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1150 The Bloody Bone Has a New Owner

Before Shi Yan had entered the island, he had sensed a strange energy that had stirred up his acupuncture points. It was the wicked formation that Harson's team had created: White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave...

He jumped into that evil formation and the familiar aura became more intense to him. The thick, pungent blood sea and the distorting soul attack were the unique abilities of the Blood Soul Sea!

The ghost grave built by the blood-dripping bones wasn't broken. Even a piece wasn't chipped off when his sunlight attacked it. The tenacious bones had surprised him a lot. After that moment, he confirmed that the bones that built the ghost grave weren't from the God Body of Harson's team.

At Harson's team's realm and power, their body could never create blood-dripping bones that were that hard.

Each of those bloody bones had a murderous, malicious aura that could shoot up into the sky. They seemed to carry a terrifyingly brutal mood that could sink people's souls and then occupy their minds. Those bones belonged to someone much stronger...

That person had to belong to the Bloodthirsty's bloodline, someone cultivating Death power Upanishad. His realm was likely extremely high and his body was almost unbreakable. He had developed his skeleton, and filled it with the malignant energy of earth and heaven, which hadn't faded after so many years.

Harson and his eighteen subordinates had bloody bones for each that they had to use their soul energy, blood, and Qi to nurture. They used and condensed the brutal, murderous Qi in their bodies to create the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave with those bones as the keys.


The bloody bone inside the opponent standing in front of Shi Yan released a negative, ruthless energy fluctuation, running directly into his brain and giving him bloody illusions.

He saw the blood sea swarming over and sinking him in the warm, viscous blood. The strong smell of blood filled his nostrils. Islets of white bones emerged and gave him an evil, wicked impression.

These illusions were what he had experienced that year when he sank his body in the blood pond for the first time he had descended to Grace Mainland.

However, after so many years, he wasn't the man of that old day. The illusion of the blood pond couldn't hypnotize his mind. Quite the contrary, while his thoughts were flickering, his acupuncture points suddenly had a strong suction force!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Evil energy fluctuations arose from that warrior. A blood-dripping bone with a murderous aura shooting up into the sky tried to escape his body uncontrollably.

The man discolored. He hastened to gather his power and spirit to control that bloody bone.

However, right at this moment, a flow of negative energy that was ten times more powerful than his swarmed over him like a real blood sea and intruded deep into his soul.

His eyes went blank. He stood still as if he was confined by Space power Upanishad.


The bone that he had refined for years suddenly danced and stirred up his internal organs, creating bleeding holes in his body.

The warrior looked blank as if he didn't feel pain. He was idle and didn't move an inch. He seemed to lose his soul to the hand of Death.

No one could notice that a beam of Soul Consciousness had broken into this man's soul altar when the blood sea swarmed over him. It swayed deep in his brain and took the secrets from his memory...

A sealed, secure memory was taken away and it released the most mysterious, hidden horrible pieces of memory.

Many years ago, when this man was still a warrior at King God Realm, one Elder of the Charteris family had taken him to a hidden cave where he had to offer a wisp of his Soul Seal to Harson who was also a young man at that moment. After that, he had to vow to worship Harson for the rest of his life.

Together with him, there were seventeen other teenagers sent to the cave. They all had to give Harson a wisp of their soul that connected to Harson's soul.

It was an evil title deed.

When Harson's soul was destroyed, they would all be killed and they would follow him. Their deaths would come instantly.

But if their souls perished, it didn't do anything to Harson's soul. That man could still live safe and sound. Apparently, this wasn't a fair contract.

After that, this group of eighteen teenagers was each given a bloody bone. They heard that the bones belonged to a formidable expert with a tremendous evil aura. The Charteris family had studied for years to understand the mysteries and get the essence of it.

Each of them received a bloody bone and planted it into their bodies. When the bloody bone got into their abdomen, each of them had to endure the most terrible pain in this world, which made them cry and screech for a long time.

The fusion progress was so strenuous and painful. They had spent eight years with a lot of precious materials to finish this bone fusion. Then, they were taught to use the White Bone Refining Blood Ghost Grave, making tests for the evil power they got from the bones. Gradually, they became stronger and they were the most loyal henchmen of Harson.

It felt like Shi Yan had just watched the experiences of that man's whole life. His Soul Consciousness tied that piece of memory and watched all things the man had experienced.

Shi Yan finally confirmed his presumption.

That year, when the eight subordinates of Bloodthirsty were defeated in the battle against the God Clan, the Charteris family had tried their best to kill the warrior who cultivated Death power Upanishad. Afterward, they had taken his bones and refined it with evil techniques before implanting them into the bodies of Harson's subordinates. The bones then helped them promote the most wicked secret formation that greatly assisted Harson in fighting.

