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1144 The Charteris Family

The ear-splitting howling wind came near. The gloomy bolts of lightning dashed over and reached the area immediately.

Audrey and the four members of the Imperial Dark Tribe appeared in front of Shi Yan and Cang Yun. Her cold and arrogant eyes raked through the two of them and stopped right at Cang Yun. She shouted, "Who are you?"

Flows of soul energy moved like the fine silk threads, slowly entangling Cang Yun and lingering around his body. She wanted to see even Cang Yun's smallest secrets...

Shi Yan was so surprised so he also stared at Cang Yun too, his face uncertain.

Any energy fluctuation from Cang Yun was so normal. Since he was a descendant of the immemorial Heavenly Monster Tribe, he should have something different from the other races. However, Shi Yan could see that Cang Yun's realm, aura, and God Body were 100% matched with Human Clan's!

He didn't know how Cang Yun did it, but he could confirm that Audrey couldn't see anything abnormal. She couldn't verify Cang Yun's real identity.

Indeed, after Audrey's bright eyes had moved around for a while, she relaxed.

"I came from the other side," Cang Yun smiled, trying to be servile and pointing at the sea area behind him. "Harson of the Charteris family is in charge of that area. Before I came here... Harson had finished his big cleaning. Besides me, everybody else was killed."

Audrey's face showed a gleam of fear. Both Shi Yan and she were vigilant to Cang Yun. The warrior who could escape Harson wasn't weak.

Soon, Audrey had considered Cang Yun a character she shouldn't neglect.

"How many people are there in Harson's team? Did they get a significant loss too?" She contemplated then asked.

"Harson leads eighteen warriors. If you know about the Charteris family, you must know how crazy and ruthless they are." Cang Yun worriedly rubbed his fat face. "Harson's troops are all mad men. They kill people for fun. The Charteris family of the God Clan is the most bloodthirsty one. Even among the families of the God Clan, they aren't very likable."

The God Clan's Charteris family was infamous. Their name was known everywhere in this vast universe. Among the twelve families of God Clan, this family ranked right behind the Bradley family. Members from this family were all extremely bloodthirsty. Also, they were the most combative family of God Clan.

This family was the key force in each battle that had terrorized the universe. And the originators of the bloody cases were also from this family.

When the Charterises invaded a life star, they would eradicate the native race. People couldn't live in peace wherever they passed by. The Charteris family was known as the Cleaner of the God Clan or the Racial Terminator. This family was a malignant tumor of the cosmos, the worst nightmare of all.

They were a sharp bloody saber of the God Clan. They had invaded and slaughtered everywhere. People hated them, but they were also afraid of them.

This family had a lot of mad men. The family members and their key disciples loved to massacre others. Harson was a famous, young lunatic of the current generation. His brutal reputation made him even more well known than Haig. He was a tough character that no one wanted to encounter.

Hearing that Harson had finished cleaning the sea area and still had eighteen warriors in his team, Audrey's willow-like brows furrowed. Her cold face now had a dark gleam.

The Charteris family wasn't easy to counter. Harson was a mad dog. When they met him, it would result in someone's death. If Haig could gather with the Charterises when they got to the forest territory, Audrey's team wouldn't escape death.

"I heard that Haig, Mia, and Phelps are on the other side of the barrier?" Little Fatty Cang Yun looked desperate. "Haig is coming. And that mad dog Harson is here too. I'm afraid that we can't resist them."

He had deemed himself a member of this team.

Audrey didn't mind his hidden meaning. Her long eyelashes batted as she was thinking.

Shi Yan, Cecilia, and Cang Yun didn't say much. They were waiting for Audrey's decision in silence. They understood that if they let Harson and Haig gather, it would be a lethal threat to them.

"The Center will open in any minute. Perhaps it will open tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Once we get to the Center, it's possible that our team will be smashed." Audrey contemplated for a while, her cold eyes raking through her people. "Before the Center opens, the God Clan will move. They won't give us more chances. Even if we can get to the Center, we will be smashed. The God Clan wants to terminate us. However, after we get into the Center, it would be very difficult to kill us all..."

Cang Yun, Shang Ying Yue, and Cecilia nodded. Apparently, they knew the situation so they agreed with Audrey.

Only Shi Yan was still surprised.

He came here in a rush and Shang Chen didn't tell him many details. Clueless, he jumped into this place. He knew nothing about the Center.

When they got into the Center, they would be smashed again. Thus, everybody had to start over again. Then, he might encounter one or two warriors of God Clan and he might have a chance to kill them... So, it was good for him somehow.

Haig and Mia also knew this. Thus, they had to seize the chance when the Center hadn't opened yet to clear the remaining opponents.

