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1140 The Scarlet Flaming Hear

Twenty-six experts of Audrey's team and twelve experts of Mo Fou's team including Shi Yan as per Audrey's request gathered and showed each other their harvests.

In the shade of a thick-leaved, towering ancient tree, everyone scattered and grouped, showcasing piles of spirit herbs, grass, strange stones, crystals, treasures, and even wooden logs with thick energy fluctuation.

Audrey, standing in the protection of the four warriors of the Imperial Dark Tribe, was by the ancient tree and watching everybody and the materials they had.

She had focused more on the newcomers of Mo Fou's team. The ones who had followed her earlier would have this trading activity periodically. Thus, she knew what they had. She didn't want to pay more attention to them.

Shi Yan and Cecilia jumped off their tree and walked to Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Shi Yan to observe a lot of the sparkling materials.

It was like a small market.

Everybody showed items in a small area. They saw what the others had. If they were interested in something, they would come and negotiate. They could exchange by trading items or divine crystals.

Shi Yan and Cecilia approached them. Looking at many rare and strange materials, Shi Yan was amazed.

They saw different kinds of crystals, chalcedonies, beautiful grass, flowers, knots of bamboo with the pure aura of wood, rare containers, and more. However, not all of these items came from this ancient continent. Also, there were many items that they had collected and accumulated over many years. Now, they could use these to exchange for items suitable to their realm and powers Upanishads.

Just like the others, as she was the originator, she had a lot of materials showcased in front of her. There were three plants with crown-like flowers. She also had three pieces of jade that emitted lightning energy. Those jades had fine natural textures. Sometimes, they flashed and released the scorching electric beams.

Shang Ying Yue's bright eyes moved around this group. Her eyes then fixed on the three pieces of jades that had lightning energy. Her soft body shivered. She jolted up.

Her jade-like hand swung and retrieved the materials she had displayed. Shang Ying Yue walked to Audrey without a bit of hesitation. Her eyes were fixed on the three jades in front of Audrey.

Apparently, those three jades were helpful for her.

Also, there were items displayed in front of Mo Fou, Sha Zhao, and Wu Feng. It seemed like they harvested something after five years.

In everybody's sight, only Shi Yan didn't have anything showcased. It didn't look right.

"You got nothing after five years?" Cecilia asked him. She sounded very surprised.

Piled up in front of Cecilia were many crystals in different colors. Those crystals had sounds of cracking ice and howling wind with clear energy fluctuations. Besides the crystals, there were many bizarre plants with tentacles that were fluttering with the wind. They looked weird, indeed.

"I used them all," said Shi Yan indifferently.

The time he had spent in the swamp wasn't long. He had absorbed the Hundred Kalpa Soul Thread and the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree already. Today, he had only the Seven-colored Demonic Flower and the Seven-colored Spirit Flower in his ring. The Seven-colored Spirit Flower was used to fuse his heaven flames and the Seven-colored Demonic Flower was prepared for Yang Tian Emperor.

Thus, it was true that he didn't have anything to exchange. Standing in this area, he looked weird, indeed.

Audrey didn't say that everybody had to exchange stuff. She didn't force them, so she didn't say anything even when Shi Yan didn't present anything to swap.

"Windy Ice Mystic Crystal!"

A surprised scream came from afar. It was from a Ghost Mark man of Audrey's team who had many magical tattoos on his face that looked like malicious, frightening cuts.

He stayed at his spot and put his materials into the ring. He appeared in front of Cecilia shortly after, his eyes scrutinizing the crystals.

Those crystals were white, bright yellow, and purple. They could hear the cracking of ice and the wind howling from those crystals. Some of them even had cracking sounds and were howling at the same time.

Shi Yan and Cecilia stood next to each other. They both saw the man coming, so they quietly checked his aura for a while. They were shocked, indeed.

This man had only Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm, but he had cultivated Ice and Wind power Upanishads at the same time. The energy fluctuating in his body was really strong. He even had wind withering in his bones while his vessels were as cold as ice. This man wasn't weak and his soul altar was pure.

"Another fierce fella," Shi Yan assessed.

"True, they are Windy Ice Mystic Crystals. These mystic crystals have two different powers: Ice and Wind. They strike each other and create a natural magnetic field that keeps the essence of the two powers Upanishad." Cecilia smiled charmingly. "It was tough to get these Windy Ice Mystic Crystals. I got them from a God warrior, which cost a lot of my efforts. This kind of crystal is very good for warriors who cultivate Ice or Wind power Upanishad. Anyway, it's the best for warriors who cultivate both the powers at the same time. For example... your Excellency."

Her white fingers fiddled the crystals for a while. The sound of ice cracking and the wind howling became louder. Some white crystals looked like they were about to explode.

That man's eyes looked so hot. He took a deep breath and asked frankly as he didn't want to conceal his desires or beat around the bushes. "I'm Riello. I want those Windy Ice Mystic Crystals. What do you need?"