He knew what he wanted to know. Shi Yan's thoughts flickered and a cold aura overflowed his opponent's soul altar.

It was the poison from the Poison-dipped Cold Bead filling his soul altar and melting it down. His soul evaporated like mist and returned to earth and heaven.

Crack! Crack!

The bone stirred inside his body and crushed him. All of a sudden, it flew out and fell towards Shi Yan.

When he grabbed the bone, Shi Yan had a gleam of sadness in his eyes as he sighed.

The owner of the bloody bone was an expert cultivating Death power Upanishad to the top level. Although he had fallen for many years, his bones still had frightening powers with a terrible aura that could simulate the effects of the Blood Soul Sea. However, even though he was such a character, he was gone.

Shi Yan felt so sorry for the Bloodthirsty Force.

While he didn't notice, his soul altar spun. The Death power Upanishad sent out a magical beam of energy that could trigger some resonance...

Swish! Swish!

Two blood lights flashed and flew towards him like blood lightning. They were the other two blood-dripping bones!

Although the bodies of the Charteris warrior who had exploded himself and the one Audrey had killed were gone, the bloody bones remained. They were guided by the energy from Shi Yan's acupuncture points and they gathered in front of him.

Even though these bones had been refined for years by the Elders of the Charteris, they still had a deep, everlasting fixation!

Because of this undying fixation, although Harson's eighteen warriors had fused with them, they couldn't control the bones as much as they pleased. Through the years, the deep fixation had been imprinted in the bones so that they would never be able to wash it away.

Cecilia, Shang Ying Yue, Cang Yun also paid attention to Shi Yan while fighting Harson. They were so baffled.

The fight between Shi Yan and his opponent was strange, indeed. It was obvious that their power was equal. However, they got the result of that battle quickly. They didn't see clearly what had happened over there.

When they noticed the commotion, they found that Shi Yan's opponent had his soul perish and Shi Yan was taking the bone from that man's body! All they could see were the blood-dripping bone in Shi Yan's hand and two more floating in front of him. This scene was strange and evil.

Even Cang Yun now felt a chill in his heart.

Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, and Jiao Shan were solemn as they watched Shi Yan draw his opponent's bone. They felt the hair on the back of their heads raising.

In their eyes, Shi Yan was much more frightening than Audrey.

No one recognized Harson with his terrified eyes. Watching Shi Yan from a distance, he was screaming in his head!

No one understood the meaning of the bones Shi Yan was holding better than Harson. Each of those blood-dripping bones belonged to the skeleton of a brutal demon. The Charteris family had scraped those bones and soaked them in different kinds of evil blood to give them the unrivaled, ruthless power!

Why were they in his hand?! How did he take them out?!

Harson screamed in his head, his face distorting. He could feel the bone in his own body choking him by the throat and giving him a faint pain. He knew that it was so wrong.

"The second one."

Suddenly, Audrey's arrogant, cold voice arose one more time. A wave of surging soul power arose and sent flames up into the sky.

Another member of the Charteris family was killed. Audrey had used her flaming Origin to burn his soul altar. That was how he lost his Life Seal.

However, it wasn't easy to Audrey this time. Before he died, he had exploded his God Body and used a blood-dripping bone to attack her. With his explosive energy and seething blood, he sent away the Blood Qi that could shake the sky. Blood splashed on her body. She now had a pale tinge on her icy arrogant face.

She seemed to get hurt.

However, the bloody bone wasn't smashed under her power. It floated in front of her as it was lonely that it had lost its master.

She shouted and a look was shot to her from layers of obstacles. Audrey snorted, looking back and challenging him, "I hope you aren't too weak."


An evil, hostile aura emitted from the bone in front of her. The piece of bone that had hurt her became wild. While its murderous aura shot up into the sky, it trembled for a while before shooting toward the direction her beautiful eyes had sent away the challenge.

Just like other bones, this piece of bone also flew towards Shi Yan, hovering in front of him inside a scarlet halo.

Audrey looked shocked, but she didn't know what had happened. She just looked at Shi Yan in fright

Having the same panic were Cang Yun, Cecilia, the members of the Charteris family... and Harson!

"Impossible! Impossible!"

Harson suddenly cried as if he was completely insane. Thick spikes grew on his skeletal body abruptly. Scaly silver armor arose on his skin. The energy of his God Body doubled in just a blink of an eye. He rushed through Cang Yun and directly attacked Shi Yan.