Only after killing all of them would the God Clan operate freely in the Center. They could go to harvest the most precious items and they could understand the mysteries of the ancient continent.

"We must seize the chance when Haig and Harson haven't united yet. We must choose to break one team. We must try our best to deprive their powers. It would prevent them from attacking us successfully even if they could gather later!" Audrey decided quickly and said resolutely, "Haig, Mia, and Phelps are together. It's not a wise move to engage in a battle with them now. We can't take the upper hand. Thus... We're going to Harson! Harson doesn't have the Origin. Once we get to the sea territory, I can locate him. We have the advantage!"

Taking a deep breath, Audrey's breasts heaved, "We must do it quickly!"

She didn't seem to want to hear Shi Yan's or Cang Yun's opinions. She decided and then ordered the four members of the Imperial Dark Tribe. "Announce to them and ask them to gather quickly!"

The four members of the Imperial Dark Tribe bowed to her and then disappeared like dark beams of light. They vanished from people's sights shortly.

"You lead us and break the barrier. Take the way you took to come here and lead us back there." Audrey ordered Cang Yun and didn't give him a chance to protest.

Little Fatty smiled brightly and nodded continually. He seemed to know how to behave in this situation.

Shi Yan looked at him and put up his guard discreetly. He thought that this Little Fatty had brains. At this moment, as he was facing Audrey, a member of his mortal enemy tribe, he could be much flexible. This boy was a dangerous character.

Shadows drew nearer. The warriors of different races scattering around were summoned by the four experts of the Imperial Dark Tribe. They congregated as fast as they could. Not long after that, Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, Wu Feng, Jiao Shan, and the others also arrived. They looked at Shi Yan, their eyes asking for his opinions.

Shi Yan frowned, but he didn't explain.

After they all gathered, Audrey said, "We're going to the sea territory to counter Harson. We must seize the chance when Harson hasn't joined Haig yet. We will try our best to drain Harson's force!"

She didn't explain clearly. Afterward, she shot Cang Yun a look and ordered him arrogantly, "Take us there."

Cang Yun laughed brightly. He nodded continually before starting to move like a fat squirrel weaving through thick woods. His flexible and agile moves made people gawk. His fat body moved swiftly in the air as if he had encountered no obstacle. Just like a big air bag, he flew quickly in through the air.

"Oh wow, we shouldn't judge a book by its cover," said Cecilia in astonishment, her beautiful eyes flaring strangely.

"After him," ordered Audrey.


By the edge of the swamp territory in front of the toxic gas curtain, Haig suddenly shouted.

People looked at him cluelessly. They didn't know why he suddenly screamed.

Haig was calm. When he found that Audrey was setting up a lot of barriers and restrictions on the other side of the barrier, he had ordered people not to go through there rashly.

He sat cross-legged in front of the toxic air masses, closing his eyes as he was immersed in his thoughts and trying to find a solution that could benefit them. He had let Mia and Phelps leave this place to lure Audrey.

Unfortunately, Audrey didn't move. She just watched the area where she had installed the death traps and waited for him to take risks and come to her.

The two of them were playing the same chest match, but none of them dared to act recklessly. They had tried to maintain the original state.

When Haig found that he couldn't wait for Audrey to bite his bait, he summoned Mia and Phelps to make a new plan. He was using his special ability of the Soul Consciousness to draw a map. Under his feet was an area where he pointed out the locations of barriers and restrictions behind the barrier. He had even given the descriptions of how the different Metal-Wood-Water-Fire-Earth restrictions work.

If they followed Haig's direction to get through the barrier, they could avoid many dangerous traps. It would minimize their losses.

"Haig, what's wrong?" Phelps looked a bit shaken. He was excited, indeed. "Have you checked it thoroughly? We will start now?"

"It's not really clear. But we have to move now. Something has changed." Looking at the toxic air curtain, Haig said, "Those people left the barrier one hour ago. If they are not going to ambush us, they must have some new plan. We can't linger here anymore."

"What change?" asked Mia.

"Perhaps they are heading to my ice territory or Harson's territory. Once we get into that forest area, we will know where they're heading. It's troublesome. The Center is about to unseal. We don't have much time. We must attack them quickly!" While talking, Haig walked to the toxic gas area.

He had proposed and planned this operation on the ancient continent. He wouldn't allow any mistake, so he had to go there personally.

The water-like, thick toxic air started to dilute when he walked over there. A flame swayed and changed its color above Haig's head, which was burning a large amount of toxic gas.


An earth-shaking explosion arose and shook the entire swamp.

"Get in, all of you," Haig hissed, "follow me and don't stay too far."

Then, he jumped through the barrier.