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1154 Burning Purgatory

"Imperial Dark Tribe!"

Haig hid in the middle of the five-colored clouds and shouted. His eyes became dazzling as he cried.

Mia, Phelps, and Payton looked stern as they stood by him. They were also standing on a piece of the broken island. They leaped up, moved through the thick mist, and appeared in front of Audrey's team.

Mia and Phelps wore a solemn face. They looked at the dark God Imperial Throne in between two small drifting lands. They seemed to understand something all of a sudden.

The Imperial Dark Tribe was a magical race that could compare to the God Clan among thousands of races. Billions of years had passed and they had always held a crucial role in the cosmos. A long, long time ago, the Imperial Dark Tribe was the overlord of many other races and they ruled the big star areas.

The Imperial Dark Tribe and the Heavenly Monster Tribe fought a bloody battle that resulted in the terrible loss of many experts. The Imperial Dark Tribe got tied down and they didn't dare to cause any big commotion later on. Because of this, the God Clan had the chance to rule this universe.

Currently, the God Clan was the strongest and they didn't dare to look down on the Imperial Dark Tribe. The God legions had never dared to reach the Imperial Dark Tribe's territory.

The God Clan and Imperial Dark Tribe had continued their tacit understanding that they wouldn't touch each other. They both wanted to avoid disputes that could lead to earth-shattering situations they couldn't manage.

However, because of this ancient continent, the two races showed themselves in this place. Eventually, they had parted to opposite parties that fought with each other for the treasures and the secret of the ancient continent.

Haig shouted and then quickly sobered. He retrieved the blinding divine light in his eyes. The World of Five-colored Light quietly changed again. Now, it was a brilliant five-colored Light Divine Boat. The divine boat was made of five-colored divine light with the powers of Five Elements that was filled with the solemn aura of God that low creatures didn't dare to trespass. The boat floated above the Dark God Imperial Throne.

"You killed Yu Jia, didn't you?" Haig looked at the Light Divine Boat, which was another form of the World of Five-colored Light and was floating quietly. It seemed to gather more energy.

"True." Audrey swiftly glided through them and stood arrogantly on the edge of the small island. Her Dark God Imperial Throne was floating above her. She faced Haig without fear.

"You've broken the secret agreement between the two races," Haig said calmly.

"The one who tore the agreement wasn't me. It was your clan. Yu Jia took his team to attack me. Of course, I have to kill him," Audrey sneered.

"Who took action first is not important. What is important is that you've killed my clansmen. It's enough." Haig smiled. "Thus, you can't blame me. The Imperial Dark Tribe has been secluding for years. You think you can compete with our clan. Sooner or later, you will show yourself and rise the storm. I don't find that it's strange if you aim at our clan today."

His eyes emitted the brilliant light once again.

Boom! Boom!

The dazzling Light Divine Boat had explosions reverberating like thunderclaps. The divine boat moved with tremendous energy that could break the entire sky. Abruptly, it struck the Dark God Imperial Throne.

Light ribbons fluttered. The five-colored gusts of wind shot like a meteor from the divine boat together with yellow arrows, brutal lightning bolts, surging flames, a rushing river, and grand mountains. All together, they wanted to crush the Dark God Imperial Throne.

"Desolate belongs to no one. If the God Clan can come here, so can we. We don't care if you want to use Desolate to kill the prodigies of the other clans. But Yu Jia dared attack me. He was blind, so he deserved death." Audrey sneered while changing her power Upanishad.

The Dark God Imperial Throne changed all of a sudden and created a sinister dark abyss where Yin winds howled and cried. The commotions in there sounded like it was the house of countless wailing ghosts that was as horrible as Hell.

This was the world that the Dark God Imperial Throne had created. It was the Dark Night Purgatory. It had connected directly to the mysterious dark abyss of God-blessed Mainland where she could release many evil spirits and demons of the Underworld. Her Dark God Imperial Throne wasn't weaker than the Light Divine Boat of Haig. Her demons were slowly covering and devouring the abilities derived from Five Elements power.

Haig and Audrey were both the future leaders of the God Clan and Imperial Dark Tribe respectively. To get the power of the ancient continent, they had attacked each other right before they could get into the Center.

Haig came here because of Harson, but now, Audrey had stopped him. He didn't have extra effort to give aid to Harson. However, when Audrey attacked him, he suddenly recognized that as long as he could hold Audrey here, Harson wouldn't have big trouble.

Haig and Harson had been competing with each other both secretly and explicitly for years. He knew how terrifying Harson was more than anyone else. He knew that even if he wanted to defeat Harson, he had to bear a significant damage. Thus, he believed that Harson wouldn't lose.

He knew this lunatic of the Charteris family and he knew how he could perform formidably and crazily in a bloody battle.

Many pieces of the broken island were drifting on the sea where thick mist hovered. The sea now had tremors and earth-shaking explosions and vibrations. Tsunamis and storms were risen, putting the sea in its most violent and furious state.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue were standing on a small rock, watching the tremendous energy wreaking havoc in the sea. They both looked aghast, but they were trying to find Shi Yan.

