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1142 Little Fatty

By the clear lake on a steep grassy slope lay a white, fat body. He fixed his eyes on the figures in the lake.

It was a young, fat man who had his upper body exposed and was wearing a pair of snakeskin shorts. His small eyes squinted as he drooled and parted his lips...

From this angle, the graceful body of Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue in the lake were barely discernible. He couldn't see clearly. Moreover, it wasn't practical because the two women hadn't taken off all of their clothes. However, this fat white boy was so excited.

A starlight quietly arrived and hovered by a big tree behind that little fatty. Shi Yan was surprised.

At first glance, he was sure that he had never seen this little fatty in Audrey's group. He couldn't help but knit his brows.

According to Audrey, she had killed all the God warriors in this forest territory and the survivors were with her, following her commands. So, where the heck did this little fatty came from?

At first glance, this half-naked little fatty was a human. His features matched some unique features of human beings. However, Shi Yan felt something unusual. That little fatty gave him a strange feeling, a fear of danger that wouldn't be easy to deal with.

"Beautiful, eh?" Pondering for a while, he lowered his voice and asked.

The little fatty nodded instinctively, "Yeah, yeah, so beautiful..."

"Oops!" He bolted up, turning to Shi Yan and asking nervously, "Who are you? Why are you here?"

The little boy didn't wait for Shi Yan to answer. He gave a dirty smile as if he had suddenly recognized something. "You're here to peep too, aren't you? Come here, come here. My spot isn't as bad as it seems. Those two women look really nice. Hey, take a look. Who is more beautiful, you say? I like the plump one. She looks so sexy and strong..."

Little Fatty lowered his voice and beamed despicably. He waved at Shi Yan while still commenting.

He seemed to not be wary of Shi Yan as if he wasn't worried that Shi Yan would try his best to kill him. Shi Yan wondered if this boy was bold or just naive. He looked like he didn't care about the imminent fatal peril.

"I like both of them."

Eyeing the fatty boy, Shi Yan wore a calm and cool face. He deliberately walked to the boy and said, "I have never seen you before. You've just arrived here?"

"Yep, I've just arrived here from another place." The Little Fatty smiled until his eyes narrowed. He swayed his fat body to make room for Shi Yan. "I came from the sea territory. That mad dog Harson has gazed at me and bit me for a long time. I had to play dead to dodge a kalpa. I have a good skill of playing dead, which should rank first. Haha, Harson thought he had killed me. He was too naive, right?"

Shi Yan listened to the boy babbling, his eyes showing a gleam of surprise.

He had heard of the name Harson before. He was another outstanding warrior of the God Clan who ranked right behind Haig. He was a madman who loved bloody slaughters. He was in charge of the sea territory among the four territories. That man was tough, indeed.

If this fat boy could escape from Harson's hands and he could get through the barrier to enter this place, he wasn't a simple warrior. If he weren't strong enough or didn't have many tricks, he could never do what he had mentioned.

Thoughts crossed his head. Shi Yan told him all of a sudden, "No more peeping."

"Why? Do you want to enjoy alone? Hey, you are too tyrannical, you know that?" Little Fatty hissed, his face angry. "When I saw you coming, I've talked to you and proactively made you room. Enjoying this alone isn't as much fun as sharing it with someone else. Do you know that?"

"They are under my..." Shi Yan wanted to say that he was in charge of protecting them.

"They are yours?" Little Fatty misunderstood. He intervened and said in awe. "Da-ge, you're really strong!"

Then, he turned around and behaved. He stopped gazing at Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue anymore. He friendly patted Shi Yan's shoulder and smiled embarrassedly, "I'm so sorry. I didn't know that they are your women. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done that."

Pausing for a while, he asked, "Did you kill Yu Jia? You are in charge of this forest now, right?"

Shi Yan was surprised. He looked at the boy, his face puzzled.

"You've fused with the Origin, so the ancient continent doesn't bind you. And you can gather earth and heaven energy. Seeing that you're alive now, Yu Jia should be dead by now, I suppose."

Shi Yan slightly paled. "How do you know that I'm not bound by the ancient continent?"

He became more curious about this Little Fatty. This boy could escape Harson and come here through the barrier. He just needed to look at Shi Yan and he could know Shi Yan's secrets. Who was this boy?

"If you couldn't see the situation around clearly, you couldn't find me or approach me that fast." The fat boy sounded casual, but he had gotten right to the point. "Okay, tell me the situation in this place, please. Is there any possible danger? If yes, I should leave early. I should get back to Harson's side. He doesn't have the origin. I can find a random islet to hide. He can never track me down."

"Audrey is in charge here. She's the Princess of the Imperial Dark Tribe. She has fused with the Origin too." Contemplating for a while, Shi Yan told him frankly.

