a holy mountain standing afar.

Shi Yan frowned as he found that his Soul Consciousness was like it was moving in a foggy area. It couldn't give him any useful information. He couldn't sense any strange commotions.

In this area, his extraordinary ability seemed to be ineffective.

Shi Yan had a vague feeling. . .

He felt that the majestic holy mountain was coldly looking at him like an archangel watching a tiny, vulnerable ant. It could use the power of Nature to force any creature to act as it pleased. It would never allow anyone to trespass its rules or change anything!

Shi Yan didn't have any evidence for this feeling. He didn't know whether he should cry or smile. However, he could actually sense its existence. It wasn't something vague, though.

He remembered what Shang Chen had told him...

Desolate had its wit. It had a life and consciousness. It was a form of life that was totally different from any other race. Right in the dawn of this cosmos, it was there and it used its own methods to affect the vast universe. Desolate was the most mystic and wonderful existence in this universe. No one could affect it. It only affected them in its unique way...

Shi Yan looked at the holy mountain and deeply felt this strange intuition. He suddenly believed Shang Chen's words without the slightest doubt.

——Desolate wasn't only an ancient continent. It was a unique life form with consciousness and intellect!

Confirming this, he suddenly stood in awe of the holy mountain. He hesitated for a while before sitting cross-legged on the ground where he was surrounded by the withered flowers. He stroked the Fantasy Sky Ring to take out the Seven-colored Spirit Flower. His deep co-soul emerged from his pupil and covered the crystal that sealed the Seven-colored Spirit Flower...

The Seven-colored Spirit Flower could fuse the heaven flames of the Origin together. It was a crucial item to warriors who had heaven flames. It could increase the integration degree of the flaming Origin in their co-soul.

His co-soul was made of ten different heaven flames. When he was in the fountainhead of powers Upanishads, he had fused the Earth Flame, the Purgatory Flame, and the Vermilion Bird True Flame into one.

Today, his co-soul still had eight heaven flames that hadn't fused with each other. On the day he saw Audrey, he knew that the integration degree of his heaven flames in the co-soul was far behind Audrey's. And he now knew that the marvelous connection between the co-soul and Grace Mainland was related to the degree of his fused heaven flames.

Thus, as he knew he was relatively safe here and no one would come to disturb him in a short time, he didn't spend time to investigate the mysteries of this ancient continent. However, fusing the heaven flames of the Origin co-soul was his most urgent task.

He tried to use the Seven-colored Spirit Flower to fuse the heaven flames with different natures.


In a corner of the Center where there was a burning desert, two graceful figures were walking in between a rocky area in the middle of the desert. Their clothes were damp and stuck on their bodies.

The yellow sand was like red iron. The women had to mobilize God power to their feet and create an energy layer to resist the scorching sand. In front of them were mountains ranges where they could see the majestic holy mountain between the other peaks.

However, even though the two of them had walked through the desert for a long time, they couldn't cross this desert. They could see the mountain ranges, but they couldn't reach them no matter how hard they tried. Gradually, a desperate feeling churned in their hearts.

The two figures were Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue.


In a volcano, hot lava was erupting and sending deadly flames with rumbling fiery energy.

Sha Zhao, Jiao Shan, and Jiao Hai were in the flaming lava pond. They were trying to get out of this hell-like area. They wanted to get out of the volcano mouth. They had fallen into this volcano mouth after they vortex had drawn them away. The extremely high temperature of this area had melted one warrior who had accompanied them.

Before that warrior had fallen into the lava pond, he was careless and he didn't use the God power to create a protective halo. Thus, he was killed instantly.


In the gloomy, tranquil glacier, Wu Feng, Mo Fou, and the others were frozen. They were now ice sculptures in the glacier. Energy rippled through them as if they were attacking the ice and were trying to get rid of this icy confinement.

In an area where the tornadoes were wreaking havoc, Mia, Yue Man, and the others were struggling to steady their bodies. They couldn't stand still and from time to time, they had more cuts on their bodies by the wind blades. They were struggling very hard to get rid of this tiring situation.

In the other places of ponds, lakes, desert, and glaciers, the warriors came from the island including Haig, Phelps, Audrey, Mia, and Cang Yun had fallen into different deathtraps. They were trying to survive.

Some warriors were killed.

Some warriors eventually found a way to escape the deathtraps quickly.

At the same time, a small number of warriors had soon escaped their deadly situation with some bonuses and advantages. They were cultivating and advancing to another level.