However, because of the battle between Haig and Audrey, the sea was more turbulent and chaotic so they couldn't locate Shi Yan.

While they were restlessly anxious, a big ancient tree pierced through the thick mist, emerging in their vision. A fat body like a mountain of meat was sitting cross-legged on that log of tree.

"You two, follow me." Cang Yun appeared all of a sudden. The log of wood stopped by the rock. He squinted and waved at them.

"Where is Shi Yan?" Cecilia hastened.

Cang Yun peered through his small eyes as he smiled,"He's still fighting Harson. But no worries, he'll be alright. You guys should go with me. We're heading to the Center first. We will meet him again there."

"Are you sure we could meet him there?" Shang Ying Yue frowned.

"Of course," Cang Yun gave a silly smile. "He and I have an appointment."

"Why do you want to go with us?" Cecilia was skeptical.

"Because you stand on his side, and I... I also need partners." Cang Yun looked a little impatient. "Audrey is fighting Haig and Shi Yan is fighting Harson. Anyway, the Center is about to open. Their fights have to cease when it opens. They are the two battles that are predestined to have no final results. You guys shouldn't worry about him."

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue exchanged looks. They pondered for a while and then nodded.

"Let's go," Cang Yun urged.

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue swiftly leaped up from the rock and landed on Cang Yun's ancient log of tree. The drifting log accelerated as fast as electricity! It moved with the wind across the sea. The surging sea seemed to not affect the log of wood.

On the other side of the broken island, the biggest piece after the island drifted apart, Shi Yan and Harson gasped for their breaths. Their God Bodies were covered in blood. Both of them had brutal, crazy energy fluctuations.

Columns of gas created by the explosive, evil energy in their bodies twirled up into the sky and became strange auroras, just like the stream of energy entering the sky. The phantoms of demons from the negative energy were attacking the columns of gas, making the void explode.

Harson had placed the members of the Charteris family on another piece of land. They had run away quietly after receiving a soul message from him. They were heading to the Center.

Haig's team came when the thick mist started to expand when Harson's troops had already gone. They were the first wave that aimed at the Center. Harson stayed to stop them, fighting Shi Yan crazily. They were the two most brutal animals using their power Upanishads to assault each other. Unexpectedly, they seemed to be equally strong.

"Haha! A descendant of a Bloodthirsty's Inheritances! Muahahaha!"

Harson laughed like crazy, showing his fangs. "Do you know whose bones are these? Haha, it's Xuan Shan, Xuan He's little brother. He cultivated Death power Upanishad. Our Charteris family killed him and used his bones to create the secret formation. My soul can enslave him forever!"

"So what?" Shi Yan's eyes were as red as blood. A vicious, bloodthirsty aura wound around him and made him the most dangerous demon, "I will kill you. I will kill all of your subordinates. I will collect each piece of Xuan Shan's bones."

"Hahaha. What do you get from collecting Xuan Shan's skeleton? You can't beat me, admit it!" Harson laughed crazily.

He and Shi Yan had fought for a while on this island. They had used energy, powers Upanishads, and even their bodies to strike each other thousands of times. However, no one had gained the upper hand. Harson, the warrior that didn't really put Haig in his eyes, now considered Shi Yan his equal opponent in this fight for the first time. He had used his best abilities, but he hadn't successfully stopped Shi Yan.

Finally, Harson knew why the Elders of the God Clan had to wince mentioning the Immortal Demon Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force. After this battle, he understood that the Immortal Demon Clan and the Bloodthirsty Force were truly the mortal enemies of his God Clan.

"It's true that I can't do anything to you when you have your troops around. But now, you'll be defeated," said Shi Yan ferociously.

Harson was the important seed of the Charteris family and the future successor. The Charteris family was called the Racial Terminator and they were the most terrifying blood-dripping sabers of the God Clan. The bloody massacres of the God Clan in the big star area were often carried out by this family.

Harson's power Upanishad was evil and mystic. It was the power Upanishad that could raise his fighting desire to infinity. It kept him in the utmost excited state of mind. This kind of power Upanishad could burn his Essence QI, blood, and flesh to strengthen himself. It was an extremely stubborn and crazy power Upanishad, a power Upanishad of mysterious and evil power.

It was also the primary power Upanishad of the Charteris family.

The God Clan's wicked formation carved on the stone steles in the God Perishing Land that used the iron chains and the Soul Sucking Demonic Flower to take the blood and flesh of the prisoners were also from the Charteris family. And at the same time, the wounded God warriors staying inside the stone stele were also from the Charteris family.

Each member of the Charteris family was a madman. They could burn their own blood and flesh to increase their energy and competence shortly.

However, they had to pay a big price. After each battle, their souls and bodies were damaged severely. They had to use the evil formations to refill the consumed energy. Still, they needed time to recover. Most of the God warriors staying in the God Perish Land were from the Charteris family.

The Charteris family called their power Upanishad "The Burning Purgatory." It was the most mysterious, supernatural power Upanishad of the God Clan.