"Splash! Splash!"

Cecilia extended her arms. A narrow water current arose. As she was moving her arms, it changed into different shapes including a bridge, water monsters, and a water curtain. This happened as much as she pleased.

At first glance, Riello knew Cecilia cultivated Water power Upanishad. He knew what she wanted. However, he frowned and said reluctantly, "I don't have any material suitable for you."

"Oh, so I'm sorry," Cecilia parted her lips to smile, her hands covering the Windy Ice Mystic Crystal as she shook her head.

Surprisingly, Riello didn't look disappointed. Riello's eyes fixed on Shi Yan, asking. "Is he your man?"

"My man...?"

Cecilia was surprised. She giggled and covered her mouth attractively, "Oh, sure. What about it?"

Shi Yan was astounded. Frowning, he looked at Riello thinking whether this man had his eyes placed correctly on his face. What kind of look was that?!

However, what Cecilia said and the strange feeling in her eyes had sent a vibe to him...

"I got something suitable for him." Riello's face was serious when a dark green ring on his finger glowed. A scarlet stone emerged, which had a heart shape and special carvings of a sealing charm on the surface to cover the energy fluctuation of the stone. At first glance, it wasn't anything special.

"This trashy stone?" Cecilia shook her head as she laughed, "Nothing special, eh?"

Riello didn't look at her. His eyes were studying Shi Yan as he spoke in a low-pitched tone, "What do you think?"

Shi Yan's eyes had a beam of divine light he couldn't hide. He gazed at the heart-shaped scarlet stone. Taking a deep breath, he said abruptly, "Cecilia, take this stone for me. I agree... with what you requested me."

Cecilia was puzzled.

"Dude, you have keen eyes!" Riello appraised. "Since you've cultivated Star power Upanishad, this Scarlet Flaming Heart suits you the most. The Scarlet Flaming Heart comes from Scarlet Flaming Star. It's a solar star in the sea of stars. This Scarlet Flaming Heart is the core of that solar star."

"Here are your Windy Ice Mystic Crystals." Cecilia was bewildered for a while before she could react. She said determinedly, "I'll give you the Windy Ice Mystic Crystals and then you'll give him the Scarlet Flaming Heart, okay?"

"The Scarlet Flaming Heart is much more valuable than those Windy Ice Mystic Crystals. Besides the crystals, give me those things too." Riello pointed at the peculiar plants.

Cecilia winced in pain as she nodded, "Take them."

Riello smiled and handed Shi Yan the sealed stone. He asked, "Do you need a hand to unseal it?"

"No, thanks. I'll do it myself." Shi Yan received the Scarlet Flaming Heart. He put it in his Fantasy Sky Ring and turned to nod at Cecilia.

"You take them all." Cecilia opened her arms. The Windy Ice Mystic Crystals and the plants flew up, falling to Riello. The man then put them into his ring.

"I wish you guys will be happy together." Riello smiled and stroked his Fantasy Sky Ring contentedly before leaving. Evidently, he was in a good mood.

Shi Yan also touched his Fantasy Sky Ring, his face smiling in satisfaction. He talked to Cecilia who was a little agitated, "I agree with you. When we get to the Center, if you need my help, I won't ignore you."

"Is that Scarlet Flaming Heart good for you?" Cecilia calmed down as she asked for information.

"I've cultivated Star power Upanishad. To me, the sun, moon, and stars are objects I need to study and comprehend. My Ethereal Extents need the nucleus of the solar star, the moon star, and the stars, of course. The nuclei are the things I want the most," explained Shi Yan as he felt so pleased.

This vast universe had many solar stars and moon stars. And among those solar stars, the Scarlet Flaming Star was a famous one.

From Shang Chen's book, Shi Yan knew that the Scarlet Flaming Heart was one of the broken pieces of the Scarlet Flaming Star's nucleus. It was the top treasure for warriors who cultivated the extreme Yang power or Star power. It could improve and increase the God power of those warriors. Also, it could facilitate the warriors cultivating Fire power Upanishad. More importantly, it gave sunlight and warmth to the Ethereal Extent of warriors cultivating Star power Upanishad.

After Shi Yan had comprehended the Essence of Star power Upanishad and the Brilliant Star Fruit Tree, he had reached Second Sky of Ethereal God Realm. However, his Ethereal Extent didn't have any significant change.

Ethereal Extent was the key point to break through to the Incipient God Realm. When the Ethereal Extent had been developed to the Incipient Extent, it was a challenge to break through to Incipient God Realm. Shi Yan had studied and vaguely found a new direction. His Ethereal Extent that looked like a vast sea of stars... when it could have the marvelous wonders of the real cosmos, perhaps... he could make it an Incipient Extent then...

The Scarlet Flaming Heart of Scarlet Flaming Star was a precious material that would boost his Ethereal Extent. It would lend a big hand to his progress of creating the Incipient Extent in the future. More importantly, it could give his Star power Upanishad the power of the Sun!