"Oh, her!" Little Fatty was surprised. He nodded right after that. "Yeah, right. The Imperial Dark Tribe must send someone anyway. Desolate is one of the five ancient continents and it's the most marvelous one. They've been subtle for so many years. It's time to step out and raise the storm though."

Pausing for a while, Little Fatty squinted his eyes as he shouted, "Da-ge, are you from the Heavenly Monster Tribe or the Immortal Demon Clan?"

Shi Yan was shocked. He looked at the boy in fright and confusion.

"Don't wear that face," Little Fatty laughed cheerily, "I guessed that you're from the Immortal Demon Clan because I can't sense the aura of my kind on you..."

Shi Yan was baffled as he looked at the boy. "Who are you?"

"Only the descendants of the Great Four Creatures can fuse with the Origin. As far as I've known, Haig has fused with the Origin of Ancient God Continent, Audrey fused with the Origin of God-blessed Mainland, and you... apparently, you fused with the Origin of Grace Mainland. Haha, you gave me a close feeling of nostalgia. You're from my ancestral planet!" The fat boy patted his shoulder. He wasn't afraid of Shi Yan or worried that he would attack him suddenly.

"You're a member of the Heavenly Monster Tribe?" Shi Yan was bewildered for a while before he could figure it out.

Grace Mainland was the ancestral star of the Heavenly Monster Tribe. It was the cradle of these kinds of immemorial creatures. They were one of the Great Four Creatures. Shi Yan had the Origin of Grace Mainland. If this fat boy was correct that only the members of the Four Creatures could get the Origin, he could confirm Shi Yan's Immortal Demon origin in just a blink.

"As you're from the Immortal Demon Clan and I'm from the Heavenly Monster Tribe. I'm sure you won't harm me." Little Fatty smiled until his eyes narrowed. "Interesting! You're an Immortal Demon warrior but you have the Origin of my ancestral planet. And as for me, I'm from the Heavenly Monster Tribe, but I have the Origin of your ancestral land. It's strangely coincidental, don't you think?"

"You fused with the Origin of Ancient Demon Continent?" Shi Yan was astounded.

Little Fatty smiled and nodded. He didn't seem to attempt to conceal things. "Should we exchange information? You'll tell me the stuff in Grace Mainland and I'll give you the information about Ancient Demon Continent. Okay?"


Shi Yan took a deep breath and then bellowed. His face was stern.

Splash! Splash!

The sounds of bodies moving in the water arose. Cecilia's gentle voice came to them. "Shi Yan, are you talking to someone?"

His bellowing had alerted Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. They were startled and they hurried to change into their clothes. They flew from the lake and glided towards them. Their cold eyes gazed at Little Fatty and then at Shi Yan, "Is this how you watch out for us?" said Shang Ying Yue coldly.

"I got lost. . ."

The Little Fatty put on an innocent, puppy-like face and looked at Shang Ying Yue and Cecilia. "I walked on a straight road to this area. I didn't see anything. Hey... Shi Yan, right? He stopped me before I'd reached the lake. So... I didn't see anything." Little Fatty opened his arms. Fat rolls on his face pushed each other and gave him a funny look.

"Gosh! Who are you?" Cecilia reacted and shouted hoarsely, "You're not from Audrey's team. Who are you after all?"

As she shouted, Shang Ying Yue woke up, her face cold and strict. "Shi Yan, who is this man? He's not from this territory, right?"

"No. He has escaped Harson's grasp and gotten here." Shi Yan explained. Pondering for a while, he told Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue. "I want to talk to him alone. If you don't mind, please stay away for a while."

Cecilia and Shang Ying Yue exchanged looks and then nodded to Shi Yan, "Alright, we'll stay away. We will make sure that no one will disturb you." Cecilia answered him, throwing Shang Ying Yue a glance. Then, they left together.

After the two of them had walked away from Shi Yan's, Shang Ying Yue said, "I'm sure that fat boy had sneaked on us!"

Cecilia giggled. She seemed to not mind. "It's far. Even if he wanted to peep, he couldn't see anything. Don't keep it in your mind." Pausing for a while, Cecilia became stern. "That fat boy isn't simple since he got here through the barrier! He's absolutely not easy to deal with! Harson... you know how brutal he is. If this boy can escape from Harson, he's dangerous, indeed!"

"I understand. This man should be an extremely dangerous one." Shang Ying Yue wore a cold face. "I don't know what they would discuss. I think they have something they want to hide from us. Would it be related to us?

"If that fat boy and Shi Yan go with each other, perhaps Audrey can't do anything to them. Of course... with the premise that they want to challenge Audrey!" Cecilia's beautiful eyes twinkled. She was calculating something, which made her excited.